Throwback Thursday: Champery 2007 - The Greatest Race Run Ever?

May 7, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Photo: Riders' Retreat

2007 was the first time Champery appeared on the World Cup circuit and it was a rude awakening for the riders. Consistently steeper than any World Cup track before or since, riders were complaining that the track walk was too hard, nevermind the race itself. In fact, it was probably one of the most action-packed track walks ever as Greg Minnaar took a slip and tweaked his shoulder before his feet had touched a pair of pedals. The race also marked the return of Nico Vouilloz after 5 years away from the circuit racing rally cars, but it would be a different legend of the sport that would steal all the headlines.

First practice rolled around and it was a chaotic affair. Stories went around the pits of riders raiding the local shops for a pair of Five Tens and swapping back to flat pedals, such was the severity of the track they found in front of them. Crashing was the norm and, with no easy way down the mountain, the rescue helicopter was in near-constant use ferrying riders to the nearby hospital. Thankfully there was catch netting lining the course practically top to bottom, preventing it from getting any worse. The session was best documented by Alex Rankin and Dirt in Earthed 5, check out also Steve Jones doing Cathrovision before it was cool:

In qualifying, Sam Hill was in the groove, 15 seconds faster than second-placed Mickael Pascal. It seemed like Sam had found another one of those tracks like Schladming and Val di Sole where he was simply on a different level to the rest of the field. There was one result that flew well under the radar though, and that was Matti Lehikoinen down in 40th. He would later admit that he stopped for 20 seconds on track having noticed storms rolling through the valley mid-way through the afternoon each day. He knew that by qualifying slower he would be more likely to race on a dry track and get a better time as a result.

Sure enough, Lehikoinen had timed it to perfection. He came down hot on race day afternoon and knocked Peaty off the hotseat before a deluge of rain ripped through the venue. The remaining riders didn't stand a chance. The track was lethal enough in the dry but with a river running down it you just had to focus on getting down in one piece. Third and fourth-placed qualifiers, Bernat Guardia and Fabien Pedemanaud finished 71st and 72nd respectively. Pascal pulled a respectable 29th but Sam Hill was reading from a different crib sheet. He rode as if it was dry, came down covered in mud from a crash and still crossed the line just .03 behind Peat and 1.63 behind Lehikoinen. "Sam is the king today, give him the crown," said Peaty. Lehikoinen agreed, simply saying, “Sam is the winner today.”

The craziest thing is how close Sam came to winning, watch this video from the finish area, the look on Matti's face says it all:

Sam's bike in the pits after the race

Vs Sabrina Jonnier's fresh from its run earlier in the day.

A full recap from Caly Porter's film F1rst:

Full results: here.

So, was this the greatest race run ever? There are definitely a few other contenders and can it be considered great if Sam didn't actually win? We'll let you debate that in the comments below.

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 Hey pinkbike, I bet it's not only me that's missing some DH content (damn you, Covid!). How about making a post on how specific DH bikes evolved along time? If you go on a team by team basis that would flood us with some nice DH posts.
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 This is a great idea, watch this space.
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 ''Sam is the king, give him the crown''
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flag RedBurn (May 7, 2020 at 4:19) (Below Threshold)
 *Danny hart
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 @RedBurn: Hill was on a different category in that race even for Harts standards
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 @RedBurn: As brilliant as Harts run in 2011 was, he's English, he's used to riding in axle deep mud. For an Australian like Sam, that mud must have been alien for him, which only makes that run even more impressive and transcends Harts already phenomenal run IMO.
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 @AD4M: Crazy as it sounds Sam was/is used to riding on pea gravel in Western Australia, it's super slippery and although I ride on it too I'm crap on both pea gravel and mud, maybe the lack of grip feeling is similar on both? But yeah there is almost zero mud here where Sam lives.
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 You can see the sheer disappointment in Sam's face right at 8:17 in the video, he didn't want 3rd place...
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 No excuses need be made or explanations for what he did that race. He simply refused to give in, plain and simple and felt he was the best racer regardless of conditons.
Some things of note:
1. The Alien (Nico) qualified SECOND...ON FLATS...HAVING NEVER RACED IN THEM...after a 5 year layoff. Until Sam's race run, that stood with everyone as the most startling stat of the race
2. On the old forums, homemade footage surfaced of Sam & his wreck. It was HUGE!!! He lost the race on that fall (and if someone he knows can confirm, I don't think it was just one fall) but the riders didn't even count typical time gobbling screw ups as falls in their race runs for that event. They all had so many bobbles, stops and stumbles, no one considered them excuses. Most only mentioned if they actually fell completely down.
3. By todays rules, from what was discussed over time, he'd have been DQ'ed (along with many others)because it would be impossible to get back up to "re-enter"where he went down. Most nobody cared that rode the course and survived it. But I'm certain that when video of him going off track got circulated with other examples, teams pushed to dis-allow it in the future to prevent potential abuses
4. Peaty is such a badass!!!! He, Sam and Nico were working magic on it in practice in the dry.
5. Hart had the same conditions as all of the other contenders. Sam rode off the top in a downpour and the rest of the top 20 all had NO rain. None. Zero.
6. That race also was one of the pivotal rule change incentives to weigh qualifying. Sam, Nico, Pascal...they all went out to prove a point in qualifying and Peaty, Matti, GM...they played the rain without the points weight.

