Tech Tuesday - RockShox Motion Control Service

Dec 14, 2010
by Mike Levy  
This week's Tech Tuesday takes a closer look at rebuilding the Motion Control damper of your RockShox fork. Inside you can watch a video straight from the smart minds at RockShox that details all of the steps needed to keep your fork running smooth and consistent.

Read on,

Keeping your RockShox fork running smooth and consistent is easier than you may have imagined. All you need is some tools and oil, and after reading the instructions and watching the video below you'll be ready to dive into it. The question is though, how often should you do this job? RockShox recommends dropping the lowers off for cleaning and adding new lube oil ever 50 hours of riding, but as always, you should do it more often if you are riding in nasty conditions or you notice that your fork isn't as smooth as it should. The damper service covered here should be tackled after 100 hours of riding and it is good practice to replace any O-rings or wear items at this time as well. As with any repair job, if you don't feel comfortable tearing into your fork you probably shouldn't be doing it. Take it down the road to your local shop and have them perform the work instead. Motion Control dampers can be found on RockShox BoXXer, Pike, Reba, Recon, and Revelation forks.

Some pointers before you begin...

• Think you're tough? You won't be when you get fork oil in your eye. Wear some glasses and nitrile gloves to lesson the chance of having an incident.
• There is a good chance that you're going to make a mess during this job, especially if it is your first go at it. Not only do I recommend wearing gloves and eye protection, but it also doesn't hurt to put down an old towel on the floor to soak up any spills. Be sure to properly dispose of your old oil as well, not by just pouring it down the drain!
• You'll be dealing with some small parts during this job, including the foot nuts and the very small detent ball and spring tucked up in the high-speed compression knob. Don't lose them! Having a small dish or container to put these bits in after removal can save you from spending a lot of time on your hands and knees scouring the floor.
• You'll have to remove your fork's lower legs before being able to service the Motion Control damper. Check out this video if you need some guidance on how to do this. Once you have the lowers off, take a few minutes to inspect your stanchion tubes to be sure that they don't have any fatal scratches or dings in their finish.

If you've never had your fork apart you'll be doing yourself a big favor by taking a few minutes to read the instructions found on the RockShox site before watching the video below. Better yet, print them out to have them on hand in case you get lost. You'll also find the correct oil weight and volume levels for each fork as well. This is very important - too much oil in the fork's damper will prevent it from attaining full travel and possibly damage the internals. Too little oil and your fork will suffer from inconsistent damping... get it right!

What's needed: hex key set, internal and external snap ring pliers, 24 mm socket wrench, a pick or awl, isopropyl alcohol, rag, 5 wt. suspension fluid, and an oil pan (an old Tupperware container works great)

Time to service your Motion Control equipped fork? Watch the video first!

Have you done this job? Want to add a tip or hint of your own? Put it down below!

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Visit to see their entire lineup of tools and lubes.


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 what the ?? Why are so many people pissed about this video being from Sram ?! You're not paying for these, it's not like you "deserve" to get these ... Pb could very well just quit making tech tuesdays and it wouldn't change anything for em ...
So quit bitching and just watch the video. At least Pb found the vid for you.
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 Too bad... I thought that they were going to show how to rebuild the actual motion control cartridge (top plastic tube w. holes) which is were the problem is 9/10, but I guess it truly is non rebuild-able On an interesting note, SRAM admits that there has been a 'known problem' with them and have therefore been extending the warranty on them in the US..... but not in Canada. .
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 Just a note on the oil volume tables in the video....they are not current. Ie. The 2010 boxxer oil volume is 245ml not the 150ml that the video says. That was probably the volume for the old boxxers. Check the SRAM site for the correct chart for your year and model.
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 I was on the way to say it...
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 'Too bad... I thought that they were going to show how to rebuild the actual motion control cartridge (top plastic tube w. holes) which is were the problem is 9/10, but I guess it truly is non rebuild-able On an interesting note, SRAM admits that there has been a 'known problem' with them and have therefore been extending the warranty on them in the US..... but not in Canada. .'

yeah why didnt he service the actual motion control cartridge? there are servicable, as i have to do them all the time.
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 this would of been handy 2 weeks ago i done this to my pikes and i didnt think about going to srams website for help good thing it all worked out for me and that all the parts are fine
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 Nice. Only thing, 50 hours for lubricating oil seems like a long time. I would guess that I change mine around 5~10 hours, any more and it comes out a mess. That just depends on where you ride tho.
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 A video that I can watch, nice. Stupid iPhone only allowed to watch YouTube, am I grounded or something?
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 its because the videos are flash and apple dont like flash so its not used on the ipods and i phones, im not sure about the actual mac computers though...
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 Mac Do have flash Smile If you have jailbroken you can install Frash 0.2 from cydia
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 would this work for argyle too?
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 yer it would just diameters and parts are a bit different, if it is the one without compression then its a lot different
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 state the obvious haha, if its the one without compression then you cant service the motion control as it DONT HAVE IT
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 any chance of getting this for mission control next week mike?
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 dont want to start an argument but its it nearly the same just you dont have to remove the compression damper you just pour the oil out
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 SUSPENSION center in colerado SPRINGS. you so funny.
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 Where is Mike ?!?! OMG FML , I'm pissed...
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 Awesome tech tip! I know I'll be checking back to it from time to time.
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 where is the guy who make it usally?
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 yea, you said it man! we have the right to know!
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 this is just a rip off straight from rock shoxs, so were watching a rock shox man.
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 Thy t'k his jooob!
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 make vids from things wheres non about.....don´t take it from sram!
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 Lets see a 888 service.
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 C'mon that is the most simple fork to service. All you need to remember is to use good socket wrenches in a delicate manner as all aluminium internals and externals are very fragile. All you can do with that fork is unscrew top caps and bottom adjusters with nuts. Then change the oil, eventualy clean everything with isopropyl alcohol. Do not overtighten nuts while putting it together , apply only a little force, there is no way they can get loose. I don't recommend it to anyone but I actualy lubed all threads on my 66, been fine for 2 years. If you have air spring it, remember to put a tiny bit of oil in every single air chamber, to keep things smooth and sealed.
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 Marz crap easy to service? not as easy as sram or fox...and yeah, no need for new crush washers or anything...never mind a torque wrench either...just tighten it softly it.
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 nice glasses
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