The Privateer: Back Between The Tape at EWS Northstar

Oct 3, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  



It's been a little over a week since EWS Whistler and Adam is already back between the tape at EWS Northstar. The terrain is unlike anything Adam has ever ridden. Can he adapt to the Northern California tracks and better his result from Whistler?

Did you miss the previous episodes from Season 2 of The Privateer? Want to know more about Adam Price's 2019 journey? Here's the full Privateer playlist.

We'd like to extend a big thank you to all of the sponsors who will be supporting Adam this year.

Adam Price is trained by Todd Schumlick @performx_training

Special thanks to GoPro.

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 Overall: 74th

Isn't this experiment over? I mean no disrespect toward Adam, especially considering we are close in results. But like myself, all the resources aren't going to change the fact we won't crack a top 30. Call it talent. Call it risk taking. Call it bike handling.

This was interesting because there is this fantasy that somehow having factory level support is worth "X" number of places on the results sheet. Turns out, it really isn't.

The only thing missing from Adam's training was consistently riding with guys faster than him. That would be a far more interesting expirement.

All the gym time, road work, interval training etc is worthless compared to getting a feel for a top 20 EWS guys' cornering speed.

Digressions aside, good crack Adam. But the "privateer" needs a new athlete, or a new guise all together...
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 The experiment should of ended after season 1 with Adam. A new privateer per season would also make the show much more interesting.
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 75th in the MT Enduro Series isn’t the same as 75th in an EWS.
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 @lccomz: huh? Where was I 75th in a local enduro series? My point stands, Adam is a riff raff pro, and so am I. Like myself, all the resources this side of a fast buddy aren't going to make him faster. Just like my results really haven't improved, his too have not.

My point is, everyone has a leveling out point, and for Adam (and myself) its far below the point of anyone giving a shit about our results.
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flag monkeybizz (Oct 3, 2019 at 7:01) (Below Threshold)
 @Torrr: Kinda funny how they also happened to pick someone who worked for pinkbike right from the start too...
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 I mentioned this in another video but the lack of high-level racing until the end of the season is a major disadvantage. How do you get a feel for race pace when you're jumping in at round 6?

I disagree that factory support doesn't lead to X% increase in results. Look at Eddie Masters. Vanzacs life, to low-tier sponsor, to Pivot with real support on the bike and suspension and he finishes top 10 EWS and top 30 WC DH while missing rounds due to injury this year. That's a big step from where he was previously. Sure experience and his riding has gotten better but you don't think the Pivot/Fox support made a difference?

It has to make a 10-20% difference. Put Greg Minnaar on old bike with privateer budget, you think he's getting the same results?
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Eh, I see your point, but as I indicated above (and as this series goes to show) its not worth that much.

Eddie Masters isn't a good example. How do you know it was factory support that helped him get faster, not the time on the bike and experience racing?

A better example is a guy like the Denim Destroyer, who has some level of factory support, then went BACK to being a privateer and had a breakout season. Does this mean privateering is faster!? No. It means experience on bike, being around the fast guys, wanting it, talent etc is what matters.

Nearly everyone racing as a "pro" has access to top tier shit. In fact, I'd wager in a case like mine, I have access to MORE gear as I'm not limited to what the sponsors make me run. I can run a Schwalbe back tire and a Maxxis front. I can run any frame I want with any mix of suspension. Most pros aren't running clapped out gear, they are running the same stuff the factory guys are. (go to a race...its awesome to see the mix of bikes among the privateers)

In closing, if Greg was a privateer tomorrow I do think he'd be getting nearly the same result. Of course, the tiny percentage differences at the very top start to matter more, but I actually think if he had to run what he brung and was less in his head about one click of HSR he'd actually be better off at times.

YMMV, but no, its not worth 10-20%. Mabye 1-2 places at the very top of the sport. Or that DNF because you didn't check every bolt and had something rattle loose. Its tiny.
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 @dhx42: soooo just a thought here but the fact that he doesn't have to pay for the bike vs paying for one if he wasn't sponsored? He still has to work a 9-5 job. Other than a suspension tune of which - let's be honest - isn't the hardest to figure out or setup still has mostly constant variables in his day to day life. You think people giving me a free bike would make me a better rider? lol

Being a high-level athlete and seeing you throw around numbers as high as 10-20% difference is quite hilarious! I approve of your comment for the chuckles it has given me. An upvote for you sir!
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 @JeffreyJim: you beat me to it lol
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 @JeffreyJim: I agree with you that the series has run its course. Should have made that more clear there in my first post. Some people just don't have the talent to be a top 30 racer at the level EWS is right now, which is ridiculously high.

