The Bicycle FenderBag

Mar 30, 2018
by Doug Demusz  


The FenderBag was designed to help get everything off of your back while riding a full suspension mountain bike. It provides easy to access storage in an out of the way location and includes fender protection too. Our first model of FenderBag is for full suspension mountain bikes.

Attaching onto the back of your seatpost/seat tube it comes in two sizes depending on how much you want to carry and how much space you have on your bike between your saddle and the travel of your rear wheel. Designed for a 72 degree seat tube angle and around the arc of a 29 inch tire the FenderBag should work on the majority of full suspension bikes on the market today.

The FenderBag is designed to work with dropper seatposts, it is easy to attach and puts your stuff in an out of the way location where it is still easy to get to.
Small FenderBag
Small FenderBag on a Kent Eriksen Custom

Getting everything, or as much as you can, off of your back is more comfortable, allows your perspiration to dry better and can help you ride more dynamically without your hydration pack swinging around and/or hitting you in the back of the head.

Large FenderBag with dropper post

Large FenderBag with dropper post

The small sized bag takes up 9 inches/23 cm of the seat tube and seat post on the back of your bike and has about 70 cubic inches/1.1 liters of storage capacity. The large FenderBag takes up 11 inches/28 cm on the back of your bike and has about 140 cubic inches/2.2 liters of storage capacity. You will need to make sure there is enough room on the back of your bike between the travel of your rear wheel and your saddle to accommodate the FenderBag you want.

The fender does more than you would think. While it is not going to keep your backside dry in a rainstorm it is in a great position to keep suspension parts from gathering trail dirt and to keep the back of your legs from getting splashed in a creek crossing.

When setup correctly the FenderBag can provide protection from your rear wheel when you are in the off the back of the saddle position. If you position the FenderBag just above the limit of you rear wheel travel and then put your backside on the FenderBag you will know that the rear wheel won't be able to come up and make sudden and violent contact with your backside, an experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Small FenderBag

Weight: 5.9 oz./168 g
Volume: 70 cubic inches/1.1 liters
Fender Length: 15 inches/41 cm
Mounting Length: 9 inches/32 cm

Large FenderBag

Weight: 6.7 oz./190 g
Volume: 140 cubic inches/2.3 liters
Fender Length: 18.5 inches/47 cm
Mounting Length: 11 inches/28 cm
Large FenderBag on a Pivot Mach 5
Large FenderBag on a Pivot Mach 5

With our ongoing Kickstarter campaign
we are hoping to go into production and have FenderBags shipped out by July

Small FenderBag with Schwag

Small FenderBag with Schwag

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 Time to liberate and free yourself and your back from wearing a pack. Not to mention the FenderBag fits nicely on full suspension frames and hardtails. Just depends on much room you got. I've been riding with one for several years and love it. Check out the Kickstarter campaign:

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