The Complete Guide to 2018's Enduro World Series Teams

Mar 8, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

With all of the team changes, it can be hard to keep track of who is riding for who. See where the dust has settled and what colours to expect your favourite riders in when the race season finally gets underway in our 2018 EWS Team Round-Up.

Alchemy Bicycles
Anneke Beerten, Cody Kelley

Entering their first year of international competition, Alchemy Bicycles signed Dutch Anneke Beerten and American Cody Kelley to represent them across the globe. This marks a big commitment for Alchemy and shows they're serious about racing.
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Alchemy 2018 EWS Team Shoot

Cannondale Enduro Team
Jerome Clementz, Matt Simmonds, Marco Osborne

Clementz has officially retired and it's unlikely he'll race any EWS rounds this year. While Cannondale's new signing, British downhiller Matt Simmonds, will be racing enduro in 2018. Marc Osborne, the most consistent US EWS rider will be carving out his own path at the EWS for Cannondale.
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Photo by Michele Mondini

Canyon Factory Racing
Joe Barnes, Ines Thoma, Florian Nicolai, Dimitri Tordo, Fabien Barel

The German brand adds two new riders, Nicolai and Tordo, while continuing their relationship with Dudes of Hazzard creator Joe Barnes and German Ines Thoma. Barel is only going to be racing two EWS rounds and Justin Leov has decided to hang up his lid, retiring from competition.
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The new line-up Joe Barnes Dmitri Tordo Florian Nicolai Ines Thoma. Markus Greber

Commencal Vallnord Enduro Team
Cecile & Cedric Ravanel, Yoann Barelli, Theotim Trabac

As rumours suggested, Cecile Ravanel won't be racing the full EWS calendar and the team are missing rounds 3 and 4 to concentrate on other things. Their new signing, Trabac, has aspirations to learn from his more experienced teammates.
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Cube Action Team
Greg Callaghan, Zakarias Johansen, Matt Walker (NZ), Gusti Wildhaber

Lau retires from racing and leaves the Cube team while Schemmel changes roles and becomes a brand ambassador at Cube. World Cup DH racer, Matt Walker will be dabbling with enduro racing in 2018, but is still racing a full DH World Cup Season and Callaghan looks to better last year's 3rd place.
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Giant Factory Off-Road Team
Josh Carlson, Mckay Vezina, Rae Morrison

Giant haven't made any changes to their enduro team roster, but the bike brand's race teams will now be running DVO Suspension for 2018.
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 during the final round of the 2017 Enduro World Series at Finale Italy

GT Factory Racing
Noga Korem, Martin Maes, Wyn Masters

GT's Factory Racing team is full of talent, both established and new. Masters will compete in both downhill and enduro disciplines, while Korem (2017's EWS breakthrough rider of the year) and Maes have chosen to focus their efforts on enduro only, although we might see the DH riders give enduro racing a go.
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EWS Round 8 2017. Finale Ligure. Photo by Sven Martin.

Ibis Cycles Enduro Team
Robin Wallner, Lewis Buchanan, Rebecca Baraona, Dillon Santos, Julie Duvert

Despite some roster changes for 2018, Ibis are determined to retain their team championship title in 2018. They've added Lewis Buchanan, Bex Baraona and Julie Duvert to exsiting rider, Robin Wallner, who's staying on the team for another year.
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Intense Mavic Collective
Isabeau Courdurier, Kilian Bron

The Intense Mavic Collective, managed by Cédric Carrez, will compete in the Enduro World Series, but Isabeau and Kilian are keen to bring more than just riding and result to the team and will work on media projects as well.
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Credit Romain Laurent Photography

Adrien Dailly, Chloé Gallean

Lapierre's enduro racing outfit's existing rider, Dailly is joined by Chloé Gallean for 2018.
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At home with Adrien Dailly. Photo by Matt Wragg.

