Update: To Catch A Saboteur

Jan 23, 2016
by Lee Lau  

On January 22, 2016, Tineke Kraal was sentenced to three years probation and 150 community service hours for sabotaging North Vancouver trails. Ms Kraal pleaded guilty to a count of mischief rendering property dangerous, useless or inoperative. She initially faced three more serious charges but those charges were dropped in favour of her guilty plea.

The count on which Ms Kraal was convicted had a maximum penalty of 240 hours. Given the conviction and her sentence Ms Kraal will have a criminal record. According to an account from NSMB.com the Kraals also had to mortgage her house to pay for defence counsel (criminal defence attorneys don't come cheap).

In an interesting twist the judge cited the many threats that Ms Kraal had received were mitigating factors in the sentencing process leading to a sentence reduced from maximum. The judge found some of the comments noteworthy enough (including death threats, threats to her dog) to read them out in the courtroom.

Video of Tineke Kraal caught on video laying traps.


The news that a 64 year old woman was arrested by local North Vancouver RCMP for sabotaging trails spread like wildfire picked up by Pinkbike, (and see the RCMP news release) as well as local and national Canadian media outlets.

Reaction by many readers shows that there might be a need for more context/background behind this recent incident of trail sabotage. Having the Pinkbike pulpit and many years of trail advocacy in North Vancouver as a founder of the NSMBA in the late 90s (and assisting in other areas in the Sea to Sky) corridor, I'd also like to use this venue to preach a bit of tolerance and patience. This article is also an opportunity to explain game cameras to the readers and to urge you to involve authorities if at all possible when you have to deal with trail sabotage.

Images for To Catch A Saboteur article
This is just one log placed on Skull.

Images for To Catch A Saboteur article
Now imagine many logs piled on the trail on blind corners; at the bottom of rollovers, at the bottom of steep runouts. This was actually not on Skull but from another trail higher on the mountain sabotaged with a a chainsaw. Not very nice


Before starting on this article I'd like to include this gem of wisdom from the often - disparaged Pinkbike comments,

If this is TL: DR then let me summarize. Let's try to rise above this. There are enemies of mountain biking. One of them has been caught red-handed. The right process for them is the legal system. Let's try to be better than them. This one is from @HpSauce
"To the Lower Mainland Mountain Bike community:

I am pleased that this woman has (allegedly) acted so childishly, selfishly & dangerously. And that she got caught doing it. She has done more than we ever could to lower the public credibility of anti-mountain bikers & make them look silly.

Where she has acted childishly, selfishly & dangerously. The mountain bikers have united & organized to maintain & improve the trails in the community for everyone. Two of our peers have spent countless hours patiently gathering information so that she could be brought to justice, legally.

If / When her name is released on Feb 4th, DO NOT ruin the work of everyone above by stooping to her level.

If eggs are thrown, threats are levelled & rude acts are made towards her, it will only serve to justify her actions in "their" minds and confirm to "them" that mountain bikers are hooligans. We are not.

When her name is released, make sure it is spread far and wide so that all of the city, including her colleagues, friends & family know how selfish and dangerously she acted. But do it with class.

Stay classy. We are better than she is.


The saboteur was laying logs, rocks and debris on the Lower Skull and Quarry trails. These trails are located on the lower part of Fromme; one of three of the main riding areas of the North Shore. Skull was designated expert level (ie double black) and mountain-bike primary as part of the local municipalities trail study and adopted into the trail system as a sanctioned trail in the mid 2000s. While this means that any one can use this trail, the MTB-primary designation is a warning to other users to expect bikers descending the trail. Quarry was designated as multi-use and as an advanced trail (black). Being multi-use bikers on Quarry are expected to follow standard rules of use in respect of giving way to other users.

Skull is actively maintained by Steed Cycles (with the burly Digger) under the NSMBA's TAP program and ridden a fair amount. It was a bike trail since its inception (built by Digger in the late 90s) and always maintained by bikers. Quarry's origins are unknown but it was likely a neighbourhood trail used mostly by dog-walkers, hikers and bikers.

