The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 126 - "One More Run" and Other MTB Superstitions

Jun 10, 2022
by Mike Levy  
Pinkbike Podcast
Art by Taj Mihelich

Picture this: you're out doing some shuttle laps with a few buddies and it's been a great day full of big jumps and big laughs without any crashes or mechanicals. You all rode some rowdy stuff and got away with it, but then Marty says, "Let's do one last run!" while loading his bike at the bottom of the mountain. Do you jump in for the final lap of the day? Or has Marty wrecked it by tempting fate? According to Matt Beer's poll about our mountain biking superstitions, around fifty-percent of us are either a little stitious or at least stitious enough to not join Marty for his last run of the day. Scrolling through the comments under that poll also reveals that many of us have some sort of pre-ride ritual that almost feels mandatory... or else.

Episode 126 of the Pinkbike podcast sees Brian Park, Mike Kazimer, Sarah Moore, and I talk about why it never rains when you bring a jacket but always does when you don’t, why I need to take the same 20-something-year-old multi-tool with me or disaster might strike, and a bunch of our other weird superstitions and pre-ride rituals.

Do you have any mountain bike superstitions?

June 9th, 2022

Sorry, but I absolutely refuse to do "one more run" with you.

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 I always tell myself I’ll do two more runs, and then skip the last one
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 airquotes "second last run" is standard practice in my family. boarding or bikeparking, it's the rule.
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 @xy9ine: yeah same for me and my buddies. Last run is cursed. Too many times one wants to really send it one last time that day and then ends up crashing. Better stop after the second last run
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 “Two more, skip the last” is a classic. I personally always just say “another”. Another is open ended, could be one more, could be 5. Strangely similar to how I speak with bar tenders…
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 My pre ride ritual is where I tell the wife it’s only a few hours ride. “I’ll be back by 2pm”………….

When I return home at 5pm the gods always wish me luck……..
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 @bashhard: some of the biggest/serious crashes happened to me on the last runs of the respective days.

even 4 days ago.. taking it slowly back to speed during the day, arriving at a point where I fel I was riding good.. did that for a couple of runs then decided to call it a day and do only one more run. 100m into trail I lost the front and hit/scratched/cut my shoulder a bit. 200m after I slipped of a rock and went sideways.. then, 300m before the trail end, I took toooo much speed on a vertical wich ended with a drop that goes to flat in less than 1 meter and the bike slingshot from me, straightening my arms making not possible to turn into the berm, actually using the berm as a ramp and took of into the forrest...; lucky me, I landed onto some small pine trees that acted as a safety net. I never seem to learn that when we call for the last run, I should not go up again. 2 broken helmets, wrist, nose, multiple bruises... all of them on my last runs yet, I still pretend(believe) it is just a coincidence.
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 Thanks for talking about the BETA news. Mostly sad that Outside is killing so much print production... Especially since all they've done so far is buy a bunch of brands with a dedicated following and gut them. What's a good quarterly print alternative to beta?

Most of your vocal audience wants "print" media to continue, at least in long article form on the internet. I think we've all noticed that original video media has been taking precedence... Not a trend I personally want to see grow on the PB homepage. Hope you guys continue to keep/expand your writing team regardless of Outside's initiatives.

Also... I haven't seen a lick of news or updates on the homepage about this weekend being a doubleheader XC/DH race? I only found out XC was happening today via a RedBull Instagram post.
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 Freehub is a good quarterly, Mountainflyer is pretty good too
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 @sjma: Agreed, Brice does a great job.
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 @brianpark: Thank you. I'm blind!
  • 22 1
 I don't care about the print edition, but I am sad for the staff. Ryan Palmer et al were a great addition, especially on the podcast. Also the writing on online Beta was enjoyable, even though always a bit too short.

