Thomas Estaque Suffers Wrist Injury at Lousa World Cup

Oct 29, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Thomas Estaque has sprained his wrist at the first World Cup round of the week in Lousa.

Estaque recorded a DNS in qualifying and his team, Commencal 100%, later posted the above picture on Instagram with the caption, "When does it stop please?" He is the second rider from the team that has been injured this year after Hugo Frixtalon broke his wrist two weeks ago in Maribor.

Estaque apparently lost his front wheel and hit his hand on a tree stump. He was sent to Coombes hospital where his sprain was confirmed. He already has screws in his wrist, but no damage was linked to those bones. Estaque will be unable to race on Friday or Sunday and will undergo more exams after the season.

We're sending healing vibes to Thomas and hope to see him back on the bike soon.


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 Amaury, Frixtalon now Estaque! Commencal's taken a blow! Get better soon guys.
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 They still have loads of other riders tho from the mucoff team
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 For how bad it is, it couldn't have happened on a better race year.
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 Trouble happens in three's?
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 This dude is one of my favorite riders. I remember him getting his first podium a couple years ago and was impressed with the way he carries himself. Good kid. Good mountain biker. Heal up fast, wrists suck.
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 that wild section in Andorra two (?) years ago cemented his status as one of the most enjoyable riders to watch, in my books
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 @fjm35: #senditbilly
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 @fjm35: yeah that huck off the bridge where he put like 1.5 seconds into the field in about 15 seconds of track was pretty mental.
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 Guess he Estaque'd it! Get well soon.
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 no jokes about the dramatic increase in wrist injuries related to the quarantine?
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 That's what I came for.
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 Is this also why there’s been panic buying of toilet tissue? Are the two linked?
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 @ODubhslaine: Also huge increase in sock sales...
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 @islandforlife: that is very north American I have to say.
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 Frixtalon got injured in Maribor. But who cares where? Speedy recovery for the stylish frenchies.
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 Good catch! Article has been corrected.
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 Aw man, Estaque is brilliant to watch. It'll be 50% less wild race without him cannon-balling downhill......
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 I guess we won't be seeing any shenanigans from him on the hot seat while he waits to get bumped off. That dude is one funny frenchie.
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 Lost his front wheel? Mechanic error, or slid out?
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 I hope you don't really think his front wheel fell off
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 He started without one but unfortunately couldn't hold the manual through the berm.
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 @grntnckl: hard to say
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 obligatory the front fell off -
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 @johny88: Luckily Estaque's bike was towed outside of the environment
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 "Coombes" hospital?
More like Coimbra,30km from Lousã,and 3rd largest portuguese city.
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 Coimbra is not even in the top 5 mate
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 Deve ser hospital dos covões
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 Sucks, but Remi will carry the Commencal torch now.
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 And daprela will play the drums
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 Was looking fast as well, heal up soon!
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 This dude rips so hard, killer style. Best wishes
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 Probably you mean hospital dos Covões
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 I AM THE CURSE!!!! I didn't even know who this guy was but I picked him because of price and french and he hurts himself?!?!
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 You picked him because he hurts himself? That’s a pretty crazy way to be picking fantasy riders Wink
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 (Removes him from fantasy team and replaces him with Bernard Kerr).
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