It's important to note that tensions between user groups on the North Shore are rare. In itself that's remarkable because this is a big city. The last time there was an active trail saboteur on a major scale was in the late 90s in West Vancouver when a plastic surgeon living in the area was less than happy with sharing trails and indulged in scattering debris over, around and on trails. Of course, there are periodic nuisance acts which occur usually coincident during the school summer holidays. Of note some form of sabotage-lite has been happening since the 2005-6 years in the lower Fromme area. My friends and I hike and bike in that area and have come to refer to the unknown person doing this as the "trail a**hole". Small pieces of debris are scattered over the trail in places designed to annoy; in sizes small enough to walk or bunny hop over. However around August of 2014 things changed. The pieces of debris got bigger and bigger. The "trail a**hole" expanded from one area to Skull, a purpose built downhill bike trail. Other things were happening too not just in the adjacent area but on other areas on the North Shore in an ongoing pattern of consistent anti-social behaviour directed at hiking trails and at other forms of outdoor recreation.

However, by far the most sabotage was occurring on the Skull trail. MTB Trails (publisher of the North Shore and Fraser Valley Guide books) summarized 19 incidents of trail blockage on Skull between August 1 to November 19 cleared either by themselves or by other riders. Anecdotal reports are that these incidences continued persistently all the way through the holiday season into the new year.

There was a tremendous amount of chatter on internet bulletin boards but almost all in the typically armchair warrior vein of "someone should do something about this" but no-one actually doing anything. And that turns to the topics of game cams.




Information was gathered by video and by picture by different parties about the saboteur's actions. Although her actions were discussed and logged extensively on open internet forums she either didn't read such forums or didn't care so indulged in a repetitive pattern of behaviour. Game cameras are used by hunters to capture images of wildlife. From a trail work perspective Jay Hoots gives examples of game cams being used as counters, to assess user trends, for materials and tools security, for animal monitoring and for weather watching. It turns out that they also have uses by trail users for catching people in the act of perpetrating crimes. .

This is a site for internet bike nerds who love to moan about wheel sizes and enduro lingerie and not about game cams so I won't dwell long on this topic of game cam geek specs and instead checked with a friend who runs a hunting site and who mentioned the Bushnell cams and the Stealth Cams as being particularly useful. Neither are particularly cheap but they are effective. They are weather proof and their batteries last for weeks as they draw very little current. If you have more questions ask in the comments and I'll enlist a game cam geek to try to answer.

Images for To Catch A Saboteur article
left: Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam - approx $ 200 CAD; right Stealth Cam - approx $189

None of the parties who installed the game cams, obtained the footage and turned the footage over to the law enforcement authorities were particularly keen on being publicly named, citing concerns about the mental stability of the saboteur they were targeting. Understandable. They did give me some sample footage produced by the game cams and some recommendations on what to in obtaining the footage and documenting same in a useable format. Recommendations are as follows:

1. Position the camera high. You can stand on a bike's top tube or the shoulders of a friend to get the camera high enough that it's hard to take down or to damage the camera. The game cam is less likely to be seen if it's higher. It's pretty stunning how oblivious people are to things not in their direct line of vision so just move the cam up a bit and it'll be practically invisible.

2. Buy a lock. Some of these game cams can be locked. Even if the game cam is whacked with a stick or object and dislodged/damaged hopefully the case is sturdy enough to protect the camera and the storage media. Sure locks can be broken but the lock is just another deterrent for the saboteur.

3. Practise positioning. You can use sticks or other material to orient the camera the right way. Most of the cameras take SD cards which can be read in other cameras or a small tablet on-site. That's the best way to ensure you have a good position before deploying the camera.

4. Get two cameras. If you're particularly motivated it's a nice idea to have one cam pointing at the other cam. Or you can put one cam in an obvious spot and the other cam more well hidden. Of course that means doubling up on a pretty substantial cost but do you want to catch this person or do you want to just talk about it?

5. Keep it quiet. The parties who got the game cams didn't talk about it on internet bulletin boards. They didn't posture about what they would do. They bought the cams and put them up. They got the footage and they delivered it to law enforcement in a coordinated tidy package. If you spray about where and what you're going to do to police your trails then hey maybe you get more LIKES or PROPS but, at the same time, all you do is alert the perpetrator thus defeating the purpose. Fortunately, in this situation, the trail saboteur in question probably doesn't read internet bulletin boards.

6. Document everything. Log the dates and times when the trail sabotage is occurring. Take pictures of the sabotage (the pics and video will be date and time stamped but you have to set that correctly in the cams). Tag the most relevant footage. Keep a solid electronic or paper trail of what you're doing so when you take the next step of involving law enforcement you will be more likely to be taken seriously.

