The Privateer: Racing Against The Best at EWS Whistler

Sep 19, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  



It's time for one of the biggest races of the season--EWS Whistler. Adam has been working hard on and off the bike all season. Can he put all his training together and achieve his goal of top 30? Watch and find out.

Did you miss the previous episodes from Season 2 of The Privateer? Want to know more about Adam Price's 2019 journey? Here's the full Privateer playlist.

We'd like to extend a big thank you to all of the sponsors who will be supporting Adam this year.

Adam Price is trained by Todd Schumlick @performx_training

Special thanks to GoPro.

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 There is a big difference in between being a good rider and a good racer. Adam is a very good rider, super good actually!! The racing bit takes time for some people, finding the right mindset can be more complicated than just "Oh it's race day, time to send it full gas" !! Having results that don't reflect where you belong because you just race like a dick can be really frustrating and it's easy to fall into a vicious circle.. some people just have this racing mindset, for some other it's like the cat and the mouse, it comes and goes, you can have it for few races then one thing triggers your mind to doubt about yourself and it's gone again!! The good thing is that you learn a lot from that Smile . So Adam, keep your head up and shred the way you do with your buddies, don't think about the result at all, and play, just enjoy yourself man !!
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 Dead on assessment. Mental game takes time and is the difference between mid pack and top talent.
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 @yoannbarelli I don't even feel like he's disappointing himself. When he talks and looks at the camera, it feels more like the audience is who is he is most concerned about disappointing. It's probably too late to do this, but since this is a social experiment, would love if Pinkbike would give him an episode of "anonymity" where they pull the cameras back and say "We aren't going to interview you, pull your name off the jersey if you want and dress in plain kit & black out your frame...everything. Just go under the radar for the next episode" We're going to go film the event itself & do a Privateer episode where we only do interviews with the other racers, their thoughts on the experiment, the sponsors thoughts on how racing has affected racers they've sponsored in the past. Really do some investigative journalism with the episode to interview people who've dropped out of racing and their reasons why they did along with a rider or two who are struggling with the process privateering themselves.

Basically, make an episode that focuses solely on everybody else who plays a role in this experiment that is international racing. Rule #1 of the episode is that NOBODY TALKS ABOUT ADAM.

I'm a genius.
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 This sounds so so good @bizutch:
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 Thanks, Yoann! You are awesome

This series has understandably come with added pressure which may be affected me more than anticipated. It’s been an amazing opportunity. I definitely gave it a good go in Whistler! It’s been a great insight into what the pressure must be like for top athletes it’s definitely not as easy as it looks.

Our quest to find out the difference between Joe Blogs and Chuck Norris continues…
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 @bizutch: That is a genius idea!
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flag RedBurn (Sep 19, 2019 at 12:54) (Below Threshold)
 Yoann, its Time for another privateer. Adam had his chance. Have fun with your Friends Wink
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 What a nice thing to say.
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 I think Adam will do better in competition coming years. That knowledge that has been taught for both training and riding will pay dividends. All Adam needs is more competition time is my 2cents. I would be interested to see check-in article in a year or 2 if Adam continues competing to see how things go going forward! I can’t see the potential of another privateer. The learning was the coolest part of this series when Todd was showing training exercises with mobility and the bike setup episodes in my opinion. My riding has taken a not much faster but much funner and more stylish outlook after learning these things which I credit this series for! Thanks to all that had a part for the past 2 years and for helping me enjoy mtb riding even more!
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 Who cares how fast he is.
I Got the pleasure to hang out with adam for a day in my bike and is a 10/10 guys.Quiet and introverted guy but extremely nice at the end.
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 Well said and done..keep up the awesomeness bud.@adamprice:
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 @adamprice: Got your back. Pimpin' ain't easy.
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 Call me an underachiever, but 80th in the EWS is not bad?
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 Absolutely spot on in what you said about not thinking of a number @yoannbarelli and about the big differences between just riding and racing.
I started racing DH in 2016, a late starter in Grand Vets and invariably, I'm up against guys who've been riding/racing for much longer than I have. Racing has helped improve my riding without question, but as I've only being riding for around 10 years, I've accepted that all I can do is try the best that I can and above all else, have fun on the bike. Anything above that is a bonus.