In terms of factory support to @monkeybizz point, I am more talking about factory support along the lines of the Syndicate, Specialized Gravity, Canyon, etc. and all the infrastructure that goes with it. Not just getting a free bike and kit.

You can't say that's not worth something significant. Otherwise the brands wouldn't pay for it. Take away all that support for Loic, GM, AP, etc. they're still top 20 guys but I don't believe there consistent podium finishers every weekend. Look at the jump AP made going from the "B" Commencal team to the "A" team. I am not taking anything away from his talent and commitment (it's incredibly impressive) but the support plays a key factor with equipment and mental preparation/stability which is crucial.
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 This show has proved 1 thing to me...the mental side of the equation really is what makes the difference.
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 @dhx42: Winning races due to factory support is much more prevalent in DH than enduro, can't compare the two
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 Pinkbike: Adam needs to do more racing. Sometimes it takes time to get your stride.

Also Pinkbike: Adam isn't doing better right away, what the hell.
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 I think part of the appeal of pro team support is the ability to sustain a busy race calendar throughout the entire season. Someone in the background to help with organizing, scheduling, booking and making sure that you can focus on racing instead of managing your stuff. Might not make you faster per se, but might produce more consistent results. That is obviously not something Adam did massively profit from since he didn't have a stacked race calendar.
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 @brianpark: Winning athletes are built in the winter, not the season of. Would be cool to see you guys follow a privateer and get them in damn good shape over the winter to really see progress during the summer. Adam needed to deal with more than just the mental stress of racing it seems like. If you guys took a season off of promoting him but kept him training hard and eating right and getting strong then following up with a vid of the progress, I think that would float better with the PB community. Just my two cents though Wink
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 @Ttimer: I'd agree with this.
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 @MikeyMT: %110 all day long! Privateer turned overnight celebrity with everyone watching his every result must be crazy on the head. I can't even ride my bike normally at a beer league event because of the pressure.
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 I agree. Seems like it's hours on the bike including tons of racing, riding with guys who are faster... and combined with natural ability and exceptional bike handling skills. Throw someone on a top team training with a top-10 rider and doing 20 races a season and see what happens... And even so, many of the top guys have been on top for a long time and very few can rise up to challenge them... Minaar, Hill, etc. these guys have a natural aptitude few can match no matter what.
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 @dhx42: he quailed 2nd at fort bill when he was on bergamont the speed was always there hes just grown up and started taking racing more serious
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 @monkeybizz: 100% agree.
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 @Tmackstab: That might be the beer. lol
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 None of these EWS mazafakas are wearing elbow pads on those chutes. I would feel nude.
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 I agree, it should end, he had a good run. I raced against him at the TransBC and while I didn’t beat him (in my first race), he didn’t crack the top 20 in a non stacked field. There a lot better personalities out there Pinkbike could sponsor, even if they don’t work for Pinkbike.
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 @dhx42: Eddie Masters trained is arse off coming into this season, post knee surgery. From the outside looks like he's in a great team with good friends too
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 @endlessblockades: what's an elbow pad?
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 Harsh bloody crowd! If ya wan't to bitch and moan about Adam's performance, you better be able to step up and back it up. I think he's giving it an honest shot, and working as hard as he can. If that can't break top 30, it's not due to lack of effort. I've been happy to watch and learn from this series, and is definitely made me faster. Adam has put himself on the line for this, and I think the least we could do as a collective community is be a little grateful instead of eating one of our own.
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 idk man, he's still carrying an extra tube
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 its perfectly reasonable and acceptable to state your opinion, just like you did, even if it is negative.
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 @laxguy: we meet again :O not on the toilet this time? XD I'M SORRY I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF
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 Where are we "eating one of our own"? Racing is competitive. Most people who sign up, lose.

Adam is clearly a good dude and a better bike handler than 99% of the population. Nothing being said here is that negative.

I'd just like to see PB mix it up, throw someone else a chance, and change the strategy a bit. Just my $0.02, but by no means is it disrespectful to Adam. He's doing something really (really) hard. And I bet he'll continue to do it well after the limelight of this silly series goes away.
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 @JeffreyJim: well, you are advocating that "the experiment is over", which does seem a little harsh. There's no reason why Adam can't make big gains next season, and I'd prefer to watch if there was an element of consistency to it.
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 I don't think it is a critique of Adam. More of critique of the show. It is getting a little boring. Taking the "next time" preview into consideration it will be 3 episodes of exactly the same thing. Going to a race and not meeting expectations. Hell, a good portion of the show is clips of other riders. I already watched the EWS review, I don't need to see it again here with a few Adam POVs sprinkled in. PB could have done a better job at making the episodes more interesting.