7. Include some video if possible. Sometimes in a photo it's hard to know if the debris or obstacle is being removed or placed. The video takes away all doubt.

Images for To Catch A Saboteur article
Early morning dark photo

Images for To Catch A Saboteur article
Daytime photo

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Video footage


It's my recommendation to involve the authorities on this. Vigilante justice is all very well for but in the long term may do more harm than good. Pinkbike is an international, diverse forum and I've come to hear and understand that the biking community is perhaps not as well respected in other countries as it is in British Columbia. But we didn't have it this good all the time. When I was involved in starting the NSMBA in the late 90s we were still viewed basically as kids, as crazies in the woods, riding these insane trails in some kind of anti-social fashion. It's been a long, hard, patient road but we've now come to a point that local governments do take us seriously as careful stewards of our trails and the police do listen and work with us when there's extensive bike thefts. If it can work for us it can (and will) work for you.

While every situation is different, in our local milieu we created a situation where the North Vancouver RCMP took this case seriously. When the parties who got the game cam footage approached law enforcement the police were receptive. I can only speculate as to the reasons why but I'm sure the care with which evidence was compiled and presented probably presents a favourable argument for taking the trail sabotage situation seriously.

The saboteurs first court date is on February 4th. It will likely be a formality; an initial appearance. In this appearance the saboteurs's identity will be divulged. I'll close with the sentiment again to urge that mountain bikers hold themselves to a high standard. We are passionate about biking. Some of us are also passionate about building. In my opinion people like the saboteur are to be pitied. We are better than them. We want to do the right things the right way. Let's have the patience to let justice prevail. Hold off on the chest-thumping and dumb comments.

Thanks for listening,

Images for To Catch A Saboteur article


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 Well written piece, very informative and a proper example of how to do things the right way. Excellent work.
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flag scott-townes (Jan 10, 2015 at 19:09) (Below Threshold)

That's the gist of it, right?
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 there should be crossbows and ewoks log crushers setup when the cameras detect movement...........ohh wait thats what saboteurs would do ! nevermind !
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 Stay classy, San Diego
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flag scott-townes (Jan 10, 2015 at 21:30) (Below Threshold)
 The only good saboteur is a dead saboteur. I'd rather kill myself than become a saboteurist.
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 Looks like some people didn't read any of the article and started posting.

