SR Suntour's Perception Changing Tour: Demo Our Best Suspension

Feb 27, 2017
by SR Suntour  
SR Suntour Durolux

First off, come ride with SR Suntour/Marin athlete, 3-time defending North American Enduro Tour Champion, and all-around awesome guy Kyle Warner. Kyle will be leading rides, teaching clinics, hanging out and talking all things RAD.

SRSuntour Demo Tour

The SR Suntour Perception Changing Tour is our opportunity to share the how and why we do what we do and to provide you with an awesome demo experience, and it's coming to a venue near you! If you live in the southwest or just need a break from winter you need to get to Sedona, AZ the first weekend of March for the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival! With famous trails like Hangover, Highline and Mescal Trail, and over 200 miles of singletrack you can ride all day in a totally zen-like atmosphere.

SRSuntour Demo Tour

Come test ride the latest SR Suntour suspension platforms; Auron, Durolux, and Rux forks equipped with our PCS dampers. The PCS damper was launched in 2016 to provide consistent control and predictability in a simple, reliable, and durable full sealed cartridge. Our on-hand tech reps will set you up properly for your test ride, answer any of your tuning or maintenance questions, and if you already own an SR Suntour product we can assist you with your service related needs.

SRSuntour Demo Tour

Why Sedona? New to Sedona in 2017: A city-owned bike park and a dedicated stage at the venue. You can go from demo bike to a flow trail and skills park without leaving the venue! But when you do leave the venue the aforementioned 200+ miles of pristine singletrack, SR Suntour equipped bike demos and shuttles to the best trailheads (running all-day from morning until dusk) a most excellent time is guaranteed! And when you return back to the venue beer, music, and good people will be ready for you! Put that on repeat for 3 days and you'll have the best weekend of the year!

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Photos: JP Gendron of Mars Ramp Photography

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  • 14 5
 one of the worst customer service I have ever had. Wouldn't listen or attempt to help with a solution to a warranty fork got nothing but 'too bad' and shitty attitude from them. Could be the best product in the world and it'd never touch my bike
  • 6 2
 good to know. won't touch this company.
  • 9 1
 I don't know whether I would want to be sponsored by sr suntour or buy a fox fork
  • 5 7
 They are the largest manufacturer of suspension in the world as i understand.... so your probably running their product regardless Smile
  • 14 1
 @Cratewrecker That sucks and I apologize on our behalf for poor attitude. Truly. With that can we try to find a solution for you, here to help if I can? If so, send us a note thru Pink Bike. If not again our apologies and maybe in the future.
  • 8 0
 A test ride is cool, but what is far far more important is:

ease of service - good documentation
parts availablity
customer service - can I get a hold of someone by email and phone?
will they honor warranties and help me out in a fair way when I'm out of warranty?
cool stickers
  • 8 1
 @acali The forks hold up, we do not win the weight game but we make them to last, that is our compromise.

Any of our parts are available from both our warehouses in North America, Vancouver WA and Madison WI, lots of people to help. We also have a new service program with retailers that will be rolling out within the next several moths, that means regional support in North America and fast turn around time.

We do our best to help out, were human, we ride, we get it.

Will give you stickers if you want them
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 Who is the guy coming up with the names in the creative department? "Durolux" sounds like some kind of laxative.
  • 2 0
 I was thinking lubricant... and not the bike kind.
  • 5 1
 I have the Durolux and its Awesome!! I have had fox, Rock Shox and they are Awesome as you all Know, but don't sleep on the Durolux! I'm a bigger rider 270lbs with gear and SR supplied me with springs and parts to make it fit me. So as far as customer service goes, they are trying!!
  • 5 1
 New business is always good, but I'm skeptical how good their suspension really is. From my experience as a shop employee we only see their suspension on low grade bikes. But I'd love to see some of their higher end stuff.
  • 3 0
 My RUX is a fabulous fork. It holds a line at speed no sweat and marks a vast comfort upgrade on the hands when buzzing through brake bumps.
  • 4 1
 I've been running the Suntour Durolux on my 2016 UZZI for 5 months. No complaints. I had a 2015' Fox 36 on it before i put a dent in the stanchion so bad I had to get a new fork. The Durolux is every bit as good as the Fox. Weight in negligible. The name is only a sticker. Get over it. Many of you guys are so attached to labels. Times change. Rock Shot were crap years ago. I never imagined they would be any good. Now they're among the very best. My experience with the Durolux has been awesome. Zero complaints and very adjustable. Love that it comes in 20mm. As it should for a fork with this much travel, being used for endure style riding.
  • 3 0
 'Durolux'? That sounds like a vacuum sold door-to-door in the 1950s.
One would think they could've done a [much] better job coming up with a name
  • 2 0
 Love the 29er 150mm Auron. Especially when it was on a close out deal. And the guys at SR cut the volume spacer for me before shipping. Rides kind of like my old 26er Lyrik without all the bobbing.
  • 5 3
 Looking forward to exploring this lineup and Sedona for what looks like a great gathering! Nice to have another player in the market and Kyle can shred for sure....
  • 3 1
 Lets see if @SRSuntour has any input for the customer service issues people have experienced?? Would love to test their stuff out if it were closer
  • 6 1
 @tfree Humans fail sometimes, but we have been making changes to help make things easier and faster for our customers.

We have 2 demo fleets in North America, our program is run thru a company called Envelo. Here is a list of the events we will be at this season, more dates will be filling in.
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 I'd like to know how the suntour forks compare to other less premium but still high quality brands such as x-fusion, manitou, etc. I'd like to know if any of these forks can truly stand up to the high bar set by rockshox and fox.
  • 4 1
 @ryanandrewrogers By stand up, what would you like to know. We know what they offer, we do things differently, if you value the same things in suspension we can stand with them. The RUX can podium WC's, it can win Rampage, yes these are athletes but the product is same you can get, it can take it.
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 @SRSuntour: can it make sick edits? Hahahaha but in all seriousness more edits please. I think some edits on pinkbike would really make a lot of difference on the general mountain bikers perspective of a company, especially one that might not sell as much as the two dominant forces in suspension currently. Take for example what commencal has done recently with their edits, the more content they put out the more and more I've seen commancals on the trail. It helps that their bikes look pretty good but in my opinion your suspension needs no help in the looks department, it looks great already. And just saying I know y'all have Brett Tippie. And I know for a fact he shreds. Just an idea
  • 5 3
 haven't the knolly boys been on suntour for quite a few yrs now?
  • 3 2
 Yeah, I have a buddy with a new Durolux on his carbon Warden and he says it's great.
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 Suntour XC Pro was the best top mount shifter ever made in the 90s

In all seriousness, its's not hard to make a good fork these days. Sure these are fine. Maybe pulling an Altria (Or White Brothers?) is in order though
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 Suntour made great coaster brake hubs back in the day.
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