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 I was laying in bed just now and have to work in the morning, but I came across Zinks instagram post here and felt compelled to post something: i.imgur.com/UxLwKmo.png

1st things 1st, per the above screenshot: Paul Bas is NOT OKAY right now. He very likely may *NEVER* walk again and needs tons of support.

When I watched Paul Bas's slam I had a split second where I could almost feel that nauseous feeling you get when you fall off something and instantly regret it. After seeing Cams sentiment and the hashtag he used at the end, it got me wondering: wait a minute how do riders actually feel about Rampage this time around?

I spent the last couple days internet warrior'ing PB comments trying to get my point across about how fed up I was about the judging, but Zinks instagram post has kind of provided me a revelation I didn't think about before, something much more important then judging, more important then the just "so and so got robbed" and it's something I feel like I might have seen on a lot of the riders faces during the live event. I'm starting to suspect that riders aren't as wholly concerned about judging this year as they are looking at the risks, the amount of riders who went down before finals and got airlifted away during finals. How many riders opted out of a 2nd run yesterday? These guys are the professionals, yes I understand there is very high risk in freeriding, but the pros seem to be risking themselves building and slamming on lines they otherwise wouldn't ride outside of a competition or movie segment (where you'd have the luxury of riding the line incrementally). And for what? Redbull branding? The whole format appears to be a mess, from judging that can't possibly be legitimized no matter what, to pressuring riders to drop in so that the event can continue being entertaining for the cameras, and to life altering injuries that really cut our community deep.

Realistically things like motocross, snowboarding and other formats have their injuries in events too. Xgames the other year had a death during snowmobiling. I feel like it's only a matter of time before we lose a life at Rampage. I am very curious to hear how riders who competed feel about the event. I assume it is a very big double edged sword for many riders who want to compete in pretty much the only cash cow of an event that spot lights the niche sport that freeriding truly is, I mean it's lifes work to many of these guys. Sponsorships, potential cash prize, exposure, I'm sure there is a lot of incentive to get on top of that canyon and do something you wouldn't otherwise do. Is Redbull Rampage ACTUALLY representative of what free riding is to us? To our riders and community? I've seen people do cliffs and canyons and river gaps during movie segments before, but to throw all these kinds of things together in one run seems to be beyond the normal capacity of a lot of professional riders. It seems like Redbull wants to capitalize off that, to try and take things you'd typically see in movie segments and watch it go down live. But of course you can't have a competition where someone just drops one cliff that's not TV worthy for Redbull, you have to have him scale a ridge, drop a cliff, flip a canyon or two all in one run. You have to have every single rider in the event operate at this capacity. Yes progression comes with consequences, but I guess what I'm trying to articulate is this might be the progression of Rampage but not necessarily the progression of freeriding that we're seeing. Do our riders enjoy going to Rampage or are they just glad when it's done and over with? Are they showing up because its one of the few spots to actually have commercial exposure for freeriding?

I know Zink and a few other riders are Pinkbike users. If any of you guys read these we'd love to hear from you, #nofilter please. I love jumping my bike, I love hucking things and dropping cliffs, slaying horrifying tech and pitching things sideways over massive tables. I love building trails and features, capturing things on video with my friends. This is freeriding, right...? But something inside me watches Rampage, a competition supposedly showcasing freeride and doesn't know what to think of it. But it's all we got so I'm supposed to enjoy it right? Yet I'm finding it hard to. Something about it is just weird. Just about everything about the event was upsetting (except norbies engagement! congrats!). I now realize how small the community is, how many of these pro riders I've met and shook hands with in real life. I don't want to see more horrible shit happen to these guys, they deserve better.

Let's hope Paul feels his legs again and can ride again. Best wishes man.
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 well said.
at least parts of the industry start to see it from this perspective, too: imgur.com/qjfzk5N
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 @pascalchristen wow thank you for sharing that screen, and thanks for the industry-side sentiment @deityusa
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 Captured my thoughts pretty much bang on. I went back and watched the whole replay again and it only seemed more obvious that there was quite a negative vibe over the whole thing. And I think it all stems from serious concern and stress that the riders feel. It was super rad and I'd never take away from what those guys are doing out there but I think something has to change.
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 Maybe loose the live broadcast an turn it into a jam format, judge the riders on the whole week rather than just two hours Sure this wouldnt be as good for selling energy drink but, for the riders and rampage as an entity beyond sales ads and marketing.... A whole lot better GWS P,Bass
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 So here's how I look at this, and hopefully I'm not alone in thinking this. These guys are smart, very smart. They know the risks of this sport - like any other extreme sport, can have awful, life changing consequences. I think most competitors go into these competitions knowing full well what the stakes are. As far as I'm aware they're not contractually obliged to show up if they receive an invite, and as we could hear at the top, they're not being pressured into running if they don't feel up to it.

