The Privateer: Reflecting on Two Years of Racing - Season Finale Part 1

Nov 14, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  



It's Adam's last season as The Privateer. Finally, he has some time after a hectic two years of racing to slow down and reflect on his experiences. This is the first of two episodes that look back over the last two seasons.

Did you miss the previous episodes from Season 2 of The Privateer? Want to know more about Adam Price's 2019 journey? Here's the full Privateer playlist.

We'd like to extend a big thank you to all of the sponsors who have been supporting Adam this year.

Adam Price is trained by Todd Schumlick @performx_training

Special thanks to GoPro.

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 Hope this is picked up and someone else gets the opportunity. Really enjoyed this and Adam is a legend, maybe not the most media friendly but I like that, more realistic. Would like to see someone who is propee mid pack, with no support at all, and see what gains are made through the support
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 14, 2019 at 6:32) (Below Threshold)
 I said it before, the new series should be called "The Loser". Otherwise we would end up in a childish fight over who is more of a privateer over another privateer - oh Ghawd he got socks from lululemon... #notarealprivateer This has been very entertaining but now They could take a total Joey, make the best to prepare him and his bike to complete a season of EWS racing (and not die).

I will send my resume for casting of "The Troll"... keyboard warrior sent to send all the features in Whistler...
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 At the end of the video "People giving me shit on the internet that was pretty brutal." Keyboard assassins at it again. Can't you just be happy for the guy, enjoy the unique perspective he was able to bring, and learn while he learns along the way? Not sure why people feel the need to shred him online as the same comments are likely nothing they would ever say to him in person if they had the chance.
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 @vjunior21: it's no excuse but being public on the internet draws it's own peculiar set of up and downsides due to the nature of mass market audiences. In any large enough sample set there'll be those who are trolls, bored, jealous, have delusions of grandeur, malicious and/or a*sholes.

Throw that into the mix of mtb which is quite small, hyper-tribal and relatively dominated by the gear-is-great mentality and it's no wonder the nature of the small minded keyboard sniping.

Ah mountain-bike community - expect little from you. You won't be disappointed
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 @vjunior21: +1 I met him last year and he is just a nice dude who got the chance of a lifetime. On camera his personality does not come through, I would probably be the same except much much slower.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 14, 2019 at 9:07) (Below Threshold)

the biggst mistake any popular person on the internet can do is to engage with their audience on the internet... you may say "I love daffodils" and someone will take it and spin it against you. "daffodils are shit! Flowers waste of energy that can be use to grow food for chilkdren in Africa! - how dare you!!!"

hyper-tribal - I like that expression more than Down Country... Oh I love the tribes... the Enduro tribe became so Pasé... so many are leaving... to the new promised lands of less travel. So keep it real. "Trail bike" what a novel idea... a bicycle to ride trails - freedom, its waht we always did... ohh so nostalgic but it is time to provide detailed specs!!! - bigger than Downcountry, smaller than Enduro... yes! Take it before it gets overpopulated!

And now... let's put it all on the evil industry... we... we just want to ride bikes, not like those kooks buying into everything. Sheep... lazy ass fuks!!! Fuk you and your E-bike! Fuuuuk youuuuuuu! Enduro, what are you racing Enduro now? You lazy ahole! You have all the squish and no skills!!! AAAAAAAA!!!
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 @pinkbike can guys look into and maybe do some research on the feasibility of making @WAKIdesigns the next privateer?
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 @TheBearDen: I'm not a privateer I'm an a*shole
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 @WAKIdesigns: don't sell yourself short. You could easily be an a*shole privateer.
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The one thing that came through in the videos was gratitude for the chance he was given. I can't name any other rider that had access to talk with tops pros and get guidance from them. He handled it well and more like a professional correspondent I thought, which is what you would want in that scenario.
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 @TheBearDen: lol pinbike should do a top 10 wildest waki comments article.
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 @TheBearDen: He probably meant he is a professional a*shole.
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flag taskmgr (Nov 14, 2019 at 11:41) (Below Threshold)
 This whole thing reminds me of the whole Deadliest Catch scenario. Take a normal job/company with highs and lows. Pay them more money and they can sell their good for less because of the TV money. They actually make it worse for everyone. You are taking a natural progression and ruining it with this junk. If he raced with no support and was amazing, he would attract support and keep leveling up in support and training and skills until he hit pro.

