Suntour Congratulates Tracey Hannah on Winning the 2019 UCI Elite Women DH Overall

Sep 14, 2019
by SR Suntour  

Words: JP Gendron
Photography: Constantin Fiene, Remy Vroonen, and JP Gendron

Aussie, Tracey Hannah, has been a top rider in the Women’s Elite DH field for over a decade. This past weekend she won her first UCI Elite Women’s DH Overall Title at the final race of the 2019 season in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Women’s Downhill racing has come a long way to where it is today- an incredibly talented field of riders providing ever riveting racing and competition. For some time now, the top creme de la creme of Women riders tended to dominate the field. The likes of Anne-Caroline Chausson (9x Women’s Elite World Champion) and Rachel Atherton (5x Women’s Elite World Champion) would blow away the rest of the podium with large time gaps. And no doubt, a healthy Rachel Atherton still has the ability to pull this off today. However, the field has collectively been rising to the competition, making the Elite Women's DH racing better than ever.

2019 saw many ups and downs in the Elite Women's field. Many injuries, many hard-fought battles, and every race a nail-biter. The season started with Tahnee Seagrave taking the win in Maribor, Slovenia, less than a second ahead of Rachel Atherton, with Tracey Hannah and Marine Cabirou just a few seconds back. This set the stage for what turned into the most exciting year in the Elite Women's DH field in recent years. Following Maribor, Rachel took the win on home turf at Fort William, to no surprise. Yet Tracey was only a few seconds back in 2nd place. Injuries plagued the field through the remainder of the season. Simply put, the competition was pushing their limits. Riding the fine line between glory and catastrophe is tough to dance- a balancing act that at the top levels of DH is wild to witness.

The battles between Marine and Tracey through the season have been just incredible. A young gun and true vet hacking it out for the top spot. Tracey showing a determined consistency that ultimately landed her the overall title this past weekend at Snowshoe. And Marine showing the world that she is just getting started. With a healthy field in 2020, along with the addition of phenom Vali Holl, there is little doubt that the Elite Women's racing will be the most competitive ever.

Congratulations to Tracey for her DH Overall Title for 2019! And to the rest of these amazing racers for their determination, hard work, spectacular talent, and admirable sportsmanship.


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 I'm no grammar nazi but
Riding for the Polygon UR Team, SR Suntour Suspension, Kenda Tires, and others, Aussie from Cairns, Australia has been top rider in the Women’s Elite DH field for over a decade. This past weekend she won her first UCI Elite Women’s DH Overall Title.
I'll do your job suntour
Riding for the Polygon UR Team, SR Suntour Suspension, Kenda Tires, and others, Tracy from Cairns, Australia has been one of the top rider's in the Women’s Elite DH field for over a decade. This past weekend she won her first UCI Elite Women’s DH Overall Title.
Small things.
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 Proof reading is dying along with print media it seems
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 I would have stuck a semi-colon after 'and others'
Is that wrong? Ever since I started using them, I use them everywhere.. I'm out of control
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 Hey, grammar Nazi, look at crash-brother’s post and correct it.
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 Never mind, I f’ed up. Sorry crash-brother!!
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 "The battles between Maurine and Tracey through the season have been just incredible"

Just who is this girl Maurine?
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 You put a comma before and Frown
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 I blame voice to text recognition. in fact I blame it right now because it won't do the dashes in between the words voice to text. Rather when you say - it prints out the word instead of the symbol. Wait, it just printed the symbol instead of the word. ARG!!
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 “... has been one of the top rider's ...”

