The Ultimate Recap of Sea Otter 2019

Apr 17, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Rachel Strait on stage 4.

Andrew L Esperance on his way to third place this morning.

Monterey, California mountain biking trails

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 Retired from pro racing in 2001, Leigh Donovan qualified 2nd in Pro Slalom, ended up 5th...That was kinda cool. Signed, her biggest fan Wink
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 Leigh was flying. I loved how she fired back at Keith DeFibre in her post-heat interview at the DS when he said "She's retired, but got off the couch to be here today!" She was not having that and made sure it was known she had been training, plus still operated her skills clinic.
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 Why are there no galleries of the bikes used in the different events? I want to see all the dual slalom rigs! This is the first year you haven't done any pro bike galleries.
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 Love the helmet.
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 Waiting for 'Absolutely The Very FINAL Sea Otter Wrap-Up'
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 Kinda thought there'd be more on this "ultimate" recap...where's all the footie
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 La croix is pronounced la-croy NOT la-kwah. It's from the midwest to rhyme with enjoy, not from France.
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 The Thursday XC photo report is from last years race.
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 XC link is to the 2018 photos
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 How Rachel Strait sponsored by GT! She's a mid pack rider at best.
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 Because her being mid-pack is still faster than 95% of female riders and probably faster than you.
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 Pretty obvi... Ample viewership = Sponsorship in this day and age. Skill is just one factor to get there.
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 Mid pack in that field is nothing to be ashamed of. She was JR. National XC Champion. She's posted top half results for most of her career which is pretty solid. Got a marketing degree. And she photographs well.... and being married to Kyle doesn't hurt.

That's why she's on GT. Not everyone on every team is going to constantly podium. How often does Masters win?
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 A: She's photogenic.
B: Nice Person
C: Talented Rider (maybe not the best, but still talented)
D: Married to Lyle
E: Instagram
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 I'm sure it has a lot to do with her being a part of the GT family, and has been. Even if she didn't race pro, GT would be happy to have her as a brand ambassador. She's been on a bike her whole life, her father supports the sport working for Team Big Bear, and comes from a life of devotion to riding bicycles. being married to Kyle really solidifies her devotion to the sport. Instagram famous or not, no denying her devotion to mountain biking
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 @twowheelmotion: Her father is the best guy ever! Just talked to him a bunch racing DH last weekend. Dude is so lucky to be alive and has the best attitude ever. Lyle's father-in-law.
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 Because she’s cool as f*ck and is a great brand ambassador. There’s more to life and more to mountain biking than just being the fastest on any given day
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 I miss Manuel Beastley.
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