Tomac Snyper 1401: Trail Bike of The Gods

Dec 7, 2007 at 1:37
Dec 7, 2007
by Tyler Maine  
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When future bike zealots erect their parts-enshrined pantheons to the gods of mountain biking no doubt the first temple they build will be in the name of (two-time world and 10-time national champion), John Tomac. Unfortunately, the legacy of mountain biking's first mullet-wearing rock star fell into a marketing vortex after his bike brand was purchased by American Bicycle Group—who promptly shelved production in favor of filling the world with more titanium road bikes. Last year, JT regained control of his namesake brand and is re-launching it in 2008 with three new state-of-the-art rigs: an XC race bike, a DH bike designed by Manitou founder Doug Bradbury, and a 140-mm dual suspension trail bike accurately named the Snyper.

Weighing in at just over 26 pounds, the Snyper is the kind of bike that terrifies animals and intimidates girlfriends. Everyone thinks they ride fast. But, unless you’re one of like 12 people, John Tomac's version of fast is approximately 24-times faster than the fastest you've ever gone in your entire life. One thing Johnny T knows how to do is make a mountain bike break the sound barrier. It's obvious that JT personally spec'd out the Snyper—from the old-school-meets-new-school XT drive train, to the signature JT dual-compound Kenda Nevegal tires that cut turns sharp enough to shave a cat.

I like to imagine Johnny sitting there late at night with a sketch pad full of notes and a pitcher of cold beer mulling the many virtues of Avid's Juicy 7 carbon fiber brake levers matched up with the ultra-light Truvativ NOIR cranks while he designs the most awesome bike imaginable. In reality, he probably recited the parts by rote over the phone to a Taiwanese translator six time zones away. Whatever the process, it's clear that there is no part of this bike that has not been meticulously obsessed over. The Snyper's rear suspension features an innovative single-pivot design utilizing carbon fiber chain stays ("flex-stays") and a short shock-line for superior power transfer and precise steering control. The roomy cockpit is designed to maximize the compact rear triangle and telepathic front end by keeping the rider low and in the pocket. Once the Fox suspension system (RP23 rear, Float 32 front) has been fine-tuned for the rider it is possible to exert so much control over this bike you could get it to mow your lawn, take the trash out, make you a sandwich, give you a happy ending, and leave before your wife comes home.

Check out the Tomac Snyper 1401 in action!
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Frame sizeLarge 19" Tomac Snyper 1401
Rear Shock2008 Fox Float RP23 140mm of travel
Fork2008 Fox 32 Float RLT 140mm
HeadsetFSA Orbit MX
CrankarmsTruvativ NOIR XC 175mm
ChainringsTruvativ 22/32/44
Bottom BracketTruvativ GXP Team
ChainSRAM PC971
CassetteShimano Deore XT (11-32 9 spd)
Front DerailleurShimano Deore XT 31.8mm
Rear DerailleurShimano Deore XTR 9 speed Top Normal
Shifter Cable/HousingStock
Shifter PodsShimano Deore XT
HandlebarEaston Monkeylite XC, 685mm, 31.8mm, Low rise
StemThompson Elite 31.8mm
GripsWTB Mototec (Lock On Grip)
BrakesAvid Juicy Carbons with 185mm Rotors
Front WheelFSA XC300
Rear WheelFSA XC300
TiresKenda Tomac Nevegal DTC 2.35 Folding
TubesKenda Superlight
SaddleWTB Rocket V SLT Silver
SeatpostThompson Elite 30.9
ExtraFSA Carbon headset spacers 5mm

Tomac's marketing materials describe the Snyper as the ultimate go anywhere, do anything trail bike. This is not wholly accurate. While it's true that the bike is an agile climber that ascends rough trail like an off-road escalator when the suspension is locked out, it really just wants to do three things: take corners at mind warping speeds, huck gratuitous fat air, and pass anything in front of it. But you don’t have to take my word for it. The company’s demo program allows aspiring bike gods to try the Snyper before they buy it—which is a safe bet. Anyone who rides this bike will probably never want to get off of it again.

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By: Johnathon Allen
[AllenInk © 2007]

[ writing, research, photography--not necessarily in that order. ]
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  • + 1
 You all realize that the only reason it looks like flat terrain is because they're going downhill so fast you can't tell. But I guess you probably don't know what it's like to ride that fast on trail like that.