Adam is clearly a very, very talented rider who just needs to keep doing what he's doing, have fun doing it and see where it takes him.
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 @Mckuete: kinda the whole point of the series... can be a nice guy but if (pros even) don't produce results they lose their team spot. This season should have been about someone else, and preferably someone with a lot of racing growing up who can deal with the pressure.
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 I posted this already after the race, but it fits here probably a bit better. Adam was 79th in 2017, loosing approximately 27 seconds per km and an 8:09 min deficit on the winner. In 2018 he gained 22 places, or 3min on the winner, loosing 16sec per km on Maes. The races in 2017 and 2018 were both approximately 18km in length, while 2019 was 6km longer. Adam was 8:45min slower than Richie, loosing around 21seconds per km. In that sense, he improved from 2017, despite poor weather conditions and thus a more difficult race. Two riders, that were roughly equally placed as Adam in 2017 also raced in 2018 and 2019. Both of them (Trevor Thew and Sam Shaw) had made big gains in 2018, with advancing 10 and 23 places, respectively. Both of them dropped again in 2019 to position 70 and 67, respectively. Interestingly, both of their times are consistent with loosing around 18seconds per km in 2017 and 2019. Given his position, there seemed to have been more strong riders this year, than last year. Saying that, had Adam only lost 16sec per km this year, as he had in 2018, then he would have been 55th.
From listening to the interviews, it seems that it is a mental thing for Adam, and he is putting too much expectation on himself. Just enjoy it and ride for fun.
Disclaimer, this was done while making breakfast for the kids, so I hope I didn't mess anything up.
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 You should get your priorities right - did you mess up the breakfast?
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 Nice analysis dude! Thanks!
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 Trying to jump right into the middle of a race season where all the pros have been charging hard for months is crazy. They all have had several races to sort out their mental game and see what race pace feels like against each other. I think hitting within the top 100 is amazing in those conditions!
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 @NoriDori: old bread and water. No worries!
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 @spinko: hahaha
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 You are dead on about the mental part of racing with Adam. Great guy, but you can tell he lacks confidence in himself and so any small mistakes are blown out of proportion. This will ruin any Enduro race because even the top guys have multiple issues per day. How many times have you read/heard/seen Richey crash, have a mechanical, get offline, etc yet he comes back to win or finish top 10 etc.

That attitude of no matter what happens just keep charging is one of the biggest assets the top guys have and that is the difference between the top 5 and the top 50.
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 @mitochris: You are spoiling them......
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 and whilst that may be considered by some as a lackluster result, to be top 100 in anything amongst the best athletes in the world in any discipline is pretty badass. and agreed the field is insanely stacked, even more so every year. I think it was Kintner that gave that look. Top 30 is a tall order for any strong pro.
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 Props already given.
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 Who is managing Adam and his goals? It's his first EWS of the season and he's told his goal should be top 30? WTF?
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 My thoughts exactly.

In my humble opinion, it would have been better for Adam to strive for performance goals (e.g. learn more skills, maybe get faster times, vs previous seasons) and not necessarily a desired outcome (gunning for a Top 30 spot).
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 true dat. like wtf
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 It's not his first EWS Seasons though. He's participated in the whistler one atleast 2 times before and crashed out in Finale.
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 Just remember he has had similar results all season. Sea Otter, local races, etc.
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: First EWS of this season.

I think that is a major disadvantage. As Walker said, you only get yourself in these types of situations racing. The training is important but is Adam doing enough elite races? Time and experience between the tape is a big help.
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 @dhx42: i agree, i think the local races aren't really helping. different format, time between and just different riding.
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 Yep, this is world class. The best of the best. At beginning, I thought it would be an accomplishment if he broke top 70.
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 Pinkbike is managing him is my guess since it's their deal
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 Yup, the best riders in the world. Top 30 is definitely a lofty goal. Measured in progression, I think Adam is doing a great job!
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 @racerRANDY: the Top 30 number is from us in conjunction with his trainer, pros, and other experts as a measure of what they think he's capable of achieving if he has a flawless race. Not necessarily some hard and fast goal or metric, but it's been thrown around a little all year.

Getting near the Top 30 is also around where up-and-coming riders need to be (at least with individual stage results) to get team managers to notice, which ultimately is the goal for a lot of people in Adam's position.

Obviously it's easy to say that it wasn't realistic in hindsight, but I believe Adam still hasn't shown what he's capable of. The numbers don't tell the whole story, and I agree with a lot of these comments that there are other measures of progression which show just how far he's come.
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 This got posted just as fast as his racing times.
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 pew pew peewwwww
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 Dayum did a storm roll in? This shade is dark.
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 Goal was Top 30 ------ that's sort of crazy...
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 I think what this series has shown best is that racing EWS is no joke, getting a top 30 is gonna take a full time commitment and even in some venues local knowledge is not enough to topple the pro racers like it used to be.

