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The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 73 - The Details That Matter... and Some That Shouldn't

Jul 30, 2021
by Mike Levy  
Pinkbike Podcast
Art by Taj Mihelich

Someone once said something smart about how the devil is in the details, and today it's those details that are in the Pinkbike podcast. Episode 73 is all about the finer points of bike setup, the details that matter to each of us and why, the details that matter to other people that we don’t understand, and some details that we’d like to see more of in the future. There are the obvious ones that should matter - tire pressure, suspension sag, and making sure your stem is straight - but what about Henry's absolute need for cable housing to be parallel and trimmed to the perfect length? And Brian's thing about needing his dropper post collar to sit flush with the top of the seat tube? We also argue that frame material, bottom bracket type, fork offset, and a few other things are all overblown ingredients in the bigger picture.

Are we out to lunch when it comes to details, or do you agree with our callouts? Let us know in the comments which details matter to you and which ones you don't pay attention to.

July 29th, 2021

Did anyone hear the part where Brian told us he ties his car key to one of his riding shoes?

See that key-ring poking out? Horrifying.

Featuring a rotating cast of the editorial team and other guests, the Pinkbike podcast is a weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between.

This episode presented by SQlab

SQlab specializes in the three contact points of the bike - saddle, grips, and pedals. A bicycle saddle must not only perfectly fit both male and female anatomies but also correctly spread the bodyweight correctly. SQlab became the first saddle manufacturer to introduce a system to measure the distance between the sit bones and to calculate the correct saddle width, and all SQlab saddle models are available in up to five different widths for all riding styles.

You can find more information at www.sq-lab.com

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 Yesterday: I cut my steerer tube perfectly so the top cap rests directly on my stem. Its fregg'n sweet...! Today: If anyone is looking to buy a Fox 36 hit me up...
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 I know, I know, it’s a shitty request but can we please get some consistency in release time? Loving these podcasts but thewe used to release earlier and were available on my Friday morning (Australian Eastern Time) which made my Friday, apart from it being Friday of course. Now I don't know when they're coming out. If it's going to be Saturday then sweet, please just keep it consistent, it suits my OCD like tidy cable routing.
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 Hah yeah it drives me nuts too. Lots going on these days as you can imagine. We’ll get back to Tuesday recording and Wednesday publishing as soon as things settle down and we get into the flow of our “new” jobs at Outside. Smile
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I've seen other people ride with keys tucked into their shoes, but I've seen it most often done by runners.

Question for everyone, why don't more bike companies allow an a-la-carte build? Like maybe you want that fancier fork with all the knobs, but know that your drive train isn't long for this world, so you get the fox 36 with a deore or slx drivetrain, knowing that you can upgrade once you wear out or destroy the current drivetrain?
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 It’s a massive pain for purchasing and inventory. Much easier when the manufacturer knows that you can order 5047 frames and 5047 forks, shifters, etc. with that much customization you’ll always be off by some amount and forced to liquidate. More complication requires more overhead and less $$$
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 @lefthandohvhater: you could end up stuck with component like this, but the regular way means you could end up with a warehouse full of top spec mediums and being sold out of larges.
We’ve all got a very short or very tall friend that buys end of season bikes front wheel big brands for half price right?
If you’ve got 4-5 sizes, a couple of colours, and in the case of drivetrain and brakes, multiple models of bikes, you maximise your chance of having what the customer wants.
Downside is you have to build bikes bespoke in country of sale, which is going to cost more than boxing them up in Taiwan.
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 @AyJayDoubleyou: That is a fair point. There is a reason you only see smaller brands like yeti, revel doing the semi custom thing and all of the large brands doing the stock build thing. It just gets harder and harder with volume.
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 Brian bringing back the Kangaroos! (Old man reference…)
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 Bird bikes (www.bird.bike) are the only company I know that does this type of a-la-carte business model. They also don’t release new models every year and they are direct to consumer, so they end up passing a lot of the savings on to the customer. I was able to spec my bike exactly how I wanted it for the most part.

It’s a British brand and people over there seem to love there bikes. I’ve never seen there bikes on pinkbike, so just wanted to spread the word!
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 Well, most companies offer exactly that... it's the frame only option.

As more and more companies offer little to no discount for packaging components, building your own bike just looks better and better.

