The Best Tech From Lenzerheide XC World Cups

Aug 14, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Lenzerheide Randoms
Mathias Fluckiger hunting for a low front end with a negative rise stem and handlebars mounted upside down.

Lenzerheide Randoms
Perry Aurelia has her privateer pits down to a tee.

Lenzerheide Randoms
Lenzerheide Randoms
The van is used for storage and working on bikes while the small caravan is the sleeping area.

Lenzerheide Randoms
If in doubt, elbows out.


Some fresh new shoes for Specialized XC racer Jaroslav Kulhavy.
The benefits of being an Olympic champion. Gold shoes for Jaroslav Kulhavy.

Trek Top Fuel 2016
Trek Top Fuel 2016
FOX's iRD remote is to the inside of the grip, controlling the fork and shock settings simultaneously. The electric lock-on is mounted on the shock.

Trek Top Fuel 2016
At 50 grams, the MRP chin device isn't as light as some of the ones featured here but it's still better than dropping your chain mid-race.


This is what the morning looked like in Lenzerheide.
Blazing sunshine is normally the weather to battle at Lenzerheide... not in 2017.

Team Setups - Lenzerheide XC World Cup 2017
Scott's coffee machine is the stuff of XC pit legends.

Team Setups - Lenzerheide XC World Cup 2017
Even the world's fastest uses a shower as a drying rack sometimes.

Team Setups - Lenzerheide XC World Cup 2017
You don't want to get this bidon mixed up...

Suspension services are plenty for the boys at FOX.
Lenzerheide World Cups are often double headers, which leaves the suspension techs working around the clock.


Mathieu van der Poel s Canyon Lux. The Lux weighs under 2000 grams for the frame including the damper. Van der Poel opted for a 36T chainring with Shimano s new XTR 10-51 cassette as well as Scylence hubs.
There were custom bikes aplenty in 2018. This is Van der Poel's Dutch themed Canyon Lux.

Gerhard Kerschbaumer s Torpado Matador is a 29 race fully. A steep 69 degree headangle and conservative geometry make for an agressive racer. A brand new XXTR M9100 groupset with a 10-51 cassette completes the frame with the new Scylence hub hiding underneath a concealing sticker. Kerschbaumer opts to not run a dropper post.
Gerhard Kerschbaumer's Torpado Matador

Maja s Kross Earth has received a special World Champs paintjob. She runs a full DT Swiss suspension setup and chooses to run the carbon Lev dropper. DT Swiss provided the special edition XRC 25 wheels running a 36T ratchet on the inside. The new XTR rotor shed 20 grams of her bike.
Maja Włoszczowska's Kross Earth.

These minimal Ceetech chain guides are a lightweight way of keeping chains where they should be.

Kate Courtney's Specialized Epic.

Nino Schurter world champs scott spark 2018
Nino Schurter's Scott Spark.

Pre-race chill as per usual.
Most races see riders warming up before the start, in Lenzerheide they're always trying to cool down.


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BMC's prototype dropper works both ways and can lower itself using air pressure.

The valve head pops out so it s easy to use with a standard high pressure road bike floor pump.
View of the air feed tube that pressures the system.
The Autodrop's inflator valve (left) tucks into the side of the frame, and a high-pressure floor pump is needed to recharge it. Apparently it needs to be recharged for every race.

The Moto Parilla ebike. It looks more like a motorcycle and isn t quite off road capable. Still worth looking at its nuttiness.
I hate it.

A closed look at Andy s teeth pulling valve core remover.
Cannondale's Andy Pscheidl and his custom valve core remover. It was originally a dentist's tool used to pull teeth. Fitting, isn't it?


  • 24 0
 That dropper post needs to go mainstream - 170mm first please!
  • 2 0
 Agreed, I'd buy one in a heartbeat
  • 3 0
 It would be nice if a dropper was actually a dropper and not just a riser. haha
  • 4 1
 A dropper post rises automatically. This is a Riser post cause it drops automatically.

Other options:
Lifter post
Transcendent Post
Upper Post
Apotheotic Post
  • 2 0
 I still cant figure out why Sram didnt do this with the axs post. You're putting electronics in it already, why not do away with the air spring and just go full electric?
  • 8 0
 @Tmackstab: It takes a lot less battery power to actuate a little valve than to move the entire seatpost.
  • 5 0
 Am dentist. I want, no NEED, that valve core remover. Actually, I'll just go hack one of my busted instruments instead into one. That's just super cool.
  • 3 0
 I need one too, but will hold out for the titanium version.
  • 8 6
 can we retire the whole dentist joke
  • 5 1
 I'd like that trope to die, especially since the profession has been slowly turning over into managed care via insurances and private practices getting scooped but by private equity companies. We don't make fuck you money.
  • 4 2
We 'only' make Tesla and Yeti money, not F-you money is about the most dentist thing we've ever heard. That’s why the joke won’t go away.
  • 5 0
 @aquanut: To me, Yeti money is f*ck you money. I can't afford to spend that much money on a bike when other cheaper and just as good alternatives are there AND I owe hundreds of thousands to the government for my education.

And Teslas cost $40K for a crossover that will ultimately save me money in the long run compared to ICE. I don't own a Tesla, but I can sure as hell justify buying a Model Y over a Toyota Highlander when it's time to replace my (currently, but still going strong) 6 year old daily driver.

Last time I checked, many non-dentists working regular 9-5 jobs own a nice Spesh, Trek, SC, Cannondale, Canyon, YT, etc bikes being hauled by their Ram, F150, Tundra, Tacoma, Ranger, or whatever SUV they drive. They ain't cheap. I guess many blue collar workers have F you money.
  • 4 1
 "50grams isn't light but better than dropping your chain"... well i don't know how they make their ham sandwich but 50g isn't that heavy lol
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 I cant stand riding them, but XC tech is always the best tech. I love it!
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 More dental tech coming soon... Fluorider Sealant.
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