The Ultimate Guide to the Lenzerheide World Cup

Jul 7, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 Pinkbike's coverage has been top notch lately!
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 Due to all of the superb articles that have been steadily flowing lately, I simply cannot get any work done. Yeah, thanks PB.
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 Yeah, they've really taken the bull by the horns this season. They've always had exceptional coverage in the past, but I felt they were a step-or-two behind Vital with the overall package. They've changed my mindset drastically this year. Thanks, Pinkbike!!
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 Ugh I hate this... too easy to find everything...
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 love this - easy way to find everything!
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 I want to nominate that pic of Greg Minnaar on The Plunge for photo of the year, right now.
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 Anyone have a link to the update DH standings? UCI website is such garbage and still shows Rat Boy in first.
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 Yea its super annoying
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 loving this idea of a recap so I can find everything so easily. PB you seem to be stepping it up lately ........keep up the dirtbagging work.
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 Props to Pinkbike for really raising the bar in regards to WC coverage. They've always been the gold-standard in the slopestyle comps, but were a little behind with WC coverage - not that their coverage was horrible, but other sites seemed to be a step-or-two ahead. If anything, Pinkbike just hit the nitrous boosters and dropped the others violently. Good to see, as this benefits us the viewers.
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 I think, we need to give thumbs up to RedBull too, regardless of their screwup during the coverage. They were working in pretty extreme conditions and managed to recover pretty fast. Keep the coverage coming, RB! And thank you, Pinkbike. This was awesome.
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 Oops fat fingers.. . Meant to + that, absolutely right, where would the sport be (not to mention others) without Red Bull support!

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 Not enough xc coverage this time around. Although it has been great so far this year.
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 the photo epic and Claudio's prev are getting better
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 I'd say his commenting with Rob is getting better too! It was good.
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 I think Claudio is finally getting his rhythm in the commentary department. Keep in mind he's managing a race team the entire weekend, so he can't prepare as well as Rob can. The amount on knowledge Rob and Claudio possess is mind-numbing. Advantage - us. Smile

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