Personally I don't think rampage should be done away with completely, but I'd like to see the format changed to something what the Fest guys do, where we just get to see a ton of content at the end of it. If nothing else, start with some insurance for the riders and maybe some judges that aren't stoned Wink

On a positive note, RedBull supported the hell out of Aaron Chase, so hopefully we'll see the same kindness extended to Paul as well.
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I was looking forward to Rampage so much for the last couple of weeks. But I didn't enjoy the event. I really think the format is broken. You can't squeeze that type of riding into a tidy 2-3 hour package for a live streaming audience without adding pressure and risk to the riders.

I felt bad watching Bizet go down, then Paul Bas's crash was sickening. But the two points of the day that finally hit for me weren't crashes. Seeing Cam talk about his choice not to ride a second run, and watching Aggy and Andreu at the top of the mountain - camera's and crushing pressure on them. Thankfully all three of those guys made the right decision - risk not worth the reward. But God damn that's a tough position to put hyper-talented and very competitive people in.

I think the idea of the event and the location are great. I loved seeing how stoked many of the riders were at the bottom. It really looks like the ultimate test for most riders. And I'd guess they probably liked *most* of the event. Leading up to qualifying/finals - building, hanging with all the crew, testing, sessioning the features - man that was great, they looked like they were having fun. But the format (2 run slopestyle set up) of the actual competition does not look fun. The stakes are too high.

I don't know what the answer is. Rampage will continue, it's too much publicity for Red Bull (Rokatkin's crash and miraculous recovery made our prime time news) and too tempting for riders. But maybe it shouldn't be live. Maybe the Fest guys have got it right? Make it about the riding. Give people a few days to stomp a couple of runs with less pressure - when THEY feel ready to ride. No particular order, just build your line then ride it. If you think you can do better, ride it a second time. Give the judges time to score the runs without pressure. If they didn't have to score on the spot, maybe they'd go back and revisit runs (like Cam's...) and score it again having watched the others. Then Red Bull could pull together a killer 2-3 hour vid of the coverage. Seems like that might tip the scales back in favour of the riders. I also think all riders should get paid (sorry to bring it up again...). It can be graduated on their "pulling power". Then provide smaller sums for best run, best trick, best huck, riders choice, viewers choice etc. Spread the love. If they have to invite fewer riders, so be it.

Congrats to all the riders - I think you're all mad, but damn you can ride the wheels off a bike. A special thoughts out to the injured riders, especially Paul - heal fast guys. Get back on your bikes asap so you can remember how much fun riding can be.
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 I don't think red bull don't pay the riders because they are cheap. I think it more towards that if they would pay the riders they would pay the riders to take thoose risks. If they don't pay the riders they can just say that they are doing it at their own risk and they have their backs free.
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 I think Rampage has to be new defined. The stuff about insurance for the riders, valid judging (for example like in Ski- jumping) and also for example the whole wind discussion- why not install wind measurement systems and show those to the riders and the viewers (again- like in ski jumping)? Red Bull got enough money for that.
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 @anchoricex thanks for some of the most logical, well-thought-out discussion of Rampage I’ve seen/heard. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype (a big tick for RB marketing) but it’s important to remember the bigger issues and you’ve done that. Some of the worst talk has been the criticism of the judging; we’ve got to remember that this is a mountain biking event = we should appreciate the mountain biking.

If it means the Rampage needs to be toned down/reformed/cancelled for a year or two so that the event can go back to being focussed on the riding, then so be it. I agree that this probably won’t happen, though.
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flag torero (Oct 18, 2015 at 3:27) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe we should stop risking our lives for nonsense, and start fighting for our rights: public health ...
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 Yes, Fest series it seems the future. No judges, with riders riding comfortably.
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 I hope he comes through. It is frightening and saddening to see a young rider go through this kind of thing, regardless of how or where this happened. The photo of Zink and his daughter is for me, the best photo of Rampage. His decision not to ride summed up, I would think, where the event is at. There's too much wrong with it to continue in its present format, exciting as it is when everything does go to plan. I hope the community can rally around Paul, I hope he recovers fully and quickly, I hope he does not become the example to lead change in this event, I hope change occurs because it obviously needs to.
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 Finally people seems to start turn on their brains and think about their bones and lives more than about "stoked" & "awesome".

I agree with everything said above. I liked this "Rampage" but catch myself I expected MORE...more fun, more live info, videos, details WHAT HAPPENING NOW AND THEN, and less injuries.
Ideally without injuries at all.

Instead of it I got mediocre camera live views, several rider POV low quality (only 2s 720hd) and too much terrible crashes. All the event kinda compressed. Of course - the wind was too bad. But why not to wait more ? Or try it the next day ?

And where is a qualifying full live stream or videos ?