You are basically trying to fast track a guy with minimal talent and less drive to become a pro. It would have never worked from the start.
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 @WAKIdesigns: One of your worst comments... Enduro was/is a godsend for the improvement of trail bikes and tires. If you can't see that then IDK what to say, trail bikes "pre-enduro" sucked vs what we have to choose from today.
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Hope the day never comes for me where a person I don't know states in an online forum that I have "minimal talent and less drive." Now I know what Adam meant by the internet was pretty brutal.
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Dave I think you might have misspoke. I think you meant to say that Gravel Bikes were a godsend... And correction of Pre-enduro to pre-gravel bikes. LOL JK
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 @TheBearDen: Nothing private about waki. He's public a*shole number 1
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 @davec113: you do realize I was being sarcastic and that is not my opinion?
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 @vjunior21: If you are in the public eye, expect the public to form opinions.
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flag taskmgr (Nov 14, 2019 at 13:05) (Below Threshold)
 @vjunior21: you have minimal talent and less drive. There. The day came lol
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 @WAKIdesigns: you are right. I have a feeling he doesn't know brutal. He should go to Reddit or YouTube and see the pinnacle of internet brutality. It's pretty entertaining
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 Im only here to see how many downvotes Waki can get
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 @skiwenric: down votes are like redballz
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 @makripper: “pinnacle of internet brutality”, “hyper tribal”, my vocabulary has been significantly enriched...
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 @vjunior21: if someone I didn’t know said that about me, I wouldn’t care.
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 @WAKIdesigns: hyper tribal is new cutting edge way of saying fascist or nationalist. On the the same spectrum for sure.
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 @WAKIdesigns: thats just for starters..glad u say it yourself..good on u
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flag professionalamateur (Nov 14, 2019 at 18:49) (Below Threshold)
 @TheBearDen: WACKOFFdesigns isn't any of that. He's just a simple minded pussy.
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 “professionalamateur”.. username checks out
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 @cuban-b: the b stands for blowjobs. Makes sense..
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 @professionalamateur: sweet burner account. You know they can trace your IP and ban all your accounts ya know hahaha
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 @makripper: Please don't ban my dynamic IP.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Cocaine's a helluva drug, eh?
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 Cathro will be our 2020 privateer !
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 @dodobob: wtf he raced pro back in the day
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 @dodobob: I'd bet he might be one of the picks. However, they should get one of the real privateers that is currently racing the pro ranks (EWS or UCI DH), paying their way 100%, and is low in the rankings. Then they will see if full support makes a difference.
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 @tacklingdummy: are you on drugs? He's been a retired pro world Cup downhill racer for a while now. He's done.
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 @makripper: Shouldn't you be directing this comment to the dodobob as well? You must be on drugs.
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 @tacklingdummy: i already replied to him above. You must be high because you missed that
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 @makripper: in all honesty, when it comes to tribalism, if you pay Take a look at football “fans” in Europe, then reading comments of MTB purists fighting ebikers or “wrong wheelsize” is like watching two toddlers fighting over a squeak toy.
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 @vjunior21: it's his fault for putting himself out there.
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 @dodobob: I can't even imagine how boring that would be
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 I'd like to know one thing; was mountain biking more fun when done alongside a day job i.e. did the pressure make it less enjoyable OR did full factory support open up opportunities and venues which made biking overall more pleasurable?
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 @rojo-1 Would very much like to know this as well. Great question!

If you're reading Adam, I'm sure others would like to know as well.

Cheers mate, thanks for a great series!
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 Adam is a total badass. I personally don't care where he stacks against the best riders of the world, I just see him ride and I go "wow I wish I was that good". More importantly, he sounds like a fantastic dude. I am sad that he did not get to reach his goals, but I hope he gets some comfort in knowing that lots of us have thoroughly enjoyed his journey, and that he got to live the dream for two seasons. .

Adam, you are the f*cking man. Cheers!
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 "The Privateer: DH edition" would be SICK!
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 I’d tune in for that one for sure!
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 Well Ben Cathro is going to do it next year!
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 @mtbblamtb: probably. come on @bencathro
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 @mtbblamtb: this is literally the best news ever!!
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 @mtbblamtb: I was really excited to see that also! Really excited to see how he does and wish him the best. Custom helmet painted like that horrific hat he always wore?
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 @snl1200: the bottom of his full face should be flesh colored, then there top and the visor painted like his hat so it looks like his still wearing it
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 @snl1200: I have never wanted anything as much as I want this
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 CATHRO FOR PRIVATEER 2020 #privateervision
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 @snl1200: lol. That hat looked like he picked it up off the street. Not the side of the street, the actual street.
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 @mtbblamtb: wait he's coming out of retirement? But why?
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 Does anyone else think his handlebars are too wide?
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 Definitely, 420 is as wide as anyone should go!
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 @lRaphl: I prefer 69
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 The Privateer was an awesome series, thanks Pinkbike!
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 I bet I have worse hamstring mobility than Adam.......
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 This series was 100% awesome, reality is never perfect or fair. Its great to see someone really trying and getting the most out of it. Honesty is rough sometimes and racing is never easy. Great Job Adam on all acounts.
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 I’ve said it before, and I know Adam is a far better rider than I will ever be, but this series is flat out fun to watch. Makes me wanna go ride every time and it definitely made me want to go race again and give enduro a shot in my local area series.