There are also a number of smaller manufacturers who offer a lot more customization vs the big brands.
(GG, Revel, Ibis, to name just a few)
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 GET A SURFER’S KEY LOCK. Sold at all good surf shops. Electronic keys clearly can’t go in the water so surfers need somewhere to lock their keys too. Been doing this for years at trail heads and beaches. Large combination padlock that attaches to a door or part of your tow hitch or something similar. Solid metal construction locks to your car and securely houses the keys. Maybe breakable with time and heavy tools- but that attracts a lot of attention and any thief is going to bypass it to go to the next car that just has the key hidden under the wheel arch!
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 A lockbox is a killer idea - never thought of that!
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 Gotta be careful where you put it if you have a push button start car though. I'm pretty sure I could start my prius if the key was on the back bumper and it unlocks if you approach with the key.
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 I hide mine in the bushes near the car. Nobody looking for my car key in the bushes. Unfortunately sometimes IM looking, but it works!
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 @westbymidwest: that's where RFID-safe pouches actually found a problem they can solve.
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 Padlocks are a lot easier to bust open than most people realize unfortunately and a lockbox unfortunately advertises exactly where your car key is.
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 @westbymidwest: Maybe older proximity vehicles, but I've had 4 now (4Runner, 2 F150's and a Prius Prime) and they were all shockingly good at knowing whether the key was within the cabin space or not. Yeah your vehicle will unlock and all your shit will get stolen, but the emptied shell of your vehicle should still at least be there.

Best is the Ford (and now some other companies) keypads. Been locking my keys in truck every time for years and just using the keypad to unlock
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 On the WC vs Hardline topic, I don't think Hardline is as interesting to watch from a racing standpoint. On TV there's not much to differentiate their runs. It's cool to see them hit those big features but I don't have much sense of the speed they're carrying.
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 I love going down rabbit holes created by "weirdly rabid product fanbases"!

Manitou is definitely up there. Go to mtbr and check the suspension forum. If SR Suntour has the same weirdly rabid fan I can't find it on the internet.
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 Steel frames??? I know I'm well down that rabbit hole and not coming out.
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 Once you ride some Manitou stuff, you realize that it isn't "weird" at all. I would argue that Fox has a "weirdly rabid product fanbase" considering how their product performs out of the box without a bunch of costly upgrades.
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 @Giddyhitch: aaaaaand there they are
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 @lefthandohvhater: bahaha I'm one of them! I have a Mattoc on a steel HT!
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 When looking at bike's geos on their website i hate the ones that only show BB Drop, i need BB Height!!!, and what i hate even more is knowing that i could somehow do the math to get it but in reality is really hard to get it accuretly that is not worth the time...
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 BBH is tough, since it varies a ton based on tires.

While we're on the topic, does anyone know how BBD gets measured on mixed wheel bikes? From the lower axle or the higher axle? Or by drawing a line between the two and then a vertical line down to the BB from there?
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 @brianpark: oh buoy thats a good one, my guess would be that it depends on the frame, if it is a 29er frame turn3d mullet the front axle height would be considered, if it is a 27.5 frame the rear axle would be considered. I might be wrong though...

The drawn line you mentioned is also a good idea but it requires 2 new variables to do the math, wheelbase and chainstay lengths.
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 @brianpark: I've always assumed it was the distance from centre of bb to the imaginary line drawn between the axles at rest. This is surely the only sensible way and follows the same logic as most other measurements, eg. reach.
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 @brianpark: it should be measured from the bb to a horizontal line that passes through the rear axle. The fact that it passes through the front axle on same-wheeled bikes is not relevant to the measurement.
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 @brianpark my wife also ties the house key into her shoes when she’s running, between the laces and the tonge. But she’s a f*#%ing weirdo too!
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 Podcast question: is nobody at PB riding the current bike of the year?? A couple episodes back the guys were talking about PB staff personal bikes. I seem to remember that when the Optic won BOTY @mikelevy and @mikekazimer had one for a while and it came up often. Doesn’t seem like the Stumpy Evo has really ever been mentioned since being awarded. Weird year where maybe not as many testers got to ride it? Has Levy had a StEvo ride? Did it win for adjustability alone over ride feel?
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 While I agree that threaded BBs can creak as well, the likelihood of press-fit BBs creaking is far higher than threaded. I work as a mechanic and while I don't have exact numbers (I should start keeping track of it), I would say that the ratio is about 5:1 in favor of creaky press-fit BBs.