This is nothing against Adam, i'm sure his riding, strength and conditioning and hopefully general well being will all have been improved by participating in this but as others have mentioned a top 30 for any not full time athlete is gonna be next to impossible.

Whilst it is awesome to see @pinkbike support their own with this maybe it is time to look to give back to the MTB community with this project. Pinkbike team up with @Wynmasters and see if you can help provide the same opportunity you have for Adam to amateur racers on the DH and EWS circuits.
  • 31 7 the end of the day The Privateer series is just an ad buy by his "sponsors". He's part of the advertising/marketing dept. for PB . We did similar stuff at Vail Resorts Marketing back in the day, selecting a "ski bum" aka one of the marketing coordinators within the company that had relationships with partners, and then produced videos of that "ski bum" using their gear. It was great at first, until it became super lame and obvious it was just an ad buy from those partners doubt Adam is a much better rider than me, seems like a great dude, and I couldn't imagine being in his shoes, with all the attention and judgement. PSA: Reality TV isn't "real life", it's mostly scripted
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 @chacou: bingo
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 @chacou: So the problem is for every bro deal some dedication racer with talent misses out on support. Team managers struggle with support as funds get derived from actual racers with talent for bro (social media) deals. Adam is just an entertainer!
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 @chacou: are you inferring that say Pivot bikes are going to get a more favorable review on PB then say an Evil?
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 @imho4ep: Wink This season of The Privateer might be a better advertisement for Scott Bikes. He had a better showing last season riding a Scott than this season riding a Pivot, no?
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 @imho4ep: No he is implying that Pinkbike said "we are doing a Privateer thing who wants to supply the bike?" and Pivot said "we'll do it" and Pinkbike said "cool that will be 10k". Then Pivot wanted to show off their manufacturing process to appeal to a more technical buyer and Pinkbike said "yeah we can do a whole episode at your factory, that will cost another 10k".
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 @chacou: I think your missing the point of the series. That is what would happen if a fast local pro got factory level training, tuning, and support? As for the sponsors, of course they get contributions for everything, just like every single YouTube channel does. Without the sponsors this series doesn’t exist. In this series the sponsors do not diminish the series at all. And scripted? This is a real life EWS race! Results are as real as it gets.

If you think it’s “super lame” then stop watching it.
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flag regdunlop (Sep 19, 2019 at 10:46) (Below Threshold)
 yup - hardly a Privateer - he did a episode on Fox suspension with factory support mechanics giving him a custom race set-up
I would like to see the bill from Fox .
A Privateer can have sponsors for advertising to help fund the cost of a season but is his own team - purchasing all equipment and mechanical support . This doesn’t have to be at retail as in many sports privateers buy used/ last year equipment from Factory race teams or professional athletes plus get prodeals from sponsors. It would be great to see his advertising / sponsor revenue- including travel and / or entry bursaries vs his costs for a season including equipment.
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 @Austin014: I'm implying that PB probably approached their top advertisers and presented the data from last season on impressions, engagement, etc. and said "Hey, you want to be the featured bike this season? That'll cost you X. We can discuss what you'll get out of this deal, but it costs real money to make the series.", that's all
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 @chacou: Give this man all the upvotes!
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 @Seven02guy: I don't necessarily think this series is "super lame". I like Adam and the rest of the cast (Todd, Yoann, etc.). I think he's put in a "no-win" situation though and it's been coming across this season as highly stressful. I think PB could greatly improve the series by putting the support they're able to get from advertisers behind an "unaffiliated" up-and-coming privateer, someone like "The Denim Destroyer" or Matt Stuttard comes to mind.
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 @chacou: again is probably right. This is not a knock against PB, Adam or Pivot. It's (slightly) more subtle marketing. After all, the media on this site is free. Ads pay for it. And we ( the readers) are hopefully monetized.

All this is trite and shouldn't be a surprise to anyone
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 @leelau: well free if you're a free loader like me and don't buy a PLUS subscription Wink
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 @chacou: Yeah, but we all know that's how life is these days, I assume Adam included and I hope he takes away the positives and deals with the social media shit as we all watch and comment. My hat's off to you, Adam!
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 @chacou: Well, yeah that is the correct way to sell ad space but it's more fun to simplify it lol
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 @chacou: that is literally how every factory team works. The team gets paid by the team sponsors, and then team races and produces media. We've been 100% transparent with who's supporting the series. We did everything we could to provide Adam with factory-like support, and added a documentary angle with the series to give you guys a peek behind the curtain of EWS racing.

