The Final Randumbs - Interbike 2018

Sep 20, 2018
by Mike Kazimer  
Interbike 2018
In case you thought Rivendell were going to make the jump from producing lugged steel touring bikes to manufacturing e-bikes, well, they're not.

Interbike 2018
Nope, they're sticking with what they do best - making bikes that look ideal for puttering around in the countryside.

Interbike 2018
I never knew I wanted a jean vest with water bottle pockets, but now I do.

Interbike 2018
Spaceman Spiff is ready for blastoff.

Interbike 2018
I've had good luck with their CBD capsules, and now Floyd's has added recovery drink mixes into their product line.

Might want to run that through Google Translate again... Alligator wins the lost in translation award for this cringe-worthy display.

All the airbrushing.

And more airbrushing.

Interbike 2018
Still coated in salt from Bonneville, this is the bike that recently broke the top-speed world record. It's more of a cobbled together contraption than a super-refined speed machine, which makes the fact that Denise Mueller-Korenek rode it to 183.93 mph all the more impressive.

Interbike 2018
The bike's towing system is about as simple as it gets. A brake lever has been repurposed to serve as the release lever once the desired speed is reached. In this case, it was around 130mph.
Interbike 2018
A Hopey speed damper helps keep things steady.

Two gigantic electric scooters? I'm pretty sure end times are here - things are getting really, really weird.

Interbike 2018
Until next time...


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 This is perhaps the poorest Interbike coverage I have ever seen on Pinkbike.
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 To be fair it seems to have been pretty crap on most sites this year.
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 There's nothing more to see without motors
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 Sadly it's a reflection of the state of Interbike. The big releases happen at Sea Otter, Taipei, Eurobike or the company holds it's own mini event for the Journos. Interbike has been steadily pushed into irrelevance.
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 That's all we get or that's all there was?
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 It’s days are gone in the US market. will likely go where the asr show went.
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 @migkab Please clarify, are you blaming Pinkbike or Interbike for this?
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 @gtill9000: Well, I always love to see all the photo coverage Pinkbike usually does of these events.
I have never been to Interbike but throughout the years I got used to see it as the biggest bike trade show. It seems it's loosing its relevance now. I am not blaming Pinkbike, I was just expecting 4 to 5 days of coverage like before and got disappointed that's all.
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 @CustardCountry: yes, you're right. I also checked on Vital and not much either. They had a video, which I don't like because I cannot spend time watching videos at work whereas photos I can just scroll them once and a while and read for 3 or 5 minutes.
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 Um, welcome to 2018. Interbike is on life support, and the outlook isn't promising...
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 @mikekazimer: I thought you guys did great with what you had - The humor was key!
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 I was at Interbike this year. IB is a far cry from what it used to be. First of all, Reno is not Vegas so it is far less appealing for industry folk who use IB as an excuse to party and talk bikes, also it takes two airplanes to get there instead of the one direct flight for Vegas.

There was very little new and exciting. This is largely because the industry timeline has changed quite a bit. Fall launches used to be the thing. Interbike of the mid 2000's was a hotbed of anticipation to see new products and tech. Nowadays, with the advent of social media and extensive online coverage, there really is no need for physical launches. By the time IB rolls around, everyone has seen everything. Also, all of the investment from the big brands is gone. There's no Giant, Trek, Specialized, Fox, SRAM. You're left with the smaller, less financed brands. All the big brands have pulled out as it is extremely hard to recoup value on the investment in time, money and resources. They could just put that effort into a marketing campaign that covers hundreds of thousands of consumers for the same cost.

Sea Otter is the last remaining tradeshow/expo with value in NA- and this is largely because it is open to consumers. As a brand there is tremendous value with talking face to face with your customer. Also, consumers a love the opportunity to chat with the brands they like. However, even Sea Otter's days are numbered in my opinion.

