Thibaut Daprela Out of Snowshoe World Cup DH & Overall Series Title After Qualifying Crash (Updated)

Sep 17, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Commencal shared on social media that Thibaut Daprela will not be racing tomorrow after a crash in qualifying today, a heartbreaking loss of the overall title. We've heard the injury may be a broken fibula, likely down at his ankle, but that's yet to be confirmed. Update: Daprela confirmed that he appears to have broken his thumb and his fibula.

bigquotesMan down! @thibautdaprela will be back, but sadly he won’t be racing tomorrow. Get well soon Titi!Commencal Bikes

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

We wish him all the best in his recovery and congratulate him on an incredible season.


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 This is such a shame, guy's been on a tear all year and doesn't deserve 2 x DNF at the last hurdle after having the leader's jersey all season. Get well soon and on it next year Thibault!
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 Agreed, never want to see a title decided this way. Would have been epic to see him take the overall his first year.
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 Get well soon!!! Titi was the anchor of my fantasy team
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 @salespunk: still going to be a tight overall with loris and loic tho!!!
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 thats racin boys
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 @suspended-flesh: mine too. Not as if I had a chance of winning but still... This is a total bummer
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 @salespunk: this is his second year. He raced in 2020.

To be fair, 2020 was a weird year so maybe you don’t want to count it, but I had him on my fantasy team last year Smile
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 Was it the Enve wheels again?
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 @salespunk: isn’t this the point though? It’s a season of racing, not 2 races.

I’m sure nobody would feel this way if someone had 2 DNFs to start the season and then went on a winning pace through to the end.
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 North American races always seem to shake things up. Huge bummer for him
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 It is a shame to see this happen after Thibaut’s year so far! But I suppose it’s one of those seasons where no one has come out unscathed - even Loris had a flat tire at round 1 and then after qualifying fastest at round 2, got dealt with heavy rain and limped home again. So while it’s rough, it’s part of what makes downhill so unpredictable and exciting! But injuries do suck though.
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 @Zuman: looks like he rode around big loose rock. Which made rim ride over wet root at an angle. Then uncliped and rodeod off a rock drop over the bars
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 Greg in 2017, is sport, is races...Greeting
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 Greg in 2017, is races, is sport... Greetings.
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 @pcledrew: Absolutely, the overall is about consistency more than outright speed. Daprella is young and doesn't know how to turn it down from 11 to 9. If had just raced for a top 10 earlier this week he would be wearing the crown. He also didn't need to push it on qualifying at all either, so here we are.

BTW this is exactly what Vergier has done, isn't it? Had a few poor results early in the season and now is on fire and competing for the overall. Tomorrow is going to be awesome to watch.
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 There should be a “people’s champ award”, the guys been on fire all season and is exciting to watch. Heal up fella
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 @salespunk: Yes, the only silver lining is he should look to Loris who had a similar overall evaporate after a flat tire and getting rained on in the last two rounds, then came back as the most dominant rider of the year (despite some bad luck again earlier on)
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flag Zachmozach (Sep 17, 2021 at 22:22) (Below Threshold)
 Team Commencal should have been running higher pressures, and not experimenting on their athletes. I hope to see him next year on higher pressures, spoke tension, and better wheels.
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 @Zachmozach: I very much doubt commencal get a say in what tyre pressures they run. That's a riders choice.
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 @pcledrew: no not really. That's a pretty glib way of putting it. You could break many things in life down to that level and life would all the more boring and miserable for it.
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 Wrong arrow sorry
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 East Coast stuff happens
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 @salespunk: you like a worried old grandma. He has been tearing up all season, without crashing.
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 @salespunk: well not exactly. Vergier still managed to get points. This is two DNFs for Daprela.
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 Nice work Sherlock. That last image really looks brutal @gcrider:
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 @Fishoholics: He did have a massive off in the mid-season at french nationals as well.
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 @gcrider: Damn good work there. Either that or Jackson scared him off... not an easy year for Daprela, but he'll bounce back
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 My new favorite rider! This fuxxing guy! He reminds me of a young Bruni. Fast as hell and balls bigger than basketballs! Such a bright future. Heal up, kid. I can’t wait to see what you are truly cabals of.
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 Jackson Goldstone gets the footy, what can't this kid do?!?!
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 He got The footage of Cathro overtaking the guy ahead of him too.
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 @Shawn902: where’s the Cathro one. I haven’t seen that.
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 That's a huge bummer. But he's not automatically out of the overall title, right? Theoretically, if both Vergier and Bruni dnf'd (or flatted and got minimal points), Daprela would still take the overall. Or am I missing something?
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 I think Vergier is very close behind, although as you say in theory anything could happen.
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 Seems like anything can at snowshoe. Wild.
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 According to this:

Vergier needs to get at least 47 points (so at least 19th which awards 48 points) to pass Daprela.

Bruni needs to get at least 126 points to pass Daprela (so at least 5th which awards 132) as well as 79 points MORE than however many Vergier gets.
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 Vergier is 45 points behind. He would have to finish worse than 20th. Bruni is 125 points behind, he'd have to finish worse than 6th.
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 Vergier has 79 points on Bruni. If Bruni wins, 250, vergier needs 171 points, or 2nd place, 200 points, to win overall. 3rd place is 170 points, just shy. If Bruni got 2nd, 200, vergier would need 121, or 5th place at 132.
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 If the two French contenders dont go down tomorrow, Loris needs to finish 79 points ahead of Loic:

If Loris finishes ahead of Loic in the top 19 of the rankings, he takes the title.