Miranda Racing Team
Alex Cure, Jose Borges, Karim Amour, Melanie Pugin

The status of the team's plans to race a full EWS season are still unknown but they've re-signed Cure, Borges and Amour for 2018. Masters men's results will now be included in the overall EWS team rankings. If they do compete will Karim's efforts affect the overall standings?
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Alex Cure was on good form today although was still relaxed enough to wave as he stormed past on one of the pedal sections. Unfortunately a flat on the final stage wrecked his chances of fighting for one of the top spots

Norco Twins Racing
Caro & Anita Gehrig

The Swiss twins are going to be tackling the full EWS season riding for the newly formed Norco Twins Racing team.
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Orbea Enduro Team
Thomas Lapeyrie, Becky Cook, Gabriel Torralba, Javier San Roman

Headlined by France's Lapeyrie, who is joined by Becky Cook and two Spanish young-guns, Orbea hope to be a force to be reckoned with. In a pre-season blow to the team, it's currently unknown whether Lapeyrie will or won't be racing after suffering from health problems.
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Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team
Jesse Melamed, Remi Gauvin, Andréane Lanthier-Nadeau, aka ALN

After losing two members of their team, Melamed, Gauvin and ALN are flying the Rocky flag for 2018. Although Gauvin's broken scaphoid and ALN's injury may scupper their chances for a run at the 2018 team title that they missed out on to Ibis in 2017 everyone hopes they'll be fighting-fit soon!
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EWS Team

Santa Cruz-SRAM
Iago Garay, Mark Scott, Josh Lewis

Not making any changes to their team lineup for 2018, it's likely we'll see any one of the SC-SRAM riders challenging for the podium this year.
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Mark Scott stormed his way to a career-best fifth this weekend.

Curtis Keene, Jared Graves, Miranda Miller

It has been rumoured that 2017 Women's UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Champion, Miranda Miller, will be joining Specialized's long-standing sponsored riders at the last two rounds of the EWS. How will she perform?
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Man vs. Beast - the Jared Graves Interview

Sunn Enduro Team
Kevin Miquel, Theo Galy

Sunn's enduro team is all change for 2018 and the new signings already have the EWS podium in sight.
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Team CRC Mavic
Sam Hill, Elliott Heap, Kelan Grant, Nigel Page

Now focussing entirely on enduro, the CRC Mavic team underwent some off-season changes. Signing Irish enduro National Champ, Grant, and changing Heap's focus to enduro, the team looks strong for 2018. Now that the Master's category is included in the EWS team rankings, will Page's results impact the overall team standings?
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Trek Factory Racing
Katy Winton, Casey Brown, Ruaridh Cunningham, Pedro Burns

Pedro Burns steps up from privateer life to full factory team and enjoyed great success in 2017, so he's certainly one to watch in 2018. Katy is looking to improve on last year's results and Casey will balance her time between the EWS and Crankworx. Ruaridh has moved from Canyon and is looking to have a strong season after suffering from a bout of injuries.
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Katy Winton sits 4th but is very much still in contention for a podium position if she has a good day tomorrow.

Unior Devinci Factory Racing
Damien Oton, Keegan Wright, Rachel Pageau

Whilst the Devinci team lost Theo Galy to Sunn, France's Oton, who managed to bag three podiums last season, is joined by New Zealander, Wright, and Canadian, Pageau, to represent the Canadian brand across the globe.
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Yeti/Fox Factory Team
Richie Rude, Jubal Davis, Shawn Neer, Duncan Nason

The Yeti/Fox Factory Team has a host of talent who will be racing the full EWS season for the American brand: Richie Rude, Jubal Davis, Shawn Neer and Duncan Nason.
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Not the season many had hoped two time Champ Richie Rude would have. Can he get his grove back next year

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  • + 73
 I like this kind of nEWS.
  • + 1
 Best pun of the day.
  • + 27
 Glad to see Curtis still on Specialized. The on track series gave a great perspective of the ews. Hope on track keeps going.
  • + 4
 100% agree. much better than the normal ews summary video, i hope see a new season too.
  • + 4
 @MicaRenner: Regrettably, on the Vital podcast Keene said that On Track wasn't a goer for this season. Bit gutted, it was damn good.
  • - 8
flag mtbyoda (Mar 8, 2018 at 10:03) (Below Threshold)
 @MGBurgess: Bummed, that was a good little show! Keene is a bit overated though, and I will be shocked if he is still wearing that red bull helmet much longer.
  • + 24
 Unior Devinci looking strong.
  • + 5
 Perfect form
  • - 7
flag benhempymtb (Mar 8, 2018 at 4:18) (Below Threshold)
 @freerabbit: of course they have perfect form, they’re professional athletes
  • + 5
 @benhempymtb: absolutely, but my comment doesn't mean or imply anything else than the guy in the photo got perfect form.
  • + 12
 Alchemy needs to bring Vidal Sassoon on as a co-sponsor for their fabulous hair having athletes!
  • + 9
 Pro enduro racer is propably part of the 10 largest job fields in France by now.
  • + 6
 Overall title predictions this year?

