This Post Won't Make You Smarter - Sunday Comics With Taj Mihelich

Mar 31, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
Here's an assortment of nonsense that's popped into my head this week. I suppose these are a warm up for tomorrow's goofy April Fools humor.

Dropper seat posts are cool, but how else could we use this technology?

We all have them! Let them out!

MENTIONS: @Tajlucas


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 Jesus Christ theyre just light hearted little jokes that have cool drawings. Lighten up.
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flag nickkk (Mar 31, 2019 at 3:20) (Below Threshold)
 Taking it pretty hard there man. You need to lighten up there, jesus christ.
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flag fatduke (Mar 31, 2019 at 4:34) (Below Threshold)
 You know he doesn't exist.
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 Son of god or not, he did exist.
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flag gcrider (Mar 31, 2019 at 9:18) (Below Threshold)
 Agree he does exist, but just like the tooth fairy @kubaner:
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MTBer Dads: Laughing
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 I genuinely don’t understand how these comics drew so much hate. They don’t have to be exactly inline with your particular sense of humor for you to acknowledge that they are stylistically consistent and rendered in a way that reads very easily. Just because I don’t get all knee-slappy about puns doesn’t mean I don’t get a smile out of it. How is this polarizing...are we really taking sides based on our senses of humor now?
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 @kubaner: @kubaner: Kudos for referencing the original artwork for T1 Smile @Tajlucas I am thrilled that your content is making its way onto pinkbike. You'll always be the GOAT in my books !
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 I want that spork!
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 I'm a bit worried by the lack of a rebound adjuster.
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 @vinay: oh yeah.
Although I think the compression would be more important as i’d just use my mouth to extend it.

lol someone negged my post.
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 Looks like dual discs are making a comeback
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 Me too. @Tajlucas, these are so great.
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 PInkbike - a world with such insufferable things as H.A to steep, S.A to slack or lo and behold a man riding with two different size wheels! If you can't have a little laugh and appreciate someone's talent without mocking them you are quite certainly... A WASTE OF GROCERIES!
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 These remind me of The Far Side comics. Well done.
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 I think I'd buy a t-shirt with the suspension spork comic... maybe my next team kit will have that sublimated on the back??
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 That is the best idea I have ever heard
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 You guys know who this guy is right? Search his name on YouTube.
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 Yep, I'm 42 and growing up, Taj was the shit in BMX.. Amazing guy and a super talented artist. He belongs on pink bike but this needs some tweaking. Because i'm 42, I'm not into the "everything is awesome" movement.
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 Taj nailed it again!BMX Legend!Such a creative guy,off and on a bike.
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 these are Phucking hilarious, nice work, and to the haters, suck a dropper post!!!!!!
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 I could see someone doing that table top table and throwing some plexiglass over it for a hipster coffee shop. I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised.
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 I was thinking the same... I want to make one now! Maybe a euro table for extra steze.
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 Everytime I build a wheel I have to trap these poor colorful little spoke nipples...
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 The goal post should have a cannondale logo, because it looks like an old headshock but upside down.
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 Hey Fox - you pay the guy, I'll buy a couple suspension spork T shirts, you can donate the profits - NICA? Betcha you could sell a thousand . . . tomorrow
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 @Taj Mihilech Keep it up. Light hearted and fun to read!
Enjoyed following you for many years in BMX and it's cool to follow you again with these comics.
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 Adjustable wench
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 Do you have anything planned for swampfest?
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 @Tajlucas - these drawings are great! Thanks for a good laugh and smile when so many people are taking two wheeled toys all too seriously these days.
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 All those slating these drawings. Please submit your own so we can all compare.
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 Creative and crafty!!! Haters you submit like kind and we'll see what cha' got.
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 "Free the nipple!" //insert questionably-well drawn magnet.

These are absolutely horrible and brilliant. Keep 'em coming.
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 I read these with a complete straight face. Good drawings though
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 Congrats on not much sense of humor and for being a general downer?
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 @Lokirides: haha i found these ones quite giggly, personally
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 Amazing, my ribs are hurting where I laughed so hard.
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 I feel like people have been using dropper goal posts in the comment section here for years.
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 Hell Ya Taj! Keep repping Houghton, Michigan man! Front page again!
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 They're moving the goal post - you're doing it wrong, lol. Great comic!
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 Fantastic Big Grin
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 Freedom of spokech
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 free the niple!!
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