This is not Adam's fault though. He is not directing the episodes. If he was getting better than expected results it might be a good format. As their may be some payoff with a good result. but at this point there is no surprise happy ending. We know what happens.

Personally I would have liked to see more of the preparation and training that is happening day to day. Even as a companion to this, a ride and training log to understand the work he is putting in now compared to when he was working. What progress is he making in the gym and on the bike. He must have done some racing before Whistler, is there any post race analysis that happens to understand what he needs to work on and where he loses time? Is it the tech sections, the pedally bits, corners? Other than a short cornering class we have no idea what he does on the bike outside of the race. How about some video ghosting of Adam vs a faster rider to give us some perspective of why the results are not coming.
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 @AlanMck: maybe jeffreyjim wants to be the next Privateer, therefore all that "hate" ;-)
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 @tubby1536: How about some analysis of his runs against the top competitors to see where he loses time and to look at what he can work on?
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 I'm with you. Except that he is giving 101% into racing. He is pushing himself phisically, he is training quite a lot, but he's not mentally prepared. He is not enjoying, he's not having fun anytime. At least it's not transparent to us, watching. He's pushing his mental game to the results. He's thinking about the timing, not the curves or the obstacles right ahead of him.
In my opinion, a psychologist might be the better traineer to him right now. Or maybe follow some top tier riders around whistler, like Wyn, Eddie, or even Tahnee or Tracey.
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 @Stokedonthis: big difference between hate and reality there, guy
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 He’s not “one of our own,” he’s getting factory level support.
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 Man...I came here to make a positive comment about how stoked I get on this series. Haters...all of you. Lol

Adam’s the man...this series is rad, it’s awesome seeing a “everyday” dude out there riding like that. I could care less what place he gets, it’s just cool to see a guy out there doing it who really isn’t too different than me (except he is a waaaaay better rider).

Keep that PMA Adam, I’m on board!
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 Agree with you. It just helping an everyday guy out. If i got to be 74th at a pro event Id be overjoyed. The newer equipment and sponsorship along with fitness training probably has helped Adam out. I don't see how it could be a negative thing. Also for the whinos on here who complain he doesn't act like Wyn, Im pretty sure thats just a person being humble and modest lol.
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 To be fair, Adam is more than an "everyday" rider. He is a very good rider. Not top 30 EWS, but damn legit (even by PNW/BC standards).
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 This series needs a "creative director", or a better one, to give it more direction and focus. The episodes seem pretty random this year going from guest star episodes to sponsor to race with not a lot tying them together.
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 Apparently, according to Pinkbike comment board, "creative directors" are the worst kind of people in the world, followed closely by marketers, Specialized lawyers, Redbull and UCI. Not to mention Rampage judges.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I think you're on that list as well Waki haha.
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 @excavator666: I am just ahead of New Standard Development Directors at Trek and Sram.
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 @WAKIdesigns: who here is hating on Red Bull? I can’t stand the taste of their product but damn if they don’t produce some amazing content for the biking community. My only criticism is that their apps suuuuuuuuuck.
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 I decided to quit Pinkbike to pursue the career of Future Standard Developer at Trek...
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 Not sure whether Adam needs a shrink to help him with his race-head, or from coping with all the abuse he’s is getting here.
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 I think Adam needs another year. An injury last year and he only raced two EWS races this year. Imagine the pressure he has as well, especially only having two races back to back to prove his "worth". Maybe he can go to more races next year and give it a good crack on the entire series? I understand that everyone "levels out" but I don't think he has yet.
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 Did you watch any of the videos?
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 I agree. I like the series and I would like to see the full EWS season for better or worse before they went with a new rider or stop the show altogether.
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 @monkeybizz: Sure did. Whatcha getting at?
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flag monkeybizz (Oct 3, 2019 at 8:48) (Below Threshold)
 @rockabass05: meh too hard to explain
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 How did they put this video together so soon after the race??
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flag monkeybizz (Oct 3, 2019 at 7:06) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe they just want the season to be finished at this point so they can find someone new lol
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 Seems like people are just wanting to see a pro level privateer who would most probably have been picked when they were young and starting to make their way already.
Surely this is the point of the experiment. Take an ordinary guy, give him pro level support and see what happens.
What's happened is a regular guy who is still working his regular job is competing at a decent level but not making pro level progress. Surely that tells you everything. Adam clearly has skills and seems motivated but won't make it to the next level unless he goes at it full time. This is the point of the experiment. So what if your mate who has two kids and whatever exec job got a better result in a race than Adam, perhaps he was a better rider to begin with, or perhaps Adam massed up a bit and lost time but your mate had a clean run.

