Every Day is a Powder Day with Tngnt Ski Bikes - Video

Apr 3, 2018
by Steven Lloyd  
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PRESS RELEASE: Tngnt Ski Bikes

bigquotesWe started Tngnt (/tan’ jənt/) Ski Bikes in 2014 so we didn't have to stop riding as snow covered our favourite trails.Scott Carr

Our goal was to design a ski bike that felt the same as riding our bikes at the parks in the summer. I met Bill Pierce (Tngnt designer by night and Aerospace engineer by day) in the early 80’s where we started skipping school to race mountain bikes all over Idaho and Utah. It was epic! Our passion then and now for biking is what drives the Tngnt ski bike brand. After three years of intense research and development, we are ready to bring our product to riders worldwide.

Patented Ski Retention System
Tngnt SRS
Tngnt ski bikes are designed to be stable in all conditions because of our patented ski retention system (SRS). We don't need three skis on our bikes any more than you need training wheels on your downhill bike. Our bikes were built with rider progression and performance in mind.Riding our ski bike should feel very similar to riding your mountain bike.

Slightly off

While riding at resorts we're frequently stopped and asked:

Is it fun?
Hell Yeah, It's fun that's why we do it.

How do you ride it?
Like riding a bike

Can you load it on a lift?
Yes, but follow instructions from the lift operators.

How do you stop?
We get this question so much we've started making up answers like: "We carry little parachutes in our backpacks" or "Hitting a tree". The reality is stopping is just like skis or snowboards using the edge of the ski. Quick stops are done by making a "Hockey Stop"

What are the pedals for?
Pedals are for standing on while descending down the hill. Transfer weight between pedals much like transferring weight when skiing.

Where can I ride?
There are over 90 resorts in the US and 300 worldwide that allow ski bikes on the lifts and runs.

Demo day - brighton resort
Brighton Utah - Demo Day

At local resort demo days, hundreds of first-time ski bikers have said, "This is just like biking!" We believe ski biking can help any rider continue their passion into the winter months as snow covers our favourite trails.

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 Wanna build one. A moto buddy has converted a few old bmx's with old snow boards and foot pegs at the BB...says they're tons of fun!
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 That was awesome!!!
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 wow. Looks fun!!!

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