Throwback Thursday: 7 of the Craziest Megavalanche Mass Starts

Jul 11, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Mega Challenger carnage.

The mass start down the glacier for the Megavalanche has to be one of the most iconic scenes in mountain biking, watching even some of the world's best riders struggling with the icy slopes shows just how difficult it is to get down without hitting the snow. Watching the amateur riders tackling the course is another matter with guaranteed carnage it always makes a good one to watch. We have taken a look back through the history books and found some of the wildest starts going back to 2006.








Regions in Article
Alpe d'Huez Bike Park


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 Theres something about 480p that makes everything look wild!
  • + 11
 Do you think maybe it's the mass collisions?
  • + 4
 @gnarnaimo: someone goofed up on this article and accidentally posted footage of the walmart crowd on black friday
  • + 16
 I love the way people smash into downed riders at 30 clicks and just pick their bike up and f-off without so much as checking in with the dead rider.
  • + 15
 I always think I want to do these races, then I see these videos... and I know I'd be the joey causing a 200 person pileup.
  • + 13
 Jesus, how many hospitals are in that area ? The Isle of Man T T would be safer.
  • + 21
 Two, Grenoble and Grenoble CHU. I’ve been to both!
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 You're going to need a E-moped bro. Those throttle twisten junkies are fast don't think your pedal bike would be too safe out there
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 Ow man. Does people die in megavalanches?
  • + 1
 @cristiantomlinson: They're use to it over here with all the crazy skiers/snowboarders and mountainbikers Smile
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 Would anyone even be interested in this event without the Carnage and crashes?
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 It is a huge hill, with lots of different terrains, some people with full downhill bikes, some with downhill bikes and enduro drivetrain, some with enduro bike and downhill forks, others with full enduro bikes. Some crazy stoopid mad lads on hardtails. Yes, it would still be awesome, specially if it was individually timed and start every 10 seconds.
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 Man what a dumb race...if you start on the front row and manage to hold it together, wonderful, if not....jesus, why would you even do that? Even with the way lower number of riders in the women's video, there were girls out there getting HURT from stupid shit totally out of their control.
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 My only thought watching these is, "Yeah, no thanks."
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 This "dumb race" is held since 1995 and packs 2000 people every year.
Do you like riding your bike on a controled environment,with nothing to scare you? Nothing wrong with that.
Some people want a big challenge, and in gravity mtb racing that is the Megavalanche.
The snow is just less than 10% of the race, and it's not as dangerous as one might think.
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 The hopeless slow motion cluster fudge of 2013 is probably my favorite.
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 There's no other place I'd rather be right now. Most intense cycling experience in the face of the Earth.
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 Would love to know the average number of broken bones per event

"It's that time of year again" -hospital employees
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 Are these collisions side effects of experiments run in the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva not far from there ?
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 2105 and 1.30 mins is a highlight. That poor guy gets run over and you can hear him groaning from the other guys camera!
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 Don't know what's worse, the bike twitching around underneath you or the bike twitching around like a bastard in front of you?
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 What a crazy event!! Reminds me of cheese rolling
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 I love that dj..made me watch until the end every time
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 one awesome and LONG wild race!
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 The ones where they were riding clown bikes was awesome.
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 I've always told you I would run you down
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 why do this?
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 Because to Pamplona is human.
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