I'm going for Richie Rude to make a massive comeback and slay it in the men's, followed by Sam Hill and Adrien Dailly. In the women's Isabeau, Katy and Cecile 3rd despite not competing in all of the races.
  • + 3
 Mens: Who I want to win? Jesse Melamed, or Greg Callaghan. Who will probably win? Sam Hill or Adrien Dailly.

Womens: Who I want to win? Ines Toma, Who will probably win? Still Ravanel... even missing 2 rounds haha.
  • - 10
flag Flowcheckers (Mar 8, 2018 at 7:43) (Below Threshold)
 Matt Simmonds for the overall. Current World Cup DH talent, not a has been like most ews DH guys.
  • + 1
 Let's hope for dry weather this season! I am excited to see RR on his 29er this season. My outside pick is Yoann... Just seems like a good dude!
  • + 1
 @frankwizza that will depend on the weather Smile
  • + 2
 I’m gonna throw Matt Simmonds in the mix, dude is BEYOND fit, super fast and with JC there to help him he’s Defo an outside bet
  • + 7
 Grande Pedro!!!
  • + 5
 Don't forget SCOTT SR Suntour with Rémy Absalon and Elliot Trabac! ;-)
  • + 2
 "it's currently unknown whether Lapeyrie will or won't be racing"
It's actually sure he won't race for a moment. His health problems looked pretty serious, I hope he is going to get well soon!
  • + 3
 Where François Bally Matre went? Not racing EWS this year?
And Wildhaber not doing the full EWS on masters?
  • + 1
 I say this every year.... when is someone going to start a “fantasy Enduro” site for those of us that have male pattern baldness, an affinity for beer and Jobs.
  • + 3
 I was checking in hopes of seeing Radon and Manon Carpenter
  • + 2
 Will scott have a team? FBM hasn't announced his bike sponsor yet....#teamrumors
  • + 2
 Man, there was a local High School Football team with about that many players on it.
  • + 4
 Pivot enduro team ?
  • + 1
 Eddie Masters and Rupert Chapman, but they are only doing a handful of EWS races and focusing on World Cup DH.
  • + 1
 Kinda surprised Kona/Transition/YT/Pivot aren't in the mix with a team. I know they all have supported riders doing the EWS rounds.
  • + 1
 Cannot believe Joe Nation is not signed to a factory team yet. He was really in the mix last year—without a doubt a better rider than many on team rosters.

  • + 1
 A lot of changes this 2018 season, for podium contender in women now more open with Ravanel not 100% focusing in EWS
  • + 1
 Stoked to see how Miranda Miller does with her new racing endeavor. I'm sure she'll be mixing it up with the best.
  • + 1
 Wow, the big Names are still there. Let's go with the big show now! (Can't wait !!!)
  • + 2
 Why doesn't YT do an Enduro team?
  • + 1
 I guess it wouldn't be profitable since running a EWS team costs money and the Jeffsy and Capra are already selling very well
  • + 13
 They can't afford any more good riders, gwin is darn expensive.
  • + 4
 @YouHadMeAtDrugs: zink, lacondeguy, regnier, silva, nell, mulally, suarez. lots of heavy hitters.
  • + 1
 Or Transition....?
  • + 1
 When is GT going to release their new bikes?? most of their range is old now! i wanna see an aos 140mm 29er!
  • + 1
 Excited for the season to get started!
  • - 2
 I think Yeti is just running Richie at the EWS on the Fox Factory Team. Jubal Davis, Shawn Neer, and Nason are on the National team.
  • + 2
 That's inaccurate.
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