Not saying this to hate on press-fit; my Scott has a BB92 and I have managed to keep it quiet :-)
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 Great point about those pockets. I always try to find shorts with side pockets or deep back pockets like endura. Unfortunately endura singletracks are a bit too warm for summer. But I found Patagonia plain mtb shorts great hot weather option, they have side pockets big enough to store a modern phone. And no, I don't like to take a hip pack for a 1h ride, especially in the summer.
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 Those pockets that go back towards the ass are the best for carrying a phone or something that has a noticeable weight. I have some old Specialized and Bontrager shorts that are the best, but I've already sewed them three or four times, so it's probably time to retire them. Nothing worse than having a few hours left on a ride and your crotch is ripped wide open...
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 @mikelevy: trying to carry a relatively heavy device on a part of the body that moves the most during a ride is a poor strategy if you're bothered at all by the weight shifting around all the time. I went to using a runner's Flip Belt last year for carrying a phone, snacks, keys, and mini tool and keeping my shorts pockets completely empty. Game changer.
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 @Giddyhitch: My high school XC team jerseys have a zippered pocket on the hip area which I love.
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 Enjoyed having Henry on podcast. Really good insights and banter. But geez he went in hard on the key in the shoe thing. And the f-bombs started to get old too. Otherwise a great addition to the team
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 Yup, I think we all need to swear a bit less Smile
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 Agree here, love the pod and particularly enjoy Henry’s insights. - But I can’t share these podcasts with my kids who are into MTB because of the language- some are fine but randomly it ramps up.
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 @Kookonabike @sambobcat that's a fair cop. I'll rein it in for sure. Thanks for making me feel welcome on the podcast. Cheers.
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 @henryquinney @mikelevy I really enjoy the sweating despite trying not to swear these days makes the podcast feel raw and authentic - so if you turn it down then please not all the way down, don't want to be listening to something that sounds like Christian comedy. ..
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 @mikelevy: personally don't have a problem with the swearing and think Henry is a great addition, really adds to the banter which is half of the podcast anyway. I do want to know what's happening to the Specialized status review that was up for a few days then vanished though? Any update on that @Brianpark
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 @mikelevy: $5 Swear Jar that is used to fund something stupid. Possibilities are endless but include

-Semi Frequent Employee Contests (lots dumb things you could do like 16 inch pumptrack challenge, xc race that requires eating a dozen sour cream donuts, or just an eBike race)
-Bonuses for horrible jobs (ride the BC bike race on a rigid single speed)
-Knuckle Tattoos for pinkbike employees
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 @mikelevy Abit shorts have a nice phone pocket on the side and the fit is better than any shorts I've tried. Nobody paid me to say this.

@brianpark The key on laces trick is what runners have been doing forever so don't let the other boys get you down! It's simple and effective, and when Kazimer's van goes missing you'll be the one laughing.
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 *Gray* Tacoma owner here (if you missed it, Levy was talking crap on gray Tacomas in an earlier podcast). Tacoma keys can detach from the remote. Keyless remote then goes into the bottom right pocket of Zoic shorts (not padded, but great for keyless remotes), physical keys remain inside the truck.
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 Yep. Those are my favorite shorts
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 I enjoyed the honest answers to what *budget* bike you'd be willing to ride.

But I'd love to hear you tackle this question- without discounts, if you had to buy or build up a personal bike right now, what do you think that would look like? (lets just pretend the frame & parts you want are in stock)

And for the folks who regularly ride multiple bikes- would you rather have two bikes that cost $4k each, or one that you could spend $8k on?
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 Question - why do sizes seem to always cut off at 'average human size'? And if you're on the overlap, go bigger or smaller?

Large vs. XL is often cutoff around 5'10" / 5'11" which is the average Western Male's height...do I go longer or shorter in these cases?
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 i do not fully get @mikekazimer take on the weight discussion: one the one hand you state that weight is important and that you prefer a light bike (at least that is what i am making out of your statement in the podcast) and on the other you privately ride one of the heaviest "trail" bikes around with the Commencal Meta TR. I value your opinion, I just do not fully follow your thought process.
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 He mean that weight is important just not necessarily worth the money.
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 To be fair, that Meta TR is hardly a trail bike anymore, especially with Double Down tires etc. I think Kazimer was referring to trail bikes that have half a chance at being light, which is never going to be a Commencal Smile
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 @tobiridesbikes, I have a Transition Spur as my light bike; I’ve purposely refrained from putting beefy tires and overforking it in order to make sure it retains its character.