Champerey 2007 flipped the DH world on it's head in so many ways.
The course technicality that forced the ELITE clipless riders to move to flats (Vouilloz, Atherton, Gracia, Peaty & more) just to save points.
UCI even had to re-evaluate it's evac procedures & course safety protocols.

Last, Sam told the story of that race thanks to the course that was presented to all riders and the level he was on. Had the gamble to play coy in qualifying not payed off for Matti, etc...Sam's run would have been Val Di Sole only no faceplant.

Not speaking for him since I don't know him personally, but most watching that year believe the Val di Sole run was a direct result of his motivations coming out of Champerey.
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 @AD4M: Danny’s bike park on a rainy day is THE best place for him to train though! Great tracks but hella slippy
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 Also, the comments about going off track and time penalties was just a reference to UCI rule changes, nothing to do with Sam's amazing run.
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 @blowmyfuse: Nico qualified 5th at Champery. 16+ secs back from Sam. Still not bad after coming out of 'retirement'.
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 @blowmyfuse: Also, the only footage I'm aware of from the Champery crash he didn't go outside the tape (you're probably thinking of the Maribor one). Champery crash is in the first bit of the video below:

As you say there may have been other mishaps/crashes we haven't seen, but even this crash alone lost him enough time to lose the race.
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 @blowmyfuse: NOW THAT'S AN ARTICLE! Awesome to hear about it in context of rule changes and lesser known facts.
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 @blowmyfuse: not true to say only Sam experienced the rain. Clay Porter's film above said that the rain started halfway through the finals, and in his footage the 24th qualifier Rémy Charrier is shown coming down in the pissing rain, so all the top 20 qualifiers were rained on.

Matti openly admitted to playing the tactics and stopping in quali, but Peaty just had a crap quali run I think. He described riding it like he was "wearing a pair of pants on my head" in Earthed5 Smile
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 @antennae: Top 20 finishers. Only guy who finished top 20 who had to ride in rain. Pretty certain the other 19 raced dry
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 @DirtyDee: there was video on Ridemonkey of a wreck he had & its been 10+ years since all yhe grainy post race ips were shared by folks track side, but there was a crash where his bike went over the catch net to the next switchback & he had to slip around the 180 down to his bike?
My brain could easily be mixing up riders, could have been a practice run or other. Glad you pulled that clip. Irony is that looks like the same turn Ratboy exploded at the Worlds when Hart won...tomahawking and his bike going off down the mountain out of sight
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 @blowmyfuse: Yep, same corner Josh wrecked on the year Danny won.
To be honest I doubt the crash you are talking about was from this race run, Sam even says above he had a "standard race run with a crash in the middle". He would have probably mentioned a couple of crashes and sliding his way down to catch up with his bike. I don't think it's possible he had the time to have a 2nd crash like that and still finish 3rd place just a second off the win.
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 @blowmyfuse: Best comment
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 @DirtyDee: yep. Warner even confirms in the commentary. Man....Miami Bryce took a beating on that!!! As always, I stand corrected:
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 @Dallasdownunder: I can see that.

