The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: What Open Face Helmets Pinkbike's Editors Actually Wear

Apr 13, 2023
by Henry Quinney  
We review a lot of kit here at Pinkbike. In fact, sometimes it can feel like a constant merry-go-round of helmets, gloves, tyres, or if we're extra lucky the latest bikes. It often transpires that we spend little time in the things we actually like most and more time trying to understand why things don't fit, work or feel as good as the manufacturer insists they should.

Open-face helmets have changed quite a bit over the last decade. Not only in terms of the deeper, now near-ubiquitous fit that you see in most trail helmets, but also in regards to venting, comfort, and weight. Helmets have also got safer too with the advent of slip-plain systems such as MIPS. Helmet fit is inherently subjective so sometimes finding your own ideal model can be tricky. Without getting drawn on safety, because ultimately we don't want to crash test these things and, even if we did, our evidence would be anecdotal, these are the helmets we like most, that fit us best and provide the features we love.

Bluegrass Rogue

There are helmets that fit deeper than the Bluegrass Rogue and have that more bucket style fit that you enjoy. Whilst I'm not opposed to it, it can lead to something I don't enjoy - and that's the helmet tapping my glasses down my nose as I ride. It doesn't happen with all helmets, and you can try and tune it out with the ratchet-bands placement, but it can be a real nuisance.
Henry Quinney
Position: Tech Editor & Kettle Supervisor
Pedal to Shuttle Ratio: 99/1
Preferred helmet features: Glasses storage
Chosen Helmet: Bluegrass Rogue
Price: $190

I had an A3 that I rode for a long time before I wrote it off in a crash, and that was a great helmet too. It perhaps fit a bit deeper than the Rogue but also felt slightly heavier on the head and less ventilated. That said, both are exceptionally comfortable for me. The Rogue is a bit lighter than the TLD (370g for a MIPS large). It's also a cooler riding helmet, too, and I personally really like the styling. The helmet is quite squat and stout. I don't mind seeing the visor as I look up through my eyebrows, that's what it's there for after all, but helmets that I can see the lip of the helmet hang over my forehead and sit in my line of sight isn't something that I particularly like.

I run some Scott Pro Shield glasses with clear lenses that tuck up nicely between the visor. The way they fit the helmet is very secure, and they never fall out even if I ride through some rougher trail with them still in the helmet. That said, the bent-arms of these glasses work a lot better for anchoring into the helmet vents than straighter-armed models.

Although I like it a lot, it does seem somewhat fragile and scuffs up very easily. This perceived fragility might well not be what you want from a piece of protection although it doesn't bother me too much. That said, it would nice if the matt paintwork was a bit harder wearing.

Lazer Coyote Kineticore

The Coyote didn't immediately strike me as a standout helmet - it's pleasantly neutral in most ways, but the cool comfort and light weight won me over in the long run. I think a large part of why this helmet breathes so well is the structure of the Kineticore protection system. The little foam protrusions inside the shell are meant to shear in the case of a crash, but they have the added bonus of channeling tons of air around your dome as you ride.

Dario DiGiulio
Position: Tech Editor, Goblin King
Pedal to Shuttle Ratio: 97/3
Preferred helmet features: Max Ventilation
Chosen Helmet: Lazer Coyote Kineticore
Price: $110

Prior to the Lazer Coyote, I was rocking the well-named ATB-2T from 6D. Both share the excellent 5-star rating in Virginia Tech's helmet safety test, but I've found the Coyote to be far more comfortable than the 6D. It's much lighter, and significantly less sweaty - a key feature as I tend to run pretty hot.

Intuitively, the dual-shell design on the 6D seems safer, as it really does move a lot under shear load, but I feel like the Coyote should provide similar protection in a high-impact situation. It's funny to blindly trust the assumed safety of a new novel approach to helmet tech, but with an impartial third party like Virginia Tech doing some testing, I tend to rest assured by their conclusions.

I tend not to wear bike-specific shades, but my budget spectacles (shameless plug for fit in the lid quite well. Since I'm always rocking the old man lenses, I don't worry too much about glasses storage on helmets - if that's a concern for you then the Coyote might fall a bit short.

For being a relatively inexpensive helmet, the Lazer lid has all the features I tend to look for in a daily-use option. The magnetic buckle seems superfluous until you realize how much nicer it is to use, the ratchet works well, the visor is effective and adjustable, and the safety rating is top notch.