In regards to the Meta, weight’s not a dealbreaker for me, but I also wouldn’t mind at all if it was a couple pounds lighter.
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 This is worth a read nsmb.com/articles/weight-over (if you haven't already).
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 I carry my car key in a small polyurethane type of cable case that came with some Anker cord. It’s strong enough the key won’t pierce it and come through and impale me.. and I don’t notice it my pocket at all. I mean if I land right on it, it is sort of padding but if I hit hard I’m sure I’d get a bruise and maybe crush plastic unlock button stuff. But that’s fine, this seems like the best compromise.
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 Everyone's new favorite trailside gag...jokingly points down at shoes
"Hey @brianpark your shoelace is undone!"

Some buddies and I rode past a mates car at the trail head carpark one day. Knowing where he hides his car keys we decided to move his car to the other side of the carpark (still within sight...we're not that mean), then carefully put the keys back exactly as he'd hidden them. He was a little confused when he returned, wondered if he'd ridden too hard and never suspected us.
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 Every hip pack I've ever had has a little clip inside the zipper to hold your key - do none of you guys ride with packs?
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 I don’t usually wear a hip pack in the park (like 3 days a year aha), and not on my downcountry bike either. But after this bullying I’m going to have to start!
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 @brianpark: where do you stash hex's and pump and all that? Are you just raw doggin it out there? (For park I understand)
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 @brianpark: Don't listen to those fools, I've run plenty of races with a key in my shoe laces! Secure and unnoticeable. I certainly don't want a key hidden in any pocket near my junk, noooooo thanks.
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 I tried putting my keys in my shoes for a while, but I have found putting them in my knee pads is a better solution... Apart from the smell
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 In @brianpark 's defense, the key is looped onto the lace and then fastened down by the velcro over it. Seems very secure. Great idea.
My hydration pack has a clip in a zippered pocket that is within a larger zippered pocket. So my key is nice and safe. But I also accept the fact that my hydration pack, while convenient, is overkill for the majority of my rides. I should try a hip pack or runner's belt. I've got both - just need to try them out.
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 Levy, is the Mini still in existence? As someone that spent way too much time in a GSR swapped CRX, the Mini speaks directly to my soul. Not many people understand the way a car can bring you such joy, while also making you hate yourself while driving it.
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 I do still have it, but some transmission trouble has kept it off the road for a little bit now. Hoping to get it back up soon! I feel you on the people not understanding - 20mins in a car like yours can provide a week's worth of excitement / fear/ self-loathing / smiles etc haha
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 @mikelevy: I had a ‘69 Triumph TR6 as my daily driver for a few years, thankfully it was very easy to work because I worked on it ALL THE DAMN TIME. It spoke to my soul and I just couldn’t get rid of it until I absolutely had to get a better car for a promotion I received.
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 Question for next week: in a time when head safety is being taken more seriously, and a lot of development is going into helmet tech, why do more and more helmets have non adjustable strap junctions under the ear. Getting that positioned nice and close to the ear is essential for having a helmet stay on your head in a crash, but some high end helmets that score well on the virginia tech ratings have no adjustment there (e.g. fox speedframe pro, specialised ambush). These are expensive helmets, and it's a cheap component, so why are they getting rid of it?
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 Excellent question. Those strap junctions can also be so annoying sometimes when they're all twisted up, and some brand new helmets even come with them twisted at 90 degrees - so weird! I'm using that new Scott Centric right now that has the best solution I've seen: just a simple Y-junction that can be slide up or down to sit right under the ear, and it keeps the straps nice and flush.
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 Question: What are your favorite none-mainstream or "Underdog brands" in the world of mountain bike products. We see alot about RockShox/Fox/SRAM/Shimano... But do you like the Magura, DVO, MRP, Suntour, Box, Microshift, TRP, and so on and so forth? Suntour suspension was on the bike that just won the men's Olympic XC MTB. Love to hear some opinions! Thanks Smile
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 For me, I'd have to say MRP for their very impressive forks; I'd happily run one of them over the major brands. For brakes, it's gotta be TRP and Hayes, especially the new Dominions. For tires, I'd choose Vittoria. For cranks, I've been using e13's super-light XCR arms and they have been amazing; crazy light (they're on my 100mm bike) and no troubles. Praxis is also another favorite of mine for cranks and bottom bracket solutions. I only run HT pedals on all my bikes, but they're so damn unreliable... I have a We Are One cockpit on my Mondraker that looks so damn clean. Oh, and my love of weird Tioga seats! When it comes to drivetrains, it's gotta be SRAM or Shimano for the important bits, but I also really like that wide-range e13 Helixr cassette - it's super light and costs less than some other options.