Here are the scenarios where Loris still takes it:

Bruni win, loris second
Bruni 2nd, loris 5th
Bruni 3rd, loris 9th
Bruni 4th loris 13th
Bruni 5th, loris 16th.

If they both get flats, who knows. Reece!
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 @chrismac: yeah theres some rain in XCC race some hours ago, so why not Reece?
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 @scott-townes: Very prescient!!
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 All the drama building up to the final round now goes down the drain... And Daprela has sustained more damage trough the season than a car test dummy, get well soon Titi!!
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 Downhill racing is such a gnarly sport. So many big injuries this year, and this is not even mentioning the standard slams they sustain on a regular basis. Just a punishing sport to the body for sure, makes Minaar's longevity all the more impressive.
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: absolutely. It's a cruel sport... hard not to acquire nagging injuries
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: seriously. Minaar is a freak...his orthopedic surgeon and physical therapists must be as well...
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 Gutted, this guy lit up the series for me. On a side note how sick would it be if Reese Wilson laid down a heater and took the overall.
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 That would be a terrible outcome!!!

TD threw a hand grenade into DH a bit like how Amaury did, but hand grenades aren't known for their slow burn longevity. I'm sure he and AP will prove me wrong. Imagine those two and the LoLo brothers all healthy over the course of a season (and the rest of them for that matter). As Finn keeps saying, what a sport!
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 Such bad luck for the young man after being so consistently dominant this whole season and this one track in the depths of the USA seems to have destroyed his hopes and dreams for the overall. He'll be back stronger next year!
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 Thibaut is becoming one of my favorite riders. I live his aggressivene riding style. Heal up and we will see you next year!
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 Same here man. Never heard of him before this year but randomly put him on my fantasy team and he ends up being crazy good haha.
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 Even without Daprela it's gonna be a good race and tense finish for the season. Vergier and Bruni are so close, but a crash or a mechanical could take the overall from either of them. How wild would it be if Daprela won the overall anyway even without racing? Not likely, but entirely possible.

It'd be even more interesting if he was racing, which I really wish he still was.
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 Heal up soon. Not sure the rocks could take another slam like that!
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 How the hell does he bounce up from these massive scorpions? I cringed at this one just as bad as Wednesday's.
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 His front wheel just exploded. That was crazy and he walked away easily.
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 What a nightmare of season ending for the guy... can't help but feel terribly for him. Hopefully he comes back with a vengeance and is right back up there next season!
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 From the Overall place to being all over the place :/

Sad. Hope he returns swinging and riding wildly next season!
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 Rough couple days at the office there mate
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 That really sucks but what an amazing season.
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 Oh, what a bummer. So sorry for Thibault Daprela! This will be tough to accept for him, but something to learn in the long run.
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 I hate these attempts to direct to the Instagram account where they make the most money ...
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 This sport is beyond gnarly. Guy just recovered from biting his dang tongue off and now a broken leg and hand. Jesus
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 dude has been balls to the walls all season. 50/50 chance of it working out though with the crashes
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 It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions watching him this season!
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 Too bad he can't heal as fast as he can ride.
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 On his instagram he wrote. Eat sleep ride repeat.

And that he was feeling fine and likibg the changes to the track.

Seems like he will be riding?
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 I think that was after race 1, and before quali 2
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 Oh man, such bad luck. Hope he heals up soon
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 Daprela recover. My bet goes with Pierron for tomorrow and Vergier for second place, I think that would really be Karma.
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 Pierron's practice videos look like quite the pace. Did you see that inside line before the tree jump? I mean, in 2019 he got 2nd here after coming unclipped right before a huge pedal section... and Wednesday he was fastest in the key section. It's been a weird season for him and his fitness is less than his normal beast mode, so I don't have a ton of confidence but I definitely wouldn't count him out.
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 Yes, I know everything very well and I totally agree with you. But I had a kind of premonition. Greetings.
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 Feel sorry for all the competitors next year. Only gonna make this kid hungrier. He is the real deal I’ll call it now
World champs amd overall will be his 2022
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 Heal up, come back stronger, win next year
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 Gutted for him! Such an amazing season and it somehow seems unjust to finish it that way. :'(
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 Wow Supersad!...And Greg MiGnarr is out...Heal up Boys!
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 Such a wild man, always all or nothing! Heal up fast dude!
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 ohhhhh...f*k! heal fast Thibaut!
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 That was a gnarly crash, Big one. Good luck on the mend man.
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 Noooooooooo!!!! This is the most devastating news ever!
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 Race pace is the pace Race
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 Stupid me. Did not realise he had a new crash.
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 It happens, no worries!
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 what a season ~
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 HP bikes secret eject button at work again hahahahahaah
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 I really like real estate, it is a hobby for me. -Daprela
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 Homie is gonna dominant next season, heal up!
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 I love tittie
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 Wonder if he'll ever get a signature TD bar?
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 And my fantasy roster is out
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 Bummer, but can't finish 1st if you don't at least finish.
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 This is so sad.
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 If your're not first yer last!!
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