"Let's have the patience to let justice prevail. Hold off on the chest-thumping and dumb comments."
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 Orrr we were just kidding Wink
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 Excellent article Lee! Too bad a cam wasn't in place when the dreamweaver bench was vandalized...
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 Thanks to Lee and his wife for everything they do and have done for mountain biking on the north shore.
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 Supposedly this isn't the first time the kraals have done this
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flag excavator666 (Jan 27, 2016 at 3:10) (Below Threshold)
 Rape her dog and then rape her with her dog!
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 I really like these how to do things properly articles there are a lot of kids just starting out that simply don't know proper ways to do things I've seen the how to ride others trails how to catch others on your trails, what about how to build a proper burm or lip, suspension set up, how to talk(or not) to "pros" or other riders. Help the kids starting out who usually get shit on for doing things wrong other than teaching them how to do it properly. Eehh pink bike you hear me??..
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 Dylan That's a good idea and I'll suggest that to PB editorial
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 How to talk (or not) to pros would be especially useful for me. Bearclaw if you're reading this, I was the nervous kid at rampage this year who stood next to you awkwardly but didn't say anything cause he was awestruck and couldn't believe that he was actually looking at you with his own eyes. That moment still haunts me...
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 This might have been covered extensively elsewhere but a complete and detailed trail building serie would be awesome. Go Trail Thursdays!
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 Haha professional mountain bikers aren't gods Burt, talk to them like you would anyone else and respect them, I'm sure you'll find most are pretty amiable.
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 Talking to pros? Use your imagination and put yourself into their situation. This is a really big one, it will help you through all your life, whatever you will be doing, particularly when it comes to approaching girls. Put yourself into someone else shoes - would really like an honest kid to come to you and tell you how much he admires you? Just pur it into reality, that would mean a couple if not tens of kids and adults a day - do you think Bearclaw expects any of this? Submission and putting tail under your arse in particular? Would he feel good about it? No... not unless he would be a douche, and if he would be a douche, would he deserve your words? And... do you think you are going to really change his day by saying something? How many times you did spoke to someone you admire and it did not end up weird? It will end up weird, because you don't know each other. These are normal people who do not think too much of themselves. If someone works so hard and can so much he will be humble to a great point. It's like with people who think that they need to pray to God and the more they pray the better, if the guy really listened he would be so full of sht that it would fall on our heads. Do I expect my children to tell me how smart I am in relation to them, to praise my drawings I make for them, my whatever X-ups or mere attempts at wheelie when they play in sandbox while I fool around? No! What kind of douche would I be? They appreciate my kind words, it always works this way up to down. So when sometimes you want to say something and you don't know what, just don't say anything. To discharge, say Hi, good luck, and that's it. Just remember that they are people so treat them like people, lik a neighbor you like, like your favorite cousin. It's the best honor you can give them Big Grin
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 @Waki- just because you've done a few drawings for PB doesn't mean you need to write your own 'Talking to the Pros guide'- It's ironic to be patronised by someone who says we should treat all people like our neighbours.
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 Why do you feel patronised? I did not mean to patronize anyone and pelase don't take stuff out of context like some bimbo anchor on BBC... I write whatever I feel I want to write there was nothing deeper into it... I don't know how my articles are relevant here? Can you explain it? Should I start a ghost account to make stuff I write sound better?
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 When you use statements like 'This is a really big one, it will help you through all your life.....especially with girls'- surely even you can tell that's a little condescending? It's also a little self inflated to think we're even interested in following your 'divine guidance' in the first place. Being so sure of your opinion is also a bit pompous- You're like a Jehovah's Witness knocking on my front door. You seem to think you're enlightening me while I'm struggling to find a polite way to tell you to shut up.
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 you guys are funny
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 Zink, after you gave me a fist bump at Woodward, sorry I became paralyzed and unable to speak
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 And everyone should note that for the time being, the public eyes are turned towards trails and riders, perhaps more so than ever before. This is maybe the best opportunity we have ever had to prove what MTB is about through action. Even bravado talk of petty revenge acts is hurtful to us at this time. The best thing we can do is to distinguish ourselves from our detractors by demonstrating we are not the bad people they (MC and MV) have tried to portray us as. Being winter-time, it may be a perfect time for trail-work in the snow free areas. Enjoy the media spotlight while we have it; the window is short. Also, great analysis Lee!
  • + 28
 There will be a huge percentage of the population looking for ANY reason to side with "A Little Old Lady just trying to get her hike on"...looking for ANY reason to justify her actions. To the general populace...I'm sure we are painted within the same broad stroke brush as those "punk skaters"...

