The Pump Track World Champs Can Now Hand Out Rainbow Jerseys

Sep 27, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

The Red Bull Pump Track World Championships now has official UCI backing and will be able to hand out rainbow jerseys at the World Final on 19 October in Bern.

The competition has only been running since the start of 2018 but it has already picked up the attention of cycling's governing body and will fall under the mountain bike discipline, one of UCI's eight affiliated disciplines (road, track, mountain bike, BMX Racing, BMX Freestyle, trials, cyclo-cross and indoor). The UCI will add further legitimacy to the series and could encourage a wider pool of riders to start taking part with their eyes set on the coveted stripes.

Red Bull Pump Track Leavenworth 2019

bigquotesThe creation of a Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships is a recognition of the specialty at the highest level and a demonstration of our sport’s dynamism. With the know-how of Red Bull and Velosolutions we aim to meet the expectations of a public that enjoys a show and to make our sport even more popular with the younger generation.David Lappartient, UCI President

There's still a last chance qualifier for the World Finals taking place on Friday the 18th in Bern meaning just about anyone could still walk away with the rainbow stripes for 2019.


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 Attaching the UCI to this kills the vibe of it.
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 Howso? It's still going to be run by the same people in the same format, they just now can officially crown a world champ based off UCI regulations.

What changed to kill the vibe?
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 @sherbet: ...that one word “regulations” completely not needed. God forbid somebody is taking creatine or other p.e. “drugs”....f*ck the UCI. PUMPTRACK should be just like The Fest series self run for fun! Nobody has ever needed the UCI to win a crown.
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 @bikebike69: the uci got the same rules as the RPWC so yeah.
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flag sherbet Plus (Sep 28, 2019 at 11:15) (Below Threshold)
 @bikebike69: I'm sure people in the Fest series would also have something to say if one of the athletes therein was caught doping. Literally nobody wants cheaters, and if that's all you're centering around, I'm pretty confident in saying the series is going to continue on as normal.
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 @sherbet: lol....I doubt those guys would care even if somebody was.
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 Doubt all you want, no international governing body is going to tolerate doping, fest or otherwise.

And again, if that really is your biggest complaint about UCI joining the pump track WC, you don't have anything worth complaining about. This year's EWS was f*cking spectacular even with the doping scandles.

Edit; sorry if this is coming off as rude. I also definitely do hate UCI, but am kinda tired of the circlejerk surrounding them. We're here for the bikes and the riding thereof. Cheers dude.
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 @sherbet: If I understand correctly there is no competition in the Fest series so there is nothing to be called "cheating".

To me pumping is one of the most beautiful ways to accelerate a bike so I do like to see this competition gain more appreciation. Silly thing with all cycling federation is that if there is prestige in it (medals, rainbows etc), they are willing to invest. With the accessibility (for different forms or recreation), safety (compared to say a skatepark) and durability (low maintenance) of a good (Velosolutions) pumptrack I expect we'll be seeing even more of these. So yeah, now that the pumptrack worlds are getting more recognition we'll be seeing more pumptracks. Kids will trade their cellphones for a BMX, all will be good again.

Surprised to see the UCI place this under mountainbiking instead of BMX though. Does that imply you need at least a couple of working gears? UCI needs to tone down on all this segregation. Pumptrack riding is inclusive. Ride a BMX, mountainbike, trials bike if you want. Just as long as you don't bring your fixie Wink !
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 @vinay: Fest isn't competitive in the same regards as a UCI world cup event, correct, but a lot of doping comes into play during recovery and training, something that even the Fest dudes take very seriously.

It does look as if this event is going to allow mixed wheel sizes, so that would be pretty cool. Run what yah brung!
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flag thenotoriousmic (Sep 29, 2019 at 0:03) (Below Threshold)
 No offence but let’s be honest, pump track isn’t a real thing. Being pump track world champion is basically the same as being yo yo world champion or the best at counting.
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 @vinay: I doubt a fixie would be that fast if the lips are steep.
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 “You get a rainbow jersey, you get a rainbow jersey, everybody gets a rainbow jersey”
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 Fuck the UCI
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 Well I heard yesterday that the UCI have backed a World Champs for eSports on Swift FFS. Why not give rainbow jerseys for that too while you're at it.
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 Classic Dirt Paw velcro strap coming undone.
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 I’m waiting for Zwift pumptrack world champs.
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 Next year: UCI hand out rainbow jerseys for "World Champion of cycling to shops to buy milk" and "World champion of cycling to the pub".
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 But what wheel size will be mandated? UCI requires structure and rules, so I don't think they would let BMX and MTB's to compete together.
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 minimu 20"
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 Exactly ...just another reason nobody wants them. Not a single competitor ever ask for the UCI involvement.
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 Funny that this years World qualifier in Scotland was different too the one in Sweden & in the rules it said that you had to ride chainless, so I showed up on a chainless bike & then allowed chains, but can see why after riding chainless & every one else with chains, is pure pump riding without a chain but it is really just a scooter!
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 Would be lovely if all the finalists now decided not to race... ????????
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 Pretty lame
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 I'm really pumped about a rainbow jersey said the guy on the wrong side of the fence
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 So, do people need to have "points" in order to compete for whatever championship they'll be having?
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 Keep reach'n for the Rainbow guys Big Grin
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 20in and 26in should be different catagories
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 They should let the riders choose which bikes are best for each course. Horses for courses. Run what ya’ brung, etc....
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 Mountain bike discipline?
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 Are you the real bob though?

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