Why all the hate towards Adam? Seems like a top bloke and probably under a shit load of pressure and wondering why the hell he ever signed up!
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 i dont think its hate towards Adam, I think its frustrations with the show... expectations, etc etc
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 This reminds me of the chat between Marcellus and Butch in the bar.

Marsellus : I think you gonna find... when all this shit is over and done... I think you're gonna find yourself one smilin' motherf*cker. The thing is, Butch, right now... you got ability. But painful as it may be, ability don't last. And your days are just about over. Now, that's a hard motherf*ckin' fact of life. But that's a fact of life your ass is gonna have to get realistic about. You see, this business is filled to the brim with unrealistic motherf*ckers. Motherf*ckers who thought their ass would age like wine. If you mean it turns to Vinegar... it does. If you mean it gets better with age... it don't. Besides, Butch, how many fights you think you got in you anyway? Hm? Two? Boxers don't have an old-timers' day. You came close, but you never made it. And if you were gonna make it, you would have made it before now.
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 Well done Adam- I think folks need to have a bit of perspective; sitting in the 70-80 range of an EWS is still very impressive. If cracking the top 30 is your goal, stick with it. You will only get faster.
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 Adam needs to do a hot lap!
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 Honestly I dont think it has been enough time for Adam. Reconditioning the human body, physically and mentally to be a top level athlete takes time. The fitness requirments alone and the bodies ability to adapt to that change takes longer than what most people realize, especially at the level he's competing on.
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 True, Everyone in the top 30 EWS is far more fit than he is....... Last year he had the fitness of a weekend Golfer, seriously.
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 @CantClimb: A good friend of mine races bmx professionally. I was stunned at how much he could dead lift and squat for an average size guy. He told me it took him a little over three years of consistant trainging to be able to get where he is at.
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 "Northstar" = Northern California. C'Mon Pinkbike!!
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 And that's ignoring that ews Northstar happened how long ago?
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 Seriously! Came here to leave the same comment.
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 I don't know man, Tahoe is pretty close to Los Angeles...
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 As stated above....Dreaming about it, lifting weights, saddle time, factory support are all part of it and important, but you have to ride fast to race fast and the only way to do that is to ride with faster riders and push yourself to their levels. Still enjoyed the series and was pulling for Adam all the time!
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 Classic come to Northstar and bitch about the conditions. This place has and always will separate the men from the boys. Stoked to see the place I learned to ride and race get some international notoriety.
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 Good guy, but he will not make any more significant progress. At the US Open one friend of mine who is an attorney with 2 kids beat him by 1m 54s and another that is a junior ex by 1m 30s. Results were similar at Sea Otter as well, so not some random result based on track, local knowledge, etc.
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 I agree with you, but having lived in San Diego, I can guess who this attorney is, and you and I both know he is a badass. =)
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 @fpmd: No doubt about that
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 @fpmd: just because he rides a Yeti doesn’t automatically make him a lawyer. He could be a dentist after all.
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 If anything it shows just how stacked the competition is. Adam can clearly ride, so if he's coming in 70 something place it shows the deep level of talent.
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 Yep. There are guys running in the 50's who raced at junior XC world's. The entire mid pack is littered with seriously quick riders. The top riders are next level freaks.
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 Get a new privateer for season 3 please
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 idk I feel like this series has been completely ruined from the start with their choices; next up someone from the finance department!
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 with long blond hair
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 Its been fun watching Adam but I want a new privateer. This time make it a female DH racer!
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 @EKrum: with long blond hair as well? Right @glen-allaire lol
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 @monkeybizz: Adam wasn't just some employee, he is a fast experienced rider who has been racing as an amateur since 2007 ( For the original intent and experiment, he was a great choice. I think a lot of us forget how much we loved this series when it first started... but I agree that it does seem to have run it's course. Time to evolve the series. Which in hindsight maybe should have been done for this season.
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 @islandforlife: it just seemed like a letdown when I clicked on S1:E1 and the first thing I hear is that they chose someone from their own office. I feel like it had a lot of appeal for privateer hopefuls and that dream was crushed. Then season 2 came along and they picked him again. Also to be completely blunt although this may seem as if it's coming off as an a*shole, he just doesn't have the natural talent you see in other riders to reach that kind of level. There are so many times in sportspeople are great (believe me I know a lot of them through high level athletics) but you know they're not gonna be able to reach the calibre they would need to perform at.

