The Gatekeeper

Aug 19, 2017
by SRAM  

You don’t have to like me.
But I demand your respect.
I have earned it.

I might not know your name, and it’s perhaps better if I don’t.
Because I don’t play favorites. It’s not my job.

I don’t care what you did 12 seconds ago, or what you did yesterday, or what you did last year.
The only thing that matters now is what you do with this moment right here—what you do for the next small handful of seconds.

Every sport has a gatekeeper. A line, a flag, a clock, an opponent. This sport has me. You can be a hero everywhere else on my course, but you can’t afford to get me wrong. Getting me wrong hurts in every possible way.

But if you get it right, the people will cheer. And they won’t stop talking about what you have done. And the next generation of riders will remember, and they’ll build on your legacy.

In other words, if you treat the gatekeeper right, it can make you a legend.

Video by Mind Spark Cinema.

MENTIONS: @SramMedia


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 Introducing the new Dodge Ram heavy duty....
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 Quoted by Brad J.
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 man i remember every single one of those final sends and crashes. badass. btw its still fuck you crankworx for moving joyride to the sunday morning slot though.
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 yah it was so much better before on Saturday night maybe they could put it sunday night....and also they wouldn't let any body on hecklers rock even without a bag or alcohol today....
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 @larr: i was at last years hecklers for an hour. once people started throwing bottles/cans/rocks at people on the lift i nope'd the f*ck out. good riddance that went from super cool renegade mountain biking tradition to a trash ass gathering of the juggalos in no time at all. cant say i miss it after that.
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 I love the new schedules, because they allow us europeans to watch the show in the evening instead of watching it in the middle of the night.
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 @soerenM: you already have 2 other crankworx stops that coincide with your time, let us have this one
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 I'm guessing it was probably at the request of the municipality. Less drinking in the morning. It probably also ends up being a better time in the rest of the world
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 I put on my wizard hat.
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 I cast Lvl 3 eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.
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 Imagine the new 720 Variations Semenuk will probably throw on the Gatekeeper!
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 Pins and needles for tomm, as much as I hate joyride, I absolutely love it. Must be that feature talking.
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 Zuul! I am Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster of Gozer!
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 I know the "gate keeper" would beat my ass, but I feel the video didn't portray it very seriously. It was birds chirping with a metal band video playing.
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 Lol red bull called the copyright card haha
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 They may not have been too strict if it were an edit by an amateur. But a huge company like SRAM should have their shit sorted.
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 I feel like the Claw should have narrated that.
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 100%! It was, in my opinion, Claw's 360 drop at Crankworx that set the bar for technical tricks on big hits.
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 Matthew Mcconaughey is...the Gatekeeper.
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 I never understood how the drop that has started and ended so many careers, and is essentially the most important jump in slopestyle, represents getting piss-faced. I understand the importance of sponsors in our sport but imagine explaining to your family that you got sent to the hospital by the "bud-light sender".
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 Not everyone sees an add for alcohol and thinks of getting shit faced. If you do because of past decisions or the environment you grew up in that is your take on things. Kokanee paid the most money so they get their logo on that feature, it's advertising, get used to it.
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 @thejake: I was basically born to get shit faced, all the way before I was 18 I said I'd never drink alcohol, never really wanted to, was always told not to, and now I'm an alcoholic. May as well just give it to children.
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 That feature is sick. Its still such a big huck, even in the present day craziness.
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 flat drop last feature sucks
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