Another question is why the hell a rider sholud be disqualified if he almost ok out of a crash in qualification? Common, let him ride again if he can and wants!
It is rampage already, so some rules I think may be softer.

And let the riders more time to build their lines.
More time to get ready. More time at all and less preassure

Also I'd wanted no crashes.
But is it possible ? I think no. Less risk -> less interest -> no "Rampage".

It is called "RAMPAGE". I saw the real rampage this time: broken ankle...hand...nose..broken vertebrae - OH MY ..CKING GOD! FOR WHAT ???????????????????!!!
...It's a silent horror...9hrs surgery...I just have no words.
Any words, any instagram or other online shit with niciest comments can't help that guy to rerurn his health back to the point it was before the crash.
You can't change the bones like bikeparts. But you can change your mind and decisions.
You'd better do it BEFORE.
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 this is great!
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 amen bro, our best wishes to Paul !!!
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 It´s totally true that the most risk the most points. In previous vids a few riders chat about "his line and people who take their lanes for free whit no care" WTF?I think it made no sense at all,we need the future riders (kids) doing the "lemming thing" at Bike Park ´cos they think are close to Andreu L.?I think no.
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 After I saw that Instagram post I got butterflies in my stomach because I heard Paul bas was ok. I totally agree with the top comment, and even though this is getting our sport out there I just don't think it's worth the risk of losing a life at rampage. It's gonna happen, it is only a matter of time. And who doesn't love watching their favorite rider throw down on some massive jumps in Utah?!? But riskTo reward ration here is way off, even its its $100,000
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 The riders know the risks, do they not? These guys build their entire careers around risk taking. What amazes me is how some of these guys wear little to no body armor, but that's beside the point. We hate to see people get injured, but we watch *because* the risks are huge, and what they do on bicycles is unbelievable...most would say impossible unless they saw it with their own eyes.
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 I might be the only one, but i enjoyed the coverage and the riding at Rampage this year. For the last 6 days, there are amazing videos and photos that capture the epicness of the event. This is my superbowl/ world cup. Overall the vibe was positive.

You gotta take Zink's #f*ckrampage attitude with a grain of salt. He felt like he got a lower score than he deserved. However, risking your life shouldn't necessarily translate to podium. Every year before Rampage I worry most about Zink and what hes gonna try to do. If he f*cked up that huge step down backflip years ago, his pregnant wife could have been without a husband and dad. He makes his own decision to ride the way he does. It ain't Rampages fault.

I think the main issues with Rampage is weather and preparation time. Every event like this is at the mercy of the weather and this year is no different. Riders lost a day of practice and building because of it. Vink and McCaul both yet down hard, partly because they didn't have enough time to build or practice. Both seem to be in good spirits and are not blaming the event. Other riders couldn't complete their 2nd run because of the wind. This factor ain't really Redbull's fault, however, the riders need more time to get prepared incase of a reschedule. And there should be multiple days for finals if its windy. Make it a longer event with more time for practice and building. Then pick the best 2 days for finals so everyone can get 2 runs in.

Problem is this is a sponsored, competitive, spectator event. That limits how the event can be handled. Of course its about marketing and brand recognition, how the hell else would you pay for this. Without Redbull, Rampage wouldn't exist and big mtn biking wouldn't really exist. This event take so much planning and money. Any event like this HAS to be competitive. Unfortunately almost all sports are. Its also a spectator sport and us lucky bastards can watch the sickest mtb biking from the comfort of our home, or in my case, work chair. However, you have to have a short time period to film and broadcast the event. People who travel to the site want to be able to go there on the weekend and catch the finals in a day.

Judging solution. 3 way vote with equal input from 1) Riders 2) Fans 3) Judges

The fact is this is a dangerous extension of our sport. It is probably the most entertaining as well. People redefine reality and gravity and become superhuman. The rush and high they must feel is greater than anything most of us will ever know. They make their own decisions not Redbull. The prize money is A LOT higher than it used to be and Redbull paid for the health insurance for all the riders. The only reason riders should be at this event should be to push their own limits and progress the sport. NOT FOR THE MONEY OR FAME!

Best luck to Paul B, heal up quick!
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 Dude your right...it is time to send our prayers to Paul B..and just stop the squabbling...
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 The Rampage negative vibes started off with that brutal highlight of TMAC getting knocked out cold and CMAC having to ignore his feelings to start commentating the show. These highlights should be released in the bike media sites to get the shock and surprise out of the way before adding them to the Rampage show. It's hard to have a positive vibe going when the fresh CMAC crash footage is still on our minds. Let us all be thankful to God for his riders have inspired us, and may they all regain full health to continue to do so.
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 I probably enjoyed this rampage the least out of all these years. I had an ugly feeling watching after a while, I dunno.. For now Zink's hashtag sums it up best: #f*ckrampage -Cam Zink.

