The Privateer: Back on Track at The First Enduro Race of the Season

Jul 4, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  



After a winter of hard training, Adam heads down south to California for the first enduro race of the season at the Sea Otter Classic. Disappointed by his final result in the first big test of the season, he makes his way to Santa Cruz for a fun, stress-free ride with Kirt Voreis and some soul searching conversation with the local legend.

Did you miss the previous episodes from Season 2 of The Privateer? Want to know more about Adam Price's 2019 journey? Here's the full Privateer playlist.

We'd like to extend a big thank you to all of the sponsors who will be supporting Adam this year.

Adam Price is trained by Todd Schumlick @performx_training

Special thanks to GoPro.

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 No offence here, cause the same applies to me. I've noticed that sometimes even though you put a lot of effort in trainings, in equipment, etc. You are still not satisfied with the result. Some people ride for fun, some race for fun and some race for results. If you race for results, there are some other competitors who were lucky to have this something that let them go so fast, that you cannot catch up with them even if you train twice as much as them. I dont know how to explain it, but everyone can have fun on bike but not everyone is created to be the fastest rider. Still, good luck with your trainings and I hope you will see some progress Adam.
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flag rigodon777 (Jul 4, 2019 at 13:04) (Below Threshold)
 IT's called having BALLS. hahahaa! Ok joking aside, there is a switch in some people's brains where they actually aren't scared, some people break their arm and then they can never go faster, some people break their pelvis and all they wanna do is go faster then they've ever been and they death grip all the trails.
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 @rigodon777: yeah, that's true. I heard that if you have everything under control it means you go too słów.
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 The ability to have money without working a job, to have time for practises and races
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 A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work on a TV show with 5x MX world champ Joël Smets. I asked him what was the difference between a good rider and a champion. He called it "the speed", just the God given ability to ride a bike through the seat of your pants and pick out faster lines and anticipate situations quicker then anybody else. He said you can pick out riders very easy who have that ability, no matter what bike they are riding at the time. They just know they can keep the gas open that little bit longer and brake that little bit later.
If you are riding at the top level with all the factory material and entourage you can dream of, just know that every top rider has that same package available to him/her, so you need a differentiator and to that he reffered to as "the speed".
Awesome guy, great champion. I felt privileged getting those insights from him.
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 @NinetySixBikes: Nice. So the key is speed, that's something I didnt think of.
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 @mihauek: *Sigh...

He was talking about the natural ability to go fast, something you're pretty much born with and can't be taught with even the best coaches around. You can put me on any WC team and I will still slow AF... Give Aaron Gwinn a potatoe and he'll still be faster then 99% of this lot...
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 @NinetySixBikes: yeah I get it, sorry for my previous comment, I didnt want you to get me wrong. I also think that Pros can deal with fear much more efficiently than an average mountain biker do, and they change fear into some kind of acceleration when others slow down. Anyway, we still have as much fun as they do, so keep riding guys! Cheers!
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 @mihauek: Nevermind Smile
True, fear has a paralizing effect on me, I start slowing down and can't tell my shifter from my valve cap at some point. Also the self discipline you have to have living like a pro. There is no boss checking in on you that you are actually doing your training, following your diet, etc... Just the complete package really. And fun for sure, as long as you love what you're doing, you're doing something right!
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 Hey Adam - I know the goal with racing is to see your results improve and tangibly measure that improvement. But hey bud, I can also say that your riding is SOOOO much smoother and poppier than it was last year. To be honest, I enjoyed watching your style as much as Kurt’s in the video (no offence Kurt) and I think that your training and fitness improvements are showing in your style as much as your times. Keep it up man, who knows where this path will take psyched for you.
Cheers mate.
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 I agree, it really is impressive to watch you ride Adam! Keep up the good work!!!
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 200% agree with this!
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 I may have missed who is narrating. But he sounds like Adam's mission to Mars is going awry. You should have @yoannbarelli narrate an episode to see if it affects Adam's mood.
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 Enjoyed this quite a lot, nice vibe to it! I like how open you are with your doubts and mistakes, Adam, makes it so relatable Smile
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 Adam is still working a 9 - 5 job, correct? With the mental game being such a big part of winning races, the free jerseys and bikes aren't going to help if he's worried about getting that TPS report out to the boss first thing Monday morning...
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 Nice episode...Adam looks good on the bike...loose and fit even after that long pause. His problem must be in the head and I am sure he will kill it when he get around that mental block!!
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 Yea his head game seems off. Even at the start of the race...timid, arms crossed not confident. Look at Finn, Loic, etc...those guys know they are the fastest guys before they ever drop. This is old Buddhist advice...see yourself in the position you want to be in / dress for the job you want / etc.

you got this Adam....we all believe in you...time for you to believe in yourself!
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 @MikeyMT: Well said !
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 That’s my main problem I think, I ride faster in practice than the race half the time because I’m over thinking it and create fear in my head, a part of me thinks I should just race blind
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 Everyone is pulling for you Adam.
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 For those wondering who Kurt "The Legend" Voreis is:

We are all stoked for you Adam - living the dream.
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 Who the hell doesn't know KIRT?
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 I hear that Kirt is at the beginning and end of every rainbow. Can anyone confirm this?
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 No pressure, Adam
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 Such a great series, and awesome seeing such a good humble guy being the star of the show! We hope you enjoyed the local Santa Cruz trails Adam, keep up the great work mate!
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 Surely its about whether Adam is getting quicker? Is he quicker now than he would have been before? His last result wasnt what he hoped but where would he have been before his improved training and kit? He probably feels the pressure more now than he did before - which certainly won't help. I'm so glad that my rides are not aired on PB otherwise the derision and laughter would be deafening! Great series though, always looking out for the next episode.
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 Awesome!! Can't wait to watch the next one!
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 Remember that infamous quote (dont even know if it is or not but) "it doesnt matter how you ride its about how you look" hahahaha
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 Nice, hope there will be less ugly gum sessions, positive wibes to you Adam
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 Adam definitely looks much better on the on that, results will come.
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 Chin up Adam. You have got all the skills so just go for it.
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 It was the otter Adam. Press on!!
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 did he learned how to deadlift yet?
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 Would be great to see a Privateer XC version series.
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