Thomas Estaque Absolutely Blasting an eMTB in Southwestern France

Dec 2, 2017
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
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Thomas Estaque had a difficult World Cup season last year with a wrist injury, but he's back with an irresistible urge to ride! The problem is, sometimes it's not so easy to find a shuttle driver... Fortunately the META POWER is here, and Thomas could open it up on his Ariège tracks!

The META POWER is now available.


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 E-bike hating....WTF.... you lot sound like a bunch of Roadies, get over yourselves!

Let the hate rain in Wink
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 Ah the roadie card! In the future after geometry, wheelsize and hub width have been decided roadies will still be hated by mtbs! Brilliant that never gets old!
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 People are frustrated , e bikes open new doors, fact
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 Looking forward to using an Ebike for getting my leg muscle back after 3 months with a broken leg, be sweet to do full day rides with my mates on day 1.
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 @Clarkeh: as you said: PRM bikes.
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 @Clarkeh: I was in this situation last year. I found the problem was with my leg absorbing the shocks from mountain biking rather than getting up the hill.

I hope you have a swift recovery.
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 @korev: Thanks mate!
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 Great video, on what to me is the best looking emtb out at the mo';
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 Ever looked at the Thömus Lightrider E1?
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 @Artega09: It looks like a mondrakers pregnant sister
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 I prefer Nicolai's e-monster bike!
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 Specialized Turbo Levo over any of these, any day.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I beg to differ. Have you tried Hai bike, my xduro nduro 7.0 is simply lovley. The Motor is extremely can get you up hills with very little effort, which suits me as I'm a little porky haha Frown . So I think your chatting shit!
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 @tommyman: weren't we speaking looks?
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 @WAKIdesigns: "Specialized Turbo Levo over any of these, any day." Does this specify looks?
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 @tommyman: no the initial comment did, and the second one. I am sorry.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Good you should be.
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 @tommyman: angels cry for humanity since I exist
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 @WAKIdesigns: We can't argue about looks. I think the Orange E-bike looks really cool. Then again I think Orange bikes do look whereas I've seen other PB users don't like those either.
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 @WAKIdesigns: wow, I sincerely admire your creativity in wording. Good you have a more or less creative job so all of this awesomeness is not wasted only on us unworthy pinkbikers.
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 I'm still trying to see what's wrong with it and I see nothing...
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 I'm so torn right now. I think it was the music also.
When I hit 50 I'm going go have to buy one of these motherf*ckers. They'll be so much better, lighter and cheaper than they are now (and there'll be no more snow in the Alps - I may just have bought my last skis). I'll have little self-respect left by then anyway, being on an ebike won't do that much extra damage.
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 This year there is snow in the Alpes! Going for some powder shredding later this week!
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 Hey, I've just turned 51, don't feel the need just yet. Although they're great etc, will probably buy a regular trail bike for rehab. Got shoulder surgery early next year, which will mean 3 months off work and I won't be able to afford an ebike. Well not the ones I like anyway.
I commute to work on a full rigid hybrid, so my general fitness is good. Mean while my demo isn't getting any use at the mo'. Got a few mates who own emtb's and they love em, they also own DH and trail bikes;
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 @SintraFreeride: Went up for a rando this morning. Only made it up to a small peak - 1600. Great snow but not deep enough. Rock roulette... That said, I just heard there was enough snow on the other side of the very same mountain to bury two people not long before we hit the summit. They didn't make it... Stay safe...
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 @b4uwereborn: hope i feel the same in ten years
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 @SintraFreeride: 1800, sorry.
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 @BenPea: Keep riding buddy, hopefully you will. That's not saying i'm tempted now, but moneywise it'll be a second hand trail bike;
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 @b4uwereborn: will do mate. Keep on inspiring 40-something kids like me. Think the next decade could taste like hardtail for me. Fight fire with fire.
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 Is this article not published for american users or somethign?

The single one hate comment is the single one american comment from a canadian dude.
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 No ebike content west of the Atlantic
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 Rides fast but looks heavy.
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 It doesn't matter when it takes you to the top!
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 Well, I read that there is an engine in it. This might adds few grams
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 22.8kg is a lot of bike to whip right?

The eMTBs I’ve ridden feel fairly normal going down until you try and jump them or unweight them over rough bits, then you put your back out!
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 @Altron: I wonder how all those DH riders used to do it 10-15years ago? I have ridder a Kona Stab that weighed 22kg and it didn't come with an engine!
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 Because ebikes are fast, especially uphill.
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 No fancy trying to make it look like a bike and hide the battery. A coil spring and enough travel. One of the better e-bikes at the moment.
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 Just pedal it with your conventional Enduro?
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 That was some riding.....
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 Great riding buuuut...still don't want one.
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 Just the bike industry trying to pry more money from consumers.
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 whatever happened to earning your turns?
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 Yeah, we were just talking about it along with how terrible carbon fiber is for environment, as we were shuttling in our 12V diesel truck up a mountain with our ethical aluminium DH bikes made in Taiwan in the back. Then after we finished riding, we went to Burger King and we talked about how Direct Sales companies are ruining local bike shops and that people who buy them should donate the remaining sum to the local train associations. Suddenly a bunch of dentists stopped by on e-bikes and I swear I saw one of them throwing the tear off on the ground. Fortunately it's been a biodegradable one.
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 Yawn. Another ebike ad. Stick to cycling thanks
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 E Bike Butt hurt incoming in 5......4......3......2.....1
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