So yes for me it was disappointing to see him picked again
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 @monkeybizz: we went with Adam again for S2 because we know success doesn't happen overnight, and we really wanted to give him a fair shake at things.

Also, there are not a lot of people whose work would be willing to give them this amount of time off for training, racing, filming, etc.

That said, I think people will be stoked on what we're working on for next year.
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 @brianpark: I did really like the consistency of episodes for season 1 compared to season 2 ps.

Also don't quite a few privateers work like dogs in the winter to take the summer off to travel and race everywhere?
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 @brianpark: I mean the dude definitely has the skills. I think a mental coach would round him out into a top 20 rider no doubt.
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 @monkeybizz: yes, the point of the experiment is to see what happens when a Privateer gets support—which means time off for training all year, but especially through the winter. Not to mention all the racing.
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 @brianpark: Would be nice to see weight conversion of fat into muscle and watts/kg (not sure if it was in there and I just forgot but that would be tangible information other than the "he's been working hard all winter." + his fitness seems more based around short spurts of high energy output as opposed to more volumetric training to deal with all-day climbs + long descents such as whistler
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 @Torrr Why not get the loam ranger? He's pretty much fully sponsored so wouldn't need much $$$ from pinkbike plus I think his sponsors would like that!
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 @monkeybizz: The Loam Ranger is not even close to the level of skill needed to be at the very back of the pack, never-mind trying to crack the top 30 or 50. At the EWS Whistler, he did did the Whistler EWS100, which is racing the full course but not against the pros... it's more for amateur racers/riders who just want to run it for fun and/or test themselves against it (my group of riding buddies are going to race it next year). He did Stage 1 - Top Of The World on the first day (only stage on that day), his time was 27:36 (5th slowest time of the 100 or so EWS100 guys. Adam Price's time was 22:11 (80th of EWS Pros). Then on day 2, LR did the first stage, then quit... no mechanical or crash, he just couldn't handle the course. Felt it was too hard and he didn't have the fitness and wasn't equipped physically and mentally to complete it. Not to shit on Ryan, he does a great job with his channel, it's well produced and he shows some great experiences and trails... but that's why he's sponsored, not because of his skill.
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 @islandforlife: I know it was a joke, I lol'd when he dropped out.
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 @brianpark: It would be good to see more of the behind the scenes training stuff, to understand the effort he's putting in - to give his results more context.
It might also be interesting to get Adam talking to other successful privateers about their experiences.
To offer constructive criticism, it does feel that the vids have become a bit formulaic.
It'd also be interesting to hear how it was decided top 30 was a reasonable goal, as it seems very ambitious as a viewer.
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 Microwaved sized rocks
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 no joke. first park in a long time i was really wishing i had my dh bike.
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 They won't heat up your lunch, but Northstar will eat your lunch and go through your pockets when it's done.
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 Good to see the documentary on Professional racer Burn Out is still going.
Maybe Amazon will pick it up for season 3 titled "Learning to love mountain bikes again"
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 I think he forgot the key to riding a mountain bike..HAVE FUN. He seemed to have placed too much pressure on himself which in turn mindfucks a person. He didn't look relaxed or have too many smiles on his face throughout the series. Having full factory support should relieve some mechanical stress and since he's already a decent rider with skills he just needed to have fun and enjoy the experience. This was an experiment, he couldn't fail. This was not going to solidify his career as a racer, it was just to see how a person could perform with factory support. I'm sure he learned some important aspects of racing but his mental game seemed to need help more than anything he was given. Props to Adam for hanging in there and I hope he enjoyed the experience.
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 Breaking the top 80 is pretty good. This is world class. The best of the best.
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 I love to watch Adam race and ride his bike, but could you show us some excersises or training routines which hes working on to get on the next level. And I don't want to see his max power output. Give us privateers some information to try out and maybe progress as riders too
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 Great work Adam! It must be tough with the extra celebrity type pressure that the series creates. Personally I reckon if he isn't the privateer next year he will do better due to less pressure to perform. Remember to keep it fun.
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 I cannot ride anywhere near as well as Adam and what the series has highlighted for me is that, even though the sports not that big, all the guys racing must be insanely good.
  • 4 0
 Riding with faster guys all the time and getting the mental game sorted out would probably make a big difference?
  • 6 1
 but why do the goggles immediately have to go round the neck after a ride?
  • 5 0
 style brah
  • 4 1
 cuz they don't fit around the waist.
  • 2 1
 Goggles cover most of the neck zits my helmet strap gives me.
  • 1 0
 Where else would you put them? Keep in mind your sponsors logo needs to be visible while you're on camera... which may sound stupid but is part and parcel of becoming a sponsored rider.
  • 1 0
 @islandforlife: Surely you'd just leave them on your helmet where they naturally sit. He's got a fox logo on his tshirt as well as his goggles...
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 Loved season 1, barely watched season 2....season 3 should be 2 groups of 3 ( sponsors choice, PB editors choice, PB forum choice) men and women and the winner gets a full ride on a real team the next season. Winner is picked by 60% vote pf sponsor, 20% vote PB and 20% PB forums.