It's worth noting that this isn't a stock colorway - I have a habit of drawing on anything too blank, so after an initial review period this helmet fell prey to the pen. I suppose it's a sign of how much I like it, as it was worth spending a few hours dressing up.

POC Tectal

Reviewing so many helmets over the years has allowed me to get a pretty good idea of which models work best for my medium sized, fairly oval shaped head. POC's Tectal helmet is one of those models, and I've been wearing this black and gold version a bunch lately.

It provides a good amount of coverage, has a reasonable weight of 352 grams, and it'll hold my Smith Bobcat sunglasses moderately well when they're not in use.

Mike Kazimer
Position: Managing Tech Editor, nap aficionado
Pedal to Shuttle Ratio: 100% pedaling (20% of that is on an e-bike).
Preferred helmet features: Glasses storage
Chosen Helmet: POC Tectal
Price: $180

Specialized's Tactic and Ambush helmets surpass the Tectal when it comes to sunglasses retention thanks to slots that were designed specifically for that purpose, and they both also rank higher on Virginia Tech's list, but for long rides I've found the Tectal to be more comfortable than either of those.

I'm also a fan of the Tectal's looks - I'm pretty goofy looking to begin with, so I prefer wearing a helmet that doesn't attract more attention than necessary.

The Tectal is well-ventilated, with plenty of airflow and padding that does a good job of dealing with sweat on hot summer days. The rear retention dial can be a little tricky to operate with one hand, but that's not usually something I need to fuss with too often. The main knock against it is the price - $180 is pretty steep, especially considering that the aforementioned Tactic is currently at the top of the Virginia Tech chart and retails for $110 USD. Granted, POC's Kortal Race model that Matt Beer prefers is $280, so in that context the Tectal's price tag starts to look better.

The comfortable, unobtrusive fit and secure feel are what have kept the Tectal in my regular rotation, where it'll remain until something else comes along with the right blend of features to convince me to replace it.

POC Kortal Race MIPS

No one takes safety as seriously as the Swedes, like their Volvos that can stack seven cars high, and POC isn’t far from that. When the Piece Of Cake brand entered the mountain bike market, the styling resembled a mixture of a crash test dummy and Teletubby. Lately, they’ve shifted to a bolder look with straight edges, such as the straight edges on the Kortal Race MIPS helmet that fits the shape of my head, style, and last but certainly not least, safety features.

Matt Beer
Position: Tech Editor, tire hoarder
Pedal to Shuttle Ratio: 80% pedaling (15% shuttles, 5% eMTB)
Preferred helmet features: Adjustable chin strap on ear loops, glasses storage
Chosen Helmet: POC Kortal Race MIPS
Price: $280 USD

First and foremost, the coverage on the flat panelling is massive, wrapping around and down the back of the skull. There’s no arguing that more material makes for greater energy absorption. The yellow dot indicates the rotating MIPS Integra system and we’re all familiar with the benefits of by now. Non-visible at the surface, there’s an aramid bridge that runs through the helmet to give strength and reduce penetrating rocks. Additionally, the visor quickly disconnects to reduce strain on your neck in the case of an OTB. There are also two pieces of hardware that relay information to first responders. The Recco detector sends out a locating signal, while the twICEme uses a Near-Field Communicator (NFC) chip to hand over the medical details of the rider via the stored info on their app.

There’s no shortage of adjustment in the Kortal either. The occipital harness out back is easy to reach and dial in or out, relieving pressure on long days and has four slots to adjust the height. That works in combination with a chin strap that can be rotated around the ear loops to align the helmet perfectly, plus the dead end is wrapped up to avoid flapping around.

With all of that adjustment, I find the fit to be extremely comfortable, especially with the cushy liner that soaks up sweat well. It’s not short on airflow because of the carved-out channels that run the length of the lid. There’s even enough space towards the back to tuck the folded arms of the glasses into the rear vents and not touch your head. This is clutch because I can’t ride for more than a brief photo opportunity without eyewear. You do have to remove the helmet to store the glasses though. Only once have they popped off without warning due to a low-hanging branch.

Costing $280 USD and weighing 401g the Kortal Race MIPS certainly isn’t cheap, or light for that matter. For reference, one of the lightest full-face helmets out there, the Specialized Gambit, is only 200g more. At the end of the day, it’s the coverage, safety features, secure fit, storage, and styling on the Kortal that win me over.