PS: One of the main reasons why I paid for Beta is to support the Pinkbike DH Team. I do not regret that and that money is not lost.
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 Yeah, I subscribe to Freehub and I love it. No discussion of gear at all, which I usually love and mostly what I read online, so you just get that mountain biking stoke; no overtone of requiring they next best thing to have fun. They also do a great job of covering material from all over the country in all its flavors. Finally, the pictures and print quality are beautiful and even you don't care about biking, it is wonderful to look at. I highly suggest you get a subscription.
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 @sjma: Full support on the Freehub mag referral. BikeMag was great too and maybe PB staff can't talk about this now Palmer gonna be on PB or is he just nuked? Someone said he was cut from Beta and if so he's probably feeling pretty Zeta about that - someone get that man a job.
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 I think a poll on what media pinkbike users actaully view/read, what they like currently, and what they want the future to bring could actually be useful here, for everyone really.

Plus it might just blow the minds of the conspiricy theorists on here that pinkbike poll data might actaully be valuable to serving an audience and making money
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 @mtb-journal: Agreed, I liked Palmer and his writing, plus he was good on the podcast. A few of the other bits were dead interesting too, @mikelevy s article on radio tower rides really struck a chord for some reason
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 @Sambikes11: Musta missed that article - ya got a link to it? Trying to search for it in the meantime...
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 @mtb-journal: palmer was great. Has he lost his job then? Now room for any beta staff at PB @brianpark? Sorry if it says this on the podcast, I will listen but I'm currently in a queue at a bar getting a beer. Priorities.
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 Dammit Palmer was a great addition to the team, super knowledgeable, and I liked hearing his perspectives. I can hear its hard for Brian to talk about it. I can understand that companies change etc. But Robin came on talking big talk about how they are going to grow the PB community and provide funding, and support and then they turn around and show they aren't even going to take care of their own. Sorry to hear it PB crew, I'm sure its not easy for you guys to feel that pressure as well, seems like a clear show of priorities from Outside. It's hard to not feel like the community is at some point going to need to step in to save PB from Outside.
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 @everythingscomingupmilhouse: We were able to move Satchel over to the video team but the others were laid off. Definitely disappointing.

@misteraustin: Agreed, Palmer is great and I'm sure we'll work with him again in the future.
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 @brianpark: thanks for the reply. I really appreciate you taking the time to humour us and engage with us, and I value what you do. I do really think that you and all the PB team are good eggs. I hope outside never treat you like they did beta.

Such a shame to see the way beta have been treated, they all seem like great people. If any of them read these comments I hope they know that what they did was appreciated.

Robin and his cronies on the other hand, what a two faced lying weasel, a pathetic excuse for a human being. It really speaks a lot about a person when they talk the talk initially and then treat people like that. Outside will be getting exactly zero of my dollars and pounds from here on out. f*ck you Robin. It's also totally out of order that you got Brian and the PB crew to talk about how this take over would be good for us and sell it to us, all the while planning this crap. Remember the work Brian did to get beta mag shipped overseas to subscribers? You've made them look like total mugs.

And for what it's worth, written articles and podcasts are the media I want, if I wanted videos I'd be on YouTube or watching TV. If video is the future that outside want, I will not be there with you whether it's free content or not.

I feel like outside is finally showing it's hand, and it's the crappy one we were all worried about. It won't stop here, PB will look very different in a few years.

Again, f*ck you Robin.
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 This sucks. I just went on vacation, spending plenty of time in the airports and planes and I had two print copies of Beta with me to look at. Taking the time to appreciate the photos and well written articles is a different experience to the endless scrolling online. I left them in the different airplanes for later passengers to enjoy, but now I'm wishing I still had them.
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 I bought a Beta membership because I understood it would help create interesting articles and support good things like the PB DH team with Cathro. Beta may be gone, but the reason I got a membership wasn't really for the beta site (though I was pretty excited about having a magazine show up in the mail like it was 1999) - it was to support awesome stuff.
I don't need a refund on anything if I can be assured the money is going into PB Racing or some other wholesomely good project. If it is tossed into Outside's general revenue - ahhhhh, man, I may want a refund
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 @GFozzz: Got some bad news, they'll never actually touch on this, and you can guarantee it is.
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Your comment perfectly encapsulates what I want from PB:

