Tech Briefing: Shoes, Grips, Bikes & More - April 2019

Apr 10, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

Tech Briefing is a feature for the new stuff that we spot every month but haven't gotten our hands on yet. An eclectic serving of tech, from revolutionary products to novel traditional gear, with some wacky stuff thrown in for good measure.

Deity 35mm Full Carbon & Aluminum Handlebar Line
$56.99 - $169.99 USD USD

The brand releases six different 35mm handlebars. (Learn more.)
DEITY Topside 35mm Handlebar

EVOC NEO 16L Protector Backpack

Danny MacAskill helped develop the technology behind EVOC's new NEO 16L protector backpack. (Learn more.)
EVOCs barnd new NEO 16l with revolutionary AIRSHIELD protection technology

Sensus Kyle Strait Signature 'Meaty Paws' Grip

Kyle goes all out in the video for his bigger diameter grips. (Learn more.)

NC-17 Thomas Genon & Tomas Lemoine Signature Pedals

Europe's freeriding elite pick up some signature pins(Learn more.)

Ion Raid Select Shoes

New leather loafers from Ion. (Learn more.)

O'Neal 2019 Shoe Range

Matt MacDuff approved rubber from O'Neal. (Learn more.)
IF THEY RE GOOD ENOUGH FOR MATT MACDUFF THEN Not only is the video below impressive in it s own right but having bailed out the top a a 40ft loop the loop not that long ago and spending a year off the bike recuperating means Matt s trust and confidence in the products he relies on is even more important. Matt isn t your average rider. He also had issues with others shoes in the past and for him they really have to perform. Anyway over to Matt to say a few words and then if you still think it s marketing hype from O Neal then check his segments in Reverence if you didn t already where if the shoes he was wearing weren t up to scratch then he not only wouldn t have been able to pull off that move but might not be in one piece today.

Stan's NoTubes Flow EX3 Rims & Wheelsets
$699 wheelset / $115 rim

The Flow EX3 was developed with the help of Martin Maes and was built to handle the forces generated by a season of downhill races or repeated enduro stages. (Learn more.)

Vecnum 212mm Dropper Post
429 € with universal remote, 449 € with trigLOC thumb-lever

Is this the longest dropper post currently available? (Learn more.)

Burgtec Bartender Pro Greg Minnaar Signature Edition Grip

Greg Minnaar wanted an uncomplicated grip with certain key features... (Learn more.)

Void SS19 Trail Collection

The new collection is featured in the brand's latest film, Live & Breathe, which was filmed both at their office and in Nesbyen. (Learn more.)

Cotic Flare Steel Trail Bike
£2999 / $3249 / €3299 and up

With the Flare, Cotic aims to combine the DNA of their Rocket enduro bike with the light, agileness of the Soul. (Learn more.)

Norco Bicycles VLT E-Mountain Bike
$3,399-$4,499 USD

Norco Fluid riders now have the option of buying a model that integrates Shimano's STEPS E8000 and E7000 drive units. (Learn more.)

Crankbrothers Synthesis 11 Carbon Wheels
$2,399 USD

Crankbrothers has partnered with Industry Nine to offer Hydra hubs on its full range of Synthesis 11 tuned carbon wheels. (Learn more.)

Dakine 'Team Aggy Series' Downhill Gear
$45-160 USD

Graham Agassiz worked with Dakine's design team to create his ultimate kit, which incorporates a fur pattern and a bearded skull with a wolf head howling at the moon. (Learn more.)
Team Aggy Black long sleeve jersey gloves and Thrillium pants

MENTIONS: @deityusa / @evocsports / @TheSensus / @oneal / @StansNoTubes / @burgtec-limited / @cotic-bikes / @norcobicycles / @crankbrothers / @dakine


  • + 37
 Get that moped (e-bike) outta here.
  • - 11
flag Janes28 (Apr 10, 2019 at 9:33) (Below Threshold)
 The e-bike essentially replaces the "shuttle rig". Test ride one before you harp in it.
  • + 16
 Yeah too bad you can't legally ride them in most places my entire state made them illegal off-road @Janes28:
  • + 5
 I'm holding out for the 2-strike version.
  • + 5
 @Janes28: well...Fair point. BUT i already own a truck, have a wife to drive said truck, and all my other friends have pedal bikes... so it will take me a lot of wifey shuttle bribery funds to buy ebikes for me and my bros.
  • + 2
 @Janes28: yeah but that one is a hard tail.; Done my share of dh on hardtails... Don't need it and certainly not on a 60lb one.
  • + 8
 @Janes28: Yup, have test ridden them and for an able bodied-person I have to ask "why"? ... I'm a masochist perhaps, but I still believe in earning your turns (even at nearly 57 yrs old).
  • + 4
 I...dont think this is the right website for those..."grips"?
  • + 2
 Is the problem the bike or the rider? There are many trails systems where land access and ecological sensitivity aren't issues, so why shouldn't you be allowed to ride an e-bike in those areas? Issues begin to arise when people take their e-bikes to places where they shouldn't. Places with fragile land access agreements and places of ecological concern are not currently places where you should ride an e-bike as that has the potential to negatively affect the environment and your fellow riders. Last summer I was riding Lord of The Squirrels in Whistler and saw some riders on e-bikes at the top of the trail. They were completely unaware that that trail (and all trails above the elevation of flank trail in Whistler) does not permit e-bikes. To place the blame on e-bikes isn't quite correct, the problem here is many of the people riding e-bikes are ignorant towards current issues and the greater effects of their actions. So e-bikers, research before you ride because ignorance is only going to shut down the party for everyone.
  • + 30
  • + 10
 pretty sure that backpack will allow me to do the 16ft high bunnyhops I've always wanted to do....
  • + 26
 Ha Americans, you'll never understand metric units. This backpack is for 16 liters high bunnyhops.
  • + 2
 @Loche: wasn't that 16L barley pops?
  • + 6
 @sarah moore-the word you were looking for is agility. agileness, what is that?
  • + 13
 They're both correct. Agileness means "Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble."
  • + 25
 @sarahmoore: Correct, maybe, but agileness does come across with some awkwardity.
  • + 2
 So a Cotic Flare with a Stans wheelset, Deity bars, Sensus grips and NC-17 pedals plus some O'Neal shoes and DaKine gear for I doing this Fantasy Pinkbike Commentariat Sponsorship series right?
  • + 1
 Finally, a fantasy league I have a shot at winning.
  • + 4
 Those Meaty Paw grips truly are awesome.
  • + 4
 The grips themselves or the video?
  • + 2
 @ReformedRoadie: Both! lol
The grips are amazing. I don't have particularly big hands, but they just feel right. So much less arm pump.
  • + 3
 I have the disiadaboss grips from sendus and they are the best I've ridden may try the meatys next.
  • + 4
 @ta4645: *disisdaboss *sensus
  • + 2
 @reverend27: Sensus all the way bro!
  • + 3
 Love the Cotic
  • + 1
 Who the hell needs a 212mm dropper post???? Eek
  • + 1
 Yeah...more expensive carbon wheels please
  • + 1
 That post...I'm worrying about my ass
  • + 1
 Flow rims. Yes sir!

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