The Crankbrothers Cigar Tool Fixes Punctures in Style

Oct 5, 2020
by Dan Roberts  
Crankbrothers Cigar Tool

Punctures might still be the bane of riding mountain bikes, and there are a few solutions out there to carry with you on a ride to fix them when. Crankbrothers adds to that with what they call the Cigar Tool plug kit, a compact tubeless repair kit that looks to be a nice little investment and has absolutely nothing to do with smoking. I'm not sure the cigar smoking circle of society overlaps much with the bicycle riding circle.

The aluminium case holds the presta CO2 head along with the tyre plugs and the screw-on cap houses a thread to store the CO2 canister, which also doubles as the handle for when you're stabbing the plug into the tyre.

The kit includes a bottle cage bracket mount, allowing you to store the kit on your bike permanently, along with five plugs.

It comes in at only 55g and retails for $29.99 USD or €29.99 and is even covered with a five year warranty.

The kit and plug refill packs (10 plugs for $4.99 USD or €4.99) are available at dealers or online at The CO2 cartridge is sold separately.

Crankbrothers Cigar Tool
Crankbrothers Cigar Tool


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 relying on ONE air cartridge is a walk home most times I feel the 1st can half leaks out and forms the low seal needing much more air. Carry a pump.
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 I remember my first time using CO2
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 Is it illegal to have another CO2 cartridge in your pocket?
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 @dmarsh15: YA it was shocking I used to use BIG AIR cans that can fill 2 tires no [problem and having emptied 2 of them in a desolate place attempting to seal a rip with what was left of the Stan's and an 1/8th inch hole. I ended up sticking a piece of wood into the tyre and used a friends pump after claiming Failure\ I carry a pump or fiddy bucks now. Bigest problem is I can not transport compressed air cans to Jamaica my primary winter riding spot so I use more air than most.
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 @madmon: a large co2 cartridge weighs as much as a mini pump. only reason to carry c02 is in some kinda race series where a super fast fix can keep you in points contention; Otherwise C02 is just expensive unreliable heavy lazy consumer trash.
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 @kanasasa: if you take a plane, yes :-)
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 @getsomesy: Ya i bought into it... I would carry damn near everything with me even though the trail head would be 10 min away from most of my rides.. Needless to say i do not carry anything now except my oneup integrated tool and water bottle.
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 @getsomesy: I stopped buying them about 8 years ago when cans of Big Air were no longer available. They had a ton of air and were light.
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 CO2 cartridges might have a purpose for racing, but outside that I indeed think it is pointless. . It generates thrash. . It only gives you a limited amount of air. . According to most tire sealant instructions, it causes the sealant to ball up so that ideally you're going to have to replace it once home. A pump is a great tool for inflating tires.
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 @getsomesy: Or when you roll/unseat your tyre and you're tubeless.
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Good modern tubeless should inflate, using a hand pump. with at least a partially unbeaded tire.

I use schwalbe procore inserts, so i never have tires come off bead, and never struggle to seat a bead.
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 @getsomesy: Same here. During installation, I don't think it even leaks air before it seats. Inflate the tube up to 3bar, then inflate the tire, then increase pressure in the tube up to 5bar or so. You can indeed install it with a hand pump as Steffi Marth does in the instruction video.
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 First thing I thought of when I read cigar was Clinton.
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 Let's call it an elegant stash container that doubles as a CO2 tire repair kit. Looks cool.
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 I'm gonna wait for them to come out with a slimmed-down version - the Doob.
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 Looks like it does the same as the one you can buy at most LBS's for 7 bucks. The 5 year warranty must be the other $23 worth.
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 After you've successfully got the plug to hold and the air/sealant to stop leaking, you think "I could've done that more stylish."
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 Stylish like a Cranks Brother’s spoke pattern?
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 Looks quite neat!
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 “Come on here good boy, have a cigar, you gonna go far”
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 Designer weed box, cool

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