@brianpark: “And for what it's worth, written articles and podcasts are the media I want, if I wanted videos I'd be on YouTube or watching TV. If video is the future that Outside want, I will not be there with you whether it's free content or not.”
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So are outside + members still going to get what listed when we signed up?
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 Pretty funny that paywalls appears so we pay for the premium service and then the service is scrapped. I feel bad for pb and beta staff but I won’t be paying for any further services after this poor level of delivery. Talk about loss of consumer confidence and brand loyalty. I regularly contribute to Trailforks to help build our community but now really can’t be bothered.
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 @Garradmiller: I dunno, I went outside+ to support Beta and have access to paywall content. So far outside+ has given me jack.
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 @dmackyaheard: same here, pretty disappointing
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 Nonsense, the run you crash on is always your last run. Same with skiing, I have heard this for years that you never say last run. If you crash it is always the last run. I had the worst crash of my life last week on my first run which also turned out to be my last run of the day.
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 This is so true, only time I crash mountain biking is when I go mountain biking.
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 In this day and age, the disadvantages of print far outweigh the advantages. First, ithe printing itself expensive (and wouldn’t you know it, there’s currently a supply chain issue with paper). Second, by the time you get the magazine or newspaper or leaflet or whatever, it’s old news. Then you have to go somewhere to buy it, or wait for it in your mailbox.

Digital is relatively inexpensive for publishers, the news and info is immediate, and you can access it all in the palm of your hand. Digital is just better, and print is dead. I know a lot of us might miss it, but it’s purely sentimental.

As for you, @brianpark, I think most of us don’t expect explanations from you, or any apologies. We know you weren’t responsible for the big decisions here and that you can’t speak to all the reasons behind it.
  • 1 2
 Agreed and disagreed: there are easily ways to print on recycled / non-tree fibers - we've had access to that for decades but the paper industry disapproves. But all print is just about "news" or events that just happened. Much of it is timeless - the recent Freehub articles about Alexandra Houchin's distance riding and her native American culture - haven't seen a single online article about that anywhere (maybe its there though); or how Angelo Washington found MTB or the Vermont issue (pure gold) are good mtb journalism and for me, priceless print treasures I don't have to get online to read...things I can unwind with vs. starting a screen flashing 60 times as second. Yeah, it ain't Shakespeare or Dickens but if we're not wanting paper then we also have to add books to that list.

Print is also tactile & you can literally hold in your hand, read without batteries & power whenever you want. Doesn't always require electricity & light to have to read - or what when hackers take down the history of the internet (I'm exaggerating but anything is possible). I get it though - online is all just where the money is as the internet grows - things change so for me this makes print all the more valuable.

Still - I effin' HATE forests going down for paper & butt wipes, its a pathetic outdated waste of not just a resource, but THE source - nature and vast complex ecosystems. But freehub - mtb print is baller. The recent Ep1 pub from Downtime Podcast and Misspent Summers is unreal - totally not onlne... timeless, and I've read some of those articles 5-10 times. But just like digital - not all of it is classic or much more than a glance - and bike ads are kinda funny to see later but even then the snapshot in time on paper is a riot.

Its a conundrum, but in a sense - the lack of paper pubs makes the existing ones even more precious to some us - I'll pay out the nose for them. In fact I just sold a few years worth of mint-cond Thrasher & Transworld skate mags from the 80's & early 90's for $500 a set - so yeah, there's some $$ in it.
  • 7 0
 @Mtn-Goat-13: Maybe the articles you’re writing about here were not online, but they just as easily could have been. Want something for tactile? Print it out. That recycled paper is nowhere near the quality of the good, glossy stuff.

Everything you said all comes down to the emotional and sentimental. From a practical purpose, there’s no real reason for any of it, and from a corporation looking at a bottom line, they see the cost of printing and postage, and it’s easy to cut. Especially when the demand is dwindling. That’s just the reality.
  • 1 0
 @TheR: Heard on all that - no expectations here that print is suddenly gonna boom - but I don't print things anymore so - done w/ that. If paper is emotional / sentimental - then so is the same content on a are laptops & phones. But to be sure there's nothing wrong w/ emotional / sentimental (just superstitious) and in light of that comment or idea - that means books & even artwork and the mail are too - so lets just get rid of those while we're at it - especially since they aren't direct advertising media like PB or other content makers are (and yes I'm being facetious)...just following the logic.

