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The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 148 - How NOT to Sell Your Bike on the PB BuySell

Oct 21, 2022
by Mike Levy  
Pinkbike Podcast
Art by Taj Mihelich

If you've used the Pinkbike BuySell before, you might already know that it's an effective way to sell your old bikes and gear quickly regardless of where you are in the world. But you also know that you're not interested in trading your used bike for a PlayStation, even if it does come with Grand Theft Auto AND Crash Bandicoot. First opened on April 11th of 2001, the BuySell has grown exponentially and currently has over 72,000 active listings ranging from worn-out 26" tires and NOS components still in their original packaging to brand-new downhill and enduro bikes.

Today's podcast sees Jake Moritz, Brian Park, and myself chat about how to get the most out of your ad on the Pinkbike BuySell, what not to say in your ad, and how to find the used gear you're looking for. We also get into how to keep from getting screwed and how to spot scammers, some recent updates, and when you can expect to see a mobile version of the BuySell - it's coming, I swear!

October 21st, 2022

But where the heck is the downcountry category?

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 I can't stand having to go through posts from people that stock things to sell when I don't want to see ads from a store. You're a store. I don't want to wade through your 50 ads to find another dude like me looking to lighten his parts bin.
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Can we have a filter for shops please Pinkbike dev team?
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 @chakaping: Agreed. I personally don't have a problem with shops on here but I wish they could be filtered out.
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 Agree. Just like Craigslist be able to filter for “for sale by owner”
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 I wish I could upvote this more
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 Just uncheck the 'New - Dealer/Store' box under the Condition section of the search tool, and check the other boxes. No clue if this works on mobile, and no guarantee that the dealer/store follows the rules.
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 You can filter out shops selling new items in the condition section.
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 To top it off, half of them have stuff listed that they don't even actually have available.
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 @swansong: I do uncheck the Dealer/Store, but it doesn't get rid of the guys selling out of their home. There should be a threshold of ads or another criteria that delineates those that are commercially selling and those that are private selling.
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 Can’t agree more.
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 Tip to sellers: If you list anywhere that "buyer pays PayPal fees" I'm immediately passing. List it for the price you want me to send but I'm not gonna do the work of calculating the numbers for YOU when I'm trying to give YOU money.
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 Agreed...I even suggest including the shipping price $x,xxx INCLUDING shipping and PayPal fees. Transparent which eliminates issues once the person is interested and then learns the shipping it outside their budget and shows you're serious about selling
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 @skierdud89 exactly. They are basically saying "Pinkbike...using your national/international expensive site and tools to advertise for free AND Paypal/Venmo I demand to use your processing products you developed....also for free"
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 @wolftwenty1: this is the way. And if it's nice round numbers like $350 shipped. Oh man I'm so much more likely to buy it!
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 I always include shipping and fees into the final price so there's no surprises.
If I list a frame for $600, that's the amount you'll be sending me.
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 I would disagree: I would put the price that I am looking for for a local buyer. If you are someone who wants the bike/part bad enough and isn't local then it is on them to pay the shipping to get it.
That way it favours and promotes a local market.
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 @simonconde: You can disagree, I'm just letting you know you may be missing out on some buyers.
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 Not everyone Pays with PayPal so listing something including a PayPal fee does not make sense. Anyone who uses PayPal regularly knows what the fee is and it does not require a mathematics degree to figure out.
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 @simonconde: I agree when I specify local sales only. If I really wanted to sell to someone and bother with packing a frame and shipping I would then list the price with shipping fees.
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 I cant believe this doesn't have 100 up votes.

Why would payment fees be on the buyer? That would be like going into a retail store or buying something from Amazon and being expected to pay an additional 3%. Any service that charges a "convenience" fee for using a CC also gets a pass. Fees are on the seller.

Estimate the value of your item, consider the fees, consider shipping costs, and consider negotiations prior to establishing your initial ask price. You will deal with fewer failed deals and sell your item much quicker.

