Gee & Rachel Atherton's Coach on the Downtime Podcast

Oct 20, 2018
by Downtime Podcast  
Photo from Nick Grantham

Words Chris Hall

This week on the podcast, I'm joined by Nick Grantham, who coaches both Rachel and Gee Atherton. Nick has joined the Athertons at a challenging time, with both Rachel and Gee suffering serious injuries early in his tenure. However, using his experience built up across numerous sports, Nick has been able to support them both in returning to their winning ways.

We sit down to talk about how he got involved with Atherton Racing, injury prevention and recovery, key aspects of mountain bike training, and Nick's view on the future of physical preparation for downhill mountain biking, amongst many other things. There's plenty of wisdom in here for anyone wanting to up their downhill game.

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I really love the quality of guests you manage to get on your podcast. Any chance you could try to get Randy on soon? I know I wouldn't be alone in hearing some of his tales. tup
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 @Dropthedebt, do you have any way of getting in contact with him?
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 @downtimepodcast: My mate Noah from Colorado can get ahold of him. They go way back.
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He is like the Banksy of bikes... No one knows exactly who he is, but overnight his tyre marks mysteriously appear on trails and yet, no body sees anything.
It's rumoured he is comprised of 1/3 downhiller, 1/3 endurbro and 1/3 downcountry rider will a full carbon Blackbox™ exoskeleton with intergrated Stealth Rubber™ contact points
All we know for sure is he rides a Cannondale.
If you have a podcast and you need to find him, maybe you can contact @NoahColorado. He has a confirmed sighting of Randy & claims to be his "buddy".
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 @Dropthedebt, let's see if @NoahColorado can track him down!
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 Cheers for posting! Enjoy listening everyone, there is some great info in this one!
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 As someone who's in rehab from a massive rotator cuff injury, in which only one of the 4 tendons could be repaired. I found this very helpful and interesting, thanks PB;
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 Hey @b4uwereborn, I'm stoked to hear that it was useful for you as you recover from your injury. All the best, I hope you managed to get back strong again soon!
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 @downtimepodcast: Hi thanks, surgery was July 2nd. Now in weekly hospital physio, and also doing physio at home every day. Haven't ridden any DH since july 2017, it's been long and slow and tough at times, but with help and support from family and friends i'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. See my surgeon again next month, hopefully I can start some light XC riding. Thanks again;
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 @b4uwereborn: wow, it's going to feel so good to get back on a bike again I'm sure!
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 @downtimepodcast: Lol tell me about it, i'm commuting to work again on the surgeons advice, that's going great. That's lifted my mood a lot, hopefully back to DH again next year. My diets always been good, so the part where he talks about diet etc, that was helpful. Really good podcast, gotta be honest I've never listened to a podcast before. Cheers!
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 @b4uwereborn: I bet! I go crazy if I can't get out on a bike of some sort! Welcome to the world of podcasts. We've got a couple of other episodes there with coaches that you might find useful... Alan Milway, Chris Kilmurray and Ben Plenge are all worth a listen. The episode with Rob Copeland may also be pretty relevant to recovery, as what he talks about for racing can totally be applied to that. Enjoy!
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 @downtimepodcast: Great, thanks;
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 I think there should be a Downtime drinking game for every time Chris says "coool" during an interviewWink
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 that and "good stuff" youd be good and drunk by the end
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 @grundletroll: haha..yeah, forgot "good stuff"
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 Or every time Katy Winton said mint.
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 One thing at a time people. The goal is to get drunk, not die of alcohol poisoning.
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 And "...interesting."
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 haha, @scary1, glad that I'm spreading the love over a few verbal ticks and not just one at least!
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 Or Elliott's "likes" on the WC rundowns. I counted 15 in one sentence. Skills.
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 @Rockydildoa: yeah, I listened last night. Her mint-to-cool ratio was like 40 to 1
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 Has the Nick got a cheaper mic? the sound quality from the interviewer and the guest has such a big quality difference. Good Podcast though.
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 Yeah @teamdoa, this was recorded remotely, so Nick was on a different mic. Ideally, I'd do all the interviews in person so as I can control this side of things, but it would be super restrictive as to who I could get on the show then. Hopefully it was still ok to listen to. It sounded pretty good on my headphones!
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 Dr Seuss book is "The Places You'll Go". I read it to my kids.
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 Brilliant episode! Props to Nick for not dodging questions and actually giving useful information!
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 @Milko3D, glad you enjoyed it, I definitely learned some good stuff from Nick, and I'm enjoying his book too.
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 When the wild things are
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 james and the giant speech

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