Tom van Steenbergen Injured but Plans to Make Rampage (Updated with Recovery Prognosis)

Aug 12, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Tom van Steenbergen shared on Instagram that he separated his shoulder and sustained a concussion front flipping off a drop. The video shows him making it around to his wheels but continuing to rotate and bouncing forward over the bars onto his shoulder, back, and head.

bigquotesFronty drops will never get easy… Not sure exactly what happened here but I ended up with a good concussion and separated shoulder. I’ll be back in no time!!Tom van Steenbergen

In the comments, he said he'll be back on the bike long before Rampage and fully expects to compete.

When asked about his prognosis, Tom said his concussion symptoms have already disappeared after a few days and he hopes his shoulder will be healed in about four weeks.

bigquotesMy helmet was cracked so it definitely did its job and saved my brain... I’m doing everything I can to get healed up in time to prepare myself for Rampage.Tom van Steenbergen

We hope Tom's recovery goes smoothly and we look forward to seeing him back in action. We'll update this article if we hear anything else from him.


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 How about Maribor? They're looking for extra riders so they can fill out a podium.
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 Didnt this dude just recently smashed his femur on a massive road gap?

If this is true I hope you are making an income from your sponsors that reflects your sacrifice and your anticipated overall comfort as you age (yes…..things start to nag into your mid 40’s).
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 Would have made it if the guy taking the video hadn't jinxed him.
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 Haha, you mean Berrecloth?
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 I suspect that if he showed his work on the computation of risk vs. reward here, it wouldn't add up. I guess in order for many of the heaviest hitters in our sport to make a living you've got to do it for the gram. Either way dudes a monster, get better, and I hope to see you at Rampage. That cave man off the start, a few years back, was next lever.
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 Gotta keep the fire burning, get the head in the right place and keep it there. Cant do that if you're not practicing your stuff ready to get rowdy in the desert. Fast healing vibes!
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 remember when he tried to front flip the canyon. In my opinion one the biggest things do in mtb
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 @pablopicasso1: sure do. I was so rooting for him on that one. He certainly goes for it, that's for sure. He should be put on a head injury case study. I suspect he's going to have a rough go of it over the next 20+ years.
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 That's a tough landing. Hope you heal well and take time off for the concussion.
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 Best of luck with the healing process! Shoulder separations are the opposite of cash money.
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 Heel up quick Tom & slay that Rampage
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 He's still the king of this ugliest of tricks.
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 That was close with nose manual, heal up for Rampage
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 So much torque with that rotation.
Hopefully he can be 100% for rampage
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 Seems that ever since Tom Cardy ended up rupturing his spleen on a front flip, I've been seeing these regular!
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 Commentators curse,
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 Who's the jerk who jixed him half way through the trick? Smile
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