Almost every brand I spoke to said that they were on the fence whether they would be there next year. 10 years ago, it was a dog eat dog situation to get a booth at IB.

the times are a changing...
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 @superlightracer: Fox was at Northstar and Sram was at both. But yeah but of a snoozer otherwise. I felt it was better retailers were able to get more face time with smaller mfgs. Reps were for the most part pretty engaging and were really knowledgable with their products. This industry continues to grow, I think we forget that. There's still a place for this and larger companies have a big enough foothold and resources to have their own events.That is why NAHBS continues to grow, there's just more platforms for companies to get exposure.
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 @mikekazimer: The tradeshow's are dying. They cost a TON to be a part of. 15-20k just for floor space? An additional 3-5k to the union for fork lifting your stuff in and out? Etc etc. Yep, it's not a wonder why companies are backing out.
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 @creed27: I still have to check out NAHBS. I hear it's on the rise for sure. Also the Sedona MTB festival is supposed to be good things as well.
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 Actually don't worry about it. There is really no need for a "next time"
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 I would rather read this then another press release/propaganda piece for the new Levo like every other site is running this week.

Mountain biking is already dead, you are just in denial about it.
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 Haha, give up, sell your bikes and fuck of then.
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 Yes, but WHEN did it die? 27.5? Boost? 3$k entry level bikes? Discuss
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 @rideitall-bmx-dh-road-unicycle: Grrr! Stoopid fone wood knot a lau me too chaynje it eye the!
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 "the gravy train runs smoothest just before it crashes"
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 Still think the whole - tow then draft then pedal "bicycle land speed record" is kinda bullshit. I think it should only be able to be done on bikes starting from a stop pedalling....
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 A friend of mine got his pickup up to 80mph before I jumped out the back. I took three or four quick steps before my face slammed. But I did set the speed record for faster human runner. Totally legit.
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 Have you ever seen land speed cars run? They get push starts as well. Never heard anyone complain about that.
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Landspeed cars might get a push because of their gearing but don't make their whole run in a draft, they have to hit their top speed on their own.
I'm ok with the cyclist getting a push but the run should be done in free air to be legit.
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 It's called ranDUMBS for a reason.
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 It needs renaming, INTERSHITE.
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 The best is definitely the random expo center guy sitting in the dark corner
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 Holy shit I cant believe im going to type this but......that road bike with the wood paint is amazing!Hold on.No its not!Just the paint is.Ahhh I feel better now.
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 Dude, has no one ever told you that just because you like mountain bikes you are actually allowed to like other types of bike? This isn't a religion, and liking other bikes isn't punishable by death...
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 @deadmeat25: NOPE!Get out of the road!!!!!!!!!
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 Mad respect for that rivendell banner. One of the best made bikes I've ever ridden
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 Stop with the motors
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 Stop with the fuckwittery!
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 The 5 seconds it took to scroll down....are now gone forever and lost to the universe of time.
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 and then the time you took to post about your time lost
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 There were not many bikes on display because of the taxes imposed by Trump Big Grin
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 The whole bike shipment ended up as an ocean fill.
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 Spaceman Spiff = Jerry of the Day.
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 "Spaceman Spiff" looks like Brian from The MTB Lab.
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 No coverage of the new Muc-Off sealant? It's PINK! Also Shimano PRO had a snazzy little folding internal cable/hose guide tool thing.
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 Reno was the mistake, they could have saved it if they moved to a major airport, centrally located. As for Vegas being a draw, there are as many people who avoided IB because Vegas as there are people who are pro-Vegas. Reno??? Why?
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 Looks like quite the event.
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 To be fair most of the stuff sold is invented and made by Asians that have probably never been mountain biking. And North Americans are too busy riding to invent this weird shite. Now most Nort American or European bike companies just look through catalogues of manufactures and pay a few cents more per item for slight cosmetic changes and the name of the bike company etched into the product. The Wren forks are a good example.
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 That air brushed Felt bike is beautiful Drool

Is it really fair to call it a top-speed world record when you got towed in by a drag car lol
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 What is this puttering that one can do in the countryside? Is it an internet thing?
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 good job 27.5, Boost, you killed them, you killed them all.
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 Now that Inter Bike is done, bring on Rampage!!!
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 I like It!
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 Where's the E-bike coverage?
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