The Psychosis Course Needs Your Help

Sep 23, 2017
by Golden Cycling  
Here is a professional doing some early-stage clean up.
During the windstorm of July, 2017, hundreds of trees blew down across the DH and XC biking trails on Mount 7 in Golden, BC. There is a horizontal forest obliterating long sections of trails, including The Schacher and 5K (which is part of the legendary Psychosis race course from The Old Days).

Here s what sections of the Psychosis race course look like right now. Brutal.

A number of efforts are being made to fund the removal of the trees by professionals (it is a highly complex and dangerous task, and we plead with everyone to not attempt to cut any of this merchantable timber). This is one such effort, in which we are asking you to contribute money so that we can quickly reopen this tremendous biking zone for all to enjoy. Please contribute what you can if you have ever enjoyed or intend to enjoy these trails one day by going to www.gofundme.com/recover-the-mount-7-trails.

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All money raised will go towards clearing the trails or rebuilding the trails.

Biking: not all your money should go just into your bike.
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 Can you explain this a little more? It sort of sounds like you're asking people to donate money so a commercial logger can come in, remove the trees then sell them? Don't most logging companies do that for free anyway?
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 what Stuart said. pay to have someone else make money off the timber? sounds like something I'd exect from the government around tax time..
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 Good question. There are numerous spots affected. The ones that are within a logging block will be taken care of by the logging concern, including returning the trails to their former state, as per the agreement. There are other agencies that will be working on various other sections. For example, a local arborist company will be volunteering time on affected areas within Town of Golden property, plus I believe the Town is also contributing. A Parks fire crew is also donating a day soon. The money raised through this campaign will be to clear and restore areas not within any other agency's boundaries. The areas affected are wide-ranging within about a 1,000m of vertical on the slopes of Mount 7.
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 I would suspect it has everything to do with safety and equipment. Commercial loggers have the proper equipment for the job.
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 Can’t you just build north shore stunts over all of it?
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 Locals have been donating time and effort. The mess is a massive undertaking that requires lots of skill for proper and safe removal. Lots of trails have been affected and we hope to raise enough to get things back on track. If you have ever ridden in Golden you would be shocked to see what a mess has been left.
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 There was a time when this was the perfect canvas for a myriad of wooden stunts. sigh...... How times have changed.
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 Is this area private land or crown land?
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 A mix. See the reply to @stuart70 above

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