Throwback Thursday: 8 Underrated Red Bull Rampage Runs

Oct 24, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Norbs Killed it. The Coastal crew ripper and all round nice guy had a killer run including 2 mental cliff drop 360s. Spin it to win it Nobs you got robbed.
Kyle Norbraten spinning a sizeable drop back in 2012. The commentators called it out as opposite, but it was his regular way.

The judged, subjective nature of Rampage is always going to lead to some controversies. Judges have an incredibly difficult job, but scores aside, here are 8 of our favourite runs that went under the radar.

1. Darren Berrecloth - 2010

Score: 81.2
Position: 3rd

2. Kyle Norbraten - 2012

Score: 65.25
Position: 10th

3. Brett Rheeder - 2014

Score: 88.50

4. Brandon Semenuk - 2015

Score: 94.25
Position: 4th

5. Tyler McCaul - 2016

Score: 76.0
Position: 7th

6. Antoine Bizet - 2017

Score: 81.66
Position: 12th

7. Tom van Steenbergen - 2017

Score: 84.33
Position: 10th

8. Brendan Fairclough - 2018

Score: 67.66
Position: 10th


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 Scrolled through looking for Brendan's run, happy to see it in here.

People of Pinkbike: Rampage isn't about tricks
Bizet: does a double backflip
Judges: nah
People of Pinkbike: Bizet was robbed!

Brendan's run from last year was gnarly and risky as hell, not saying he should have won but sub 70 score was a pisstake
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 Nice run
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 so gnarly, deserved a Way Higher Score
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 How do you feel about his placement? Did he deserve to be above the next rider above him (Sorge)?
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 @brianpark: That's the real question. Scores don't mean anything in the long run. The final ranking is all that matters.
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 @brianpark: i think so
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 @brianpark: yes. absolutely.
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 I found it absolutely hilarious how people are now screaming that Rampage is not a slope comp and yet two years ago, those same people were upset Bizet didn't place top 3 because of his double backflip.

Rule of thumb: 99% of PB comments are made by jackoffs with zero clue.
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 BTW the only one that was truly robbed was Tyler McCaul when they disqualified his second run which would have easily placed him in the top 3. The rest is nonsense.
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 so many riders got robbed it was a fkn crime spree!!!
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 IMO, points from RUN1 shouldnt be calculated as official result but as a benchmark for all the runs. Let all the riders drop in first for base scoring. Then business starts at RUN2.
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 @scott-townes: Edit... 99.9%
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 norbs got robbed.
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 Number 2 underrated run?
Norby (as they call him) got robbed again!
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 Brendan/ TMac every year they enter
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 TMac for sure! Cpl of times being first rider!?
after he lands the Indian air...yes. Smile
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 Kelly McGarry
  • 18 0
 Took 2nd place with his canyon flip run. One of the greatest ever. Smile
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 @brianpark: #mcgazzaforever
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 I wouldn't call that underrated at all. That is up in there in the Mount Rushmore of runs. Pushed the progression of the sport forward a great deal in 1 flip.
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 McGazza got robbed twice, he didn't even make it to the underrated list!
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 @brianpark: McGarry not winning was hands down the worst robbery in Rampage history.
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 @integralnz: Its because it wasn't underrated.
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 Agree, that wasnt a 2nd place
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 What he means is that the world got robbed not having Kelly with us any longer!!!
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 -> Andreu Lacondeguy's run from 2018 -
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 Fairclaw got absolutely ripped off. Didn't even get his name right. Clough =cluff =English
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 But clawww sounds cooler bruuhh
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 @philipmcm: take the raw with the smooth!
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 Makes me want to kick that guy right in the dough.
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 Most underrated Rampage runs:
Cedric Gracia 2002, he should have easily won,
Gee Atherton 2004, he should have easily won,
Andreu Lacondeguy 2012,... you get the picture.
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 All of Andreu's runs are just mindblowing, he is like a bull on parade!
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 Oh man, how did I forget about Cedric in 02? Anyone have the complete run somewhere?
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 TMAC's run was so under scored that year it was insane. That run was sick. He's been hosed a couple of times. 2013 was another one. I felt like he shoulda been on the podium that year. I think because he doesn't pack of ton of trick variations into his runs he gets underscored. But his stuff is alway so unique and so big. He'll usually have the largest hit of the event or at least be right there. Even his big hitter this year... it's not the biggest but when you combine how big it is with how blind and tech it is... it's gnarly. That dude not having a podium is almost insulting. But I will say this... props to the judges. This event is so hard to judge. Especially now where all of these guys are running top to bottom, packing in gnar and packing in tricks. Good luck to the riders and the judges this year.
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 I always finish almost every rampage thinking he gets underscored. it seems like he puts together great runs and gets not much out of them! Hopefully this year he will finally get the credit he deserves, and I don't think theres anyone out there who would be more stoked to win it.
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 Anyone who rides Rampage is a winner in my book. Placement really doesn't matter. All judged events / sports are controversial and generally suck. Particularly in action sports. It's a game of favoritism and bias.