And if it were really scripted and fake, we'd have made sure to sandbag his results last year for a feel-good comeback this year.
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 @imho4ep: no but they get a lot of exposure from this for the cost either a bike or frame
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flag regdunlop (Sep 19, 2019 at 14:24) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark: He is not a Privateer- the Factory Fox race set up by a Factory race tech episode is not something a “Privateer “ would receive- if he did he would pay for it - did you get a invoice ??

Did this season break even on “race day” sponsorship? Not corporate synergies - i would love to see the costs to run the race season- from gear to travel and entry fees -
Privateer race teams track exposure for sponsorship rates but don’t produce media to charge advertising- unless contracted by the team sponsor and then its the sponsors media - not the production companies ( Pink Bike)
What you have is a “In house team” for advertising benefits. Next year dont try to fool us with the “Privateer” moniker - Your a creative advertising man - do your job and come up with team name to promote
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 @regdunlop: the name of "The Privateer" is like the "The Bachelor". His goal is to NOT be a privateer, and it's an experiment to see what happens when you give a privateer near factory-level support.

Nobody is trying to fool anyone. We literally spell it out in the intro of the video, and list the series sponsor in the post above.

I'm not on the sales team nor in advertising, so I have no idea if the project broke even—but I imagine it was close. On the editorial side, we focus on telling stories and providing useful, interesting info to you guys. I'm just glad that some companies stepped up to help make the series happen.
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 @regdunlop: Did you watch it? Did you listen to the narrative? What would happen if a privateer got factory level support. That’s why it’s called the Privateer.

As for the cost, I agree it would be really interesting for all of us to see what it cost to travel, enter, race prep, and train for an EWS at that level.

“The Privateer” is a simple and accurate description of the series. They did an amazing job naming it. So good they got you all the way down here. They deserve a raise!
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 @regdunlop: PB and Adam spelled it out pretty clearly. @chacou just put it into web-marketing terms. I mean, what is the purpose of sponsoring a race team other than marketing?
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Other than marketing?hmmm
Products development comes next I think.
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 @brianpark: There is always one or two guys that comment on every Privateer episode article that says, "Wait. He is not Privateer. A Privateer wouldn't have full sponsorship of equipment, coaching, and support." Haha. I'm sure it is just trolling to get reactions out of people. Lol. Wink
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 The privateer this year has been more of a small documentary on how Athletes get affected by Burn Out. Season two has perfectly outline the pressure one puts on themselves when they know all eyes are on them and wanting to perform for the companies that give them a bunch of free shit to go out and do really good on.

I mean just watch this video and really take a moment and watch how he says "It's all I had... Yeah we good..."

Adam. Go back to loving mountain biking and being damn good at it. You know what its like now to try and compete at the highest level and you now know what many pro riders go through mentally at times..... Time to just go back to riding bikes and having fun doing it before it all just leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
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 Agreed. Fuck this circus act...these sponsors took a good thing from last season and are just treating you like a commodity - they dont care about you, just about clicks.
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 100% spot on. First episode I was jealous "look at all the awesome shit he's getting!", by this point I really feel for the guy and hope he's doing ok mentally
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 @chacou: Wife and I just had this same convo...poor dude, PB and these sponsors ruined biking for him
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 @MikeyMT: Hopefully it didn't ruin it for him, but watching him this season I just keep thinking about this quote from Ram Dass: “The game is not about becoming somebody, it's about becoming nobody.”
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 Well done, mate. Can't be easy to go from riding your bike for fun to riding with expectations from a lot of people (maybe including yourself?!). I imagine trying to get into the top 80, let alone 30, is a tough nut to crack indeed. You'll probably fly when the pressure is off. Take Eddie's advice.
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 This whole series is a bit of an experiment right? How much would a decent racer benefit from having all of the perks and support a full factory rider gets? Well, maybe this shows that that the answer to that is that it doesn't make that big of a difference.
Look at it the other way around. Lets say you stripped Richie Rude or Jesse Melamed of their factory support for next season. They were given a somewhat decent bike, and they had less time to train full time because they had to arrange their own travel etc. Do we really expect their results would plummet and they wouldn't still be near the top of the field?
The guys at the very top are there because they are incredibly talented and work super hard at what they do. the factory perks that they get help a bit, but probably not all that much.
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 This is 100% what people needed to see but they can't see it because they only view extremes. They expect the experiment to either convert a person to an elite racer or deem the person a failure. The real root of all their anger is that deep down inside they all tell themselves this lie that "My results would go through the roof with elite fitness and equipment",

No one wants to admit that winners are WORKERS, EARNERS & GRINDERS who are at an elite level because of how much they have done with the talents they've been given.
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 @bizutch: People Fear hard work that's why they claim if given every top level part they would be so much better. Its far easier to expect product based results then hard work based results.

