Sik Mik and Alex Fayolle Slide the DH Course in Les Gets - Video

Jun 17, 2016
by UR Team  
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Check out the bottom half of the track with Mick Hannah and Alex Fayolle.

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 SPOILER ALERT - That piece of mud does not get wiped off.
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flag viatch (Jun 17, 2016 at 11:16) (Below Threshold)
 honestly whats the point of riding shitty conditions like that
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 Holy hell that looks fun to ride in!
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 @viatch: Riding in the mud is super fun it's just the cleaning up after that's a bit average, but if you have a mechanic that isn't an issue
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 @viatch: id rather ride it than be sitting here watching someone else ride it!! Why so negative? :-)
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 @viatch: Does the fact that loads of riders seem to be whooping and laughing for the majority of that run not answer your question?

I think as a track it may give us one of the best races for a long time - I was a bit unsure at first but ANYONE could win here, rather than the usual suspects, and that is sure to be exciting!?!
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 pinkbike punters: "that course looks shit"
sick mick: "this is amazing"
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 I want to ride it!
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 Quote of the year dude!! Waaay too much negative attitude on pb. Way too much! Good work!
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 That's summer riding in Scotland.
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 Amen, bro.
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 yeah that is every race I have ever done in Scotland
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 Its all lies people. Don't let these Scots fool you. I've been 4 or 5 times and it's been sunny every time.
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 @el-nombre: I agree mate, they get better weather than we do in the midlands
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 Classic, British people arguing about who has the sh*ttier weather haha
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 @adav127: Don't call a Scot British- they'll fookin' stove yer coupon the fook in.
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 am i the only one who thinks that looks like the most fun drift fest theyve ever seen?!
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 I love such conditions! Fck the clean bike !
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 Run the Minion SS, trust me, I'll hold your beer.
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 I predict crowd funded windscreen wipers for gopros
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 @hamncheez: i m gonna buy this right now. Thanks
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 @hamncheez: no way this exists... faith in humanity restored!
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 having never used one, how do you know when you need a tear-off?
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 @hamncheez: (have someone) look at it maybe
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 Is it sad that I finished the video even after the camera got crapped on?
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 Nope, same here. The hollering was sufficient to continue. Wink
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 Looks ACE!.. 90s tracks need to return to the World Cup... so much more fun and interesting to watch than the manufactured trail centres they use these days.
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 Couldn't agree more. Even early to mid 2000's was ace.
Barel winning Livigno 2005:
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Livigno was dry, had berms and looked more like a modern track than Les Gets?
I think I'll wait for the highlights. I lust after this kind of terrain like I lust after Shivers and Hayes Mags. Sure they worked and it was good at the time, but ride built trails and modern gear and that memory fades really quickly.
Ugh, I don't work all week to wreck my bike riding in slop.
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 @ChazzMichaelMichaels: No doubt the weather was completely different. But a lot of off camber, open ski run stuff like Les Gets.
Don't get me started on shivers. Never had them, always wanted them...
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 @ChazzMichaelMichaels: Dude.Most of his track looks to follow pretty similar terrain to the 1996 Mont Cherry WC track which I had the good fortune to ride many times. Believe me it had massive berms it had massive jumps. and it was brutal on bikes.
Downhill is brutal on bikes slop or not. Seems pretty dumb buying a DH bike if you're scared to rag the thing to within an inch of it's life no matter what the weather throws at it.
@andytheaussie I did have Shivers. They should have come with an engine as you had to learn to rear wheel steer to guide them down anything vaguely rutted.
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 To be fair I enjoy riding in this kind of mud way more than in deep dust
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 That's some old school mud. Ffffcking love it!
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 You know it's muddy when there isn't even a rut emerging in the trail.
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 When the mud apeared i know every seasoned dher started to stear instinctivly using periferal vision. Could still see better than through my goggles on rain days and really added to the effect. Was almost like being there except for my dry undies
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 Looks amazing. Takes me back to an old SDA race at Strathyre, Scotland in 2000 a think. Knee deep mud and track turned into a river after several days of rain. Race did eventually get called off after the uplift truck slipped into a ditch. Everyone was told back on another truck to get taken back down but that didn't happen. 40 or so riders just like this. What a laugh.
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Neither did I.
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 Aww man, im never complaining about riding in the wet again! Well i think the race in going to be interesting, shame about the mud on the camera!! Mega tho!!
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 I'm pretty sure everyone gets off the video when the mud gets in the camera
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I sure hope Canada isn't like that this year.
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 I'm there in 3 weeks. Wish me luck.
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 @ermoldaker: I'm there in 5 days. Buzzing
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 @miketizzle: let me know if I need to bring mud spikes please
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 @ermoldaker: I am, dirty Dans but hopefully won't need them as the weather is getting a bit better. I'll let you know!!
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 Kudos for keeping the camera clean... almost...
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 Lada Niva conditions obviously. But then again what conditions aren't?
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 Every day's a Lada day!
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 Probably faster on skis.
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 Especially if your name is Candide.
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 @el-nombre: after skiing on ice, rocks, roads, leaves, grass, Candide on MUD !!! Big Grin cant wait for OOTD4 next year i presume
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 I was sitting here thinking "Where is his camera mounted that he's not got a spec of mud on the lens.....What the Fuhhhhhhhh?"
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 there's no point watching this after 3:30 Smile
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 Best part begins at 2:45
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 Imagine how fast that track would be in the dry!
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 laughed out loud when the mud splotch went over the camera
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 it is like Scottish MTB lol
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 The Brits will be loving it, just looks like every old skool dragon race I ever did
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 Type 2 fun?
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 Mud and grass. Sloppy fun!
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 This looks so insane. wish i was there
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 Can't wait for Sunday, this is going to be mental!
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 Slick Mik. Smile
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 (#, #) Blind Spot Area ^^
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 savages!! the lot of you!! looks like a crazy fun day!!
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 Should have just stayed in bed
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 Why would you not edit the video instead of uploading a video where mud drastically obscures the view for 1:45 of a 4:30 video?
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 2:45 What happens when the camera gets too close in a XXX shot...Greasy!
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