Paul Bas, Tmac, Vink, Bizet, Rogatkin (I don't care if he hit the canyon gap, there was something knocked outta whack by that fall). After seeing so many of our best breaking themselves, this was the first time I felt like it wasn't worth it. The competition, the media, time constraints, and the exposure available pushes everyone to take that extra step over the "line". This is just my opinion, rampage is too gnarly to force into a two run comp format.
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 @slayerdegnar That is possibly the most realistic way of taking it and yeah, Zink seems pissed because of how the event was run this year, his line being judged poorly and because of them spreading a rumor that Paul Bas was OK. That's just unacceptable shit right there.

This is a very intense event, it always has been. It seems only now with the much larger audience do people (PB members I'm referring to) show a lot of distaste towards how the event was run. Rampage has run into weather holds before and if riders didn't want to go, they didn't have to, I think there's no issue there. However, with an event like this that's so unique, I'd much rather prefer to have them with a week of digging, followed by a week of sessioning. It would be a lot safer due to having more time and a lot less pressure which makes the riders more comfortable, thus better at making the right calls.

I loved the exposure the event was getting because of NBC and the new found focus of Red Bull, but maybe this isn't an event best run at that level of production. It may be close to doing more harm than good for the event itself.
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 @SithBike I agree with what you're saying man, that's exactly how I felt when the show started. Especially as I really wanted to see Tyler destroy that run he'd built. I also agree with your sentiments towards the riders for inspiration and their health. Just don't assume that we all worship the g.o.d man. I don't assume that everyone believes that life is what we make it, even though that is my belief. I apologise for going off topic here. All my best to the injured riders, heal up quick pls.
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 I'm glad it's not just me who felt like this. I almost enjoyed a run more when they reached the bottom, because at that point you know they're safe. The big differences between where this idea comes from (Ski/Snowboarding) is the consequences when you fall.

Snow is obviously not quite like pillows, but it's an awful lot better than crashing down the side of a cliff. As a brand, Red Bull do some amazing things, and on the whole they do our sport good with the money that comes in, but also the exposure events like this give on a global scale.

We could sit here all day and discuss, but I'd love to get some honest rider opinions as others have suggested - ultimately, these guys are wired differently to most of us.

As for the future of Rampage, it'll be interesting. I listen to a podcast about Moto/Supercross and they were discussing another event (Red Bull Straight Rhythm from last week), saying that RB literally give zero f**cks about attendance, it's just for content - which is the same deal as rampage and why they live stream it, so other format would essentially mean this is removed.

That's alongside the questionable judging, but ultimately sports all over the world face this (I don't follow the olympics, but I'm sure events like Diving have had similar controversies, how did they get over it?).

Lastly, thoughts are with Paul... They said on the commentary it was "just a broken arm", nice. Get well soon bro.

Okay, I thought I'd finished this but I changed my mind. Mika Musquin rode Supercross in France (brother of Marvin, the Red Bull KTM rider) and broke his back recently, paralysed. This article is well worth a read [http://racerxonline.com/2015/10/14/between-the-motos-mika-musquin]. An interesting quote...

"It's at times like these that we realize that at the end of the day, none of that actually matters. If we are able to touch people by what we do and who we are in life, that's the best thing that could ever happen to us."

[What is it with injuries lately, Darcy Ward in the speedway world is paralysed, Marvin Musquin's brother Mika, Stephen Frossard..]
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 I didn't watch it live this year because I specifically didn't want to witness the death of one of these guys that I admire so much..
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 I'm gonna play devils advocate here: Every single competitor built and then rode their own line. Not Red Bull, not their sponsors, no one but themselves made them build and ride that line. Cam is already a legend, already has the world record for the longest backflip, already has a Mitsubishi commercial, and single handedly brought YT to the US... why on earth he would be pissed at Rampage for a line that he built and rode himself is beyond me.

The truth is that there are some extremely heavy hitters riding today. Aggy and Andreu have done nothing but hit HUGE stuff all year. Brandon and Brett have been battling each other for #1 on the freeride scene all year. Cam's run was absolutely insane in itself... and would have probably won every other Rampage up to this point. The simple fact is that you can't blame riders for getting better at the sport. Some guys are pushing themselves WAY beyond their limits, some guys are keeping it in check, and some guys are choosing not to play anymore. Cam has nothing left to prove, he has a family; a business; and a long life ahead of him. He shouldn't blame Rampage.

