Throwback Thursday: 10 Interviews from 2013-2016 - Santa Cruz, Fox Factory, Yeti, Cube & More

Apr 23, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

From The Top is a series where we interview key players from some of the biggest brands in mountain biking. It started back in 2013, with Mike Kazimer's interview with Carter Holland, the owner of Black Market Bikes. Since then, we've done over 30 From the Top interviews with owners, presidents and founders from the likes of Yeti, Santa Cruz, Kona, and more. This Thursday, we look back at the predictions and predicaments that were discussed half a dozen years ago. So much can change in less than a decade.

Carter Holland of Black Market Bikes
By Mike Kazimer, Feb 15, 2013

"A lot of brands that have a US made “feel” have never made a single thing in the US. Kids don't realize that, but when they get older they realize the value, and it pays off in the long run." (Read more.)
Carter Holland poses with his Black Market Roam bicycle

Andrea Pierantoni of Marzocchi
By Julian Coffey, Mar 20, 2013

"The future will be electronic, and we are one step ahead because we have already developed a new semi-active suspension with internal valving where the consumer can change the damping from their smartphone or tablet." (Read more.)
Head Marzocchi

Bob Fox of Fox Factory
By Richard Cunningham, Jun 11, 2013

I don’t think there will be any 'game-changer.' I think there will be evolution. I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine what it might be. Of course, if I could imagine what it might be - I wouldn’t be willing to talk about it! (Read more.)
From the Top Bob Fox hero photo

Max Commencal of Commencal Bicycles
By Matt Wragg, Sep 26, 2013

"So, we are not big in France, we are not big in Spain, we are not big in Russia, we are not big in Korea, we are not big Japan... But we are on all continents, everywhere." (Read more.)

The Kona Collective: Jacob Heilbron, Doug Lafavor, Dan Gerhard, Paddy White, Maurey Olsten
By Mike Kazimer, Nov 15, 2013

"We used to look forwards about six months at a time, and have never spent that much time on long term planning. Not that it's reactive, we try to stay just a little ahead of the curve, but I think we have been forced to look a little bit further ahead because it takes longer to develop products now." (Read more.)

Rob Roskopp of Santa Cruz Bicycles
By Richard Cunningham, Dec 20, 2013

"The suspension kinematics are very different on a 29'er compared to a 26-inch bike. But we did figure it out and I think the rest of the story speaks for itself." (Read more.)
Rob Roskopp

Chris Conroy of Yeti Cycles
By Mike Kazimer, May 22, 2014

"Of course, 27.5" carbon DH bikes are on the horizon. I think the question many of us are asking is what the DH bike of the future looks like? Is it a long-travel enduro bike?" (Read more.)
Chris Conroy Yeti president

Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp of Hope Technology
By Paul Aston, Dec 7, 2014

"Financial crises only affects you if you’re overstretched, and we’re never overstretched. We’re always very cautious and very careful, even in the financial crisis. Ever since we started 20-odd years ago, we always think ‘it’s all going to end tomorrow’ we don’t take anything for granted." (Read more.)
Hope Technology. From The Top.

Marcus Puerner of Cube Bikes
By Matt Wragg, Jan 26, 2016

"If one day we decide to go to America... It is not that people are waiting for us. It would be super, super hard, it is a tough market with very strong companies who occupy the market already. " (Read more.)
Cube Factory

Thorsten Heckrath-Rose of Rose Bikes
By Matt Wragg, Jan 26, 2016

"There is still a demand for alloy in the higher travel bikes, it is much bigger. It might change within a couple of years when people get more used to carbon as a standard material." (Read more.)
Bocholt Germany. Photo by Matt Wragg.

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 Please extract all the parts where frame makers said "we made the frame 2cm longer but that’s the longest we can go according to our tests", and count for how many new release they’ve repeated that sentence ????
  • 8 4
 That first picture of the warehouse - why not steel construction?! Somebody had lots of money. But then fire sprinkler system looks underdimensioned for goods like bicycles, or bicycle components which have lots of rubber. Non-perforated shelves - the hell?! Vertical poles as bumpers only in the corners of the compartments? Just wait for the fork lift to take the wrong turn and fk it all up. Use beams for the love of God. I bet they have no ventilation at fork lift charging stations. Who designed this place?
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 @ewj76: how dare you? We work with Danish consultants and experts in logistics and they never do such shennenigans! I am outraged Smile
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 @WAKIdesigns: Coming from someone who helps design layouts for industrial buildings - The cube factory warehouse is an extremely clean and well set up space. Certain cycling company warehouses in the US that I've been in are much worse for wear.
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 @Ajorda: That was an attempt at a joke: guy on a bike site whining in detail about warehouse design. I am working a lot with warehouses, just channeled it here.
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 @WAKIdesigns: considering how much you are commenting here on PB, I don‘t think that you work that much...
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 @MTBert: :-D Ding!
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 Go read Yeti article comments from 2014... 100+ comments bitching about move from 26" to 27.5" wheels. How many of em ride 29ers now??????
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 "The future will be electronic, and we are one step ahead because we have already developed a new semi-active suspension with internal valving where the consumer can change the damping from their smartphone or tablet."

The world is taking a turn for the worse. We persist in computerizing everything, even the useless. Electric motor, electronic shocks ... at this point why don't you give me a virtual reality headset so I don't even leave the house?
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 Well, isn't that allready happenning?
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 "I predict that in 18 months' time, our business will go to shit. I will probably have to sell out our one good design to that twat over at Fox. It will be that or lose my house I guess. f*ck!"
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 I predict that in 10 years time we'll all have hover bikes, and shoes that do themselves up, and clothes that automatically dry themselves if they get wet when riding, and well get our riding snacks by popping a small version in a hydrator that will come out proper size ready to eat, and after recording our rides can watch back on Holo-max in actual 3D . All my own ideas right there.... Honest. Now, I'm off on a ride on my bike I've named 'Delorian'.
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 We had all that back in 2015 Wink
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 BM was ahead of the game with wheel-sizes, awesome frames!
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 Find the roskopp interview where he says they only made racing bikes...

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