Speaking of Game cameras....a lot of folks wouldn't even have to buy one...find a hunter and borrow or rent theirs...they don't use'em most of the yr Smile
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flag pinnityafairy (Jan 10, 2015 at 13:53) (Below Threshold)
 Just throw the eggs!
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 @properp damnit man... you're the one guy who f*cks it all up for the rest of us. you're almost bad as the people who trap the trails. why? because you give them reason to.
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 One of my local trails was sabotaged this past summer too. www.aspentimes.com/news/11875895-113/trail-creek-prince-blm
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flag scary1 (Jan 10, 2015 at 17:30) (Below Threshold)
 K...for a minute i thought the 64 year old lady piled 2 logs in the second pic. I really wanted to see that and give her a high five...but in her face......with my foot.
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flag schlockinz (Jan 10, 2015 at 17:53) (Below Threshold)
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flag pinnityafairy (Jan 12, 2015 at 6:52) (Below Threshold)
 TFreeman Sorry man I'm for good old street justice. Even stupid people under stand pain. Like if I caught you stealing my bike. Id beat you within a inch of your life. That's justice for me. Not seeing you pay fines to a city that someone pockets. I'm sure with all your teen knowledge you can save the world.
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 @properp good luck administering yer rough street justice to that 64-yr old lady
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 @ runrunny I'm a nice guy. I would never discriminate against some one just because they are old. Equal beatings for all.
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 @loopie then the best thing we can do, I think, is sympathize with her as well. Feel badly that she feels that sabotage was what she needed to do. Help her understand why we are in the forest, and recognize a similar motivation between riders and herself. Maybe she becomes the best advocate the riding community could have. Maybe not, but id rather try and let her prove me wrong..
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 I'll bet you a whole dollar, that she rides horses. Also, great article.
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 i'll bet you 3 dollars... i'd bet more but i spent the rest on bike parts...
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flag d-man (Jan 11, 2015 at 7:24) (Below Threshold)
 An assumption based on what? This comment has no relevance to anything other than your ignorance.
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 Shouldn't you be wagering in loonies or toonies Wink
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 Hang about I ride horses too and I've never tried to kill any of my fellow cyclists
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 Bottomline, whoever loses their cool first loses. Couldn't agree more. Although must admit I visualized the "alleged" saboteur strapped to go-kart and sent rolling at full speed into one of her log traps when I first heard of this.
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 In germany there are hundreds of cases like this.
On our local trails everything from logs, whole trees and even bed of nails where placed. the police was informed but they did not start any investigations.
sometimes forest officials sabotage our trails by digging holes. yes, these trails aren't that legal, but either way this is a criminal act that can lead to serious injuries or even death.
In another region there was even piano wire set up (head high). It was only discovered because some dude was crazy enough to pedal up this trail, so nothing happened. in this case, an old guy was caught red handed and charges were pressed against him.
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 Man this info needs to be public just like this one. Is there an article you can share? Where did it happen? I can help translate in case you dont want to.
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 I think the local conditions are of particular relevance here. Although I generaly consider Germans to be highly enlightened people, I still have a gut feeling that the "old guard" (foresters, gamekeepers etc.) will not have much sympathy for our modern pastime of building and riding bike trails. And not just them, unfortunately. Especially if it's done illegally, and especially compared to the North Shore, where MTB has a more vivid history and has become more respected, even amongst outsiders. As regards Europe, I also think the more eastward you go, the worse it gets (at least in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, from personal experience).
  • + 3
 signs were put up to warn all users of these trail networks, including hikers, dog owners and riders. the local media did some reports, too.
@zire: theres a lot of truth about your statement regarding these old guards. but more generally, mountainbikers are not very well regarded in the german public. in the south west it's even forbidden to ride trails narrower than 2m, and even after a petition with more than 50000 signatures and hundreds of discussions over several years the government decided not change anything.
  • + 1
 I can tell the same. I stopped counting how often I had to clean the trails from dozens of logs and limbs. All these trails are opened for bikes, even on so-called premium hiking trails. Some of them were so covered with limbs that even hikers couldn't walk there, so ridiculous. I hate those people and don't have any respect for them. In Germany we also had cases of serious injuries due to wire put between trees, sadly not a singular case.
  • + 16
 The North Shore of of North Vancouver is a friendly community. I like to say hello to the hikers, dog walkers and fellow riders when i am enjoying the wonderful trails that the hikers and bikers have built. As a mountain biker I have empathy for all user groups. This woman will have her names posted publicly. She is not a part of the community with her vigilant acts . As mountain bikers we need to set a positive example and not bring our selves down to her level of selfish behaviour. Her neighbors will know her and think less of her. She will get her day in court. The victory is that mountain bikers as a community took matters in our own hands to let the police know exactly who is causing this malice towards riders.
  • + 1
 @Sshreder - totally agree!

Every time I've visited the Shore, I've met GREAT folks. Having said that, I try to be courteous to all users. If everyone could brush up on their trail etiquette (especially when travelling to other locales) and keep their Strava in perspective, we'd defuse a lot of potential conflicts.

As for the Tineke Krall's fate - I'm satisfied with the sentencing. The financial burden, criminal record and public shaming (all of which she brought upon herself) can't be fun. And I seriously wonder how comfortable she can be in her community from now on - there will always be finger pointing and whispers behind her back.
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 Here in Scotland, we also used game cameras to catch a trail sabouter in 2012. We ended up with 30 photos that were used as evidence by the police and the sabouter was identified and paid a visit by the police.

One thing we also did was used 4 weeks of images to build statistics of trail use. Mountain bikers had been blamed on local press for dominating a local trail in Bridge of Allan but actually only made up 11% of traffic and we found that foot and bike traffic peaked at entirely different times of the day.