Nothing but good healing vibes to all those who were hurt/injured. The rest of the world will never know what it is really like to put everything on the line and risk it all. #madrespect
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 Don't mean to play devils advocate advocate here. But I don't think any rider would attempt to ride the Zink line the way he did. But he could probably get a good score riding any other riders line. Rewarding big tricks on big mountain lines is just not happening. Looks like Zink is a really nice guy or just three years to slow to realize this.
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 Wise words!!! I am with you man!
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 I started watching Rampage last night and had to turn it off - the injuries to these riders sicken's me. As much as I want to support the riders by watching the event, I feel stronger not to support this Red Bull event. It's gone way too far.
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 And red Bull have this "wings for life" to support people who cant walk.
If red bull dont support the shit out of Paul will I start a campain against them.
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flag Trudeez (Oct 18, 2015 at 12:07) (Below Threshold)
 I feel like the revolt against them is already starting. Unbelievable they they would report Paul as being ok, it makes me sick to my stomach. This sounds exactly like something big government would do. Not to say that I know whether they made a reporting error or are in full cover up mode but it sure sounds like the latter. Not a SINGLE word from redbull yet about the status or concern for any of the riders or the event. Sounds to me like they are f*cking their tails trying to save the face of Rampage and Red Bull. #irideforpaul #f*ckrampage #boycottrampage #boycottredbull
  • 3 1
 I'll get behind this too, bro.
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 There is a documentary against redbull from a tv statuon in germany. Hiw redbull is pushing all kind of riders beyond oblivion. I meab red bull paid so much for people bot to watch it.
  • 35 1
 Has everyone I feel weird about this 2015 rampage. Not just the judging, but the all thing.

It's funny that the @MojoMaujer comment on Claudio course preview article
"this is not mountain biking... this is just a tv show for teenagers." won the most downvoted comment award (-828 ).

Because he is not totally wrong.

Associated with the @dakuan comment from Rogatkin crash article "It's only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured at Rampage.
The whole thing is starting to feel a bit macabre, like a base jumping competition where the winner is the last one to open their 'chute." (+411)

It's like some glimpse in the subconscious of the bike community, about how we perceive our sport and everything around it.

A mix between "This Crash Couldn't Stop Nicholi Rogatkin" and "This Crash should have Stop Nicholi Rogatkin."

Between the childish cool-epic-rad-est-ever thing and the wisdom of being humble.

One is how redbull want us to perceive our sport, the other how we finally perceive it.

I don't know what is the most represented profile on the bike community, but I think a lot of us are like me :
around the same age of Semenuk ; passionned by biking since day 1 ; educated by the Kranded, NWD and The Collective series ;
and a all time fan of redbull rampage, since it's the competition I love the most in the sport I love the most...

So in some way I'm happy with what redbull is doing : I was able to watch in HD a live event
that took place in a desert filmed from helicopters.

So yeah it's normal that the next day all the POV are posted on the redbull's youtube account, just a return on investment.

And thank's to Rogatkin crash and McCaul epic comment "it's the biggest crash in the history of ten edition of rampage,
and he's now go back on his bike it he canyon gap", it will be more rentable.

Want some black humour ? It will pay the health care for Paul Bas.

So if I can suggest something from my small point of view, for me the coolest thing about all the Rampage I have seen,
instead of other events like Crankworx, are not the final run, but all the preparation behind, the building, the opening,
in one word the coverage (Pink Bike your are doing an Amazing job), and if money has to be spent, I definitely prefer
that aspect of the event.

I remember this video of Aggasiz and Lancondeguy opeing the big drop
and was feeling like @Zimmer68 "We're definatly living in one of the coolest times in earths history."

So maybe Lancondeguy is right by saying it should be more a big jam, maybe like the Fest I don't know,
cause it's more a glory event, and Bizet show it by not finishing his run and being the unofficial public choice award, maybe
the only award that has a true sense for us, the true fan of this sport. (along with the the wisdom award for Zink).

In the end maybe it was the last time we saw rampage has we know it, and maybe even redbull is aware
of that by taking a photo of all the winner of the event, before one of them die.

Hope the best for the future of our sport.