Note: Retailers should only be on the PB Buy/Sell if they are selling take-off items or items below retail.
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 @Baller7756: Payment fees are going to be on the buyer regardless. I can list something for 1,000 and say buyer pays the fees, or I can list it for $1,100 and not mention anything about fees, but the buyer paying those fees. Retailers consider credit card fees and mark up accordingly. I agree it just makes things simpler to just list the sum you want taking the fees into account, but let’s face it — the buyer’s paying the cost.

Where does everyone stand on buyer pays shipping? Amazon often charges a price for the merchandise, then hits you for shipping. I think it’s fair that if you as a buyer want something shipped to you, you pay the price.
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 @TheR: Thanks for stating the obvious… no offense intended. Of course I’m aware that virtually all seller expenses are built into the price of items/services sold.

Point is, it’s a much smoother PB Buy/Sell transaction when there is a single price that includes every expense associated with the sale.

There are tons of listings for parts, frames, or bikes on PB Buy/Sale that appear the be fair value, but then the seller wants the buyer to pay 3% in transaction fees, and associated shipping expenses. Now the item, is no longer a good value, and may even be more expensive than a new item from a retailer. Most retailers offer free shipping over some minimum cart price. Some retailers still dont charge sales tax. And some retailers offer percent off coupon codes. I often pass on PB listings in favor of a new item with warranty.

I see overpriced items sit in my PB Watchlist for months and months. Not only do the sellers not have the cash for the item, but the item gets older and older, and less valuable.
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 @Baller7756: My bad. Your second sentence was, “Why would payment fees be on the buyer?” And then you went on about how it would be like Amazon charging an extra 3%. That led me to believe you didn’t understand. But I’m glad we are in agreement.
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 But what if it’s a smoking deal?
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 1. Don't list a bike / part as good condition then send things that look like they went down with the titanic

2. This is a used part, it will present as such is not a valid description. All my parts are used, they are not ruined, I look after my gear and sell it with an accurate description, so why can't others do the same

3. Reasonable offer does not mean I want to sell an item for 50% less than the listed price

4. I will not travel half way to you for you to 'look' at an item before agreeing to a sale - if you want to buy it, I will travel to meet you, if I haven't listed accurately then that's a different matter. I'm not a tru before you buy outfit

5. I will not swap, I didn't list swaps

6. If you want more information, manufacturer's have websites, do your own research. Happy to be helpful, but helping yourself on occasion can be good - you can find out yourself if your current forks / wheels / seatpost will suit

7. Thanks but I didn't list the parts of the bike for sale, I listed the bike as a whole

8. You have no followers, no posts, no activity and I have multiple of all of these things, why are you distrusting of me when I am open to trusting you

9. Your life history does not impact my asking price

10. My 'best price' is what I have invite you to make a reasonable offer - if I wanted less, I'd have asked for it

Think that about summarises my usual time on buy and sell, peace out!
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 I read this with a cockney accent, intense.
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 I dissuade low ballers by noting that if they low ball me, I will raise the price 150$

Bike is selling for 1700$

LBLER: Bruh, would you let it go for 1250$
Me: sorry, 1850$ is the lowest I can go
LBLER: But bruh, your ad says 1700$
Me: yeah, well I figure 2000$ is a fair price...

true story.
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 vowels are going missing everywhere. The Rheeder/ Commencal edit now this
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 Where can I go to pay through the nose on totally obsolete mountain bikes? Maybe a place that spruces up sketchy short-reach pogo bikes and sells them for just under sticker price 5years ago? Ahh yes, The Pros Closet...
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 On a topic like this people usually make a comment to complain or whatever. I just wanted to say I've had really good luck with PB B&S over the years, mostly selling but some buying. I got a wicked deal on a Norco Aurum HSP a few years ago that I'm still tickled about, bike was so clean I"m not sure the seller had even ridden it. One rule I have (if the item is expensive) is getting their number and making a phone call, you can often tell a lot about the seller from a short conversation. And if they are reluctant to communicate via phone, that's a huge red flag to me.