Uhm, @hhaaiirryy looks like you need to go back to grammar-nazi school.
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 @crash-brother: Have you picked up a print newspaper lately? I promise they are not better anymore.
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 @randybadger: it's called "oxford comma" or "serial comma."
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 @Dropthedebt: Maurine Caribous stay on land.
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 @Dropthedebt: well that is really embarrassing for @SRSuntour
misspelling the main contenders name - really?
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 @listeryu: they write as well as their cassettes shift!
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 Congrats Tracy, enjoy the off-season.
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 @mi-bike: beat me to it!
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 A simple "the" would also have sufficed. Still, better written than a majority of sad, sad pieces of "journalism" found on CNN, Fox News, NY Times, and other "reputable" news sources websites.
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 @tmatta: Ah, the old plural possessive. Gets 'em every time.
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 Oops..accidentally posted a first draft, with some pretty embarrassing mistakes. PB was nice enough to replace with the intended copy. Good to know there are some spelling and grammar sharks in the mountain bike world though! -jp g. Congrats Tracey! Yewww
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 @SRSuntour: When posting on Pinkbike never make a spelling or grammatical error.
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 @SRSuntour: Not everyone on here goes to the grammar rodeo. You can make 6 figures and not spell perfectly.
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 It's down to how do you want to come across..... As a brand, as a person....... I believe it says a lot about oneself......

It's like making your bed every morning..... If you can't perform the simplest of tasks right, then how well will you be performing tasks for the rest of the day !?

I don't chose brands on how well they spell in forum articles - but would you have read the entire article if it was riddled with grammar mistakes !?
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 Congratulations Tracey Hannah! You're a badass and you road your bicycle like a boss. Great season. I always love to watch your emotions after you take a win. You are a legend.
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 @zyoungson: I had to go back and re-read the article - thought I missed that she was going to switch to road riding!
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 Well earned Tracy
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 Way to go Tracey! I was walking along the track at Friday's practice with my bro-in-law and were walking/talking with a lady for a few minutes. As the three of us we were walking, you and Mick rode by trailing each other, and I told my bro-in-law "that s Tracey and Mick, they are brother and sister". That is when your mom said, those are my kids. That was very cool, as we were talking for a few minutes and I had no idea. I wanted you to win beforehand, but that definitely confirmed it. Your mom was great to talk with. I was also surprised to hear Mick lives in my state. Quite the road trip for your mom and nephews.
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 So stoked on SR Suntour. Durolux, triair on the enduro and auron on the ht
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 I demoed a durolux and it was one of the nicest riding forks I had ever used to my surprise. The demo ride was in a phosphate Quarry in a flat state though. Never had a chance to send one on a downhill run on a World Cup track for a proper thrashing.
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 I'm pretty stoked to see Tracey to wrap it up. Being there and seeing how happy she was after her race run compared to when we first got there (looked stressed and/or focused) was just plain sweet.

@pinnityafairy: @RMSlayer50: I'm pretty stoked to see Suntour to do it also. Ran a 26" Durolux and now running the 27.5 boost version. It's quality stuff!
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 Props! A battle hardened competitor nobody can say she hasn't worked for it.
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 Awesome season, well done on getting through the pressure Tracey!
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 IIs there a recent review of Suntours suspension? There should be. That must be their first time taking the overall.
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 @BDKR: I've been kinda surprised by PB's suntour reviews... IIRC the Durolux and Auron got much higher marks from Vital. Sounds like the R2C2 damper maybe wasn't quite ready for prime time when it was reviewed. Hopefully Suntour has worked that out by now.

Personally my Auron RC2 (different damper, fwiw) has been awesome, and it was dirt cheap on one of those German discount sites. Also had a bunch of time on the Epixon a while back. Highly recommend both.
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 @bkm303: Yeah, it is strange the difference between the two sites. I'm on my second Durolux and it's stellar so far. About as good as my other favorite fork: White Brothers (MRP) Groove 200!
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 Riding for the Polygon UR Team, SR Suntour Suspension, Kenda Tires, and others

"and others" feels a bit week as surely all brands deserve the recognition of being part of the whole picture of tracey and the teams success?
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 Amazing year for a top class rider and really nice girl. I met her once at fort William whilst dressed as a pirate and hammered on rum. nervous, I think I introduced myself as seaman stains... Although probably not impressed, she was super nice to us. Agghhrrr
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 So Happy to see Tracy with the title this season.
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 Congratulations Tracey.
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 Suntour.... Proof right there that it's riding skill that wins races not the blingy, over priced, equipment
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 Crankworkx Innsbruk, was so annoyed I forgot how to spell Smile
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 Killed it!
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 Congratulations,rest and prepare your self for next year ,nothing to prove
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 I'm happy for you, Tracey, congratulations to this major achievement!
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