Be strong Paul.
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 I think they need to do away with rampage as a contest. It was no fun to watch this year. After Paul went down I lost interest. No need to push riders to the point of never walking again. I hope this is the last rampage
  • 19 2
 @rileyd540 Agreed, seeing Paul go down was the nail in the coffin for this event for me too. My personal opinion is that the plug needs to get pulled on Rampage, but I feel like that should be decided by the riders. I think I only tune in because so many of my favorite riders are riding their bikes in one place, but at the end of the day I won't miss Rampage if it was gone. I'd be... relieved. Perhaps in its absence it would allow something better to be organized.
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 I see where you guys are coming from and fully respect your opinions but then again it is the riders choice to put their bodies on the line but it is still very unnerving hearing that Paul was so critically injured.
  • 3 3
 Yeah, and that's absolutely a valid rationale behind competing, have my upvote. But considering there's pretty much shit else for big freeriding events that exist, I think if I spent all my time on a saddle and pretty much sacrificed my life for the love of this I'd feel compelled to jump for the only opportunity to get on top of that canyon and risk it, even if my heart wasn't totally in it. PS regarding my above post I doubt they'd ever actually pull the plug on Rampage, it's set in stone I'm sure it will continue on every year.
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 Must admit I was stoked to watch rampage coming up, but after watching rogatkins crash before the event even started I was kinda unsure, after watching a couple of crashes though in finals the even suddenly became very macabre to me, I still wanted to watch to the end, but it stopped making sense to me... 2 broken femurs in a previous event was pretty bad too, that's a serious injury!
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 Can't help but think Red Bull is getting a bit of a hard time over an event that would snapped up by a number of other brands within seconds. We're the ones to blame- the ones that watch it, comment or tweet about and gives the event the massive buzz that makes it so commercially valuable. Hundreds of people used to gather to watch an execution- people feel compelled to watch something they may not enjoy as such- like a car crash or Eastenders. As horrific as it sounds crashes are part of what the general public want- it reaffirms that the event is dangerous makes it more interesting to watch. After the event they carry on with their day jobs whilst the competitors are in hospital facing uncertain futures. I watched the event but was honestly just praying people would make it down in one piece. My thoughts are with Bas, Herbs, Bizet and all those who crashed. Paul Bas is a true rider and legend and I wish him all the best in what everyone sincerely hopes is a full recovery.
  • 3 0
 I guess I can understand the rest bull hate on the fact that they've turned the competition into such a money making corporate show that guys are having to risk so much because their career in Mountain biking depends on it. What I don't understand is blaming Red Bull for giving these guys an event to showcase their skills that's not a jump comp or a race. Over and over you hear pro's talking about how it's the one event they look forward to all year. Yes the consequences have gotten so high that something probably needs to be done about the format and venue but my interpretation is that the riders love rampage. Most of these guys love going huge and pushing their boundaries. It does give guys that aren't racers or slopestyle guys an opportunity to show their stuff and make a career out of riding bikes which is amazing. Hopefully the riders can take control and figure out a way to keep rampage alive yet have more control over the format and keep everyone happy.
  • 13 2
 One day everyone loves the rampage , the next day everyone hate it. (just look at the comments of previous articles...)
I don't get it.

Crashes have always been a part of this sport, especially at the top level, I don't understand why suddenly everyone loses their minds. Just look at the old NWD...
What's next ? Blame the filmmakers for pushing the rider's limits regaless of the risks ?

I feel like I'm the only one who appreciated to watch this edition.

Anyway, I wish a good recovery to Paul Bas. His run was absolutely awesome.
And I would appreciate to get some news about him instead of looking other's riders facebook to be informed.
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 Rampage has turned into a gladiators game, not a mtb/freeride competition. Is this what we want? Is this what the riders want?
  • 10 2
 Something is wrong with this "Ultimate Guide."

I came here for an update on Paul Basagoitia, but I had to scroll all the way down to the comments to find it.
  • 9 0
 Thank you, Zink!
  • 3 0
 I'm sorry to hear about Paul, but I don't get ZInk's #f*ckrampage remark? Is he upset his friend got hurt or because of his score? Rampage has been the same high risk event since day 1 everyone should know the risks going into this event. I can't help but think it's more sour grapes as In previous years when Zink was on the podium and others got hurt he was wasn't bashing the event that arguably made him a house hold name.
  • 4 2
 I agree with the double edge sword idea...Redbull brings exposure and "rewards" that not many others can, as well as elevating a contest to a world-wide event from a another "so-and-so's backyard freeride jam sesh!" I think it comes down to each riders personal decision to participate/compete...which in and of itself is also difficult considering sponsorship requirements/demands. But as Aggy and Andreu showed, sometimes the riders themselves decide whats worth it and whats not. They chose not to ride a second run, and I don't think anyone will give them trouble for it. It must be remembered that this side of the sport of mountain biking is still the fringe, and will most likely always be the fringe...there ain't many people doing this kind of stuff!! In the end, I feel that it is a personal choice to be a part of it or not, and we each live with the outcomes of our own choices. As for Redbull, they end up being a servant to the masses...giving us what we want.
  • 3 1
 @larriveeblue For sure. I just watched a couple of the vids that are actually posted in the article and it does look like most riders are having a decent time there overall during build week, I do hope it's worth it for them. That's why I'd love to hear from some competitors personally with no sugar coating on their statements. I'd be plenty happy seeing all these same guys shred hardline or something and having all the exposure/cash purse/hype go to that though. Probably wouldn't sell as well to the Redbull branding, however... but then again they sponsor parkour lol
  • 4 2
 Get well soon Paul & the others that caned themselves on the day & in practice too. I agree it is pushing the sport to the limit, but in the same vein, I can push myself to the limit in the local woods & have nearly died from it. It's just part of the sport and they are calculated risks. You don't HAVE to do any of it. It's a personal and mental thing we all push ourselves, sometimes and sadly enough, too far. Healing vibes all. It's tough but I know you'll all get through.
  • 3 2
 Well I think it is pretty easy to be pushed beyond your limit at an event like rampage.
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 You don't have to do anything but if you ride bikes for a living, I'm sure there's way more pressure on you to take these risks. I think most people commenting are saying that Rampage encourages risk, rather than events like Fest which are more encouraging to ride within one's comfort zone and progress in a safe way.
  • 4 2
 I think everyone was masking the fear they have of rampage under their slight excitement. I remember watching every person hitting the rzr and hoping they wouldn't get hurt. And hearing that Paul Bas is not feeling his legs only makes me want to hate rampage more. I see a lot of people feel the same, so let's spread Zink's hashtag #f*ckrampage
  • 2 0
 What is wrong with everybody? What's with this f*ck rampage BS? Cut the drama guys this is mountain biking.

