This Is Peaty - Windham Helmet Cam 2014

Aug 7, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  

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 Am I the only one wishing that Peaty was sponsored by GorPro? His POV footage always seems like shitty quality.
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 Totally true!
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 Do you have the resolution playing on the vid set to 1080?
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 The same thing happens to my gopro footage. It looks great on my computer but looks like crap once uploaded to youtube, even at 1080p.
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 it's youtube...
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 Yeah, I stopped watching about 10 seconds into the riding, quality was too bad to watch.
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 It's not about resolution, it's about compression. Gopro sucks for compression youtube sucks even more
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 Drift camera, not gopro. maybe thats also why it looks so bad? Don't know much about that camera thou
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 Nah, my gopro videos look great (in good lighting). But then they're murdered upon upload to youtube.
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 never really used youtube for my videos, I use vimeo and pretty happy with it!
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 I was about to say the same thing..after watching claudio's video and then this...
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 it just can't handle ratboy-speed!
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 After watching Claudio's run, this is unfortunately, not exciting at all!!!
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 Crap quality!! filmed with a potato!!
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 I don't know why, but that's hilarious. a potato... ha! You clever son of a diddily.
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 his cam is grainey in 1080p though, it doesn't deal with peaty speeds well..
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 This track is all about holding speed, which peaty rules at. Let's hope he can win it!! Plus a precautionary FUCK YOU to anyone who doesn't agree, in the arse, dry, twice and sideways.
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 Ave it rat
Soar down like an american freedom eagle :-)
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 Claudio was faster!
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 Don't want to say that Claudio was slower, but he was wearing GOPRO on his chest.
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 Claudio's time was 3:00 mins. This was 2:45 mins.
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 Yep and This Video skipped a bit
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 really sick, make it so ratboy's mont saint anne helmet cam video isnt private anymore please though !
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 I was there! course marshaling! dudes...that track is so wicked fast. as I was walking down with another marshall...he ate it in the top section and just kept rolling rolling rolling. me even in this video.
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 please tell me what the song and artist is. I have got to down load that sh*@!!!! G'damn that's good!!! Still stomp'n my foot. Seriously cannot find this by googleing lyrics. Need help!
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 apologies. ride was awesome too!
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 Boys Named Sue - Weekend Warriors
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 thank you! got it. Amazon. Relieved. Ride and music were so cool!
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 I'll never get tired of Ratty's whips..
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 awesome........always love the music on peatys helmet cams!
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 What? People liked the music? It was horrifying. Seriously, the stuff nightmares are made of. I would rather Ratboy sung karaoke the whole way down, he has the voice of an angel compared to this.
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 I cant make my mind up if that song was great or absolute crap,
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 I think you missed the joke...
American World Cup track -> goofy American hillbilly music
I would think by now that people would take peaty, ratboy and Sam dale a little less seriously Wink
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flag blehed (Aug 8, 2014 at 0:19) (Below Threshold)
 I got that it was a joke. The joke went too far.
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 I thought the music was spot on. A snobby city person would never pull off the road to help you in a jam. A hillbilly carries a bag of tools, a jack and a can of gas. Great people. And they love the mountains, so don't bark up the wrong tree! Its the damn sierra club and all the liberals that want to shut down every piece of open land that you should be concerned with.
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 Funny. A snobby city person? Isn't this Wicked whiskey? Aren't they from Boston?

Perhaps not the best psychobilly going but still fun.
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 Great song choice. Appropriate in so many ways: Mer'ca, Booze, Peaty edits that don't ever get serious. Take your pick.
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 @Somismtb is right on...beware of those epa num chuckers.
Lvn how Australia gave em the big ole middle fringer too! (carbon tax bs)
Loved that song,...sweater weather or radio active would have catered to pb a little more, unfortunately.
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 lol ratboy doesnt even pedal
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 he could probably podium chainless.
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 Music 10/10 Peaty!
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 Why ratboy ? because of his voice ?
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 Didn't you get the impression that Peaty was going to crash in the back of Ratboy before couple of jumps?
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 So when is Sam Dale moving onto the the Santa Cruz team?!
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 What was that peaty passed to rat boy at the end of the run?
The torch maybe?
I think it's already been passed actually
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 Never really understood why he's nicknamed RatBoy. Anyone?
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 because he looks like a rat................... :o
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 Esta loco este RATBOY!!!!
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 the times are going to be close on this race
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 The final jump is so little now
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 wtf song is that?
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 ??? Just hope the other guy looks worse. C'mon Ratty!!!
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