Machina Bikes

Fox Speedframe Pro

I have a particularly large head (63 cm) so finding a comfortable helmet isn't always easy. I get on with the size Large Speedframe helmet so well that it's been my go-to for a couple of years now. It's light, well-ventilated and offers good visibility. For high-consequence situations, I'll step up to a lightweight full-face like Troy Lee Stage, but for most of my riding, this is what I tend to go for.

Seb Stott
Position: Tech Editor, slop enthusiast
Pedal to Shuttle Ratio: 98.99% pedaling
Preferred helmet features: Comfort & ventilation
Chosen Helmet: Fox Speedframe Pro
Price: $189.95 USD

It's not the best for storing goggles under the peak or glasses in the vents, but that's not something I tend to bother with anyway. I also find it irritating that the magnetic strap buckle occasionally pinches my skin as it snaps closed, but I can forgive that because it's so comfortable on my head.


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 Let's see Paul Allen's helmet.
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 the tasteful thicccness of it...oh my god
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 That's bone.
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 Are people still winning the internet daily? I'm not sure if that competition is still running.

Either way this comment won my internet today.
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 I want to see the damage on Dick Pound's helmet.
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 @HarrySimpson: D i c k P o u n d
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 @HarrySimpson: Best comment ever.
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 I bet it even has a watermark
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 Dick pound don’t play that
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 I assume Levy's preferred head ware is the Tin Foil Hat. Can't let them what you're thinking.
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 Matt Beer only one pulling chicks
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 Fast. Handsome. Kind. Bastard.
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God: fast, handsome, kind - pick 0.

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 No way, Dario's glasses/moustache combo is irresistible.
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 Lol no doubt. That bluegrass is horrible.
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 @taskmgr: no, he just finds Mat handsome. Thats ok here. You know u like him too
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 Quinney has the cold steel jawline of a man who needs to actively repel women with his habit of playing music out loud on the trail.
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 @L0rdTom: one of the few people whose venn diagram is a single circle
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 I find the box the helmet comes in fits better than the helmet some times, I think my head has 8 corners,
Bell /Giro suit my head the best.
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 Giro Chronicle is unbelievably comfortable. But I have added a fidlock after market magnetic buckle and that made it even betterer!
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 @bunjiman82: True true! I'm a big fan of the Chronicle, and it's kind of ruined other helmets for me. I tried some others on as mine is over two years old and has had some impacts. Everything I tried felt like it was either perched up on top of my head, or simply didn't come far enough down the back of my head. The way the retention system comes fairly low on the Chronicle just feels much more secure to me.

I'd like it to be a bit less bulky as a helmet, which was also why I was trying some others, but it looks like I'll just be ordering another one.
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 @CleanZine: Chronicle for your Coneicle!
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 Sorry Mike but e-bikes don't count as pedaling
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 They named the eBike the "Shuttle" for a reason.
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 Hopefully Alicia comes back soon! There's soooo many dudez
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 I may have missed something, is Sarah Moore still around? I enjoyed her contributions in the past.
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 @ABhardtail: On maternity leave per her Instagram
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 @corporaltedbronson: ah, good for her!
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 Tried to like my speed frame and rode in it for a while, but it's longer front to back than my head shape would prefer. I found myself having to ratchet it down uncomfortably tight so it would not drop down on my forehead when things got rough. Currently a few weeks into riding with a Giro Tyrant and my head fits so well inside it, very comfy and protective.

I wish there were a place that consolidated helmets by head shape (maybe it exists and I don't know). For motorcycle helmets you can go on Revzilla and sort by round oval, intermediate oval, long oval. Speedframe is definitely long oval, while my head is more toward round or intermediate.
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 Meanwhile, Speedframe and Smith Forefront are the only bloody things that dont gouge into my forehead. Long, large and oval headed person here for sure.
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 @ratedgg13: true! Smith Session & Speedframe, 64cm
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 This is a great idea.