Anyway I'm part of the digital demand - I like it & its prob 90% of what I view, but I also support Freehub and so do many other 10's of 1000's of riders so that's floating quite nicely - I pay well for it. I'd pay 4-5 or even 10x as much for it b/c living w/o emotions or sentiment, for me, doesn't have market value.
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: great call on Downtime EP1! I've really enjoyed flipping through that.
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 @brianpark: New issue literally being shipped now…
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: The Radavist are doing a good job reporting on Alexandra Houchin.
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 Superstitions are just ideas that cramp your thinking - best to just nuke them entirely. That said, there's no need to take big risks at the end of the day when yr exhausted so just don't. Thirteen is a fully natural number found nearly infinitely in nature - embrace it, its good... all throughout botanical structures, seasons (13 weeks a season), a prime number (strength, indivisibile by anything but 1 and itself), the balance point of the numbers beside it...bagging on 13 isn't superstitious - its cliche. Basically that's about all you can say about superstitions: totally vapid cliches that actually have no meaning other than someone getting their undies all up in a wad thinking about 'em.

To kill them just use logic & think about things. Bad shit happens constantly - by the billions -without anyone doing or thinking anything, just going about their days because that's life: good & bad shit happens constantly without cats, mirrors and #13's.
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 Yes, I decided not to be superstitious and it was such a relief not to worry about stuff that realistically didn’t matter.
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 Always skip your "last lap". if "one more lap" ever pops into your head, just dont do it. load up and chill at the car for a bit
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 How about the ole superstition of once you get bought out, its just a matter of time till they milk your qualities till they leave you high and dry. yet again, we will collectively hope that this Isn't just another sign of things to come....not even sure we can call it a "good run" for beta and the team...
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 I used to say, "no last run..." but I've also done runs until the lift closes and the "last run" is written in stone.

My rule these days is when I start feeling tired and/or riding sloppy, I'm done. It doesn't matter how much time is left on the lift pass. I've also called a park session after 4 runs when my head just wasn't into it. Yes, it was no small amount of money wasted, but getting hurt costs more.
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 At Whistler you get an extra run if you do one last run to check the trails for injured riders. I consider it a good karma run to protect me in future last runs.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I volunteered for a sweep run ( skiing) and frankly couldn’t enjoy it because I had to focus on finding hurt skiers.
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 Technically a game in which the opposing team never gets on base is a Perfect Game (a step above a no-hitter) but the Wade Boggs references make up for any baseball-related mistakes.
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 that exact thing was bothering me as well. Screamed thats a perfect game to myself in the car
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 Unpopular opinion (?) - there are too many video projects these days. I cannot keep up with firehose of content. I am sure this costs $$ and adds to the price of bikes. I am glad more people are making a living in the bike industry, but I cannot help but wonder how much less expensive bikes could be.
  • 8 0
 Marketing budgets aren't generally very big in the bike industry. Unless you're hiring movie stars I don't think most video budgets have significant impacts on a shop floor price.

That said, I agree it's hard to keep up. I would like to see less and better projects from bike brands. I think we'll probably post fewer of them in the future (or maybe just on slow weekends). I hate to see filmed-in-a-day low effort edits pushing bigger, better projects down the page.
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 Superstitions are why we have stupid religions. "Hey, some dude prayed to a god name Fdkjghpwioe and it didn't rain today! I am praying to Fdkjghpwioe from now on to prevent rain!" Then, when it does rain, it was just because Fdkjghpwioe was angry and we didn't pray hard enough.

Same thing about wearing the same stupid socks are saying "last run".

