The Sound of Flow in La Poma- Video

Mar 29, 2018
by S├ębastien Biget  
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A few days before his take-off for the Crankworx in Rotorua (NZ), where he got 2nd place at the pumptrack challenge, Chaney Guennet went on a sunny trip to La Poma Bike Park (Catalunya). I followed him, as I knew that La Poma was the perfect spot to capture the smoothness of his riding.

Chaney trying out a transfer on the pumptrack.

Nightvision riding.

Chaney really likes transfers, obviously...

Riding till the sunset on our arrival day.

Our warm trip coming to an end...enjoying the last morning to take some stills.

Berms at lunchtime for relentless Chaney.

February: Springtime in Spain.

We made a quick stop by the sea on our way back to France, discovering awesome cliff sceneries.

Chaney looking to New Zealand.

Visit Chaney's athele page.
Film and photography by S├ębastien Biget


  • + 90
 This should be shown to every town council or chamber on why every town needs a pump track and durt jumps!
  • + 3
 1000 clicks on the props button!!!!!!!! Couldn't agree more.
  • + 36
 Words cannot express how much I prefer to hear the sound of the bike and tires on the dirt over music in a segment like that. Sick style, sick flow, well executed vid. Props.
  • + 2
 Sooooo true. Sometimes it is just better to hear tires on dirt.
  • + 2
 not in a video but I do like the same riding DH, I'd rather ditch a noisy hub, silent the chainslap and listen to my tire patch and suspension. Love it! That's also a way to hear how healthy is you bike and to spot any issue very easily.
  • + 12
 Tyres on dirt is the best sound in the world.
  • + 5
 How the hell do they have a public place that not only has MULTIPLE lines running, but everything is absolutely dialed?! Its damn near impossible to get non-local poachers to water the jumps much less help to maintain them here in SoCal. What's the secret La Poma locals??? Do you have a massive crew of dedicated guys or is it just one trail nazi that hangs out all day screaming, "no dig no ride!"?

PS, bump jump into the 1st jump was pretty dang cool.
  • + 5
 Did anyone else catch that nose manual through the double in the last few seconds? Style for days.
  • + 5
 Holy shit, that flow Eek
  • + 4
 That's the best sound. Humming tires, boosting lips
  • + 1
 Ugh, this place looks so fun. I wish there was a place like this in San Diego so I could justify buying a jump bike. I miss fun trails.
  • + 1
 They're only a shovel and some hard work away.
  • + 1
 @angelfuk: Not true. The digging is the easy part. On public land permission is nigh impossible, or they get dozed pronto, and with permission the council shuts it down because the nearby residents complain there's kids always hanging out and littering etc. or some kid breaks an arm and then all hell breaks loose. And on private land there's no way to keep it secret long enough to get a decent set of trails dialled, and effwits who come and change your work, water problems, dirt politics that make you want to kill yourself... and all the other reasons I've seen my many years of digging come to nothing. And in the end I suck at jumping because I spent 99% of my time digging.
  • + 1
 @iamamodel: Sounds like its been tough for ya in australia. In the states we just find some vacant land with water access and start digging with fingers crossed it doesn't get plowed (usually lasts a few years if the trash is picked up). And there's no dirt politics here in SoCal cause no one digs. Hope things turn around for ya.
  • + 3
 That place looks sooooooo good. ! Smooth riding for sure too. Great vid!
  • + 3
 Nice flow bro!
  • + 2
 Stellar riding, amazing park!!
  • + 1
 no fish eye on that last pic Beer
  • + 1
 why i turned up the volume, when this video is raw ???? hahah
  • + 1
 59 psi
  • + 1
 That's the sound!!!!
  • + 1
 Nice one Chaney!

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