@mikekazimer 's turn.
  • 2 0
 @mikelevy: Awesome! Great incite! My Canfield Lithium I just built up came with an MRP Hazzard Coil, and so far I like it better than my last Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil for the extra HSC/LSC adjustment and it's huge range of rebound adjustment. Interested to see how their forks work after having the Hazzard!
  • 3 0
 @mikelevy: I owned an MRP Ribbon Coil and it was leaps and bounds the fork I have owned or ridden. Top notch quality, perfect spring rates/damping/bottom out control, and no creaks!
  • 2 0
 @dmackyaheard, I’m with Levy when it comes to ‘other’ brakes - the new Dominions are great, and I got along well with the TRP DH-Rs.

For suspension, does EXT count as an underdog? Because I’d happily run their stuff… The Manitou Mezzer Expert fork I reviewed earlier this year worked well.

For tires, Specialized’s new rubber is worth a look, and Michelin has some good options too. Probably not exactly underdogs, but not as common as Maxxis or Schwalbe.

I haven’t found anything yet that would convince me to stray from Shimano or SRAM drivetrains - they’ve raised the bar pretty high.

Burgtec’s Wide Ride Carbon bars have been keeping my hand and forearms happy lately, and I like their composite flat pedals too.
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 @mikekazimer: EXT looks sweet! My buddy has their fork and shock on his bike, and while it's not the most cost effective option, it looks sweet and he really digs it. I ran Specialized Butcher/Purg combo for years before switching to Maxxis, but should probably take another look at it! Have also been stuck on Code RSC's for years, but those TRP brakes you speak of seem pretty interesting. Thanks for the feedback!!!
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underdog suspension: Avalanche Downhill Racing. Very good shock's and varius upgrades for all kinds of shock's and forks.
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 Could you break down the on trail differences between air and coil shocks? I have heard all the cliches that a coils more supple and more linear but how will upgrading to a coil change the feel of my bike as far as real world performance?
  • 1 0
 Supple and more grip which means you can get away with skinnier faster tyres and possibly higher bars.
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 I’ve known about the handlebar/graphic setup thing for years, my last set of race face bars are about 2mm off but it annoys me more looking at the graphic not lining up with the stem than the actual measurement for some reason, I’m probably lope sided anyway!
  • 1 0
 The logo and alignment grid on my commuter bike's bars is off by something like 3 cm, it's absolutely maddening. On the other hand, perhaps being so far off drew my attention and prevented me from having bars 2mm off center.
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 My friend carried an Allen key in his shoe to tighten his crank bolts every other run - back in 2008 before we heard about multi tools.
What is the lowest amount of gears you would you be happy with, in whatever range you like... E.g. would you settle for a 5spd 11-51t ? (Ignore the engineering issues associated with such a system)
  • 4 0
 The jumps on a 12spd cassette feel too big for my legs sometimes, so I'd always choose more gears if I have the option. Wouldn't be an issue if I was in the bike park or doing shuttles, though.
  • 4 0
 On my 12 speed, I use granny gear for climbs... then 9th, 10th and 11th for descents... the other gears are basically spacers...lol
  • 2 0
 6 - 2 up, 2 flat, 2 down.
  • 1 0
 @brianpark :

Don’t worry dude. The key in laces option is a great concept that has been used by many before biking.

Military elements around the world usually secrete one of the two “dog tags” in the leg boot within the lace area. This was because if a solider “bought the farm” and was unfortunate enough to say, loose their head in the final moments of life; they could at least identify who they were post incident.

Like this, when you have a @mikelevy, life ending crash; they can at least identify who owned that piece of crap “dadwagon”, that has been blocking the Carpark entrance for the last week or so.
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 Most of these were little-ish things… but I was hoping to hear about the *really little* things. What are the nerdy details that you love about your bikes, the things you get OCD on?