Others have mentioned this as well but when I want to sell something, I price it to sell. I can't stand maintaining an ad for months on end waiting and wondering. That's fine if that's what you want to do, but be realistic about what used gear is worth. Rule of thumb is anything used is automatically 50% of retail price !
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 PB: thanks for the productive, thoughtful and deliberate comments. Please continue spiking your Friday coffees with whatever you had this morning.
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 You mentioned an offer system in the podcast, and I'll just say that as a seller that first offer message means something. Short, lazy offer messages tell me to ignore this person unless I'm desperate to sell, even if they're making a good, reasonable offer. If I accept their offer initially with the new tool, I lose this shithead filter.
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 Please keep the buy/sell as simple as possible and free. If PB wants to make money, they can charge people for “Highlighted” adds.

Also, would be nice to be able to filter out “Highlighted” adds.

The german Ebay local classifieds app “ebay kleinanzeigen” could serve as inpiration; it works great.

Please remember that the reason that PB buysell works and has an appeal is that the fact that it’s free brings in a lot of users. Also, it’s low-tech approach has an appeal, as in you have to learn how to use it and it creates a cool vibe of people who share the same interests as you. “Gatekeeping lol

A simple 5 star rating system could be good to at least get a 1st imoression.

Simple is the best
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 And thanks for your hard work
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 My favourite listing of all time is from @timweatherson. He listed an Airblaster Grumpy jacket for FOUR years! His regular reposting it made me chuckle every single time. When he sold it, I messaged him and celebrated with my sons. So fantastic!
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 Pro Tip: Be transparent about your clapped out bike. Include pics of every knick and scratch and give a good deal. Or service the suspension, replace pads and rotors and update the rubber. Disassemble, deep clean, replace the bearings and hardware. Touch up paint, new grips, all little things that tell you a lot about the seller. Plus if you're on the fence about selling, sometimes the TLC is enough to make your bike feel new again.
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 I’m selling my bike, not doing a full refurbish. It will be serviced as is scheduled and cleaned up so it looks good. I certainly am not putting on new rotors and pads unless they’re completely worn out. Same thing for bearings.
  • 8 1
 This is generally bad advice for selling any vehicle. You won't get back the money you put into the tires, pads, grips, etc. Same for a car. Do not buy new tires for a car you're selling.
  • 3 1
 I agree with including pics of all scratches etc. or at least ask the buyer if they'd like any other pics, this way it's on them when they receive the bike and are surprised it's not in the condition they thought it should be. Communication is key. I don't agree with disassembling, deep clean, replace bearing's a used bike. I've made recommendations to buyers to check bearings etc...again communication is key, so they know what they're getting and what to expect.
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 Reality tip: If you buy a used bike, assume you're going to have to do all these things yourself when you receive it.
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 Yep, and maybe even a new one will need some things swapped out@DCF:
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 More of a community? Look at NextDoor...a site that's stated intent is to make more of a community, but is actually overrun with shouting shitbirds. It seems the worst of society is the loudest. It would take a lot of moderation to keep a buy/sell community from being shitty.
  • 12 4
 I just hold onto my old stuff until I wind up throwing it in the garbage, got sick of dealing with flakes outside of my bowl of cereal.
  • 21 1
 I think the key is actually using the piss out of said gear then pricing it to sell, 3-4+ years later. Never had a bike last more than a week week and a half on BST here, and they were both clapped out park abused DH/Enduro rigs, one of which needed a fork and shock complete rebuild.

Something tells me the dudes "flipping bikes" every year trying to sell them near MSRP are the ones primarily getting annoyed by flakes/scammers, and I'm not surprised.
  • 4 2
 @pbfan08: Agreed. I have been using it for decent results for years. Occasionally I get a flake or two or 5 'is this still available' twat waffles, but for the most part good luck buying and selling. Most of the d-bags on here seem to be the ones trying to get full retail -OR- the few full on bike stores out of China that pretend to 'have warehouses located specifically in the PNW for US orders..' or similar.
  • 16 0
 @pbfan08: 100%. The dude who got a shop hookup on a bike, rode it 1500 miles and now wants to sell it for more than he paid for is the one always complaining about scammers and buy/sell being lame.