When I raced the Deer Valley National, it was scary as crap to me. Gravel & mounds of dust that didn't let you turn...even though they were dry as a bone. I'd come out of a rock garden, blast across a section of gnarly roots...all the while with more grip than the driest day back home in Pisgah.

Then I'd hit the slope, go to hit the brakes or make a slight adjustment at Mach Chicken...and the whole bike would eventually float in the direction I wanted to something like 30mph. 2 knuckle deep grit is scary stuff.
I'd rather ride glassy mud back home than that stuff. At least mud is predictable.
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 @blowmyfuse: - Thanks for the education.

Brendog was wearing the UK flag sleeve. Was he national champ before?

Nico may have come out of retirement but it's not like he just picked up a bike and drove to the race. I doubt he would have gone with the intention of finishing second or lower so there would have been practice.
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Without confirming, I want to say that year Peaty wrecked or was hurt at British Nationals & maybe a straight downpour.
One year, a bunch of the industry teams & the UCI all went the hell in a hand basket where Nationals for certain countries were either in direct conflict with a UCI event or the teams did a push to pull their riders from Nats.
I remember one year industry teams had a major conflict with UCI over forcing National Champ to wear the country's registered natioanl team jersey(creating massive issues for sponsors who paid for size and placement on jerseys prior to the seasons) and industry teams had some riders NOT RACE NATTY CHAMPS.
Obviously if Brendog has the sleeve, that occurred prior.

Most importantly, when on teams with GM or Sam Hill, he was on the brink of winning every week. 2nd place once or twice in that stretch, so most likely he legitimately won Nats that year
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 @jaame: But the thing people cant comprehend is to have 5 years off racing, show up at the hardest track the circuit had ever seen, decide to throw on FLAT PEDALS and then go out & post a top 10 qualifier on the hardest track ever. Qualifying for World Cup after 5 years layoff with almost 100 riders, doing it on the moat demanding track & on flats after NEVER racing them. Unless you're a WC racer hitting cutoffs, you can't comprehend how incredible that feat is. To moat anyone trying to qualify, it's nothing short of magic.
The Alien.
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 @blowmyfuse: Brendan won junior British national champs 2006, which is why he could wear the sleeve for 2007 WC season. Marc Beaumont won it for Senior men. Peaty raced and came 6th.

All results are easily found on roots and rain.
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 @DirtyDee: you need ro reply faster next time. I dont have to mis-remember this much.
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 @blowmyfuse: Or you could have just checked the answer before replying, probably in less time than it took you to write that long tangential ramble!
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 @DirtyDee: aha that explains it. I know Brendog was consistently threatening on the Honda and early specialized days, but I didn't think he'd actually won anything.