That's why racing is great. The clock doesn't lie.
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 More often than not my favorite runs in DH racing are not the winning runs.
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 Thank you !! Now I'm triggered even before this year's Rampage with all those robberies!
T-Mac and Brendog runs were so gnarly! Also I am a bit biased but Bizet should have been higher in the rankings (not a winning run, but 12th?? Come on! same for TVS)
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 The single biggest progression in Rampage has been the commentators.
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 Brendan's run is what rampage is all about, should've won
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 i vote faircloughs. jesus.
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 Shaums March's 4 place run in the second rampage. Top to bottom, no stopping, no climbing back up hill, no crashes and some big hits. 2nd all day. Most on here probably weren't even born yet :-)
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 So many riders got robbed through the years Bizet landing amazing backflips,TVB jumping from a cliff insane!, T-mac was so so smooth on the jumps,Brendan technical section all of them should have made at least the podium not to mention the chance to win it crazy!
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 The official RBR Robbery Victim list #Neverforget
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 The Red Bull Racing victim list is equally as long.
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 Even in the list of robbed runs, Brendan gets robbed Wink
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 Mind blowing that Semenuk came 4th with a 94.5, and that insane run, yet it wasnt that controversial...
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 I thought he should have won that year, but ehh. Welcome to judged events! Smile
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 I remember being baffled by the judging that year, it most definitely was controversial in our riding group
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 That year he won the people's choice by a landslide. Pretty much summed up how everybody felt about his run.
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 This is one event where all the riders should get a first place medal. Know if they could just combine the Rampage, Hardline, and Alaskan King crab fishing into one event......
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 Brendog's run look scary AF man !
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 TVS’ caveman is still one of my favorites. Had me freaked out watching it on TV lol
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 I don't think we're ever going to see a good balance between tricks and raw riding. it's just one of life's disappointments Frown
Would have loved to see Gee competing against Brendan for my fav line this year.
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 From the live Rampages i've watched, Bizet's run was the biggest robbery ever... Second on the list comes Brendan, I understand that he didn't add many tricks but for fuck sake, that line was creative and gnarly as hell...
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 Brendan and T-Macs scores... Seriously what were the judges watching?
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 Hard to get a feel for the sheer exposure of the knife edges theyre riding, until you see the POV. Nopesville, population: me
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 Norbs loves it the regular way
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 norbs got rubbed?
  • 3 0
 Missionary you mean?
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 @webermtb: no man...
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 @Tmackstab: Smile just kidding
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 He spun it the same way each time. The announcer was off.
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 @slayerdegnar: yep. I wonder if that contributed to the viewers' expectations of his score.
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 Yesss! I get to wear my Norbs got Robbed shirt again!!
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 Yup, mine is ready to go! #PGCC
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 Nobratens 2012 run looks insane at the top! Did other riders hit those super exposed ridges he’s on at the top that year?!
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 Not under rated. Just poorly judge.
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 All joking aside. Todd was a terrible commentator.
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 NoNeed to stir the pot.
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 Tyler McCaul
  • 1 0
 Everyone on this list was robbed
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 Fairclough and Bizet got robbed
  • 1 0
 Norbs gotta robbed
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