It’s cable management for me - not just internal routing, but using heat-shrink or electrical tape to bundle cables together at the cockpit. Or the little inner tube flap I’ve made to stop rocks getting stuck between the front and rear triangles on my Evil.
  • 1 0
 In discussing details I'm surprised you didn't mention the presence/absence of space for a water bottle! I wouldn't buy a bike without space for it, and I'm on the fence about whether the mounting under the downtube is an acceptable compromise.
  • 4 0
 Yup, I 100% agree. I wouldn't even consider a bike that can't carry a bottle, and short-travel bikes that can fit two bottles inside their front triangle (Scalpel, Element, etc) go to the top of the list!
  • 1 0
 @mikelevy: A response from the podcast host !!! [holds breath until next week's comment gold...]
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 This whole key in the shoes is INSANE... As a retired runner, that's what I used to do all the time. Thread the key through the laces, tuck the key into the front laces, then tie your shoes. That said, my modern car keys are too thick and delicate to do this anymore. So, I do agree that we should be getting stash pockets in our gear for keys (car or house). My Kitsbow shorts had a key ring sewn into them to hold one, but the new pairs seem to skip out on this feature. Maybe some stash spot on the bottle cage... a stash spot under the saddle... or even in the bar ends... Someone design this and just print those dollars.
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 Podcast Question: will we see a "pandemic effect" on product development/release schedules for the foreseeable future? I'm thinking about things like bike redesigns pushing beyond a 3 year cadence, delayed introduction of 13 speed drivetrains, etc. due to existing parts shortages, record sales, shipping delays, travel issues, etc.
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 Question: picking up on Henry’s point about having more travel on heavier bikes. Realistically an affordable aluminium trail bike is going to be heavier than 35lbs, would you still get the same short travel experience on a bike of that weight? E.g would you shorten the travel on a Commencal Meta TR? Seems to me if you have a 38lbs bike it’s more suited to long travel.
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 I have a question for @mikekazimer (although its a few days late haha). I am thinking about getting an e-bike, likely a SC bullit, so that i can crank out bigger rides in limited time windows after work, but i'm worried that i will end up not riding my regular bike as much anymore. Do you feel like your regular bikes get significantly less use in favor of e-bikes?
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 Not really - I find that that e-biking is almost like a different activity. I'd say I'm at about an 80 / 20 split with the e-bikes, with the 80% being spend without a motor. E-biking's fun, but the weight, handling, etc... are different enough that I don't think I'd ever want it to be my full time sport over regular mountain biking.
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 For the typical ebike buyer I think the answer is a big fat yes based on my anecdotal evidence. I’m even seeing a full use cycle play out where guys are putting away or selling their ebikes after a few years and getting on light analog bikes in an attempt to build up their fitness again.
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 @Brianpark your key hack is an old trick I was taught when I ran cross country in high school in the early aughts. I think I used to do that mtb-ing back then too until I got a seatbag. These days I'm with Henry. I use a runners belt that barely fits my phone in one pocket and my key in the other and I wear it on the back of my waist.

Question for the gang: what are the best inexpensive option for riding shorts, and why are they board shorts from the end-of-summer clearance rack?
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 As long as you're okay with catching the low-hanging crotch on your seat, tearing it wide open, and scorpion'ing so hard your shoes come off.
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 @mikelevy was it this episode that you said Kazimer probably stashes his keys in the gas tank at the trailhead?

I once needed a place for my kid's dirty diaper and put it in one of the box compartments of the truck bed and a lightbulb went off when I found it a couple weeks later. Nobody would dare snoop for my keys if I stashed them behind a poopy diaper!

So maybe the "poopy diaper key stasher" could be a April fools product placement next year!
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 Someone I know has a similar story about a friend you packed their own feces out of the bush and then forget it was in their backpack for months and months... not good haha
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 @mikelevy: ugh I did that once with an apple let alone that!
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 Definitely agree on the more functional clothing... My reason for a hip back is to carry phone+keys on shorter ride. Then I have to carry bear spray, so that takes up the water bottle holder.. I really want more on bike, in frame storage...
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 Really enjoying Henry being on the podcast, especially in his roll as the “anti Levy”
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 Are we done grieving already? If we follow the grieving process we should be in "pain and grief" this week. Please recognise that all these stages need to be acknowledge and covered in the podcasts over the next few weeks. You could use bike analogies for each stage:

1. Shock and Denial: Bike equivalent: folks are shocked by all the mullet bikes and are in denial if they think they will be faster on them just because the best riders in the world are using them,
2. Pain and grief: Old guys like me trying to do Abi's yoga routines and what I get a work for whatching friday fails at the 1pm sales meeting since you stopped getting the FFs out in the early morning.
3. Anger and bargaining: TDB for next weeks podcast.
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 It's way too hard to find riding shorts with waterproof pockets! My Aussie brand Reckless shorts have zip up waterproof pockets and it's so good pulling out a dry phone for mid-ride instagram posts!