By the way I love the answers from memory. It's a lot more fun than looking up stuff!
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 @blowmyfuse: Sam crashed on a fast right hander, he or his bike never left the track. But he did have to run back up the track to get it losing a lot of time. The footage was on the internet and maybe one of the videos released that year. Sure it's still somewhere. I remember Kathy Sessler sharing it.
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 @Squirrelbiker: we resolved it. all good
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 After 13 years this still gives me goosebumps. And what about the post race interview?!?
"Are you used to ride in stuff like that?"
Sam: "I don't even see a rain drop at home in Australia". AHAHAHHA
Ask Sam what he think about it even 13 years later and he will tell you "Ya.. was a pretty good run".
Such an humble man and from my point of view the best ever so far in downhill racing.
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Order the results by qualifying time, look how everyone in similar conditions did, Pascal was the closest at 28s off. Definitely the greatest ever run for me.
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 I had checked that stat for my Hill movie, it's crazy! The discussion between hart 2011 and Hill 2007 is only here because there no live stream in 2007. If we have a Warner live on the sam's run there would not be discussion, with all the drama, crash, 1sec of the win. Plus the track in 2007 was way gnarlier, Ben Walker and everyone do a lot of work on the track for the 2010 wc, the riders say that the track was pretty much unridable in 07. 28 fucking seconds on a 4 minute track wtf
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (May 7, 2020 at 10:45) (Below Threshold)
 I agree that it's the most dominating mud run ever, but Gwin's VdS run is more impressive to me because it happened in dry conditions. No man in the modern era has dominated a race like this in dry conditions and it will likely never happen again.
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 Patiently waiting for the MTB clothes pendulum to swing back to loose-fitting baggies that hide your true fitness.
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 Yes the apparel was so much better back then!
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 ya the world champs apparel was the loosest
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 When you see footage of Sam’s crash in that race, you’ll see a yellow streak in the back ground. That was me. I and the videographer were the only two to actually witness it. Sam slid/fell off the track to the downhill side in a sweeping right hander. He got back on the bike AMAZINGLY quickly, and that track was so steep I don’t think he lost the classic 8 seconds of a race run off the bike—maybe 5 seconds. Makes you wonder what might have been. Why no photos you ask? My flashes had already shorted out, and I didn’t have a rain sleeve. So there was no way I was trying shooting in that downpour. I didn’t have a backup camera and couldn’t afford to have my only camera crap out.
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 It's like how Robert Capa's film from Normandy got mis-developed. Bummer you missed it!!
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 @meagerdude That's an awesome story!
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 10 secs into this video, I see you! You were an eye witness to MTB history.
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 This post is one of my favorite things about Pinkbike. Thanks.
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 Take nothing away from Danny, his 2011 World champs run was insanely impressive. But being at both races, I can assure you Sams 2007 run is more impressive. All the other guys coming down in the top 30 in the rain werent getting within 30 seconds of Matti Lehikoinens time, they werent even able to get down sections of the track, it was that bad! It's also no exaggeration to say that the track in the 4 years, changed a lot and became much easier, the dirt packed down, TONS of roots were removed, turns bermed. Making Sams run even more impressive.
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 Earthed videos - still the best mtb series made imo
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 I wouldn't be upset if my sons first words were "Sam Hill is King"
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 I think I speak for us all when I say we'd prefer these results had been posted using Scribd /s ;-)

Sam Hill is, was—and always will be—my hero.
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 ...all without a boost spaced, cush cored, grip 2 dampened, carbon rear triangled, mullet bike that the industry says we have to buy to go fast.

I heard 26” wheels were what made the difference for Hill that day...
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 I know that's tongue in cheek but in fairness, that bike was ahead if its time compared to many of the bikes the other guys were riding - it certainly woke the other racers / bike designers up that's for sure.

Give a guy like Sam a bike he is absolutely comfortable on and that is probably better suited to this kind of DH than any other, at his peak, on a track suited to him like no other and this is what you get.

I looked a the old dirt bike check of this Sunday and it doesn't look all that odd compared with todays bikes, unlike some of the others that look absolutely hilarious.

I would love to have an old Sunday up on the wall in the workshop, kind of defined the years when I got into biking and DH.
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 But he was racing people with those similar bikes... If Loic himself pulled up to a wc on that bike he would be slaughtered. Just because Sam went fast that one time doesn't mean that 2007 bikes are just as fast as modern bikes.
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 @zanda23: Who said 2007 bikes are as fast as modern bikes? I didn't, and it doesn't look like semperfidher did either, I think his comment was a bit tongue in cheek?
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 A lot of those practice crashes probably wouldn’t have happened if those dudes were on longer and slacker bikes, though
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 @justanotherusername: you’re right. I was just kidding. My point is that fast riders are just that...they’re ridiculously fast, regardless of what they’re riding. Sam Hill on a Mountain Cycle San Andreas would destroy 95% of the world’s riders, even if we were on modern bikes. Chris Kovarik qualifying for a Pro GRT last year on a 20-year-old M1is an example of this.