Price it fair...sell it fast...worst case you get someone onto a nice bike for a reasonable price which makes the community as a whole stronger and gets you some good Karma.
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 @wolftwenty1: AGREED whole heartedly. My last bike I sold was a Commencal Meta SX that needed a little TLC on the suspension, but I sold it for a steal of a deal and the dude that picked it up was just looking for a good all arounder for his GF to ride from the park to local trails and we both made out pretty well.
  • 4 0
 Same. Outside of complete bikes, I just give stuff away to people who need it. I hate selling stuff online
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 Push notifications for the buy/sell messages would be ideal. It’s hard to response in a timely manner, when you’re not sure if someone
Messaged you.
  • 5 0
 Not sure about you, but I get an email to my personal gmail address when I get a message which sends me a push notification right away. Works well in a round about way.
  • 2 0
 @islandforlife: Had no idea that was a possibility. I’ll look into setting that up. Thanks!
  • 1 0
 @teejaaymtb: I think a lot of people are in your same situation... the number of people I've messaged about a product and have to wait sometimes weeks for a reply is pretty high! It's also why I always include my phone number and tell people they can text me.
  • 1 0
 @islandforlife: I think I get used to get a text when I get a new PB DM. I don’t recall how I set that up. It wasn’t from the notification system you are using.
  • 10 2
 Needs an ability to leave feedback.
  • 6 0
 How bout just a comment section? I'd look at more used bikes
  • 4 0
 Take a look at Bikemarkt on It has an evaluation function for your deals which creates trust, you can highlight your stuff in different ways. I only went wrong twice in 220 deals, that's a good rate i guess. Specifically do NOT take a look at the search function, it has been fucked with lately and is useless now.
  • 1 0
  • 4 0
 Pretty sure a a N64 with Goldeneye, Zelda, and Supersmash Bros ,” along with a half a hopper of knock off paintballs is the only acceptable currency for a Balfa BB7, Brodie Devo or a Kona Cowan.
  • 2 0
 But what colours are the controllers?
  • 5 0
 If they say "drive" the bike, then their either a scammer, or a Finnish person!

