Tom Pidcock Recovers from Albstadt Win by Riding 190km to the Czech Republic

May 12, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
Tom Pidcock takes the win here in Albstadt with ease.

Tom Pidcock makes his way to the Nove Mesto World Cup by bike as he took on a massive 190km recovery ride.

With a World Cup win in the bag and another race coming the following weekend most riders would take a few easy days to get ready for more racing, but Tom Pidcock is clearly built differently as he took on a 190km road ride from Germany to the Czech Republic the day after his victory.

Pidcock kicked off his ride 300km away from Albstadt in Schwandorf before heading to the Czech border at Liskova. Next, he continued his ride through the Czech Republic before finishing in the small village of Cerhovice. The huge recovery ride saw Pidock cover 190.2km in a time of five hours and 48 minutes with average speeds of 32.7kph.

Pidcock shared a photo of his border crossing on Strava

Since arriving at Nove Mesto Pidcock hasn't slowed down with Wednesday seeing the Olympic champion take on a 150km ride and another five hours of riding. Pidcock's performance at Albstadt was certainly impressive and we can't wait to see what he can do this weekend.


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 I recovered from my 20km ride by sitting on the couch and eating chips for half a week
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 And drinking beer, I hope Wink
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 @lkubica: That is essential, of course
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flag IsaacMagers (May 12, 2022 at 6:31) (Below Threshold)
 username checks out
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 @lkubica: he's German. So he doesn't even have to mention it. The beer, I mean. LOL
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 It’s hard to read these fitness articles through the bottom of my beer mug. I would put it down but I too am working on endurance.
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 Man, anywhere you may live in the states you might have a problem if you're drinking and reading pinkbike at this hour on a Thursday
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 @brass-munky: It's 8 AM somewhere
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 @brass-munky: never not training. Just like pidcock
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 @brass-munky: you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning!
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 As long as you're in your chamois it's technically considered "training time."
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 This morning before I went to work I put Red Bull on my coffee. It was only when I was speeding down the highway that I noticed I left my car at home.
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 I really hope you remembered to get dressed this time.
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 When the race is over you gotta rush for a cold Pilsner
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 I did a little rowing at uni , and I can tell you from that Experience there are monsters out there . Ppl who have completely different physiological reactions than normal ppl.
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flag wburnes (May 12, 2022 at 5:14) (Below Threshold)
 Usually because they are consuming different substances than a normal human
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 This is the kind of stuff that Bernard Hinault, Eddy Merckx and many other legendary road pros would do too. Of course, that was all before the Internet, so there’s no performance data, just stories and the occasional photo. Good on Tom for continuing this mind bending practice.
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 His recover ride speed is right about at my full gas speed, after I had a proper revovery. Which I can endure for maybe 2 hours. Max.
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 I can do that sort of average but for an hour or two, and not with that elevation. And not the day after a race! And I'd be lying in a heap on the floor afterwards wondering if it had really been a good idea
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 I don't think it's fair on the rest of us. Some of us need to see the professionals (at least pretend) to be worn out and taking a few days off to recover. Damn you and your fitness Pidcock! Wink

PS. Bring home another win please Smile
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 It's called "equity"'s happening.
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 @mikelevy - Pidcockcast???
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 I guess it's just a different scale. Yesterday I did a trail ride and was pretty exhausted, this morning I commuted 15 km to work at a leisurely pace because I could really feel my legs. I guess Pidcock riding 190km at a 32 km/h average felt more or less the same as me
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 He nabbed a KOM on his "recovery" ride too
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 @hamncheez: Thats salt in the wounds lol
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 People talk about INEOS and the budget they have but it appears Pidcock is having to ride to races. Perhaps not as well funded as we think?
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 Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
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 Going 190km on a road bike is not that difficult if you have at least average fitness and enough time. Well, 32kmh average is also "doable" over this kind of distance without big mountains (those 2100 altitude meters get collected quickly over this distance) in a reasonable group if you are all "better amateurs" and ride a nice tempo with exchanges at the front... but doing it all alone after a full-gas race is another level Smile I guess for Tom this was just a recovery-ride tempo, hehe, would be interesting to see his power and HR over the ride (must have been pretty low)
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 Man, you really do get jealous of the fitness these pros have. Time to get outside riding I guess
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 Also jealous of having the six hours a day to dedicate to fitness. Maybe Pidcock would be just as exhausted mentally from doing my job for two hours as I would be physically from doing his? I’m going to say yes, but mostly to soothe my ego.
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 They're pros, we're regular Joe's. We don't have to focus on fitness, just fun.
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 @sk8mountain: I started having a hell of a lot more fun on my rides when I started focusing on fitness as well. Being able to keep riding = more fun for longer. Especially when more of that time is less out of breath and less of it is catching my breath at the top of the hill.

Sometimes it feels silly that I spend 5x more time on the trainer than on dirt, but that's also all the time on dirt my life has room for after work and family so I make it count.
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 @melanthius: I guess you're right lol. I bet pidcock would be a bit tired after a 12 hour ER shift. Razz
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 @sk8mountain: I like to focus on fun but being fit is important too, I like to get up quicker to the top and ride longer too Smile
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 @OskarStaudte: All comments are correct, as long as it gets you on a bike. My point is really that our focus does not have to be fitness. Fitness does come with the more fun you have on a bike. I'm fit, probably since I just do lots of other activities along with mtb. It's just nice to not have to worry about my fitness affecting my paycheck as a pro does.
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 @sk8mountain: Totaly. I think I misunderstood you then Smile I ride for fun, being fit is a side product of me going out riding alot!
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 He’s gonna lose on that road bike.
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 @Henryquinny would have done it on a HP enduro bike.
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 massive, huge, 190km. Or just a normal road bike ride.
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 There was a story going around that some pro mtn bikers at the 24 hours of Canaan a little over a decade was whoever put a foot down on the lap had to ride home. If memory serves correct one had to ride 200 miles to Baltimore.
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 The man is a professional, that is his 9 to 5, come the weekend he goes and has some fun on his mtb like every weekend warrior .
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 Oh...!! On a road bike! Easy then... Had me worried there...
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 All part of a training block this rinsing the XC hitters by the looks.
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 Whilst impressive to most typical humans that’s what pro roadies do. 300km in two days is pretty standard for him I would imagine.
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 190k? That’s like 50 miles right? These pros need to step it up.

But seriously, that’s insane.
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 Is he trying to coin in a new kind of Pidcock Tour des Montagnes event a-la TdF but where some stages are XCO races?
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 190 k is probably not considered a 'massive' ride by a top road pro but I digress ...
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 Only 190km?
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 And he only needed 190 kms to recover?
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 And just 2 days after, another 150km on the MTB let it rip!
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 Yeah but road is easy ain't it
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 What he must do to show us he rides por Pinarello
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 Good for him. Nice day out!
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 absolute legend
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