Closest thing I have to "rituals" is habits to make sure I don't forget stuff. Like always leaving my keys and wallet in the same place so I won't lose them from faulty memory, not because I think there is some sort of significance to those habits.
  • 2 0
 A lot of the superstitions seem like strange ju-ju stuff, but there’s a lot of sound, psychological reasons and research into why they work. The Serena Williams thing of bouncing the ball a certain number of times does what Levy mentioned — establishes a routine that she can always control. It also establishes a pacing or rhythm in her head that allows her to not think about anything and just perform. The NC shorts from Jordan go back to a time and place where he became the most confident. Wearing them was simply a matter of him holding on to that confidence. It’s not so much superstition as it is sport psychology, and it works. I don’t know about eating chicken, though. That might just be ju-ju:
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 Wade Boggs hit a career 0.328! Chicken FTW
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 Question for the next podcast:
Why do downhill racers cut down mud spike tyres rather than just running something like a shorty? And if so many of them do cut them down why don’t tyre companies just make their mud tyres with shorter tread?
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 I always enter my truck from the left side. Call me superstitious but using the other door gives me a weird feeling.
I have never found a superstition that has worked for me enough to continue to us it. The one last ride thing is more in peoples head than anything. The reason i dont send it on my last ride is i am tired and usually ready to call it a day. I will always take one last ride, i am just smart about it.

As far as the Outside /beta stuff, its tough. We all want this to be something that we rely on and hope they are doing this as a nonprofit for us. It is not. It is a business the same as any other business. Companies buy other companies and make adjustments every day. We grow attached to the people and stories so when things or people changed, we tend to take these personally. I guess that is a measure of the success of PB, the readers/viewers feel ownership. Keep on doing a great job PB.
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 When I saw some of the EWS riders running custom links I suddenly remembered something that I read on Yeti's website under their marketing for the SB150. It says that Richie Rude runs the stock link on his bike showing how their suspension kinematic is perfect out of the box. I never thought much of it, but now after seeing these custom links I feel like it would put me off buying one of those bikes. Just gives the impression that the stock linkage and kinematic doesn't actually work very well, hence why the racers need something different. Doesn't give you a whole lot of confidence in the design of the product...
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 I forget the name of an old book about indigenous beliefs about seeing different animals and what it means when you see them. So whenever I'm riding (or driving to the trailhead) and spot something like a raven with food in it's mouth or some type of canine I read into it. Will the ride be rewarding or should I be cautious?!? Totally plays with my head.
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 Except that varies around the globe and in fact, most non-domestic / wild people do not at all have "beliefs" in the way we think they do about the wildlife around them because 1) much of original people's language & thought simply cannot & does not translate directly into our modern ideas - we are basically aliens in wild places while they live in them easily and 2) they often don't hunt or even interact with much of the wildlife around them or even think of them as 'species' like we do with science. A raven has food in its mouth because its stashing it, feeding its young or itself - not because you're in a car below it...that crow realistically sees you as a predator to avoid. These things have lives and thoughts we largely can't understand and I can promise you this having studied wildlife / ecology / science for decades - if wildlife were superstitious and illogical - they die. They wouldn't even exist because idealogy would overule instinct. Instict = the opposite of extinct.

So yeah, can say you saw a deer or a dove & were filled with innocence or a bear or jaguar and were filled with courage (whatever) - but that actually has zero to do with their lives, their thoughts & ways of being and honestly - its not even recognizing the behavior (or lack of) the animal is even exhibiting which if you're watching - is far more interesting than attributing "beliefs" or emotions to. I'm not even saying yr dumb or wasting yr time, but just to consider that not everything - and in fact the majority of everything - does not at all relate to what humans think. We are just stroking our egos with this type of thought. I'll be the first to say I use to think like this all the time - it's enitrely Polyanna and idealistic.
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: cool dude, I read a book once and liked it enough to add concepts it to my imagination. Sorry to ruffle some of your beliefs!
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 couple years ago at Trestle, I was supposed to meet a friend. he went early, i went late. didn't actually meet up until he had ridden a full day. His friends called it a day, but he said he'd do "one more run" with me. I told him not to, but he insisted. halfway down Rainmaker, he went sideways. helicopter ride and surgeries followed.