I’ve found that the Speedframe Pro fits similar to my old Giro Montaro, but that Bell/TLD helmets don’t seem to suit my head shape.
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 @lewiscraik: for what it's worth, based on my own experimentation - Oakley and Lazer and Sweet Protection all make more "round" helmets. And not for large heads either, they all seem to max out at 60cm.
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 HAve a Speedframe Pro as well and I just wish the chin strap had another inch of length.
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 @fastford337: are you a horse ?
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 @fastford337: I thought I was the only one !
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 Good to know. I need helmets that are long front to back. Partially maybe because that's my head shape but also because I don't like my hair over my ears (as I need those cooling fins) so all my (relatively long) hair exits the helmet at the back.

Was hoping for a shape guide for helmets like that too actually, good to hear there are more. Another thing to look out for is the shape of the ratchet strap at the back. I like my Kali Maya helmet, but parts of the ratchet are rather sharp and hook-like, so they may get entangled with my hair. Sadly most of these helmet tests seem to be conducted with bald dummies which seems to represent a small subset of bike riders (and at least not me). If all helmets are currently designed for bald (e-bike?) riders, there is still a huge market for brands to tap into!
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 @vinay: fortunately I am a a bald dummy.
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 You can find speedframe pro now from 73 euros (24 % vat, so even less with 19 %) from Not a bad deal! I just placed an order.
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 Shame no one is running a SICK Peak Reversible Helmet yet.
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 That's DEF dunking the bad & the ugly portion of the lid chat
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 @dariodigiulio nice job with the pen! May I ask which one you used? And have you used clear coat to fix it afterwards or is it fine without?
I just bought a new lid and although I have no intend to leave it all black as it is right now, I'm still unsure what to do with it. I was thinking rally stripes but you have me wondering if I should give them old Molotov markers a try.
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 It's incredible! The evenness of the lines is perfect! That's some penmanship!
Fine job @dariodigiulio
I did my own with a Posca paint pen a few years ago (no clearcoat) and it looked pretty neat for a season, before it started looking a bit tatty.
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 I use the Marvy Uchida Deco Color pens, they're super permanent, though a little bit toxic.
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 @dariodigiulio: Looks rad as hell. You manage to nail it first time or can you erase any mistakes with alcohol or some other solvent?
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 @Tanglefist: It's definitely a one-chance operation, the ink is permanent enough that whatever you'd have to use to remove it might mess up the helmet.
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 Troy Lee A3 with the sweat rubber visor for the win! Why do more companies not use such a simple add on. It works really well making sweat go down to ears instead of face just like a headband. Without having to wear a headband. No brainer. Hello helmet industry??
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 I came here expecting a sniff test with wine tasting style descriptions. Disappointed to say the least.
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 Pedal to Shuttle ratio is top notch stats - kudos!
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 Of all the helmets I’ve gotta say, I just want a Dario custom paint job!!!!
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 Spent today 2 hours fixing the face of just another mtb rider with an open face helmet. Pretty common here close to a popular trail network. Almost all of these injuries could be avoided by wearing a simple full face helmet. But hey, I don’t complain, that’s my job.
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 I can understand wearing a full face when temps are cool, but in hot weather it must be miserable.
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 TLD D2 open face needs a comeback!
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 A D2 and a hacksaw is all you need.
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 Not mentioned is my Giro Montaro MIPS. Just thought I would point out to anyone considering this lid that it seems to be very hot. Whether this is the venting / air flow or the make up of the materials but I sweat buckets. Looking for something cooler.
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 Moved from this to the POC Tectal and it is sooo much better. Kaz is on point here.
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 I also found the Montaro very hot. Went to a Speedframe Pro, immediately noticed better airflow. Moved to a Smith Forefront 2 recently, also breathes well but not as well as the Speedframe.
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 I had 2, but found that the pads disintegrated too quickly. So I moved to a Fox Speedframe Pro, which has a similar fit.
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 I picked up a Smith Forefront that’s my shoulder season helmet and a Smith Session for the summer. Was rocking a Montaro since they dropped it. Found the smith(s) fits almost as well and are lighter. I’d have stuck with Giro but those Sphericals are damn ugly.
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 @lewiscraik: the pads on that also disintegrate quickly. on my third set in about 18 months.
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 @itslightoutandawaywego: that is good to know. None of my local bike shops carry Smith, so I’ve not been able to try one on.
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 @IamDave: Doh. Mine came with a second set which seem to be the same size.
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 @IamDave: I've got one too, as other people have said it's really hot. I also found the pads disintegrated in less than three weeks (which the shop replaced)...
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 Those are disturbing pedal/shuttle numbers. You guys need to balance out the lycra around here
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 It strikes me that PB staff (and north-americans in general) collectively don't understand the function of the visor, disabling it by pushing it as high as possible. At that point, the only function it serves is to distinguish themselves from road cyclists.
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 The function is to keep sun out of your eyes, which one can do by lowering the visor when riding into the sun. If you’re suggesting a half shell visor does any good protecting you in a crash, I can tell you from experience that they crumple or tear off shockingly quick.
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 Most bicycle helmet visors are not long enough to be particularly usable IMO, so it doesn't matter where they are. Look to dirtbike helmets for what the proper length should be to effectively block the sun, etc. I always wondered why there is such a discrepancy. My visor usually is most often employed on the ride home on roads anyway.
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 Dammit Matt Beer, you’re wearing that Patagonia jacket I lost! I bought it specifically for the camo pattern and two years ago I think it fell out of my bag here in Honolulu. Please return it! Ahahaha. Seriously I miss that jacket.
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 I don't see the jacket?
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 Open face helmets are stupid. Why risk smashing your face? I demand an open face helmet article filter.
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 "the helmet tapping my glasses down my nose as I ride. It doesn't happen with all helmets"