I used cheap bike locks to lock the cams to trees and used ladders to put them up high. We had one can with aSIM card in it to notify us when the cam tripped but in the end we just used nightly visits to download photos from the SD cards and change batteries.
  • + 8
 The trail sabatour was placing log traps on a daily basis which we only found out with the cams because bikers and walkers were clearing trails during the day on a daily basis. The photos that finally made the police take action showed the sabatour close to midnight putting logs on the trail.
  • + 2
 yeah i used to ride at mine woods allot and back in about 2012 i rebuilt a jump took a whole day. couple days later it had been smashed down, every time i rebuilt it, it got took down by the trail saboteur. glad you caught them, justice done Wink
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 I love the contrast here.

The NSMBA is currently organizing a trail day to dig up and move as many ferns & shrubs as possible out of an area the District is about to bulldoze into a parking lot.

64 year old lady: Grr! I'm going to kill & mame mountain bikers.
Vancouver mountain bikers: Oh no! we have to save the plants before the city kills them.

I hope that someone can point out this difference in attitude to the judge, when the accused tries to convince them we are cretins.

This is. Absolutely. Perfect.
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 We had a similar situation the 2-3 years ago in the Ashland area. Several people were injured and had bike damages after hitting things placed in the trail exiting sharp corners that included rope strung at head level. It took the FS over a year in a half to apprehend the culprit. During that time there was a true fear that existed in the mtb community here that led to bikers avoiding certain trails by going elsewhere and creation of a now deamed illegal trail. The person behind the terror turned out to be a psychiatrist employed by our local county. The man was allowed to keep his county job up until the trial! He got a plea deal involving fines to pay for damages and medical costs for most effected by his actions and a banishment from the Ashland watershed. Slap on the wrist compared to us who were fearful and fed up with the trail conflict and set out to find a new area to construct a trail to be free of such things. So here is to them throwing the book at this individual and if there are any ongoing cases against illegal trailbuilders directly related to this, some compassion and understanding comes into play.
  • + 6
 It's like the Hannibal Lecter of the mountain biking world. Scary that it was found out to be someone in that position.
  • + 7
 Not many of you may know this but this is actually a husband/wife team. They've been embroiled in a battle close to ten years. They recently went on record with our local newspapers, The Province, and played the victim card. The guys however on nsmb.com dug up some historical evidence they've been destroying or attempting to destroy the trails for quite some time.

I called up my friend, an Editor for the newspaper, and they printed out a new article. You can read it here.

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 Sooooo just as a word of warning. Consult someone familiar with local laws before mounting one of these on your trails. Here in Austria for example, using such wildlife cams without making them publicly visible (i.e. putting up a warning sign) is illegal in publicly acessible land (even if it is a privately owned forrest). Turning up at the 5-0 with such "evidence" will get you in trouble.
  • + 1
 Good point. Canadian laws permitted this action in this case
  • + 9
 hhaha. I found one of those cameras on a trail this morning. Sadly, not placed by bikers. Placed by damn rangers trying to catch us bikers...
  • + 3
 Then make something funny in good hearted mood in front of it so that they start to like you. Put up posters with naked chicks in front of the camera, some funny pictures, write jokes on sheets of paper, tie sex doll on a tree, whatever. Give them something to giggle about. Nothing breaks the ice better than humor.
  • + 7
 Just found a trap set on a trail today. Big log across a steep chute. Luckily it was my first time on the trail and I was talking my time to check out the lines.

Anyone know if Strava or trail forks or something let's you report trail sabatoge in a way that could notify frequent users to look out?
  • + 7
 I have an 11 year old son who rides those trails with instructors from Endless Biking. I shudder to think what could have been if he had been on that trail at the wrong time.
  • + 8
 In the nineties someone was placing logs with rusty nails sticking up across trails on Seymour, I crashed and one was an inch from my eyeball! In spite of her 64 years of "wisdom" people like her should be prosecuted to full extent of the law.
  • + 6
 This also happened in sydney a few years ago.a downhill track at oxford falls had a down ramp/landing removed over night and a young bloke dropped from about 5-6meters to flat.Pretty badly injured luckily didnt break his back or die though.the thought process(or lack of)that some people have is mind boggling really..
  • + 8
 I just took a psychiatrist to court for hanging parachute line at neck height and he is currently serving his time
  • + 6
 Can I just give a big ups to all the trail builders\maintainers out there that give back to the sport. Even the people who set up strava segments.
  • + 3
 Before this event in Canada, we had a trail Saboteurs in the Bend and Scapoose Oregon areas that chatter was frequent about. So I went around to several forums where I noticed Trail Stuarts hanging out and dropped links on cheap wildlife monitoring cams. Was just wanting to plant some seeds.

