The Best of the Wildmen - Video

Dec 20, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 everytime you think you're trucking on a DH run you watch one of these and realize you're at granny speed in comparison.
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 True dat!!!!!!!!!
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 Today i roost a new bern in a local Bikepark and it feels sick. After watching this i feel like a Jowey.
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 I'll forever be in awe at how fast these guys/girls are able to fly down the mountain the way that they do.
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 It feels so fast...and then you watch your gorpro footage with your girl and realize how lame you look after you just watched world cup clips.
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 @coolmann: nice! but hey we do spell it 'joey' here in Australia - adolescent kangaroo if that's the origin.
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 1:48 ?

Are you f*cking serious Redbull ?

A whole season of DH and you give us less than two minutes.
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 2 minutes of the most bang for your buck I've seen in a while. Damn.
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 It's f*cked up, when the Parkin Bros were filming for Dirt the Videos were nearly always 10 minutes plus of non stop action, easily the best coverage out there bar none.

I felt kinda bad for Dirt when the Parkins left them for Redbull as they were a major part of Dirts site traffic.

But then I thought to my my self, well if the vids were this long and high quality when produced for Dirt, presumably on a shoe-string budget, then with Redbull I can expect more of the same but only better ?

No chance, 3-5 minute vids recapping each round.

And yes I know it's free and bla bla f*cking bla but they really need to step it up IMO.
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 @bigburd: yes! The parkin bros and Dirt KILLED the coverage back then and would have the videos that night or next day even. Now I spend all my time waiting for vital raw and pinkbike photo specials.
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 I can't understand how there isn't a proper review at the end of the year. There is that 26min approx recap but its just a patch of winning runs and doesn't cover much at all. A summary of some of th best moments and footage would get a lot of views. Maybe they're saving it for something?
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 @Motoracer31 @bigburd : Not to mention we don't get the 'finally' videos any more either
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 i remeber watching finally series episodes in winter. THAT was a recap
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 @bigburd: Was thinking about this the other day EWS has a 25 Minute recap after every round, with great descriptions of the points situation. The EWS production is so good it could be used on the BBC.

Hopefully 2017 will bring something along these lines.
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 so why isnt this 15minutes long?
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 WTF Brannigan! Those gym hours paying off on that one!
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 George was loose through that section, what feckin shape did he even take off and land in there.....
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 Brannigah ! always puts a smile on my face when I see him riding....
  • 10 0 on 2017!
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 These riders are so fast the RedBull media player can't even keep up.
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 Yes..Yes...O Fu** Yess!!!!! Wait..... did u fix ur player redbull..???? I think it might work now...looks good! Could have used a lil more in this vid...but thanx............W.C.D.H The sheit
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 Holy shit! When you can throw shapes and still be in control and charging like Danny hart there's not much more speed to be found. Need a 10 minute Parkin bros Danny hart edit
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 I miss DH.
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 what a's frozen snow out side......
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 @icespec: Isn't all snow frozen?
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 @icespec: at least you have trails under all that snow and ice, here in San Diego its sunny and warm and all our DH trails are closed.
  • 3 0 I'm jacked up like a meth head again!
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 Watching these guys ride is like watching fighter-jet pilots pull some crazy shit in the air:
"Yeah I could tota-"
"No, no you couldn't"
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 More please. A lot more!
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 I had to put my Helmet on while watching that !
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 This 1:48 of action has me pretty sad that there is only 6 rounds next year Frown
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 Awesome short clip! Missing the DH racing already
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 Oh and the wild women, this needed a few pom pon and Tracey Hannah mad moments to add to man on and rachel
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 This was cool, but Cairns edit was the bomb this year.
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 Title a little off since it has Rachel in it. Unless I missed something.
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 Dope edit!
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 George Brannigan PEDALING through the air!! Holy crap!
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 that's Troy Brosnan bro
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 Yeah, Brannigan is the one trying pretty hard to kill himself round about 1.05

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