I wish I had that problem, of only some helmets causing that problem. I guess I have a weird shape head, I have never tried a helmet that didn't do that. I have to pick glasses that are thin just to reduce it. Oh well.
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 Circumference is not enough for helmet fit, but unfortunately its the only provided data. Whenever I need to replace my helmet, I need to find it in a shop where I can try it, for that reason.
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 98.99% pedaling to shuttling. I thought he'd be closer to 98.98
  • 4 2
 Is the pedal to shuttle ratio in time, distance or altitude? Makes a big difference.
Also, we need 3d scans of their heads to have any value in this article. Fit is the most important factor in helmet purchase for me.
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 Can't tell if sarcastic or genuine. Hoping sarcastic.
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 @maestroman21: bit of both :-)
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 @ak-77: genuinely?
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 @Dogl0rd: I don't really want them to publish 3d scans of their heads. But I would like a bit more info than 1 out of three saying he has a 'medium sized, fairly oval shaped head'. A circumference, and diameters in front-to-back and left-to-right directions would be useful for comparison.
I find that some helmets' adjustment systems deal better with the particular shape of my head (round shape with a flat spot at the back, 52 cm circumference) than others. To find out which ones fit well, I have to go into multiple physical stores with very limited inventory and try on different models. It would be great if professional reviewers could shed some more light on which helmets work well for which head shapes.
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 After crashing hard with my Giro Source, I tried to find a replacement but out of the probably 20 helmets none worked. They are now discontinuing them so I bought 2 #girosource4life
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 I'm a big fan of that helmet too - it fits my head shape really well.
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 Dario is talented. Love that custom pen job.
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 I struggle with MTB medias reluctance to make any sort of comment on the relative protection of helmets. I understand they may not be experts but it’s a dereliction of duty, given it’s critical importance, to be so completely hands off.

At a very basic level I would at least expect some commentary on the amount of material around the head. It seems to me that banging the back of my head in a full face vs a trail helmet, the full face is going to offer much better impact distribution, cos there’s more helmet back there. Yet is there a single comment anywhere on the internet around whether the Dropframe or Stage actually offer more? There is the tiniest hint of a suggestion here that the Kortal might carry more, but really who knows.
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 It is very very important to wear a helmet that fits comfortably. Being hot or uncomfortable can lead to other issues.
I highly recommend people wear the safest helmet that fits them well.

But from the objective crash test data there is a difference between these two helmets:

The laser coyote is ranked 80th with a score of 12.65
The atb-2t is ranked 20th with a score of 10.03 (lower is better)