Now I have another suggestion for the Stuarts: Find a way to share the cams to cut cost, or maybe there could be an IMBA type fund established for helping Stuarts with Saboteur problems get wildlife cams. Wildlife cams could be of temp use(once a perp is caught) and returned to IMBA or a local Alliance Affiliate for future wide spread trail monitoring through the individual Affiliate Stuart groups. The reason for this is to protect the lives of outdoor enthusiast form people who can not control their anti-social behaviors, regardless if they are intentionally doing so to only interrupt, sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt by a trail Saboteur.

Love Pinkbike!
  • + 11
 You can correct me if I'm wrong by I believe the word you're looking for is "Steward". A "Steward" is someone charged with managing something, like a bar, a hotel, or someone else's property. Unless of course you meant a family of people named "Stuarts".
  • + 3
 Felling trees is pretty bad. But at least you weren't getting guns pulled on your kids or getting sprayed with bear mace like we were down in Portland for the past couple of seasons.


...Or having people set up tripwire shotguns.


America! F*CK YEAH
  • + 6
 Good stuff, and I sure hope justice is served here.
  • + 2
 Maybe this will shed some light on the obstacles that were placed on the trail. 6 plus inch diameter logs spanning well beyond the trail edges and 12-18 inches off the ground are a bit more than twigs and boughs. Heres photos I took on Lower Skull during the fall of 2014 (before I cleared the trail yet again):


Many of these were placed in locations where there was no way to stop or avoid the obstacle. Perhaps there was an intent to injure riders?
  • + 1
 Thanks! I'll ask for this to be submitted to the prosecutor
  • + 3
 I already submitted last week. thanks
  • + 1
 Aaww C'mon, Danny Mac wouldn't even blink an eye at those obstacles! The old girl is just trying to teach all us riders some additional skills. Honestly how can we call ourselves mountain bikers if we can't just Ollie up over those things as you're railing through there? Geez. ????
  • + 2
 We dealt with a saboteur here in the pnw a couple years ago. There was fishing line strung across a few choice trails, some I think had hooks on it. The community here warned riders to be careful but otherwise ignored the problem and it went away. I wish more action had been taken.
  • + 2
 We have a trail on my local loop where some old guy is constantly obstructing trail I think he was caught and the police paid him a visit but it didn't take long before he was back to his old tricks! He booby traps a blind bomb hole with large logs and often dumps dog shit in the bottom, dirty old bastard! If I catch him he will be eating it! Hence the trail is named on strava Sticks and Shit.
  • + 1
 I wonder what her motivation was? Usually where I live (CO) people dislike MTBs because they disrupt other trail activities such as hiking. I got the chance to ride Fromme this summer (rode Lower Skull, but not Quarry). Maybe I'm wrong, but I got the impression that the trails on Fromme were built by-bikers-for-bikers. Lower Skull did not seem to be a converted hiking trail that was being disrupted by MTBs. Perhaps she didn't like the number or riders in the neighborhood? The trail dumps out into a residential area (that appears very wealthy) and parking near the trailhead is on residential streets.
  • + 1
 almost all the trails on fromme were built by and for bikers correct. Now with cooperation of the city and district with many groups adopting trails through NSMBA trail adoption progra, or TAP.
She and her husband are/were retired childless dutch goldsmiths that figure they owned the trails. Complete wackos.
10 years of bridges stringers being cutting 80% through so they would collapse on you, logs , spears pointed up hill etc.
  • + 1
 I know that it is . Because I know the same problem on the trails on which I make mtb in the neighborhood of Paris. At several times I noticed a lot of obstructions on the trails as Branches in the blind corners at the height of the skull and eyes. Once time I avoided at the last moment one branche in a blind corner because if not I had got a beautiful injurie at the eyes. So to each time I saw an obstruction on the trails , I do the necessary ( to bring branches , rocks out of the trails ) in order to avoid to the mountain bikers and walkers to take risk. But there will be always some people in what the mtb will represent a disturb.
  • + 2
 This could end badly for us riders if we don't tread lightly and play by their rules, Hopefully they realize that we can all get along and it's only the actions and opinions of few that are the cause of the problems
  • + 2
 I would like to apologize in advance to anybody who places game cameras on my local area trails. If I spot one, you are going to see a close up of my saddle worn butt, and possibly a pair of sweaty testes.
  • + 1
 Man... I get that it would be best in the long haul to be pc about it and all if you catch somebody like this. But, if I would catch somebody stringing wire over a trail or something I'd have a REALLY hard time not kicking their ass...
  • + 1
 Her lawyer ' dealing with logs is part of mountain biking' - LOL. PLUS he called them 'sticks' - nicely played down, sir.
Seriously though, who sets their alarm at 04.00, just before Christmas, to go out and deliberatley set traps to hurt/maim people - she needs serious psychiatric help, not community service - what's she going to do? Trail repair??
  • + 1
 Really good article, especially the drive to do things the correct way. This sort of action seems to be more and more common and is beginning to occur on an international basis My local forest here one South East UK had a trail attack a couple of months ago, but it was more sinister in nature......high tensile fishing wire was strung across all the trail areas where riders were going at high speeds, entries to drop-in and bombholes, or blind corners etc. unfortunately the police and forestry commission didn't catch the person responsible. Thank you PB for advising on ways to investigate while keeping the moral upper hand.
  • + 3
 I would gladly donate $100 to buy more cameras for the use of catching more Trail A-Holes!!
  • + 1
 I think we need to police the trails personally and deter sabateurs that way. If that means spending more time riding my bike, on the trails I love then I'll take one for the team................I'll start right away Smile
  • + 0
 I think like everyone else you did exactly what a mountain biker should do and I applaud you. Me.......I wish I could but if I was putting in that much effort I would most likely be in jail for laying in wait for some payback.
  • + 2
 really well written, it makes me sad that this had to be written at all though.
  • + 3
 Come in! I have cookies and sweet tea!
  • + 1
 She's just a crazy old lady who thought she was doing a service somehow by trying to "slow us down" but not hurt us? doesn't really make sense to me but whatever
  • + 2
 Great article when Lee! Very good points throughout. I really enjoyed reading that.
  • + 1
 WTF did you idiots threaten her dog?
Actually, I'm surprised this woman actually has a dog.
She fits the description of a hoarding cat lady
  • + 1
 I hope part of her work release/community service is spent having to "volunteer" for trail maintenance and building...
  • + 1
 if you watched the linked video her attorney said the court wanted her to do 240 hrs sevice with them but he felt 50 hours not doing anything with them was fair,, yeah right she could have killed someone,, also he slipped up when refering to her he almost said my friend... stopped himself and said my client.. has some charities she would like to work with ,, yeah i bet she would,,, criminal that she gets away so lightly
  • + 3
 "Justice Alfred" -Batman
  • + 1
 How can someone wake at 4pm go to forrest and destroy few people lifes? Im never gonna understand those kind of people
  • + 2
 I take it that Bear traps are not an option ?
  • + 1
 Now if we could only get riders to stop cutting the trails so we can stay on them.
  • - 3