There were some bad injuries, Paul B crashed pretty bad. Its a dangerous competition. The level this year was off the hook! I was blown away by the lines and energy that guys were throwing down. Props to all the riders for upping the ante.
  • 3 2
 Healing vibes to Paul Bas. Rampage is a truly death defying event to even get down the mountain is an achievement let alone with the aggression, flow and style that these guys do it with! Fingers crossed for Paul. I've seen a lot of negative comments regarding Rampage but these athletes know the risks and the rewards that come with this event and the progression in the last few years has been off the scale. All riders who threw down are heroes and I'm sure that they will all pull together to support Paul and keep pushing the limits of what's possible on a mountain bike. I also hope that Redbull step up and financially support Bas though out his treatment and recovery
  • 2 1
 what is the prize for winning at the Rampage?In my opinion Rampage format is boring and it must be moved to another place years ago...Most people does not understand Redbull´s philosophy...wait,Redbull has any philosopy?No,only money.money money money money money....I has the opportunity to talk whit a guy who works for Redbull(base jumps&parachute) and his words was like a soldier words,I´m am alive ´cos I still lucky...We like bikes `cos we have fun riding it,but jumping that canyon gap is not funny...
  • 3 2
 I've been lucky enough to grow up in the Reno biking community and for the last ten years grown to envy and respect Paul and Cam immensely, and to ride and become friends with them. This whole situation is making me I'll with the lack of exposure and concern from the main media outlets about the injuries to Paul and the other riders. This includes you PB, vital, singketracks, redbull; you've all done a major disservice to these riders and they deserve better! All any of you have done is report how great rampage was and how "epic" your photo slideshows are. Report the f*cking truth dammit. Rampage wad not a success in many ways. #irideforpaul #f*ckrampage #boycottrampage #boycottredbull
  • 2 1
 What do you think is eventually gonna happen when you have a bunch of guys riding bikes in this kind of environment? Should we be surprised by serious injuries? Don't blame Red Bull, it's the riders who make the risk/reward decision. Who forced them to ride in this event? The real question is why do they do it. It's not the money, according to many its not enough, so that only leaves the perceived glory as a reason. Hope that kid recovers.
  • 1 0
 Has anyone seen the crash reels from the 10 years of this event? Its just dumb luck that some of those guys didnt end up like Bas. Rogatkin could have easily been in that position after his crash this year. This is a dangerous sport but bad stuff could happen to anyone. Go watch footage of Stephen Murray's crash in bmx that took him out, and paralyzed him. that literally could happen to anyone who hits any jump at anytime. We shouldn't just pack up and quit because someone got hurt. Maybe we can use to find a way to make the running of this event safer- no live feed or possibly require more safety gear. Not that im saying that gear or lack of gear had anything to do with Bas' injury im just making a comparison to motorsports where they have more strict requirements for that kind of thing. A lot of car race tracks offer appearance money to competitors, especially in dirt track racing. Maybe that could be a viable option for future events considering the riders add the value to the event. We should use this as a catalyst to move forward and progress and improve aspects of this contest and this sport and not shrink back and away from such a cool event.
  • 1 0
 How did this come to be ??? It is not Red Bull's fault.... The riders shouldn't be bitching either. I love how Red Bull puts on a lot of these events..

but here is the problem.... Progression.....I remember a really good rider telling me he is quiting. He said he was quiting because if you hit a 4 foot drop then you hit a 6 foot drop then a 10 foot drop, then you have to hit a 16 foot drop...but that isn't good enough you need to go bigger.....so that was one part of it, but then he said...kids are going to do 360's and flips soon....I don't want to be any part of that....because If you do a back flip on 4 feet....you will have to go bigger....think about a back flip over a 60 foot double??? let that sit in for a moment....

How about this ?? Cam you have always been nice to me, but here me out.