For $10 a month you can see where i keep my car keys while riding.
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 Here is a question, do you guys have backup wheels for when you accidentally trash them? I’ve gone through 2 Revel RW 30s. And even though I get free crash replacement I should really have a backup. Do you guys?
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 I don't have a specific set of backup wheels, but I think both Kazimer and I have some aluminum DT Swiss wheelsets in our shops because they just keep on going.
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 @mikelevy: cool thanks man
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 I used to do the shoe thing, it totally works. For some reason lately, I just risk being impaled. Agree the all MTB clothing could be done better, granted a lot of the latest Pearl stuff has some good features.
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 I have the midwest starter pack on my 5010. Trail casing tires, no inserts, carbon frame, carbon bar, Fox 34, DPX2, dropper, XT/SLX drivetrain, flat pedals and weighs in at 30lbs 12oz.
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 I know a grom that rides with his phone in his sock... has no pockets in old moto pants. was riding up at cardrona bike park one weekend and funnily enough his phone fell out and completely smashed the screen
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 I'm there with ya on the shoe key. I stash my keys for riding, but that's a classic running trick. Key laced up all day every day on trail runs!
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 So is the podcast is now the only thing with a Levy byline?
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 Podcast, Field Tests, Grim Donut, and a few other things in the works.
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 @brianpark: I think Levy really has the best job out of all of you.
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 @lordaster27: Please don't remind him.
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 Unnecessary things to do: lining up valves with tire decals

What drives me nuts when someone's bike is creaking and squeaking. I just can't tolerate squeaky creaky bikes, not even passing them. Same goes for drivetrains (the kind of you see/hear mostly on old, neglected Town bikes), i feel physical pain hearing metal on metal without lubricant...

The irony is that my new bike has developed a horrible creaking noise I'm struggling to get rid off :-/
I'm pretty sure it's caused by the seatpost / saddle tube interface, carbon assembly paste has helped for one ride, right know I'm trying MoS grease...
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 Tire pressure, tuned for terrific terrain. Headband to keep the sweat out of the eyes. Cooler full of trail beers.
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 My riding shorts have a draw string at the waist, I tie a single key into my waistband when I ride. it's only a little key for my house front door.
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 Okay. Mind blown. I will not carry a whole bunch of keys with me when I ride from now on. However I will not be putting them in my freakin' shoes.
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 Some episodes ago @mikekazimer announced a review of the Last Tarvo. Is this still in the making or has it been canceled?
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 Mike Kazimer's top 10 jumps on ULine podcast
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 That sounds like a very specific, and very boring podcast. I also don't think I have even one favorite jump on that trail...
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 It's called an Aglet. (The tip / end of the shoelace)
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 Learned something new today!
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 @mikelevy: Cool Smile And Welcome back, haven't seen you around in a while.
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 @brianpark Can I get details on the PNW starter pack?
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 I think he's referring to having 20mm too much fork travel, Double Down casing 2.5" Minions inflated to who knows what, a bum bag of some kind but no tools, a red and black flannel jacket, really tall over-priced socks, and you need to always be awkwardly holding a beer chest-high. And a Sprinter van or nice Tacoma if you have the money. No offense to all the PNW broskis out there - you gotta be able to laugh at yourself Smile

I feel like we should do an entire podcast on MTB stereotypes!
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 @mikelevy: You can never have another travel, especially when your lack of talent is as obvious as mine! #DHbikesonXCtrails
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 @mikelevy: I must have PNW lite then. EXO+ minions, old Toyota Rav, no flannel, just cheap merino and no craft beer here.
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 @mikelevy: as someone in the PNW I’d say you nailed it pretty well.
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 Henry - you are my type of guy ! When can I bring my bike to your place for aesthetic tuning ?
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 Hey team Pinkout podcast
I'm doing at 12 hour race in September. Can you give me tips?
Thanks a bunch
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 Key in sock all day long
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 We need more Henry.... put that man on all the podcasts.
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 in his shoe?... what an a*shole
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 @Brianpark, I'm guilty of the key shoe crime also...
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 please, could you at some point discuss bike fitting and crank lenght?
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 *left boot.
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 I also do the key in the shoe. It WORKS don't doubt it.
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