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Video: Thomas Lapeyrie Reveals his Crowdfunded Team 404 Program

Mar 20, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Thomas Lapeyrie has announced he will be riding on a Yeti SB150 and be supported by French distributor Tribe Sports Group alongside his crowdfunding campaign.

The rider.404 donors remain the principal sponsor for Thomas but his equipment will come from Yeti, Fox Factory, Mavic, Michelin, Magura, Tag Metals Racing, Race Face, Crankbrothers, Selle Italia, Slicy, Swat, Leatt, Urge, Five, Northwave and Vaude.

bigquotesAt the beginning of the year, I got the big luck to have a quick call with Fred Glo. Few days later I meet him straight in the TribeSportGroup factory. The factory has always help the talented riders, since the beginning of the Enduro World Series. Fred ears about the Rider.404 crowdfunding project and he directly wanted to help him. That’s why I decided to truly trust on the company and jump onboard with the crew and the support they will offer me. And today I realize that I’m super lucky to have on my side the TribeSportGroup. Its been few weeks now that I rode with the new Yeti SB 150.

After few days of riding with this beast I realize that the TribeSportGroup company offer me the best bike I never rode. The mix is perfect between power and efficiency, the bike is smooth enough, strong enough, more you gave him skills more he will take it. Faster you ride better the comportment take advantage of the track.

I’m 'STOCKED' how things turn and damn pretty EXCITED to start this late season.
Thomas Lapeyrie

bigquotesLife is like that we all know ups and downs. What better symbol to have this champion of resilience with us today. Thomas recently went through major health concerns, which many of us would have given up on, but he faced up admirably.
I was moved and impressed by the guy, so when he found himself in trouble, and even if all our budgets were frozen, we found solutions. Not out of opportunism, but out of duty with the feeling that it was up to us to do it as long as it would validate the material made available to it.

He will inspire us at Tribe and should serve as an example for the entire mountain biking community in these uncertain times. We all need it, we will all need it and Thomas has shown us the way. The coincidence of life means that it is now side by side that the TRIBE and T Lap routes will continue, ready to give everything when the lights are green again and if they are orange, it's the same because we will never let go of anything either!
Fred Glo, Tribe Sports Group

Lapeyrie's crowdfunding is still open, here.


  • 31 0
 Plot twist: there will be no races this year.
  • 22 2
 The crowd that funded this is really pleased with their investment.
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 @jwdenver: The investors will be pleased to know that he is currently * 1st in the standings

*tied for
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 I made the mistake of reading the posts above and they made me sad :-(
So I’m trying a bit of positivity to bring my sprits back up.

Mr. Lapeyrie it’s rad that you put together a program and found sponsors in these crazy times. It’s nice to see companies not giving up on sponsorship programs and bringing or keeping athletes under there wings. I hope everyone can hold on and keep it together and that we actually have some races later this summer!!!
Also thanks for entertaining us, especially those of us stuck inside!!!
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 Thanks for turning that frown upside down
  • 12 2
 he should ride for Lapierre
  • 1 0
 That was my expectation that he joined Courdurier's program... Nice list of sponsors anyway!
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  • 1 0
  • 3 3
 @softsteel: cause of his last name bruh. Guess this proves the French can't sense humor!
  • 1 0
 @youknowitsus: I thought it was because of the pants. Hope he gets a chance to race this season though. Good luck.
  • 2 10
flag softsteel (Mar 21, 2020 at 7:47) (Below Threshold)
 @youknowitsus: you have a brain like eveyone; what don`t you use it? What is humor??? Hum hum...
So OK: joke of the day: Frenchies ride french bikes, Americans ride american bikes, British ride british bikes, Slovenians ride... slovevian bikes? You`re such a funny guy!! You should create a stand up show with all your subtle jokes of shit.
  • 2 0
 @softsteel: lapierre and lapeyrie are pretty close for a non french speaker, if you say it or read it the right way they probably are quite different, but from a non french speaker perspective they are pretty similar
  • 1 2
 @C0yotekid: Ça te dirait de lécher maman pendant que papa t`encule?
  • 1 2
 @tiagomano: some people have fun with what they can and how they can...
  • 1 2
 @C0yotekid: T`es triste parce que papa et maman sont pas d`accord? Essaye le chien...
  • 1 0
 @softsteel: I hope you guys get banned.
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 Let me know when his dog needs surgery that he doesn’t feel like paying for either...
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 For a f,. Sake, he's amazing rider struggled to get sponsored. Now when he finally got his shit rolling this virus happened and everyone got bitter.
Ever thought these sponsors did it for exposure and he's showing off for them? Probably hoping they Will remain on board for 2021.
Good luck Thomas!
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 Great edit and skills!... Hard to imagine how perhaps the one of the best french riders at competing plus doing videos got in that situation... Best luck!
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 I keep forgetting Urge is still an existing company.
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 That's because you don't race in France...
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 dude thinks he is only one riding bike in the world
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 team 404 not found...
  • 1 0
 Try Rider.404
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 We hope that the season starts that he can make good performances
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 He might be able to do that in 2021... The situation is so bad here that this trailer looks like a science-fiction film unfortunately. Fvck that bloody virus...
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 He had like 5 different pedal and shoe combo's going on

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