Over here you "ajaa pyörällä" which pretty much translates to "drive with a wheel"!
  • 3 0
 Please do not add promoted listings. If someone is selling a high ticket item, the people that would want that will be able to find it through regular searching. 99% of people do not want to see this high ticket item and just clutters up the searches.
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 Todays story. I have just recived notably rusted 3 years old bike for my son from a seller. The bike was advertised as in great condition unfortunaltely rust not visible from the pics. The guy is now surprised that I am complaning ... isaying, it is not new and rust has no impact on the function ....
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 Always had much better luck selling my bikes through craigslist even though the same ad was on PB.
  • 1 1
 Same experience, more flakes on PB.
  • 1 0
 Haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast yet so maybe this is touched on. Otherwise would like to hear opinions. If a seller is posting a bike as "like new" and or "original owner" is it wrong for me to ask to see a picture of the purchase receipt (with any personal info blacked out) and the matching pic of the serial number from the bike? I have been looking to but a used bike for my son and am surprised how people can't or won't supply that info. Let me know if I am asking too much??
  • 6 0
 I think its fair but you're likely giving too much credit to the organizational skill of bike bros and the likelihood of them saving a receipt...digitally and/or especially physical.
  • 1 0
 Totally reasonable for a high end purchase!
  • 2 0
 I think its a reasonable ask. Personally though unless I bought something online I 100% lost the receipt or threw it away
  • 1 0
 I think it's fair. But I don't want to add to the hassle of selling my bike. So l, I'll just ignore you and wait for someone else to buy it without asking me to dig up receipts. If I had the receipt readily available I'd include a pic of it when selling the bike. That seems like a good way to lure in buyers.
  • 1 0
 When I used to get pro deals I would sell the bike for a deep discount. I would never show a receipt because that is is formation that wasn't for everybody's eyes. I also never sold local. You have to respect the people helping you out. A lot of carbon bikes do not have serial numbers etched in anywhere, they just have a easily removed sticker.
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 Awesome podcast. I love PB buy sell. Thanks Jake. Also thanks to Levy and Brian for having the discussion. Seriously Buy Sell helped me get into the sport, learn about bikes, and find several bikes that I absolutely love. Buy Sell is a huge resource and catalyst for people to navigate the industry / sport.
  • 2 1
 Pinkbike. I already pay as an individual for the BuySell. It is in my plus membership. Please never change that. I have exactly no issues paying for Trailforks etc but it would be contrary to what I think pinkbike has always stood for…
  • 1 0
 my $0.02.
1) buyer and seller ratings would be great. Kijiji has a buyer and seller rating system - take a look at it - it works pretty well. It could definitely be gamed by scammers but it's better than the nothing we have now on PB.
2) just have a category for mountain bikes instead of having people try and place them into a bike type (like trail, enduro etc). There's way too much cross over these days, as long as ads have the travel and wheel size listed the buyer can get pretty close to the bike they need.
3) allow shops to sell on buysell but make sure there is a filter to be able to only show - 'for sale by owner'
  • 2 0
 Prices this year have still be high enough that I recommended a friend (beginner) to go new instead of used. MTB's get a heap of abuse, and doesn't seem to be worth saving $500 or $1000 to have a potential headache.
  • 4 0
 Could you guys do a podcast on night riding tips/ funny stories as it is the most terrifying thing in the world
  • 6 0
 Excellent idea. Upcoming.
  • 1 0
 Can you make it so that the "near me" km range doesn't go over the border but still expand within the country of origin? As i live close to the border, if i use that filter, i will still have to filter through ads coming from the other side, not a huge deal but would be nice. Cheers.
  • 1 0
 Agreed! Assuming this would be super useful for people that live relatively close to the US/Canada border, but don't want to pick up ads on the other side of their country as well
  • 1 0
 Buyer/Seller ratings could operate such as FB marketplace which also doesn't handle the money transfer. When an item is marked as sold, the buyer or seller could confirm the account that they bought from and then rate from there? As for having the Enduro and trail and all mountain category, not a huge fan personally. Prefer to have one complete mountain bike category and filter suspension travel from there as to not miss something misposted by the seller. I guess you could get around that by selecting all catagories before the filtering, but just seems like a confusing way to go about it. Maybe makes more sense for entry level riders or people who aren't exactly sure what they want though. Having the mobile version as intuitive as the desktop version would obviously be great, and happy to hear it's on the way!
  • 1 0
 Kijiji (owned by Google) added the ability to link your PayPal account (also owned by Google) to your profile so buyers can complete the purchase through your listing and not be directed to a third-party service. …and yet, no one ever seems to accept PayPal especially with some very lazy ‘PayPal scams’. So I want to say Pinkbike should integrate PayPal into its ‘Buy & Sell’ even though I know people will still be resistant to it. :S
  • 1 0
 People need to stop overvaluing the stuff they sell. Like, no dude, your visibly clapped-out and poorly maintained Commencal Meta that you bought 2 years ago for $3500 is now not worth $3000. Get over yourself.
  • 1 0
 Way late to the game here but a feature showing a members last login would be nice...Would help keep people from sending messages to users who haven't logged on in 6 months and forgot they had an active listing...
  • 1 0
 @jake28 is there anywhere with a written record of all the search "hacks"? Like searching for nomad OR bronson in one search. I think you mentioned it in this podcast, but I can't find that written anywhere.
  • 2 0
 If you're posting a bike you really would rather not sell, just get in the photo with the bike.
  • 4 1
 We need a mike levy and Doug demuro crossover episode.
  • 12 0
 I would love for him to give my bike a Doug Score! “0/10 because downcountry isn’t real”
  • 8 0
 I can do that: “THIS… is a clapped out assembly of borrowed parts ridden by a charismatic editor with great dental hygiene!”
  • 1 0
 @jake28: "THIS....." loool
  • 2 0
 Please, please, please no. Also, please do not mimic Bring a Trailer. It started out as exactly what its name implies: cool, interesting projects. Now, it is completely divorced from reality in terms of users and the amount of money people are willing to spend. It is a complete fairy land.
  • 1 0
 My favorite..
"No, I will not finance this bike for you. Im a dude selling bike shit, not a bank"