never call last run.
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 Picture of Mike's tool please!! (No innuendo)
  • 1 0
 release the unedited cross country field test!
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 Question for all the presenters: if you're at liberty to reveal, what are some tips or tricks you've gotten that improved your riding? My friend suggested I enter corners wider -- I tried it for a few weeks, and I'm cornering better than ever. Curious if there are little things like that that you've heard and appreciated over the years.
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 I always get on my bike from the (rider's) left side, but that's probably since I started doing that as a kid to avoid getting chain grease inadvertently on my leg. Now my drivetrain is a lot cleaner, but the habit is somewhere near 30 years old so it's pretty ingrained. I used to race CX, and I spent some time practicing remounts from the right - feels completely alien. So it has nothing to do with luck, but I'm much less likely to make an ass out of myself if I get on from the left.
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 I can highly recommend letting the small rituals and superstitions develop in to full on OCD and compulsive thaoughts. Nothing beats taking 20 minutes to check the garage door before you ride. But hey, at least I know my oven is off when im in the woods. All the best! Now to check my bike for imaginary cracks.
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 I am glad that PB acknowledged that Beta is no more. I know it's a super awkward conversation for you @brianpark , but thank you for mentioning it in the podcast. It hits me a little harder than most as I have met and know many of the Beta/bikemag staffers. They are great folks and seemed a little blindsided by it. I hope they end up on their feet, and I hope this didn't rattle the PB staffers as you are all fantastic humans that provide the content that keeps me motivated to ride my bike and allows my sanity to remain intact. RIP Beta, all my love and admiration for Nicole, Ryan, Travis, and the rest of em. Thank you for what you did in 18mos, thank you for my 4 favorite magazines I have had in a long time, and I hope you land on your feet, swinging, and providing what you love to provide... Amazing long form MTB content.
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 I tend to be stitious but not superstitious
  • 2 0
 Come on! Do you think I'm a gullibull? Or even a gullicalf!?
  • 3 0
 I’m not superstitious but I am a little stitous.
  • 1 0
 Polini ebike motor very impressive..visited the factory recently and have just ordered an ebike with the polini motor..has a certain amount of home serviceability
  • 1 0
 Ah cool, I'll check it out.
  • 2 0
 Second last lap here.

And of course never say: ah glad we havent a flat tire yet....
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 I usually quit far before I'm exhausted, although our brains are consistently poor at estimating our fatigue (or how sleep-deprived we are).
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 "That sounds like they're good at throwing the ball really fast. You want to duck out of the way."
Haha, I loved @sarahmoore understanding of a no-hitter.
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 Regarding powder coating, the heat can cause problems for alumnum. Manufacturers of forged car wheels often claim powder coating process can weaken the wheels
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 Superstition brings bad luck.
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 Hears a superstition. Xc is being pushed to harder courses by brands like Scott so to encourage the sale of there 120 mm travel Scott spark rc
  • 2 0
 I only get on my bike from the front.
  • 2 0
 I just keep doing "another" run until I'm done
  • 2 0
 Keep doing one more run until you crash. It’s the best way to beat it.
  • 2 0
 Once a hammer falls on your head, you won't walk under ladders anymore.
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 The only thing I do is stop watching Friday Fails when riding season starts.
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 "Commentators curse". AKA regression toward the mean.
  • 2 1
 Wow, im shocked you guys let Palmer go :/ hes better than almost all y'alls other editors/presenters. So bummed.
  • 2 0
 Just the right amount of E bike hate, good job, keep it up .
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  • 1 0
 Where is the Gwin podcast that was eluded too a few episodes ago. ? Looking forward to hearing from the Gwinner
  • 1 0
 Kaz really missed the boat by not responding about knocking on wood with "no, but I know someone who has"
  • 1 0
 Always go huge and ride crazy on the last run.
  • 1 0
 The good half of Canada? Which one is which pray tell?
  • 1 0
 Just let me and my banana take one last lap
  • 1 0
 One more lap is the quickest way to the hospital
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 I am superstitious enough to always spell it "superstitious."
  • 1 0
 Just stripped an aluminum frame yesterday! Love the raw.
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 "Two minus one"
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