The amount of times I have heard someone say to me , Well if I had your bike id be that quick up and down.... f*ck Im not even that fast haha.
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 Having just done my first enduro race, a 22 minute stage (at pro speeds) just blows my feeble little mind. Shit, 5 minutes feels like an eternity!
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 My thoughts exactly... even having done a few races in 2018 and an almost (one race to go) season of 8 races this year. I'd have to stop multiple times on a 22 minute stage. Planning on doing the EWS100 in Whistler in next year... but still unsure of how to tackle that monster stage...
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 Just looked at Adam's times vs those YT guys (BCXC et al).

Stage 1, Adam was 22m11s. The YT clan were at least 3mins off his pace.

It's cracking along, the pace up front.
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 @islandforlife: ha hah I'll spoil you with how will evolve.. You start strong, attack too much for first 3 min, the back it off after almost eating shit, relax, go, go, go, get f*cking arm up before a steep section, swear during the steep section, go into a compression and almost blow your hands off., hang on, super slow, afraid, braking too much, and then let go of the brakes and go super fast the last 2min of the stage. Cannot take hands off grips. You are welcome
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 I think we already know how this episode ends...
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 With people asking why a sponsored rider is called a Privateer and then everyone downvoting that person with a comment about watching the first episode?
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 @Tmackstab: I love Privateers, they are such an epic genre of riders, requiring nothing more but even more recognition by social media and miserable human beings who bother to click like buttons. I for one am waiting for a new series called “The Loser” where a bunch of regular Jerrys and Freds are preparing themselves for a season of Crankworx Slope Style competitions. We watch them injure themselves heavily while trying bigger and bigger jumps and wonder how many will get to the final in Whistler.

The story behind Privateer was simple: a fast dude with no finance to race the best in EWS.

The story behind “The Loser” is also simple: From Pinkbike Fails to Crankworx Whistler SS course.
  • 13 0
 @WAKIdesigns: Are you putting yourself forward for that one?
  • 17 7
 @willaasss: waiting for the camera crew to pop up in Sweden, the land of Slope Style legends. In the last episode I show up at Crankworx on Canyon Strive, Bell Super 2R helmet, IXS knee/shin guards, a 40L back pack and gopro mounts everywhere like a classic Euro dweeb. Yes. Alternatively I can also turn into a 45yr old Brit moto brick head from Alps. Just an old DH bike, MX helmet with fin at the top and stupid vagina like mouth piece, fully padded, taking a pint of piss beer every second run to let the brakes cool down after hard session of making brake bumps. In each case I will stand in the middle of the SS course "checking out features" and film another loser who is with me, to try to make some pro rider crash, wear them down mentally.

THE LOSER, will he make it?
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 @WAKIdesigns: good, i like Big Grin
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 @WAKIdesigns: they did a pro's vs joe's once upon a time on tv, that might be the ticket back to tv/youtube...
  • 2 0
 @mtbmaniatv: the only pros vs joes worth watching is MMA
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 So I get this 'dream build' is a thing now. And it's totally subjective, that's fine But its starting to take the piss now when I see a 'dream build' clickbait type video is literally some dude stapling bacon to a tree.
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 After watching it, a few thoughts.

The beginning with what Yoanne was saying was priceless. Head space is so important and with that is more about being able to filter out the result goal and more about the enjoyment of what one is doing. Don't kill the one thing that brings us to this sport.

Why is it only the first race for Adam, it would be so much more beneficial for him to be doing each EWS race. It took Sam Hill a few races to get into this season although he was quite sick in NZ at the beginning of the season. To be there with the upper echelons of the EWS pack - Adam needs to surround himself with them at every opportunity.

I think mostly it is about not letting the pressure to take your focus and love of the moment away from the ride.

Looking forward to the next episode, till then Adam, have fun and shred you do it so well.

