Tomomi Nishikubo Signs with Canyon

May 24, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  
Photos: Naoki Morita

Tomomi Nishikubo has signed with Canyon and will become one of their Cllctv riders.

The Japanese trials rider was previously signed with Kona but has joined his Red Bull and Rasoulution teammate Fabio Wibmer on the German direct sales brand. Tomomi will be riding on a custom version of the prototype carbon trials frame that Wibmer has been busy developing with Canyon, alongside the Spectral, Torque, and Sender platforms.

Tomomi apparently already has a number of projects in the works with Canyon to go alongside his previous video work that includes "Chase Her" and "Ride to Survive". Canyon says that Tomomi is also working hard to grow the street trials community in Japan by bringing riders together and inviting new riders to the sport.

bigquotesI am super stoked to be a Canyon rider! Canyon is my dream brand. Their bikes are awesome and innovative, and there are so many great riders in their team. For this year, I already have some amazing film ideas and I can’t wait to realize them with my new bikes.Tomoi Nishikubo


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 here is your upvote. I hope that doesn't say something offensive
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 @T4THH: "first comment" usually gets down voted below the line pretty quickly. Looks like @thompsonhoj got away with one.
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 It says "the first"
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 Good for Tomomi, I'm guessing he'll be paid well. I really enjoy his edits. It does seem odd that when normal bike companies sponsor a trials riders they don't just let them ride an Identiti or similar with some Canyon stickers on it. I guess making a carbon "prototype" lets them get a much larger, more visible Canyon sticker on the oversized downtube.
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 Yeah when Fabio rode for Specialized he had an Inspired as his trials bike since its a lot of investment and R&D for something that might never get sold
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 @Jules15: Yep, Inspired is the company I meant, not Identiti. Same with Danny MacAskill and Santa Cruz early on if I recall correctly.
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 What a move by Cnn!
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 yh hvng Tmm Nshkb n th tm s grt ddtn
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 @oatkinso: oh man, that was gold
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 @buyo: dwnvtd, srr
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 @TheJD: Th crrct wy s CNYN, nstd f CNN.

(Y rprsnts cnsnnt whn t strts ff wrd r sllbl, sch s n yrd, lwyr, bynd, r Cnyn -- src: Mrrm Wbstr)
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 @mi-bike: h dnt b s pdntc
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 Jst cldnt hlp mslf
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 ww ll ths ppl talkng n wrd lngge r hrd t dcphr
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 Jss fkn Chrst nw w rlz hw mprtnt vwls r. Bt ths s fn thgh nnt
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 n cld s ls: ooi iiuo i i ao!
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 n fcking wy!
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 @oatkinso: dmn br, yu gt m
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 @mi-bike: What is this, Pinkbike.welsh?
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 @Scout290: thnk y mn pnkbk wlsh
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 @Scout290: Y mst b nw hr
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 Kona dropped the ball on that one He has some great edits
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 They did not. The writing was on the wall when Tomomi signed a management deal with Rasoulution last year.
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 @mi-bike: Yeah, I just think it is hard for smaller brands to compete with the likes of a Canyon, Trek, Specialized. They have SO much more money to pay athletes.
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 @HB208: Kona dropped all the balls a long time ago
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 Tmm Nshkb hs sgnd wth Cnn and will bcm n f thr Collective rdrs.

Th Jpns trls rdr ws prvsly sgnd wth Kn bt hs jnd hs Rd Bll nd Rsltn tmmt Fb Wbmr n th Grmn drct sls brnd. Tmm wll b rdng n cstm vrsn f th prttpe crbn trls frm tht Wbmr hs bn bsy dvlpng wth Cnn, lngsde th Spctrl, Trq, nd Sndr pltfrms.

Tmm pprntl lrd hs nmbr f prjcts n th wrks wth Cnn t g lngsd hs prvs vd wrk tht nclds "Chs Hr" nd "Rd t Srvve". Cnn sys tht Tmm s ls wrkng hrd t grw th strt trls cmmnt n Jpn b brngng rdrs tgthr nd nvtng nw rdrs t th sprt.

" m spr stkd t b Cnn rdr! Cnn s m drm brnd. Thr bks r wsm nd nnvtve, nd thr r s mn grt rdrs n thr tm. Fr ths yr, lrdy hv sm mzng flm ds nd cn’t wt t rlz thm wth m nw bks." —Tm Nshkb
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 fkk hjrnslg
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 Its now time for a Tomomi/Fabio edit
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 RedBull , Canyon!

Sick , Crank Brathers ?

Inderesting !?
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 Plus :
Continental ?
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 @TARTARA: Plus:
Öhlins ?
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True, i forgot that !
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 That canyon trials bike looks amazing. Not like I could really even use it lol but I want one.
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 That paint job tho
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 Beat me to it.

I wish manufacturers would release single color bikes like that. Makes it really easy to make it yours with a simple vinyl design.
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 cngrts t tmm nshkb !
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 SICK! What's your move, YT?
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 Be unambiguous, please.
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 Good for you Tomomi!! Seriously though, how are Canyon bikes not as expensive as Yetis at this point?
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 Direct sales?
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 Becomes the latest member of what? I thhought we are past the SMS era.
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 We get it Canyon, we get it.
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 why does it take more than a week to "develop" a trials frame? seems pretty straightforward.
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 Good on yeah Tomomi! tup
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 Someone's making some big moves this year
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 t m m n s h k b
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 Well done that man
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 Congratulations Tomomi!
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 Omedetou Gozaimasu!!!

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