Adam - you are the man. Hope you keep at it bro, and thanks for inspiring the rest of us nobodies to get out and ride our bikes.
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 I have truly enjoyed this series and I hope to see more of Adam in the future, even if not with the Privateer series. With his new found “fame” and name recognition, I think he could launch his own YouTube channel. I know I’d watch. I could imagine Adam doing a travel show and meeting locals to ride with on their terrain. I actually like that he’s not the polished media guy, I find it more interesting to watch.
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 Totally agree - best part about him is that he is not a “media guy” and seems more like a dude you would go get beers with.
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flag andrewbikeguide (Nov 14, 2019 at 10:00) (Below Threshold)
 Paul the Punter is a pretty real grassroots You Tube. You might enjoy it.
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 @andrewbikeguide: thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out.
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 @andrewbikeguide: I use to watch Paul often enough but lately all his videos are advertising for his sponsors. I understand that's how he makes money but it's getting repetitive and boring.
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 "ppl can be shit on the internet". Totally agree
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 good job Adam. Go have fun again Smile
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 The first series popped up on my youtube the other day, seemed much more natural & enjoyable, it really was superb. I think it lost its way a bit in series 2, absolutely no fault of Adams though.
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 I agree. Whoever made the scripts for season 2 kinda ruined it. It was like a totally different show. Regardless, I enjoyed it. Great job Adam!
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 Really enjoyed the series, and probably part of the reason why I did my first enduro race this season. Hope they keep it going with a new rider next season.
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 I'd guess most of the shit talkers are people who have never raced or only small local races and think they're hot shit. Racing against actual pros is a whole different level of humbling. You find out pretty quickly that you're not nearly as fast as you thought you were.
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 It's always humbling to see the fastest guys at the local level who seem impossibly fast move up to nationals and only be middle of the pack. Then you look at the world stage and there will be 5 or 6 guys who seem to be from another planet.
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 Pinkbike already has a series that shows this pretty well, the Humbled series with Mike Levy. A rider that would make me feel pretty humble in comparison....
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 yes but does he get to keep the bike?

Nice one Adam, I've thouroughly enjoyed the series. Keep fighting the good fight!
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 Saw lots of hate through season 2, was never sure why.... dude straight rips....
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flag sheldonuvic (Nov 14, 2019 at 10:24) (Below Threshold)
 I think it is mainly due to his personality. I don't have anything against the guy, but damn he comes off as socially anxious and unlikable in front of the camera. The episode when he gets his custom race kit is just cringy.
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 Because it was boring AF
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 Hmm, mixed thoughts about this series really. On the whole really enjoyed it, but as it progressed it felt a little bit like Adam was getting thrown to the wolves unintentionally by the creators/program.

Clearly there were restrictions on the amount of production/editing they could do, but a lot of the things that came up weren’t explored and dealt with in a way that would have helped him and simultaneously improved the quality of the series as a whole.

It’s good to see him do a sit down interview where he reflects on it, and it’s suddenly obvious that that sort of perspective has been missing from the whole series.

1. More talking head interviews, from Adam, his coach, sponsors and other people giving him guidance. Proper post race interviews etc, and people discussing objectively the gains and new issues coming up.
2. More day-to-day/catchup footage - ie. showing his routine going to the gym/eating differently etc etc. Re-doing timed runs on the same trail and more gym results… things that show the evolution properly in the background of the racing. Some graphics would do that well as well.
3. More of a focus on the issues specific to Adam. The mental aspect was clearly a really big deal here, especially with the exposure that came with it, and beyond the first mental coaching session we didn’t see any progress or further discussion of that. At best that’s a bit of a shame, but at worst it’s pretty negligent as it could have been affecting his riding and putting him in more danger. I hope that’s something that other factory teams do deal with better than the series showed. Probably some media coaching etc as he’s effectively fronting the program, and showing that process. Dealing with online comments etc etc.
4. The pandering to the sponsors is something that should have been included from a different perspective, as it’s something every rider would face. ie. ‘He’s had to switch sponsors due to demand/results etc etc. Here he is trying out the new gear. This brings all sorts of difficulties with it after just getting used to a certain bike etc’.

