Thömus Lightrider Dual-Suspension 29er at Stellenbosch World Cup XCO - Bike Check

Mar 9, 2018
by Richard Cunningham  

The brand new Th mus Lightrider fully which Lukas amp Matthias Fl ckiger Alessandra Keller and Kathrin Stirnemann will be riding. Not all riders will be able to ride the new bike in Stellenbosch as it just entered production.
Thömus Lightrider
The team version of Thomus' Lightrider has Shimano Di2 electronic shifting and Fox iCD electronic remote suspension controls. Rumor has it that there are only a handful of the 29-inch race bikes in existence.

The World Cup season opens with cross-country this year, and we are once again reminded that the evolution of this sport has produced race bikes that are more alien than the super-fit, impossibly lean, Spandex-clad humanoids who ride them. Dual-suspension is the call for the dry jumps and technical features of the Stellenbosch circuit, and Pinkbike's Irmo Keizer gives us a look a the latest fully from Thömus, which the Flückiger brothers, Alessandra Keller and Kathrin Stirnemann will take to battle on Saturday.

A different take on internal routing - through the headset.

A full carbon rocker link including flipchip which modifies geometry. The rear end can provide up to 120mm of travel.
Fox iCD electronic remote-control shock.

Contorted angles on the top tube strain the concept of style, but make room for the XC-critical down tube water bottle.

Fox Stepcast
Fox Factory Stepcast fork with iCD electronic remote.

Most swingarm pivots are outside the seat tube. Thomus reverses the configuration

A full carbon rocker link with a flip-chip to modify geometry. The frame can be configured for up to 120mm of travel.

Impossibly small head tube keeps the handlebar as low as possible.

MENTIONS: @thoemus


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 Long live XC bike checks.... Keep them coming!
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flag thunder-nuggets (Mar 9, 2018 at 14:00) (Below Threshold)
 boo. lycra and men dont mix well. jk its cool
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 I don't want to be that guy who wants to know how much it weighs, but I'd like to know how much it weighs since they stepped the freaking fork lower.
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 Needs a red light in the handlebar moving side to side like in Niterider.
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 Niterider = Bike headlamps from the days of skinnies and Roach pads

Knight Rider = Badass Trans Am with Turbo Boost
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 @sngltrkmnd: The Night Rider = a mate who met his match with a man named Max.
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 @OceanPhil: hope everyone kept their cool and no one got mad.

legitimately talked about this in my office today when someone mentioned cars blowing up. classic.
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 do not believe it was a trans AM, just firebird.
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 @Bigplans: I stand corrected! haha
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 Weird that they have an incredibly short headtube then put tons of spacers over the headset to get the bars up so high. Don't understand the obsession with crazy shaped top tubes to give massive standover clearance on XC bikes. You lose valuable real estate inside the triangle for ZERO real world benefit if you race XC.
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 True, but for shorter riders makes sense.
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 You can add spacers to a short head tube however you can not remove headtube if it's too long.
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 @TheOriginalTwoTone: 17 degree stems do a pretty good job of getting the front end low, or more extreme options like the Syntace Flatforce gets you even lower at ~30 degrees. With a 17deg stem on my XL top fuel I'm around 8cm seat to bar drop with a nice big head tube.
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 I agree, what is the point in the low standover? They aren't running a dropper, and if they were wouldn't need the space for a 200mm one. More space for bottles is useful! Also RC is correct about the lines being ruined, should have drawn a line from the headset to line up with the chainstays, that would look super clean!
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 @davidccoleman: when you do that, you set yourself up for the controls on the bar to damage the top tube in a crash.
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 @TheOriginalTwoTone: my primary goal when setting up my XC race bike is going fast, not what's going to happen when I crash. Also, clear 3m tape and accurately torqued brake levers minimize top tube damage.
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 @davidccoleman: only point, you can get the bars in the same spot with a short HT and don't have the possible negatives of using ridiculous neg 17 stems.
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 One can only go to 90mm headtubes with a tapered steer tube I think. Or 100mm I forget. Unless something odd was done here.
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 To me, the short head tube makes sense because it's not like they made the bike just for him... They made it for like three other people too.
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 I think this is the first time I've ever seen XTR hubs being used on a bike in real life and not in a catalog or a demo. Neat bike
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 Nice job for getting the Umlaut right in the title, Richard :-) I remember Thӧmu's Veloshop from when they were just a little brand operating from a farm house, sweet to see them getting international recognition now.
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 I'm all about function over form, but that orange factory fork with that colorway is fugly!
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 Red and,no,no!
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 @nozes: say that every sunset.
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 Love the overall look of this bike in terms of the cable routing, pivot design, and head tube size. I can't help but wonder if the smallish head tube increases the chance of the steerer tube splitting the frame / crushing the head set bearings? Seems like it would, but maybe not an issue for CX.
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 Head tube is 95 mm according to the web site chart. Most of my bikes have had headtubes that short. Never an issue.
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 Really hot bike. Love the flip chip.
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 Interesting Internal routing solution, wonder if it will be harder to turn. . . Crazy thin seat-stays as well!
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 Thats because its a flex pivot stay
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 Whats interesting? That means custom headset. If you have to replace it, you will have a hard time finding one.
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 Such a solid build. Electronics are the future. What's up with the unbranded carbon rims?
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 I thought children were the future?
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 @Dropthedebt: teach them well and let them lead the way
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 Crack is whack.
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 @Dropthedebt: Electronic children are the future.
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 Gotta be a new stealth XTR rim, that group is due
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 Awesome allmountain bike red light
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 I love the fact boundaries are being pushed with design in XC mountain bikes, Long may it continue.
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 Wonder how much faster these guys are when they don’t have to “worry about screwing up their shifts” on an archaic cable shifting system. I’d guess it’s zero much.
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 It's like you tried to make some form of witty point, but stopped halfway through and gave up entirely.
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 right because there are no other benefits of wireless (not necessarily important for racing)
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 Wins XC race by 0.0021 seconds, nobody ever knows.
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 Nice Spark.
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 sad that the TT looks like a crumpled paper....we want more photos of Nino's bike....
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 Love the unique features on this bike. That wiggly top tube makes my OCD tingle though.
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 Isn't this frame the open mold Scott copycat that sales on eBay and Alibaba?
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 Kind of surprising to see an in depth on this bike considering Thomus is well known in the industry as being a blatant copy cat. Zero real investment into R&D, zero new ideas.
Personally, I would rather read about companies on the cutting edge, not about a 2nd tier copy cat with a big bank account.
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 @thedirtyburritto: seeing as we’re down voted most people don’t know this is a Scott eBay copy cat so why would brands waste money in development?
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 @Gregorysmithj1: good point:
Hey everybody FYI, this is a cheap Spark copy with some stolen BMC DNA. Just so you know, you know?
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 Having to file down the carbon spacer just so the headset routing works properly seems a little like half-assing a solution.
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 That seems like a really beefy rear triangle and shock
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 Go Flück yourself...
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 That downtube is big enough to fit a motor and battery! I hope they crack down on e-bikes this year cause there's a lot of them in racing Enduro!
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 When water goes down your neck.
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 love it
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 What are the advantages of electronic suspension lockout?
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 Death trap
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 Might as well finish off these silly cables and add electric brakes.
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 Yes, and make them like air brakes so they close up if they lose power, bringing you to a steady stop until you hike your bike to a charger. It's safer than riding with no brakes.
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 No dropper post.... I'm outta here !!
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 Hey wheres e bike?
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