Cam Zink calling out Rampage and f*ck rampage...well then don't be a hypercrite because you sponsored the YT jump. Should we have #f*ckYTbikes ??? Are you calling for boycott....because then YT bikes should be boycotted too.. Can't have it both ways.

The Red Bull event is awesome. I love camping out there. Riding with people and watching the event. Like many, sometimes the judging doesn't seem right. . 2008 ??? When they started putting in ramps ...I started saying "I hope no one kills themselves" because the risk is there.....

Bottom line....Red Bull is not alone. Crankworks or any other event guys can get hurt bad or killed. The riders themselves have to decide what risks to take. It is not Red Bulls fault for putting on the event...The fault can just be blamed on progression....

Healing Vibes to P Bass
  • 1 0
 First off, i hope Paul Bas ends up coming out of this ok.
One possible solution to the judging which i saw in the redbull elevation bmx contest is to have the finals divided into two heats and the riders from the opposite heats judge each other. I dont see why some f*cking snowboard judges were even allowed near this event...
On the topic of the danger level, a lot of other sports have risen to the point where competitors boycotted the event because of it. Formula 1 comes to mind where numerous times drivers had their own meetings to decide whether to boycott a rainy dangerous or outdated track. At the end of the day this isnt the military, anyone who wants to back out can.
On the money making of this event. If riders arent content with redbull making money off of them they are free (assuming sponsorship obligations dont say otherwise) to start and run their own contests, Like the Fest series. Im not criticizing redbull for making money on their event but from a business standpoint it may be better financially for some riders to conceive of their own event and they can control all the media rights to it similar to the 9 knights event.
Lastly, ive always thought this was the coolest event. It seems like so many diverse guys come out of the woodwork and anyone one of them can win. Its way better then all the cookie cutter dirt jumping style contests. This event and all the building and stuff really inspires me to create stuff and id love to see this format be used on all sorts of terrain. Imagine a contest like this in the woods with crazy wooden obstacles and gnarcroft style jumps. Cool possibilities.....
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 Rampage is an amazing event, until you figure... Hey these kidz can actually end up on a wheelchair. And they get mysery prices to risk their life.

The interesting debate between riders about lines property is not very mtbiker. As some of the riders figure out too.

Overall redbull is a very powerful company, which main interest is to make money. They could care lees if riders end up on a wheel chair, as long as they promote their brand and get thons of clicks.

They killed F1 racing few years ago, when it was decided to change the rules quite a bit (because ferrari was always winning). Redbull was the company working w organizers to re-write the rules. So they had 6 months advatage to develop the car. Which means your competition will never catch up. Red bull started winning in f1.

My point is... Try to look beyhond what seems ovious.

'Nuff said
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 Paul is the man a rad dude just to ride rampage....... let alone the stuff they do down the mountain with flips and 360
But I believe that being that good of a rider we all know it comes with risks ...
Watch the videos befor they started practice during building u can tell they know what there getting themselves into sorge saying send it doerfling with confidence ???then cam talking bout doerflings drop crazy???NICO vink talking bout how stuff is juss crazy but that's rampage ????? All these guys are the some of the best riders in the world at rampage if not the best and with come great accomplishment comes some sorrow ........they wouldn't do this stuff if they weren't aware what could happen it sucks when something does happen ..... these guys are genius and calculate everything to a t .......... the sport is being pushed to far my opinion though ...
Paul is a strong dude and he will carry threw it its gunna be rough but with technology know a days .... well see him on a bike soon Smile
Fast recovery
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 Rampage = Risk > Reward
  • 3 1
 If the riders felt that the risk wasn't worth the reward, why would they accept the invite and participate? They all have a choice
  • 2 1
 Comments here(for the most part) show the mature caring side of mountain bikers.
Thanks PB for all the great coverage of the event.
MY heart sinks hearing about the condition of Paul Bass.
  • 3 1
 Paul B here is to hoping you have a full recovery. All of us in the MTB community hate to see a brother down.
  • 4 2
 Rampage is the judge judy of mtb
  • 3 3
 What kind of injuries did Paul sustain? I can't find anything concrete online. it it really that bad?
  • 3 1

‘This champion has started a long road to recovery after shattering his T12 vertebrae yesterday and undergoing 9 hours of surgery.’ Mightn’t be able to walk again. It’s really that bad.
  • 2 2
 I really hope the industry gets behind this and doesn't try and hide it. Injuries are a huge part of any extreme sport but it would look so terrible if this is just swept under the rug.
  • 1 0
 anyone know what happened to tom vansteenburgen? i swear he didnt compete?
  • 2 0
 he landed on his back during practice and was temporarily paralyzed, but has since regained all feeling/movement and should be fine, but he was waaaay to shaken up to compete. peep his instagram.
  • 1 0
 What were the cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best trick?
  • 2 3
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