Anyway, just some thoughts from someone in the (film) industry - generally a really enjoyable, unique series, I hope they progress it somehow and that Adam has had a positive experience overall - good on you mate for going through with it, clearly not all fun and games!
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 Adding to that, I think it would also have been better for the Privateer to be able to compete a whole EWS Season from start to finish, not just a couple races. It would help with the flow of the racing calendar, and also constantly being with the EWS circuit - there would be more benefits for the rider. Also, when racing - subject and crew need to be focused on the racing not out and about doing shoots. As mentioned by Adam when at Finale. Stay focused and conserve ones mental and physical energy purely for the task at hand. Some good suggestions danpalehorse as well. Adam - as a rider, you rip and I would be happy to be anywhere near the level you are. Thank you for giving yourself to The Privateer project and all the best for the future.
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 Adam is a great rider - wish I was as good! I'm no 15 year old - I'm 55 and do the odd race but could still relate /be inspired by this series. No way the man should be given any kind of stick. All the best to him for the future.
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 "My hand still hurts everyday from that crash" So you want to be a pro rider eh? There are a lot of costs we never see. Awesome series, it really shows how hard it is to be a pro.
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 Would be good to see an up and coming female rider privateer edition. I think there maybe a few girls out there with a bit of support could really get amongst the Top 5 or 10.
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 What ever happened to the US open episode? One of the "next time" clips showed footage but I don't remember seeing it and it's not in the Season 2 playlist...
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 Keep at it Adam, you're an inspiration. Great series!
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 It’s not about how much he smiles ..

I’m not an overly smiley guy but i care about the riders around me, I love mountain biking and love being out on the trails alone/ having time to myself.

I couldn’t imagine having a camera stuck in my face and having the peanut gallery commentary.., like this guy.

Good job Adam! Great series!
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 Adam you are the man. Putting yourself out there in this series, for all to see, for all the Pink Bike Bros to rip you apart on here, it is impressive. This episode even more, to talk about your own weakness, be vulnerable, and share. It is far more impressive than any results. Thanks.
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 I enjoyed that episode - Adam is looking more comfortable infront of the camera now, and is a very good rider to watch. Top work on the filming.

I'd like to see it with someone who already races regularly so we can really see if there's a difference in results.

Open it up to applications - give that support to riders who have already made that commitment to a full season (EWS or DH) and see if a year of top level support makes a difference.
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 For the next Privateer series, they should pick a real privateer that is racing pro ranks (EWS or UCI DH), is paying his way 100%, and is low in the world rankings. Then it will really be seen if full factory support will help.
  • 4 2
 I'd love to see a Freeride Privateer series. Give an aspiring freestyle/freerider the time, income, and support to focus full time on progressing and let him get after it at Crankworx, Joyride, even Rampage/Proving Grounds.
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 here's how a freeride privateer series would go:
episode 1: new bike day!
episode 2: hospital and injured for 6 months.
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 Was I the only one that thought it was funny that he had a hard time on regular width trails due to pathfinding issues? I never ride park so massively wide trails are foreign to me. I'm sure park is fun, it's just not something I do.
  • 2 0
 I also have to add that I really enjoyed the series, and it was great to see a regular guy getting those opportunities. That's something he'll have forever.
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 You've gone up massively in my estimation based upon this video, both because of your riding and your honesty. Great stuff fella.
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 Cheers to both PB and Adam for the series. It really displayed how the top riders are on another level. The ews in cali was also good, Adams times were very all very close to the top females ews racers. So, that shows how good the racers are for comparison. As far as trolls, that's the social media world we live in now. Bad vs good, seems like more a-holes all round.
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 Ive really enjoyed this series. It was great to see what a difference all the training and kit does make to an a ready really good rider. I thought Adam was great in giving a really honest account of home self, showing the good and bad sides of his fitness riding etc. I know he’s taken flack on here in the past but the bloke is a super fast rider and I think cane across really well. I’d be happy being 1/2 as quick!! Thanks Adam!
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 Fantastic episode. He came across way better than in any of the other ones I can remember
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 when is part II coming?
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 100% respect. Great work Adam.
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 Two things Adam Price is a Pinner, and ive really enjoyed watching his journey, Adam you come across as a good bloke who lloves riding your bike. Well done mate
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 Cathro is going to do WC DH again... sort of like another "privateer" type series....
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 Track walk with Sam Hill (10:50-11:15 in the video). Is that in any of the privateers videos? If yes can someone point out which one?
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 Thanks Adam, have really enjoyed the series, some great insight. All the best!
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 The problem with the idea of "the privateer" concept is that if you provide a talented athlete with all the trimmings of a pro then they are no longer a privateer, they are a pro. What was this ever going to prove?
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 Adam you rock! Finish strong, going to miss watching your adventures Smile
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 Yep, thanks Adam, great series. wish I was half as good as you.
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 He would be prettier if he smiled more
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