I just get a bit tired of hearing about volume spacers and flip chips, when, for the vast majority of us, it really doesn’t matter. Just ride.
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 @semperfidher: On the flip side, new bikes feel much better than old ones generally, and I don't denigrate people for paying for them
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 @justanotherusername: I would love to see how DW would update the sunday to be modern DH race bike.
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 @zanda23: on the flip chip
  • 2 0
 @semperfidher: I totally agree, but I think a lot of us are just gear heads and like tinkering with our bikes, despite what benefits or lack thereof we gain from it haha.
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 Pure gold..! SPRUNG and Earthed have to make a comeback. That Primitives song finishes it all off.. Thumbs up.- Fun fact... In 2008 we rode that course and my front brake line snapped one third down the course when I fell... One of my craziest days on the bike for sure.-
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 there absolutely no comparison between the track in 2007 and 2011. On 2007 Champery was almost unrideable on dry condition..figure on that day. Hart has been great, but Hill that day made something unreal, only if you have ridden that track you can understand the level of this run, absolutely insane!
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 We attempted to ride this on 4 inch travel XC bikes back in 2002/03 , we rode the top open section then thought better of it and cruised down the road and got the cable car back up .
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 This run and the his run of Val di Sole
  • 3 0
 Val di Sole edges it because we can actually see the footage.
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 I am lucky enough to say I rode this track , and people who rode it before 2008-2009 know how ridiculously difficult it was. So good to remind these period where only the talent of the rider counted, no question of wheel size, or even physical preparation, only talent and balls. Most difficult thing is to have in mind this run is closed to 15 years old, and reminding this period makes me think that MTB did not get any better than that, we have bigger bikes, more settings, but at the end of the day, this kind of tracks doesn't exist anymore, and this aspect of riding slowly dissapeared
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 Incredibly hard in its original form. Rode it in the dry and spent more time on my arse than my tyres...
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 @antennae: Same, I remember with my friends, every 10m we were like "Oh Fu**" who tries it first ? and it was dry !
this is where you realize the difference between you and the top riders
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 There is a before and a after Sam Hill in history of downhill . This run prove it. I'm glad i was there to see this in live (in the last corner before the finish drop precisely ).
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 Lets see how many comments say " Sam f*cking Hill"
  • 13 1
  • 28 1
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 Maybe i missed it but were we supposed to watch one the greatest runs via someone's nokia classic looking at the big screen?!
  • 1 0
 Absolutely. Wasn't freecaster already streaming the 2010 season? In general, why is it so difficult to find the whole replays from past DH world cup races? Couldn't find a lot of footage on youtube or (or I was looking wrong...).
  • 2 0
 @Fraenksen: they are geo restricted. NBC has world champs red bull only can show it in a few places.
Red Bull TV seems to have deleted everything but race recaps from 2018 prior.
  • 2 0
 @Fraenksen: I think the first season for Freecaster was 2008, so no coverage of this race.

You can see proper race coverage shown on the laptop screen about 10 seconds into this clip from Earthed 5 (I'm guessing Eurosport judging by the commentary) but I've never found it anywhere. Would be awesome to watch the whole thing.
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 @antennae, @fruitsd79
Thanks for replies.
I was also wondering if there are any restrictions. Last year I found some replays on but yes, now they are deleted.

Would be nice to have some more coverage and to see some old worldcups when Sam, Peaty, Ratboy or Stevie were racing or when Gwin entered the world cup scene.
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 Definitely one of if not the best. Danny Hart's 2011 run at Champery has gotta be up there and Gwinn at Leogang without a chain was epic!
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 The Champery WC race was so shocking, yet notable for how riders had to adapt their bike setup and strategies, given the conditions and grade.

Hart’s world champs run in Champery was perfection. He was on rails, plus being able to see really helps!

