Thibaut Daprela to Miss the Start of the World Cup Season with a Ligament Injury

Mar 9, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Thibaut Daprela on the ragged edge as usual.

Thibaut Daprela announced on social media that he has a Posterior Cruciate Ligament injury after hitting a rock with his knee while racing at the Brioude Cup. At the moment he is expecting to be out for the first three rounds of the World Cup although it could be longer depending on the progress of the recovery.

Daprela told Pinkbike; "I was doing a race at Amaury's town with all the team, I was riding slowly during practice, learning the track and in a corner, I slipped and didn't crash but only my knee hit a rock on the side of the track.

So I'm suffering a Posterior Cruciate Ligament injury, I will miss at least the first three rounds maybe the 4th one but I don't know for the moment. I will see how my knee will improve, I'm giving my best to recover."

bigquotesLast weekend at the Brioude cup I had a little crash and I hurt my knee and I suffer a posterior crossed ligament injury. For the moment I will miss the first 3 rounds of the WC at least. I’m doing my best to recover as fast as I can and staying healthy. I want to thanks my team to support me during this first real injury in my career. I will keep you update, see you on the track Thibaut Daprela - Instagram

We're wishing Thibaut all the best with his recovery and hope to see him back on the bike soon.


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 Well that's a kick in the posterior.
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 I thought this said, "Well that's a kick in the prostate". Sorry I'm going to have to down vote this comment now.
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 Man this is gutting, I was stoked to see how he stacked up in amongst the seniors. He was putting in some outrageous times as a junior that would see him way up the ranks on the senior time sheet! This kid has got huge potential and could be the next big thing in DH. Hope he heals up well and is back in time to race at Fort William
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 Just a small hurdle in a sport full of them. He’s still the future
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 Perhaps he needs to improve and have less crashes because I think he almost has a crash at every race
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 And my Fantasyleague team starts to crumble....
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 I bet Thibaut will be gutted...
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 @korev: For real, looking for him to shake it up this season, heal up quick.
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 Seems like the type of injury you’d hope knee pads would prevent doesn’t it?

I’d assume he was all geared up for practice, so I’m surprised he hit his knee hard enough to cause damage.

And with this, my first attempt at fantasy sports, is foiled. I now truely have experienced pinkbike.
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 What brand of knee pads was he wearing?
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 Knee pads will never (or very rarely) protect against forces that may cause damage to ligaments. Only proper knee braces can do that.
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 There are lots of ways you can break your knees that knee pads cannot protect from Frown
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 it's not something kneepads would help, a more common way of getting this injury is in a car collision when a knee hit the dash of the car, the ligament is in the rear of the knee.
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My previous response was more of a "knee-jerk reaction", to the fact that you'd think many knee injuries could be prevented/reduced by pads.

(Sorry, I've got little kids, and I've been working on my "dad jokes" Razz .)

Anyway, I gathered the rear of the knee portion from the article, but I guess I wasn't aware that this is a common injury to have from an impact to the front of the knee. I'm clearly not educated on the special types of knee injuries, and I stand corrected. Guess its time to go google this specific injury and learn more Smile .
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 If there are knee pads out there that protect against ligament injuries I'll take 12
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 @kookseverywhere: must be nice to have twelve legs, or do you have 6 but but two knees each?
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 @5afety3rd: those won’t prevent most ligament injuries...
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 @swenzowski: 1 for each ligament
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 Coincidentally, riding a bike is the rehab at that PCL tear patients are given. I tore mine and was riding a bike in 2 weeks. Granted, my doc told me not to crash.... So there's that.
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 @pioterski: Generally thats the case but with this specific injury it seems knee pads could have helped. From a quick search:

The posterior cruciate ligament can tear if your shinbone is hit hard just below the knee or if you fall on a bent knee. These injuries are most common during:

Motor vehicle accidents. A "dashboard injury" occurs when the driver's or passenger's bent knee slams against the dashboard, pushing in the shinbone just below the knee and causing the posterior cruciate ligament to tear.

Contact sports. Athletes in sports such as football and soccer can tear their posterior cruciate ligament when they fall on a bent knee with their foot pointed down. The shinbone hits the ground first and it moves backward. Being tackled when your knee is bent also can cause this injury.

In this case it seems that if the direct impact to the knee hitting the ground could be lessened in would help prevent the injury.
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 @kev-bike: Yep! I have a torn PCL from snowboarding. I asked the PT girl at $150/hr would riding a bike help? She said “probably”. Been a mtb’er 12 years now and never looked back... all the same. He’s got a long career ahead so don’t be foolish... rest and get strong then come back!
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 @ocnlogan: Humility on Pinkbike shocker!

Love the dad joke too!
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 @5afety3rd: good luck riding in that Smile
Also, in most cases braces should not be worn just to prevent an injury, because they make the muscles "lazy". A person without an injury, without torn ligaments or muscles, or after an injury is healed, should have his/hes muscles trained enough to be able to stabilize the joints without using a brace. And I'm pretty sure Thibaut is trained enough, it's just that (in this sport, especially at this level) you can't really always prevent every injury. S**t happens.
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 gutted for him! hopefully he still gets some good results in the second half of the season!
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 Do you think that the WCDH will be cancelled due to the virus?
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 We'll all die so let's us have some fun please!
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 It'd seems very unfair that competitors from some countries are effectively banned due to the quarantine rules (in that if they have to be isolated for a fortnight then that means they couldn't train etc.)
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We're waiting for out first WC DH in Portugal since forever, can't believe it could be the cancelled due to that sh*t.

Heal fast,Thibault!
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 @nozes: considering how things are progressing here in Italy i think there will be no season start..i don’t wish other countries what’s happening here..

BTW heal up sono Thibaut have a fast recovery
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 @vic690: So far we've got 39 infected,0 deaths.
Most of the infected are on the North of the country (the race is in the center),só fingers crossed...
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 @nozes: i hope for the best..i’m the first one waiting for race action..but please bevsafe..
Last week only 2 small towns here were red all Italy is red zone..the thing is fast..riding is forbidden here..
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 Well, one frenchy out of the competition is still a chance for another to get a place... Get back soon Monsieur Thibaut
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 proof that speed is our friend.
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 @kookseverywhere Life is a disease that there is no known cure for, we're all going to die at some point, virus or no virus, let's all just have fun living our lives.
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 Sexually transmitted disease for that matter...
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 Bummer. Giant bummer.
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