Video: Lunatic Sender Completes Morzine

Aug 6, 2018
by Thomas Sandell  
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Creative lines, mad hucks, insane speeds and close calls. A flat-out edit of a full gas season in the Alps.

Film by Thomas Sandell.

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 Title did not lie
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 The Pinkbike title did! Most of the riding is outside of Morzine! Chatel, Super Morzine (Avoriaz) and Royal Hills (not even in the Portes du Soleil!).
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 @SintraFreeride: feel for you
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flag Downhill1Enduro1James1 (Aug 7, 2018 at 14:13) (Below Threshold)
 @SintraFreeride: delete your account buddy
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Man calm down, for locals this is frustrating because Avoriaz/Châtel are working hard to make amazing trails and they try to bring more ppl there. Morzine is just an average bikepark in the PDS Chatel/Avoriaz/Morgins are way better.

I know for you guys Morzine is like Whistler for Australians but this just one bikepark.
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 @Downhill1Enduro1James1: When you work your ass off building and maintaining trails and another Ski Resort gets all the credit come talk to me.
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 Sending it into the chute at 40s in !! Rode that a few weeks ago, slithering and whimpering all the way down. Landing that far down is just mental!
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 me2. Braking halfway down in slow motion and the slowly getting of the brake for the last third ;-)
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flag fecalmaster (Aug 7, 2018 at 1:12) (Below Threshold)
 I'm sure he is well adapted to real natural terrain also.
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 Ah the 10% (as it used to be called and maybe still is)... brings back memories of being hard on the brakes and using all your travel eating the braking bumps at the bottom. I heard a rumour of CG launching into it...
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 Just came here to post that... Those videos don't show how steep this thing is!!!
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 Yeeeeeeeee f*cking boiii!! I like to think my riding is under control, but lunatic sender works for me! ????????Cheers for the love boys!!
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 The South African Prince is the real deal on a bike. Hella down the earth off the bike, doesn't spend much time on the earth while riding. Some of these bucks (notably the 10%) are straight stupid
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 Amazing riding. Horrendous song.
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 Na dude, shit's straight gangsta
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 Indeed. You have to wait over 2 minutes until a decent song starts. What's going on with all this gangsta rap shit? I get it people like different things but it doesn't fit in a MTB video - IMHO.
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 They are just keeping up with the tradition of absolute terrible music in every MTB vid ever. Welcome to our sport.
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 @fecalmaster: Looks like the downvote brigade doesn't know what IMHO stands for... In my humble opinion. No need to downvote someone's opinion. Shouts to all the Pinkbike Gangsta rides, you do you!
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 @Brklss: Looks like this just in,,,, nobody cares!
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 @fecalmaster: Mute the music and shut up OMG
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 @ThomasSandell: That's a great idea, can't believe after 25 years of watching MTB vids with the worst, most hilarious teenager music I never thought of that. Like totally OMG !!
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 @fecalmaster: then why don't you make mtb videos man
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 @ThomasSandell: Perhaps being less defensive and taking some criticism on board would enable you to develop your production output a bit further?
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 @ThomasSandell: I like making porn better.
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 @Brklss: noted - will consider different music for future films
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 I would think most riders would want to see their videos to whatever kind of music they like. That being said add me to the gangster rap makes my ears bleed camp. Don't really want to mute because I definitely also want to hear the bike noise. Video is amazing though so props to that.
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 @friendlyfoe: Exactly we enjoy this music Wink I get you will mix it up for next time
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 @ericpalmer: Ahhhh hahahaha @friendlyfoe @fecalmaster what you think?
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 @ThomasSandell: I think your very butthurt and need to seek a female willing to pop your cherry.
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 @ThomasSandell: Right, because I'm sure you wear Gucci and durags and can totally relate to the trap scene in Miami.
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 @motard5: That's def true but what do you know about any trap scene anywhere, Miami golf course trap house maybe. Wankster's coming out the woodwork .
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 @motard5 dude what does the Miami trap scene have to do with me enjoying the beat?
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 I sure wish I didn’t have the gene this guy is obviously missing. You know, the one that keeps me on the ground most the time.
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 @ThomasSandell Nice work man, insane video! Some people do cool creative stuff and other people just whine about songs in videos. Thanks for being one of the guys that does cool creative stuff.
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 @ThomasSandell this is wicked stuff, your work with the fest series has been insane. By the way it's Pat (Rob Strong's mate), we met in capetown about 18 months ago. Hope you're well mate.
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 Not only does Theo ride like a Demon but he took the time out of his Morzine/Chatel holiday to show us old pricks, who are hanging onto our youth by a thread, some insane trails and patiently towed us into some of the biggest hucks and fastest trails of our lives! Legend dude and Great Edit @ThomasSandell !
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 @Feet thanks dude Smile
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 Huck it you pussy! Razz Go go Theo, Cape Town represent
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 Every single landing in the first part sounded like the rear shock was bottoming...
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 You are goin' huge! Nice work, I'll never ride like that.
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 What I ride like in my dreams....goodnight....
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 I'm listening to classical music at work and this video basically fit right in
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 Awesome riding! Nice filming and editing too! But that first song... abysmal.
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 Damn! Awesome job
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 Wow! ????
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 Whooooo nelly added to favs mister big sender!
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 Man's mastery of his machine! I dream I can ride like this...
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 Great stuff!
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 I had good Laugh reading all the comments ! popcorn finished
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 Holy Huck, Theo!

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