[April Fools] The Schindelhauer Wilhelm has 252 Gears and 3350% Range

Apr 1, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Words: Schindelhauer

Welcome our newest model: Wilhelm CCLII

Our new model is almost indistinguishable from other classic models, but comes up with very special features. As the name suggests, the bike has a total of 252 gears. It is equipped with a 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub gear and a Pinion P-Line 18-speed gearbox.

Paul Göhrke already had the opportunity to convince himself of Wilhelm CCLII. As a rider in the Schindelhauer-Gates racing team, he is very impressed after the first test on a Wahoo KICKR in the development department at Schindelhauer: "I win races with my Hektor, but when I'm pedalling at 1,500 watts and want to experience the ultimate speed kick, I swing onto Wilhelm CCLII - and just shift up. How reliably that happens thanks to Rohloff and Pinion is another highlight for me." Paul was able to achieve just under 90 km/h on his first attempt - he is already looking forward to his first tour in the wild.


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 7. I’m guessing 7 more joke articles today.
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 Sorry dude we are at 11 already
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 11? are the videos jokes too?
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 @jmtbf: make it stop
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 @jmtbf: Unless you count the magnetic pedals...
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 now there are 13 articles
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 @Jvisscher: which one was that?
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 Now we are at 14
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 @Jvisscher: That one must've been accidentally released early.
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 What happened to the previous years where they did a big April Fools roundup and kept the jokes in one place?
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 What are these companies supposed to do with the pile of cash for orders they can't actually fulfill?
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 This is so unbelievably epic, I have had this thought for a few years now. Hilarious and brilliant Beer
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 I'm waiting for the sram 1x252 version myself.
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 Love Schindelhauer bikes,all the bikes they sell turns necks around the city. The Gustav model is one of the most beautiful bikes ever made,very smooth ride. I had plans to buy one but my knee exploded last summer and since then I only ride my road bike indoors. They have a good sense of humor too!
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 @preston67 You don't ride real mountains. Here where I live the climbs are steep !
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 Been wanting to do this for a while now! Except on a mountain bike, because why not
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 Wake up April first, immediately go over to pinkbike, not disappointed.
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 This is as good as the Voltswagen ads! Did they create perpetual recharging within those gears? So, SRAM must've feel super bad with yet another joke on them! LOL
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 yeah 252 gears, but 240 overlap ;P
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 Honestly though, has anyone ever tried to make a bike with CVT? Probably so inefficient but hey, infinite ratios.
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 I answered my own question. It's also wireless

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 there's a rear hub that's apparently pretty popular on touring/city bikes or rental fleet bikes. Designed by a company called NuVinci. looks like someone else licenses it and puts it in a hub.

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 Should have put Campy’s 13s drivetrain on there too with a 3x crank up front.
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 I can't understand how come they didn't mount a 12 Speed cassete there. People, you have to try harder!
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 It was only a matter of time!
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 that video made me so uncomfortable
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 No one needs 252 gears ! You are weak and should train more
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 Just get an ebike
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 Double it --- add a Hammerschmidt sun gear front chainring setup!!
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 The worst thing is that this is possible
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