Shockingly, I have had that question more than once..
  • 3 1
 starting this year, if you receive more than $600 annually as "goods and services" thru Venmo the IRS will expect their cut.
  • 1 0
 Regarding B&S ads I have to say I find it amusing and slightly weird when the seller goes on about why he’s selling and what he’s gonna get next.
  • 3 1
 A shop label would be helpful from a buyer's perspective.
  • 2 0
 Will the mobile interface be updated this decade?
  • 2 0
 "Ex girlfriend" is my favorite porn keyword search as well
  • 3 0
 And "grandma" also! Great tips Jake!
  • 1 0
 I’m here just to say PayPal doesn’t give a s* anymore. You can loose your money anyway.
  • 1 0
 I was offered magic cards as a trade for a bike at one point.... MAGIC CARDS!
  • 1 0
 Yeah, a rating- and feedback system would be fantastic. It REALLY improved the MTB-News marketplace.
  • 1 0
 A buyer / seller rating system would be cool.
  • 1 0
 A vendor badge would be great.
  • 1 0
 Pinkbike will be wanting to charge for the podcast next.
  • 1 0
 Ability to sort posts by original post date would be GREAT!
  • 2 3
 Ask more than you paid for it 4 years earlier, sell it for what you paid for it 4 years earlier
  • 9 10
 Why not even a single mention of Alicia on the home page?
  • 6 1
 It's sad, we're probably never gonna hear her voice again on the podcast. She had really unique cadence when she spoke.
  • 7 0
 Lots of updates on the GoFundMe page -

And you have to give it up to Chelsea for the almost daily updates!
  • 26 0
 Why would her or her family want to be on the homepage? Leave her alone and let her recover. She has everything she’ll need for now.
  • 20 0
 My guess is this: she hurt herself while working, and for legal reasons Outside corporate has passed down the mandate that Pinkbike cannot talk about it on the site. It’s not really on any of these contributors or editors. They are probably reasonably close to Alicia and would likely address the issues if they were allowed.

Probably your best bet in keeping informed on her status is following her Go Fund me page.
  • 2 8
flag nskerb (Oct 21, 2022 at 9:18) (Below Threshold)
 @plustiresaintdead: Her and her family obviously does not object to daily updates on the gofundme page, which is fairly well known at this point, so I'd argue that this point is pretty invalid.

Look at the Kyle Straight injury update. Do you think they consulted Rachel and Kyle's parents before posting that he got hurt and wished him a speedy recovery in their article? I'd bet my left nut they didn't. I'm not accusing any one individual on the PB team, in fact I bet they are acting in only the best way and really pulling for her to get better, (you can see Brian donated a shit load to her) but it's looking that outside has the PB team's hands tied and it just seems like a really weird/bad look overall.
  • 4 0
 @nskerb: Luca posted that photo on instagram updating everyone and pinkbike reported on it. Exactly what good would it do to post about Alicia? Clearly you've found the gofundme and have all the information you need. Stop being a weirdo.
  • 2 7
flag nskerb (Oct 21, 2022 at 11:42) (Below Threshold)
 @plustiresaintdead: What good did it do to post about Straight that posting a get well soon statement to Alicia wouldn't do? Your logic makes no sense. I guess simply wondering why a company is not showing support for an employee is weird? I'll try to stop wondering things from now on, god forbid I get labeled as weird...
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