Playing a small amount of devil's advocate here based on the evidence collected.... I don't know if I can believe that 64 year old woman put that log into that position, possibly in the dark, by herself.
  • + 17
 I would submit that it is the opinion of the judge (or possibly jury) that matters - and not yours
  • + 40
 You haven't met my mom.
  • + 9
 Gravity may have helped the tree fall into place. Gravity, that bastard is always one step ahead.
  • + 1
 That is true. My opinion, in the legal side of this issue, means little. I have ridden some of the trails in question and seen some of the debris that has been left there.... Just saying that the example given represents something far more advanced in terms of hazard and intent than what I have personally seen.
  • + 4
 I expect there to be ample more evidence to connect the dots, none of which will be found here - obviously. My humble proposal would be to not play either side's advocate, as it could lead to exactly that kind of un-fruitful debate which the author cautions against (even if it's limited to a mere comment section of a particular website). Let's wait and see.
  • + 14
 She likes being outdoors and can lift big logs. She'd be a great addition to a trail work crew... in orange jumpsuits. =)
  • + 3
 @taletotell WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! gravity is our frieeeeend!!

  • + 9
 Gravity is like that girl who strings you along. You love her til she leaves you flat on your face, but you always go back for more.
  • + 1
 Clear video of her putting logs on the trail
  • + 1
 I think they should set up traps for the trap setters.
  • + 1
 I half expected the B/W vid to depict the dog placing "debris" on trail.
  • + 1
 There is no justice
  • + 1
 Nice dog LOL
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