The MTB Aesthetic - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Jun 23, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
I kind of like the way mountain biking is pretty much the wild west of bike design. Nothing is too weird or too complex to put on to the trail. It is a corner of the cycling world that seems to be a designer's free for all!

MENTIONS: @Tajlucas


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 Needs another rear shock.
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 For sure Richie Rude wouldn't had issue for doping with this bike and all it's bottles !
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 I don't see the e-motor mounts. And when are bar ends making their comeback? I think this is the perfect opportunity.
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 @WAKIdesigns isn't this your handiwork?
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 first thing I thought of when I saw the thumbnail
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 @garydonosti: Needs another bottle cage!
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 @alexander80: Double the water bottles to prevent having to avoid a random person’s drug laced bottle!
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 @WAKIdesigns: No horizontal brake levers? As for gearing, is there a Pinion, Effi or Rohloff in there or is this a singlespeed setup? The lack of tire valve promises some new tire tech this year (or Tannus street stuff) and of course we now need some bright minds to design some proper mud guards for these.
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 @cogsci: poor richie, he will have to deal with these water bottle jokes the whole career from now on. His strange excuse reminds me of Contador, who once said after being caught with salbutamol (if i remember it right) that he ate a contaminated steak in a restaurant
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 More like "Hold my triple bourbon barrel aged New England farmhouse sourdough porter."
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 This is more true than we realize^
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 Sounds good, I'd buy.
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 Good design comes from the heart and good business sense comes from brain. Cough- "sick bikes"
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 Just gotta love the innovation and awesomeness of this industry. Ya I know we can’t afford 80% of the cool engineering that comes out but as a nerd it’s still awesome to be apart of an industry pushing the envelope in New and exciting ways each year.
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 You think this era for MTB design is should have been around in the early/mid 90s.....some of those suspension designs were truly surreal.
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 True that! It's pretty lame these days barring a few manufacturers.
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 Thank you Mondraker, Nicholai, Pole, Polygon, Forbidden! Keep it moving forward!
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 I wanted to sample the hype with an evolink 140 and I must say I'll probably never go back to "traditional" standards. It's almost cheating. Kudos to all of those companies pushing the boundaries on what a mountain bike truly can be.
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 Yeah Yeah! Anything I see with a short top tube and a super leaned back seattube angle = instant disqualification. Let's see more of what you mentioned!
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 Yeah, mountain bike design is pretty free for all, but have you ever looked at triathlon frames? With no suspension to deal with, and what I would imagine is unlimited budget (I think even more doctors ride on the road than trails), there are some pretty wild designs out there. But road riding is still lame (I don't do it, I just think the design element is neat)
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 I want to upvote the first half of your comment but downvote the second. Hitting 50mph on road descents is not lame in my book. That shit is scary
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 @sdurant12: 50mph is just when it starts to get interesting
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 If this were true everyone would be riding Yo Eddy hardtails. Evil, Trust, Pole, Forbidden, Canyon, keep it up. If it is generated from actual kinematic design theory and tested. it is good.
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 This is why I like the Starling Murmur. Less is more.
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 I guess that involved less humor too Big Grin
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 Love the drawings and humour.
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 Good design is an ancilotti pull-shock frame with a lefty fork. Just start from that, tweak it, adapt it to every mtb discipline.
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 Waaaay to mainstream. Semi-seriously, I have always thought that there might be some place for rotary dampers in MTB design. F1 championships have been won with them, and their inherent limitation would be less of a problem in an MTB. SO rotary damper/gearbox sharing the same casting! Plus 150mm Lefty, and mic drop.
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 @Harry-O: great, now my 1970 MG and my MTB can share the same dampers.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: I think those are armstrong/lever shocks. The rotary vane damper is a bit different. It offers interesting packaging options.
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 I love it Taj. Mt bike world need some terrible 1 800mm bars. Best dirt jump bar ever!!!!!!
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 Flexures and elastomer dampers for the win!
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 The Trust fork was almost starting to grow on me - ’til I saw this cartoon.
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 Imagine a Polygon Square One with trust forks, remote lockout shock and 2 x 11 drivetrain.....simplicity at its finest.
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 Why not 3x12? And Scott TwinLock

Because inovation and huuuuge range
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 @StFred: ok lets throw everything into the pot, a dyad shapeshifter shock with brain and remote lockout
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 @Ben-76: prolly gonna need a thudbuster as well
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 @kjjohnson: Heck yeah, a thudbusting dropper, for the moments when you’ve locked out the shock but still need some supple support without having the saddle too low....
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 ............ Orange bikes
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 Until you realise how over engineered the chain stay section is lol
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 @twelvemonths: The most well designed filing cabinet you'll ever see!
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 Love how it has a fork with another one of those janky linkage forks attached to it
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 ha.. I like these comics
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 Kind of "WAKI" or what?
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 Good design is timeless... and gets better as years go by!
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 Viva la hardtail
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 Mtb full sus designs make even the latest motocross bikes look dated
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 When is AI gonna come in an just tell us what's best?
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 Cool story
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 Nice one Taj
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 Its a shame honistly it went from a good bikes to “revolututionary bikes” which just make things uneeded
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 Boom. Roasted.
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 This is great
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 It's called the Squidyasaurus... When it gets old it becomes a fossil because every pivot is fused....
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