But Hill’s Val Di Sole race run was truly terrifying. The footage simply doesn’t make sense. Not because he was out of control, but because of the difference in speed compared to his competitors. I think that was the true limit of how hard a rider can push a bike.
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 I was there watching in the last woods section, which was a steep gully with an endless series of dropping "S" turns. On the entry to this section there was a chute into a hookin left that dropped away into another steep chute. The bank had been chewed out with the majority of the field riding this rutted turn and smashing frames and mechs on the overhanging rocks sticking out above the bank. Sam and Peaty were the only ones doing a big wallride out above this rut and it was real impressive to watch in the dry qualifying run. Come race run everyone was in survival mode and holding on for dear life.Only one person rode that line that day. Sam Hill.
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 Easily the best run at champery anyone who says danny harts is better clearly doesnt know they made the track safer before the world cup and sams time was 14 seconds ahead in the dry during qualifying and was only like 1 second behind after a crash at the top section in his actual race run
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 Full scorpion throw down!
  • 2 0
 That was no doubt a shitshow, but has anyone found that certain types of dirt actually has grip to it whilst it's pissing down, but as soon as the rain stops the ground releases it's clay and it gets slippery AF?
  • 2 0
 Killington VT is like that. Fun the day of in the rain, scary the next day.
  • 1 0
 Clay based soils do that. Peanut butter
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 @ORTOGONAL555: emerson class 3
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 I still remember the first time i rode that track, which is slighty different to the track where Danny Hart was winning, i was close to start sweating blood and the adrenalins was nearly too much to handle. sooo many off camber turns, that was a real wild ride.
  • 3 3
 It's meaningless to talk about a single greatest run. A greatest run is a heap of the moment that makes it great and the story behind it. Therefore every amazing run is unique and impossible to rate. But this definitely is one of the greatest runs we've ever seen. Hadn't he crashed, he'd won by a mile. That's what I love about Sam. He's just all out. If he crashes, so be it. No tactics. Just pure bike control But that's not always what brings victories. But Sam is just too big for that.
  • 3 2
 This is on the same level as Danny, considering Sam's huge lead during quali and overall changing conditions. Danny Hart's run was flawless but this is just pure old school Sam f*cking Hill shredding
  • 3 0
 Sam is the man! He is the captain of my Enduro Fantasy League. So far we are tied for 1st........!
  • 3 0
 Just checked the results list. Adam Brayton, Nico Vink, and Ben Cathro racing in 2007? I did not expect that.
  • 1 0
 On the first clip of practice, that right hand corner at 4.26. Sam makes it look so controlled where others, including CG end up OTB. Hill threading the inside line not taken, as the best option. Legend....
  • 2 0
 Absolute legend! Was Clay Porter just about to slip into a coma when he did the voiceover for F1rst?
  • 1 0
 I love these stories around legendary races. Kind of how the writer Samuel Abt wrote about legendary Tours De France races. Super fun.
  • 2 3
 meanwhile in 2019 the best run was down a piste in France!

Today the roots would all be chopped out, a berm built that was under armoured and the corner widened significantly.

Then Sam wouldnt ride and would be racing Enduro too as its more natural. Smile

  • 2 0
 Sam would still find an inside line where they hadn't cut the roots out ????
  • 1 0
 I'd say this is indeed the greatest one. Too bad there is such lousy coverage.
  • 2 0
 Appears as though everyone borrowed their kid-brother's bike for the race.
  • 1 1
 Funny how they're all riding kids bikes. What were all the R&D departments doing for decades? Surely wouldn't have taken much effort to try some different geometries?
  • 2 0
 Friday already?
  • 1 1
 Interesting... in 2018 i didn't found a single pair of five ten shoes in the whole village...
  • 2 0
 Sam Bloody Hill
  • 1 0
 curious to see this run on a 29er and longer, lower, slacker....
  • 2 0
 best run ever!
  • 1 0
 That's some high quality carnage right there.
  • 1 0
 This one and Val di Sole in my book.Sam Hill =King
  • 1 0
 Bolloks did he Sam Hill the real GOAT full stop
  • 1 0
 champery 2022 UCI world cup?
  • 1 0
 Greatest downhill run of all time for me.
  • 1 0
 This one and Sam's Val di Sole are the best dh runs of all time.
  • 1 1
 Its Awesome, but we got to rate Danny Harts run higher. For me, thats the best DH run ever.
  • 4 5
 Great run, unpopular opinion:
for the greatest run of all time you need to win it like Danny Hart, Gwin in Leogang or MSA...
  • 2 2
 Danny Hart's winning run was clearly miles above this.
  • 3 0
 @legsmagee: this track is different to the one of Danny Harts win, way more offcamber turns, the reshaped the track and made it more rideable
  • 1 0
 that was sick.
  • 1 0
 1:22 style
  • 10 12
 Danny Hart
  • 2 4
 Forreal. This doesn't touch Danny's winning run.
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