The amount of control it takes to not splatter into those old growth trees exploding into a million pieces goes to show just how much control a bike like that can give you. To handle those S turns at mach billion should tell you just how well that suspension performs. The Snyper is a "dual suspension trail bike", read the article. The video is pimp, the riders are pimp and you all are whiny bitches.
  • + 0
 yeah, slyness could be right....naw i doubt it! but then again most of us living on the shore only ride trikes and cruisers. he is right about riding trails like that fast, i don't know what it's like cause i go faster!!!!
  • + 0
 On a trail that flat the cornering would be dependant on the tires more than the suspension. throw on some good rubber on any mountain bike and it could do that easily.
  • + 1
 So everyone agrees that JT makes dope shit, the bike has killer tires, sweet suspension, and a decent component package. Sounds like a pretty spot on review to me, if not a little heavy handed on the adjectives. The video isn't totally mind blowing, but it doesn't totally suck either ("show us a rock garden in slow motion?"--yawn). Really it just made me want to ride the thing myself.
  • + 0
 no offence to this bike, but if you're gonna show a vid touting it's virtues as an uber trail bike then don't show it on a smooth forest path, buffed to perfection! almost any bike from full hardtail to 9 inch dh bike could look sweet on that trail! try showing that bike here on the shore or up in squamish....there is lot's of smooth sections to let'er rip AND tech to really see what a bike can do!
  • + 0
 yeah, add a rock garden, roots on fast off camber, and a water hazard and maybe some stairs and slow motion on each to really let us see the virtues we already know it has
  • + 0
 I'm glad somebody noticed.
  • + 0
 i bought the frame built it up with different componetry have to say tho it is with out a doubt the best ride ever it goes up and comes back down in such a confidence inspiring way tht you instantly feel a better rider ive been riding trails faster and with more confidnce since i bought it best decision i ever made
  • + 0
 Sick Bike. Everything JT truly designs rips, just like him. I would have to say though, this isn't a great bike review. Some great choices on the catchty phrases. As for the video, its OK. Could be better. When you lose you main target and the footage is shakey, edit that crap out. Since it is a review, I feel can give my true opinion.
  • + 4
 haha nice vid! seen DH videos slower than that!
  • + 0
 Sigh... why do most posters seem like 13 year old, stay-at-home, petroleum-based-lube tally-whackers? I had to join this site just so I could negative-prop these tards... STFU!! Bottom line is this: If you have not mountain biked on the West Coast of the North American continent then you have NOT EVER ridden - period. And BTW, the Snyper does kickass… almost as much as my Kona (but that has to do with rider, of course)
  • + 1
 Lol. theres more to this world than west coast riding. Maybe a geography class would help...?
  • + 0
 The music is a track by Coldcut called 'True Skool' featuring Roots Manuva. The trail is 'Secret Way'. It's in Southern Oregon (and is as fun to ride as it looks). Helmet cam is nothing fancy--just a handheld Canon bolted to my bro's helmet. I'm the lead rider; the cameraman is 'G'. Thanks for the props.
  • + 0
 As a Tomac dealer at, I can tell you confidently that this bike rides as good as it looks and has been very meticulously built at every point. Todd Mayo Bike and Run Works Texas
  • + 0
 john tomac makes the dankest two wheeled pieces of madness EVER. i wouldnt kno about trail. . . . but i bet the tomac MOBS DEEP
  • + 1
 I wonder if that's Johnny T pinning it himself! Sweet bike, good luck with the Company JT! Love the Nevegals BTW!
  • + 2
 Very good vid, but I think thats down to a good rider not a good bike
  • + 1
 yeah i agree with you, a good rider can make a shitty bike look nice, although i am not saying the bike isn't nice, i would sure like to have it Smile
  • + 0
 i owned 6-shooter and that was a fast bike, i still haven't tried better bike for trail riding...

snyper looks like da thing ; )
  • + 2
 That vid is soooooo nice!
  • + 0
 got a chance to ride the Snyper (briefly) in Colorado not long ago and came away very happy. that bike rides sweet.
  • + 1
 look its a santa cruz blur with a tomac logo! lol
  • + 1
 Does look like it dunnit.... lol
  • + 1
 Sweet video! Very fast trail. Nice music too. Which artist is that?
  • + 1
 where is this trail? God that was buff track. I miss summer.
  • + 0
 nice bike I think it rides as good as it looks.
  • + 0
 yeah that guy on a rigid is almoast as fast its just fast forward lol
  • + 1
 Wich helmet-cam is it?
  • + 0
 Wicked vid, digging the trail, would love to flow that at Plaid-Speed.
  • - 1
 I agree with frango. Would be cool to see it in action on some Welsh singletrack!
  • - 1
 the only thing i saw that was nice on that bike was the fox floats otherwise its just another trails bike
  • + 0
 lol have you ever rode a tomac? I wouldnt trade my mag 204 for anything else on the market right now. They make some dope bikes. (well the moah was kinda a pos compared to the 80,6, and the 204.) The rest were well built 100% made in usa using 100% american tubing and parts.
  • + 0
 was that actually a review?
  • - 3
 nothing special IMHO. You can't even see how does the suspension work. The guy rides on the flat terrain, just a bit faster than some dude on HT in blue pants.
  • + 0
 What trail is that?
  • + 0
 lol erect their parts

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