Reading the comments - I expect to see Waki in a season of Slope Style )) Priceless. As was his DH Idea too.
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 pro athletes with years of race experience also struggle to get back to race pace after missing races during the season for whatever reason. best training for racing is racing so no wonder it didn t happen not even close...
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 Ditch the show, Adam. ride for you...come back next season with no pressures of reality TV and show the haters whats up! We 3 you
  • 2 1
 How is this his first race of the year? It's no wonder that the first time there is pressure and expectations he doesn't do his best. Like anything else you need repetition and practice to get better. Would love to see more content of actual races to get more insight on what its like rather than watching a guy deadlift or go for a casual ride.
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 @bizutch: I think the series is about like "...if I hab this pro level support, I'd sur be able to...". But as always in life there is no free lunch. You get support, you got to give something back. And that kind of pressure is an aspect, that I didn't have in my mind or never thought it could be so tough to deal with.
In my opinion the series did a brilliant job, to point that out.
@adamprice: thank you for taking part. In my opinion you are an inspiration for everybody to just be a better rider, athlete and person!
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 Not gonna lie, never was the biggest fan of The Privateer, but I was feeling for Adam. Dude looked bummed and stressed out. Just enjoy riding your bike and have fun man, not everybody was born to be Martin Maes or Sam Hill. Top 30 in EWS nowadays is no joke, the current level of riding is just straight up insane. I bet you would smoke the most part of the Pinkbike "experts", just goes to show how goddamn good these top pro's are.
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 So the experiment suggests this...

Support matters, but talent and on bike ability is what counts. Adam is a good dude, and judging by his results, we're about the same level. The difference between this level and top 30 EWS is pretty substantial. The only way he could have really found it (if he's capable) is by surrounding himself with top EWS pros, and training (riding) with them everyday. Turns out, in my experience, the only *real* way to get faster is by who you surround yourself with.

Just a racer of 20 years $0.02.
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 How about go for percentile not absolute placing? Eg "I want to make top 30% EWS" that could be more realistic and motivating? So if the race field was 200 entries, his goal would be, finish in 60th or better. There's a YouTube enduro vlogger in Sweden who uses this strategy, and its enjoyable to watch his progress.
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 Away from all the filming, interviews etc I reckon he can do it....believing is the main thing!
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 But that would also mean that all the support goes poof and we're back to square one.
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 I don't know man, I'm not sure he's putting in the level of work on the back end. He's still sporting a spare tire around the mid section, which tells my his fitness simply isn't all it can be. "You get out of it what you put into it" was a phrase I had repeated to me a lot when I was younger. There's a large amount of suffering that goes into getting fit enough to compete on the world stage, but you have to have the mental ability to force yourself to endure it.
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 @scatterbrained: the mental part is massive. Shawn Neer had a spare tire and was winning national downhill races. It's not all it appears on the surface, but if you mentally hit a wall - that's it.
  • 3 0
 @scatterbrained: True. Watching him in the previous episodes he never really seemed that much into the whole thing. Could be due to being camera shy, but even when he received his spanking new factory specced Firebird, he just looked like he received a corny Xmas sweater from his granny…
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 I love this but if he's going to compete further up the field he's got to face more races at this level it's the only way to get comfortable mentally, dudes got the pace! Keep at it Adam
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 I wish they would give a little background as to what Adam has been up to. Has he been racing? Just working? How do you just get into an EWS?
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 did you not watch any of the previous episodes?
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 @laxguy: I've been into competitive sports since I could walk, I can see where @gally-nh is coming from. They don't really give much insight into what he's been doing in his day to day life training-wise + eating habits
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 @monkeybizz: really? because ive watched all the episodes and have a pretty good idea of what hes doing in training... and how he got into the EWS...

i guess we're just looking for different things *shrug*
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 @laxguy: seeing him train with the trainer and him actually training on his own are two very different things. But we'll agree to disagree ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you seem like a pretty lax guy lol
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 @monkeybizz: fair enough, i assumed that what he does on his own time is very similiar to what the trainer suggests and does in the video, but i very well could be wrong

hey at least you didn't jump to lax meaning laxatives... im sick of that one Smile
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 @laxguy: that would have been a runny, i mean funny joke XD
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 Here's the races he's done -
Plus he did the TransBC Enduro.

He got 74th at the Northstar Enduro and then 29th of 34 at the US Open Enduro
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 @laxguy: yeah Ive watched all of them. This year has been severely lacking. Just wondering where hes been etc.

PS: we talkin D1 lax or like Iowa?
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 @gally-nh: never played in college, but yeah, that kinda lax
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 Love this series. Adam is a super fast rider, but it just shows the difference between that and the top guys. Massive respect to him though and 80th is brilliant.
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 IDK man, he was flying at any rate.
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 Adam you have one last chance!
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 My mom's been dead for years. Confirmation your life must really suck.. get help.
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