The fitness and kit is only part of the equation and I think many have touched on get faster by training with faster riders.
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 I've quite enjoyed it. The first season ended before we had a chance to see how much he'd improved. This one seems to have shown he's probably at his limit. His comment "I didn't hit any of my lines i'd practised" probably sums it up, it's not necessarily about skill so much as race craft and ability in that environment.

Also, wasn't his previous best (before this series) quite a bit better than 74th? Does this show that the standard has increased quite a bit in a few years? Or, was he more comfortable on the non-sponsor stuff he had then. Wasn't he riding a Pole?? Very different to the two bikes he's had in the two seasons. Just a thought, a certain irony though if after all of this it made him slower!
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 Well done Adam! Folks need to appreciate how fast the top 100 dudes at an EWS are. Every one of those guys are pinned. If a top 30 is your goal, stay with it! You will keep improving, no doubt. These people that say you've reached your potential are just trying to make themselves feel better for accepting their own lack of ambition. Cheers!
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 I rode the 80 course here. It was amazing and humbling to see the pros ride some of the same things I did, top 30 looks like a tough goal to reach. Just keep working every day to get that much better. Love this series!
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 I've friends who race World Cup DH, either with full factory teams or as semi-supported and if there's a single benefit to having factory support, it's probably knowing that all the other stuff apart from riding the bike is taken care of. Whether that's knowing that your mechanic is on hand to get your ride ready, or having your accommodation sorted for you, it all helps. One thing that is clear and which others have mentioned, is the key is being able to ride fast. The guys regularly hitting the top 30, are seriously rapid riders and full support alone won't make you one of those.
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 I actually stopped watching because the pro guest episodes are lame. We all know these guys are the bees knees with the skills they're showing off. I'm sure Adam can benefit from that, but watching half of the episodes being dominated by guys who aren't actually the privateer is boring. I agree with those who say it's almost not fair to judge based on the very limited amount of racing he even did this year. He needs a larger body of work from a season to really judge. I think they should give him a PB sabbatical, and send him to more stops on the EWS roster to really see what he can do. I know that you're no longer a privateer at that point, but it would be fun to watch. It won't happen though because it would require PB and sponsors to put REAL skin in the game for an experiment. Giving a guy a bike, some clothing, a suspension tune costs these guys almost nothing. Putting real cash down on a potentially enjoyable video production would definitely have a cost associated with it.
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 Ok this Adam experiment is pretty much over, results are here. New season new privateer, how about someone who is a promising up and coming talent who with similar support will likely to improve drastically, someone who needs just that to push him forward.
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 Id say I have gotten a lot faster over the past year. I didn't do any of that progression in a gym, i followed the fastest people around. A lot of commenters are 100% correct with this.
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 And I don’t think I could ride anything at Northstar by the looks of it! So gnarly!
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 I think Adam prefers the Whistler loam of Eastern BC.
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 Be cool to see him do a large North American series like the Big Mtn Enduro
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 Some Cathrovision analysis of the rock gardens would have been interesting.
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 Can some translate what the guy said at 5:48? I need subtitles.
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 Love the series. Always my first click if on the homepage
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 "That was pretty good, they made it down alive"
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 H O M E!!!!!!!
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 So much hate it's like the comment section is paying for his bike almost
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 How many racers DNFed?
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 As 1 rock said to the other... C’Mon I’ll take you DOWN
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 He peaked, like all of us. Accept it and move on??
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