Tom Pidcock was Riding with a Knee Injury Through the 2021 Season

Oct 27, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  
Tom Pidcock clawed back 90-something positions and by the second lap was sitting in sixth. He d finish the day one better and on the podium.

Tom Pidcock has announced on social media that he was riding with a knee injury throughout the 2021 season.

Pidcock burst onto the Elite World Cup scene this year with a win in Nove Mesto before taking the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo. Just prior to the Olympics, Pidcock collided with a car and broke his collar bone but it was thought he was fully fit again for the event itself. However, the British racer has revealed that he had actually been riding with pain since February and has only been able to get it fixed this off season.

Cycling Weekly reports that Pidcock had tendonitis and is now back on his bike at his training base in Andorra, taking on a tough 73k road mountain route on Monday. Pidcock said, "I’m back training and I can finally ride pain free in my knee, first time since February! It’s amazing how much you can appreciate being healthy when you’ve had an injury for so long.”

It's seriously impressive that Tom enjoyed a successful season both on and off road in 2021 despite his injury and we can't wait to see how a fully fit Tom races in 2022. We don't know what Tom's plans are for racing mountain bikes next year but he's been practicing at Vallnord bike park recently and even rode with Greg Minnaar earlier in the offseason. Tom is now into his cyclocross season with plans to compete in the World Championships in January before preparing for the road and mtb season in 2022.


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 This just in. Middle aged dude still finds motivation to ride despite a job, kids, AND knee , back , ankle, shoulder , finger and back injuries.
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 haha relatable
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 Imagine vanderpool's reaction
  • 17 0
 Vanderpool slams laptop closed
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 Prostate problems?
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 Zealous supplementation with Vitamin I certainly helps
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 @rbarbier12: you mean redbullshit
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 breaking news - tom pidcock is a human doing athletics
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 Wait, who doesn't have tendonitis?
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 Tom Pidcock
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 and? i stubbed my toe this morning
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 Short term your toe might be a lot more painful
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 @colincolin: don't worry it's all better now
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 @GotchaJimmy: So glad to hear you're able to live painfree again.
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 Well this changes everything!!
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 While I can appreciate all the Red Bull has done for many athletes and spectators via online content across the sports spectrum do any of them actually drink that piss or just pose with the can?
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 They have cans full of water I believe. I'm pretty sure only 15 year olds drink it neat.
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 Well, that explains his poor results this year... hehe
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 "taking on a tough 73k road mountain route on Monday" That's not a hard ride for a pro road cyclist unless he time trialled it
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 They spin the legs before breakfast with that...
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 Must have been a recovery day ride
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"I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast"

..."You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?"

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 @enis: I fast. No breakfast dude. Enjoy your shit
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..Fair. (But it was just a line from Happy Gilmore)
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 @enis: Sorry. Didn't know this film. Expect reactions like mine when someone's got a wierd flag attached... Wink
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 @PauRexs: time for me to wade back in
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 Tendonitis is hardly a concerning injury for a professional athlete. Or an amateur athlete either. Who doesn't have Tendonitis!
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 As someone stated above - Tom Pidcock doesn’t have tendinitis.
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 Patella Tendonitis can be a bastard of a time. I can't imagine you've ever competed at a world cup cross-country event let alone done so with you knee cap feeling like its going to tear off and your thigh muscles not firing in the correct pattern.
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 @inside-plus: you're describing a different condition.
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 Good on ya Tom!
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 Adrenaline goes a long way!
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 Just adrenaline, I'm sure.
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 Some info on treatments, diet, or decreased training would have been good....or maybe it just went away.
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 ZOMG! What an earth shattering revelation! Orrrrrr let’s hear more about the women racing with broken bones.
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 Good job he's riding for Ineos then, they have special fixes for that
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 Yabut did he pitch in the World Series on a broken leg
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 Full props to his physio team.
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 What’s up with his seat post?
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 The dropper post in the photo above is a DT Swiss D 232 ONE (
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