While I 100% agree everyone should wear a 5 star rated helmet, the Virginia Tech data shows that one may offer more protection than another.
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 Thats still a toss up though. A 7 star helmet is going to do you no good if it doesn't fit right. Lab tests like that are for benchmark numbers with consistent variables. In the real world it only means so much.
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 POC helmets look dope, however they are child sized, XL size helmet impossible to wear, however for other brand Like Bell/Smith - L size fits my head, with overall sizing
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 That's the shape of your head not the size. I can't fit into a Smith large but my large POC Kortal fits great.
  • 1 0
 That’s a POC “mtb” helmet issue. I have the same issue/ head shape?, but their road/ gravel helmet is one of the best fitting helmets I have ever had.
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 Round of applause for Dario’s posture!
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 bit of a Kaminoan neck
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 IXS helmets fit my 62cm melon pretty damn well, plus they dont scream out troyleeeeeedezzzzignzzzzz all over. Win Win.
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 I had one which I mostly liked, but it would tip forward whilst going down steep stuff. It did save my head when I needed it to though
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 @dariodigiulio Nice to see I am not the only one who decorates their helmet.
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 It's the perfect canvas!
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 Surprised it wasn't Bell Super 3Rs across the board
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 Some nice helmets, and the full face for DH too !
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 Open face? I guess it goes both ways.
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 Also love my Bluegrass Rogue and especially decided for it because of the large clearance for glasses. Only problem is that I can't store my glasses on the helmet anywhere..
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 I so wanted an Urge enduromatic when they were about.

Local shop got some in…didn’t fit my head shape…gutted.
  • 2 1
 Just seen that urge is still going but the current endur-o-matic doesn’t look as cool as the original did.
  • 3 0
 Where's Levy's lid...or did he get caught w/ a lid @ the border???
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 Wow, not a single full face in the lot. I’m converting this season after seeing one too many nasty crashes. I love love love the way my Bontrager helmet fits, but I love my teeth more.
  • 1 0
 @mikekazimer I see that is the Fabio edition of the Tectal. Do you feel, as I do, that it clearly doesn’t make you ride like him. Maybe that’s how I got it on sale.
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 I struggle to find a helmet that doesn't pushes the glasses down, because of small oval head. So the main criteria for me is how high the helmet fits on the tester's head
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 if for any reason you would purchase something because the people on this site wears it? you need think for yourself once in a while.
  • 1 1
 So why do you read this site for, if you don't mind other's reviews ?
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 Must. Not. Put. Visor. Down.
  • 3 2
 The Mr Doodle helmet gives me a headache looking at it!
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 If I had to choose one to share the same helmet, it would be Seb. Well Levy, then Seb. I'll take it
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 I am surprised everyone was able to write a specific feature in the "favourite feature" section.
My favourite feature of my helmet is, that it actually fits me...
  • 9 10
 A bit off topic, but it's pleasing to see that most of the PB staff pedal most of the time. Sometimes when I look around at a seemingly endless stream of eBikes and bike parks, I wonder if I recognise this sport any more.
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 I was taught not to yuck someone's yum
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 MTB is slowly evolving into a lazy sport. I am losing too many friends to it.
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 Gtfo here with these unqualified pedal to shuttle percentages. Show us the data
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 im on Team Beers lid, same same on the Levy Qs, probably having a tattoo of a helmet put on his head!
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 So Kazimer is a Wibmer-Fanboy, I see Big Grin ... Seb Stott knows what's good, Kudos to him and his 38 vs. ZEB review!
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 Is there any other job in Pinkbike except for Tech Editor????
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 What's going on with those visors. Apart from the fox, they all seem to be obscured by the helmet itself.
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 Oh man, I ain’t buying no helmet until Levy tells us what lid he likes the most.
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 Fox Speedframe ftw
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 Surprised nobody is wearing a hiker brim helmet. That style is so in!
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 Still waiting on a Devo MIPS, with Koroyd and a Fidlock buckle.
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 Good lord you all look like a bunch of dorks! As do we Smile
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 these are all pretty much the same helmet. I have a couple too.
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 Well, that answers why there isn’t a lot of XC content on pinkbike.
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 Are the prices Cambodian or McMerica?
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 My shuttle to pedal ratio: 99% shuttle 1% pedal
  • 1 0
 Seb's pedal to shuttle ratio, hah!
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 What I would give for the free time required to Sharpie that helmet...
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 what Bell isn't cool enough?
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 What about the army of a3's?
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 thanks for the reminder i know i need to replace my lazer genesis helmet.
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 No one using my choice of helmet = downvote.
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 Meh, it's the Oakley DRT3 for me when it comes to half lids.
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 Fox and BlueGrass !
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 How do I unsee that Lazer helmet?
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 Visor or Peak?
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 good lord Dario
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 Poc Rectal .
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 Ghastly lot
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 ...of helmets.
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