Throwback Thursday: Looking Back on Brett Rheeder's 9 Years with Trek

Jan 27, 2022
by Sarah Moore  
Photo by Mason Mashon

Rheeder's first international slopestyle appearance was at Crankworx Colorado in 2009 and he signed with Trek three years later in 2012, a year that saw him finishing fourth overall in the FMB World Tour rankings as a 19 year old. After a partnership that lasted nine years, Brett Rheeder announced last week that he is parting ways with his long-time sponsor.

In the past decade riding for Trek, Rheeder has had no shortage of success with seven Crankworx titles, an X-Games gold medal and four slopestyle world titles. He also won Red Bull Rampage in 2018, proving that his skills go well beyond the slopestyle course.

With Rheeder no doubt announcing the new brand he'll be riding for shortly, we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and look back at his career thus far.

2011: Brett Rheeder in Winter Depression

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In Rheeder's first edit with Trek, Paul and Nic Genovese head to Ontario to check out Rheeder's farm compound, the spot where he honed his slopestyle skills along with Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park. Rheeder started competing in slopestyle events internationally in 2009 at Crankworx Colorado, but this is the edit that put him on the map, back when he had a grassroots Norco deal through the bike shop he worked with.

2012: Brett Rheeder in Kelowna

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Harrison Mandel and Rupert Walker worked on this film with Rheeder in British Columbia's interior. Read the article here

2013: Brett Rheeder in Kamloops

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Brett drove from Ontario to British Columbia, a drive that reportedly took 47 hours and 41 minutes, to film this with Harrison Mendel and Rupert Walker. Read the article here

2013: Gold Medal at X-Games

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Brett Rheeder overcame the tough conditions to take the gold medal at the first (and only) slopestyle appearance at the X-Games, putting down an impressive run to beat Brandon Semenuk and Andreu Lacondeguy for the top spot. Read the article here.

2014: Horsepower

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After his X-Games win, Rheeder broke his back at Crankworx Les Deux Alpes, compressing four vertabrae. He was off bike for three months before making his comeback. Horsepower by Mind Spark Cinema was a contender for video of the year in 2014. In it, Rheeder builds a unique slopestyle course out of hay bales in Horsepower. It features Brett's signature, super-clean style, a wild open loop section and plenty of golden hour slow mo. Read the article here.

2015: This is Home

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bigquotesMy home has always been in Ontario. I wanted to tell the story of where I live and where i come from, my whole family lives within 50km of each other in southern Ontario. My cousins let me use their farm land to build the course. We hoped the dirt was going to be good, but as soon as we dug into the ground we know it was gold and the best part is it's only 4kms from my house. I know that Ontario is not ideal for mountain biking, but with a little work I feel it can be, and that's what I wanted to show. For me, This is Home.Brett Rheeder

Read the article here.

2016: First Red Bull Joyride Win + Brett Rheeder Flips Around the World in 10 Days

Rheeder took the Red Bull Joyride win for the first time. And also make this handy guide to circumnavigate the earth in just 10 days, performing mini-flips in front of some of the world's most famous landmarks! Read the article here.

2017: Brett Rheeder at Home on the DH Bike + Shadow of the Sun

Brett Rheeder had moved to the Okanagan region in western British Columbia by 2017 and laid down this dusty video in between slopestyle competitions. Read the article here.

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Brett Rheeder catches the last moments of sunlight for his 2017 edit 'Shadow of the Sun'.

2018: Beautiful Idiot + Winning Red Bull Rampage

Beautiful Idiot — a short film featuring professional freeride mountain bike rider Brett Rheeder — directors Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson, film studio Grain, and cinematographer Liam Mullany explore the connections between achievements, failures, and personal identity. Read the article here.

This was Rheeder's sixth Red Bull Rampage, his top result was 5th before 2018.

This three-part series from Crankworx and Telus tells Brett Rheeder's story and working towards the Triple Crown.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

2019: Return to Earth

Brett Rheeder returns to Utah for a mind-blowing segment. Read the article here.

2020: Brett Rheeder Introduces Title Line at SilverStar Bike Park

In June of 2020, Rheeder founded his own components company, Title MTB. Later that year, in collaboration with SilverStar Bike Park, Rheeder announced the unveiling of his brand's new signature trail, the Title Line. The trail was designed and built by Rheeder and his team of Title riders. Brett wanted to use the resources available to him and Title to do something more hands on to give back to the local riding community in the Okanagan, and the result is the Title Line. This trail is the culmination of many months of work by Brett and the Title crew. Read the article here.

2021: Brett Rheeder Goes Off the Grid on the New Trek Rail + Creates Endless Flow in 'Continuum'

Brett Rheeder heads out to some remote locations in northern British Columbia on Trek's new eMTB. Read the article here.

Brett Rheeder and Harrison Mendel create a series of lines that are all linked together, and it's stunning. Read the article here.

In this podcast, Rheeder shares his experiences with stress and expectations and how his mindset has evolved over the years because of it. The Bretts talk about Rheeder's new interest into the world of downhill racing and his bike component company, Title.


  • 100 6
 Cliff helmets are nicer than Red Bull and promote a better product.
  • 21 3
 They are pretty cool, and yes, a far better product to rep if you ask me.
  • 85 0
 Regardless of your feelings for Red Bull as a product, there is no denying what they have done for the world of action sports.
  • 2 0
 Yes! I’ve thought this for years!
  • 32 0
 Tony Ellsworth returns to Ellsworth bikes, just before Brett announces his new bike sponsor. It just can't be a coincidence, can it? hehe.
  • 20 2
 Continuum is one of the best mtn bike video segments I've ever seen, up there with Semenuk's single shot Unreal part, and yet they're almost exact opposites in terms of composition and film-making approach. What they do have in common is an intense focus on the riding with no filler or fluff.
  • 1 0
 I agree. the part where the bass comes in and he puts down that 180 twhip gives ya chills.
  • 14 0
 Just throw him inton the DH-Worldcup team put togehther by Pinkbike (which used to be the plan if I remember correctly) and let him do some damage Wink
  • 5 0
 Am i the only one wondering if Bretts doing okay? I think post competition life has been both rewarding for him but also potentially leaving you feel a little lost? Fox parted ways with him, and now Trek (unless the trek part was voluntary which who knows?)

Overall just hope the kids good. His injuries keep hitting him when it matters most and I just hope he's in a good headspace and hope he's living his life in a way that's meaningful to him.
  • 2 0
 Listen to his interview on Tippies podcast, he talks about his component company he is working on and other projects. I'm sure he has something cooking, competition isn't a lifetime thing, I fully understand why guys step back into other projects and such.
  • 8 0
 Great rider with a real wide range of skills. Love to watch him riding.
  • 8 0
 It's been a real cliff hanger waiting for where he's landing next.
  • 3 0
 Did I miss a segment on his backyard trails? I feel like I've been waiting on that for a couple of years. We got a glimpse when he was building his house and then nothing...
  • 3 0
 Beautiful Idiot short film has that in it. It's above in the article. Also, they show parts in his movie One at a Time.
  • 3 0
 can`t wait to see what coming next
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 Don’t forget this one. Harry and crew crushed it here:
  • 2 0
 Phenomenal Rider and good kid...remember him ripping it up at Joyride Smile
  • 2 0
 Balfa has made a comeback and signed him
  • 1 0
 EPIC - what a story. And here we all are to witness this, his life. Truly grateful to be a fan and see what they do. x
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 I wanna see that sketchy lil narrow loop in the first edit getting sent!

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